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  1. Programme rightful thinking.
  2. It’s certainly not better.
  3. Thailand hosts ‘Amour Asia Pacific 2018’

    Probably soon after the grooms experience
  4. So, Thai-ism is being told how to think by the military? Well then, who’d have thought that was the case...
  5. 389 kg, that was, indeed, ambitious. How on on earth did they think that quantity would not be noticed? Let us be thankful for stupid criminal.
  6. Thailand hosts ‘Amour Asia Pacific 2018’

    Confirmed? Really? How exactly does it confirm this?
  7. Thailand to declare IUU-free Thailand

    So declaring something makes it so? Hmm, interesting... Got to be worth a try... lets see... I hereby declare the following: I am immortal, I am your wrathful god, I am the ruler of all I see, I am truely magnificent in all I say and do, My prowess is beyond compare, Watch and weep, as you view my majesty, pitiful mortals.
  8. My faith in the bib is renewed. I actually believe the ex bib who said he owned the ticket. Good to see a corrupt cop at cop at the centre of this story. Normality resumes. As you were everyone.
  9. Also know as, a BS artist.
  10. ITD denies rumours Premchai is absconding

    Didn't realise he was also involved in large scale factory farming.
  11. Hardly rampant, just assumptions based on limited information
  12. Yellow shirts jailed for storming NBT station

    Really...I call them ****s
  13. Muse Pass: Enter 63 Museums Nationwide For 299 Baht

    "Bounce around Rubberland Pattaya to see creative and colorful uses of Thailand’s important export." Erm...