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  1. Migration is not a crime

    The Uighurs are fleeing persecution and violence. There is nothing supposed or 'so called' about their need to seek asylum.
  2. Siamese Fighter Flagged For National Fish

    The parenthesis give away the reason for this move...
  3. Now if the other 14 would be kind enough to fly into the country, the case can proceed.
  4. It was in the press around the time of the bombing.
  5. You still haven’t explained how you saw an article before it was posted.
  6. Your initial detective post came before that article. Are you clairvoyant as well...
  7. If you believe A then you are as wrong in that as you are in judging this woman on her appearance. As to C, you don’t get to tell me what to do.
  8. A: I’m not your friend. B: the following word can be applied to your defence of judging someone on their appearance, based on a single photograph: nonsense. C: other words are available, however they would be much more judgemental and all too accurate.
  9. Oh good, not just bigotry and hate based on appearance then. Just good old fashioned prejudice based on looks. Oh wait, that’s the same.
  10. Still can’t get my head around that. I thought the whole “buy the family a water buffalo” routine was just sarcasm.
  11. Lock this scum up for life. Throw away the key. Never let him see the light of day again. Let him rot and then throw his carcas into the nearest shit pit. Genocidal, murdering bastard.
  12. Injured Toon takes a break from charity run

    To be expected considering the immensity of the challenge he’s set himself. It’s amazing to see how much he’s already achieved.