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  1. “If we judge ourselves only by our aspirations and everyone else only their conduct we shall soon reach a very false conclusion.” ― Calvin Coolidge
  2. “I'm fairly certain YOLO is just Carpe Diemm for stupid people.” ― Jack Black
  3. I'd hazard a guess on don't have access in most cases. However, I could be wrong.
  4. That tale would seem to contradict your previous claims on hiv transmission on the other thread.
  5. I fully buy into her doing a runner. It's what the shins do, but no sightings of her since then is just weird. Mind, I wouldn't put it past her puppet master to be keeping her out of sight to ferment more rumours and violence. It's the sort of thing he'd do.
  6. Has she actually been seen since she did a runner?
  7. Who is actually surprised by this? Sex workers with HIV is to be expected. Many who have ended up in this degrading service are going to have had such a life, as to not care about such things.
  8. Where do you get that from? i kind of agree with those criticising the ex husband's apparent narcissistic need for putting himself at the centre of this story and think FB is full of such people, but where do you get "drunken, unemployed, wife beating husband" from?
  9. Anti-Islam extremist monk forced to disrobe

    I've lived in majority Muslim communities and countries and had no more problems in them than I did in communities and countries that were not.
  10. Anti-Islam extremist monk forced to disrobe

    And if you don't, you are deeply prejudiced. Oh...and ignorant as well.
  11. Anti-Islam extremist monk forced to disrobe

    Ah, got to love those who say their bigot is ok because his bigotry is aimed at those they also hold prejudices about.
  12. Nonetheless, it is a disease that affects all regardless of sexual orientation. To think otherwise is naïveté at its worst. As to your rather random musings on lifting weights...80kg? Who can't lift that for pity's sake?