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  1. I'd say it's very fortunate this piece of scum is going to prison.
  2. BS, that is not what I am saying at all. No one is talking about the ability to learn. Of course all children can achieve that. We are talking about ethical thinking and moral compass. This starts at home, not school.
  3. Sorry, but these things need to start at home. Teachers can preach them all they want but if the home influence is contrary to them, in the vast majority of cases, they will counter what the teacher says. especially with younger children-primary.
  4. That may be the case in some circumstances, but the fact is teachers cannot reinforce these things if they are not taught at home.
  5. I can understand him being upset as well but he is going way over the top. Second class citizens, my left buttock.
  6. It was this guy's xenophobic, publicity hungry, attention seeking, knee jerk over-reaction to change I was commenting on.
  7. You mean that foreigners will be treated equally under the law? That is appalling...
  8. Parent's job. Teachers can reinforce, but has to come from home first.
  9. Thing is, they weren't being trained as tour guides.
  10. There's a couple who operate on the corner at the end of my soi on the pavement. They completely block the path and the only way past them is to walk into the road. Not much of an issue in fine weather. The problem is that the road they have chosen to perch themselves on floods on a regular basis when it rains. To cross the road and avoid the filthy water that floods it is possible to walk up a distance on the pavement and cross at a higher point. Unfortunately this is impossible when these two occupy the pavement. I really loath them at those times. Lot of tongue biting goes on.