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  1. Yeah, right, that’s what you’re doing...
  2. He really said that? I know that’s how he thinks, but still...
  3. Now to be fair, they aren't for sale...you just pick one up from the hospital if in need.
  4. I feel safer already.
  5. Read the quote I quoted in the post of mine you initially quoted... The one where I said the company name didn't inspire confidence... That is the name of the company that caused me to stop reading... Just because it's an internet entity doesn't make it any less a company...
  6. Some of the comments at the bottom of the linked story are just rank.
  7. No, I’d say the salient point is trump has lied through his teeth throughout this whole media storm.
  8. What? Again? I’m surprised it works at all, it seems to go into meltdown so often.
  9. Excuse me while I throw up. I have this allergic reaction to nationalistic chauvinism.
  10. Ah the irony, a story about “pretty caddies”, has their faces blurred out.
  11. Is it possible he tripped over a bag at the bottom of the escalator or kicked it so he didn't trip over it?
  12. Bluespunk

    Police look to impound 30 ‘Magic Skin’ cars

    If true, then sir, you are indeed a rare creature.
  13. Yes, and the name of that travelers guide company [with contributions from international contributors] is...
  14. Stopped reading at this point. Not a company name and that inspires confidence.