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  1. Good to know.
  2. Follow up story in the thread seems to have cleared husband. Mind it it was the bib saying he was clear.
  3. I gave up half way through episode 1.
  4. Doesn't seem to be the case here though.
  5. You cannot legislate people into reconciliation. Political differences will always exist and people have the right to disagree. If you want to prevent these differences leading to violence, then create a functioning legal system based on justice, not privilege or wealth.
  6. That is far from the only problem in believing magical writing on a car prevents accidents. .
  7. Going to need some serious teacher retraining and much better wages to attract the right sort of person to the profession for this to succeed. Need to have teachers who understand, believe in and can devolop growth mindset thinking.
  8. Me? Never smoked a day of my life. Seen three family members die from smoking related cancer. Filthy habit.
  9. “We wanted to know how many there are,” Boonlert said by telephone. “It’s for when we organize workshops and lectures … about how to take care of their health and about sex ed.” Yeah, right...
  10. Or the victim told the gf it was over and things went appallingly badly for her. . Lets face it, we don't know and the story is sparse on details.