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  1. Ah, that’s why he was arrested.
  2. What do you mean by “minority group parents”? And if, as I suspect, you are referring to ethnicity, why is that significant?
  3. Tough. You knowingly entered into a fraudulent marriage. As ye sow, so shall ye reap.
  4. If they were simply being moved from one business class seat to another, then those kicking off were being churlish. Now, if it was from business to economy, that’s a different matter. I wouldn’t want to move either. I cannot stand economy and only fly business.
  5. I won’t fly with them anymore after couple of experiences. Though to be honest, I also won’t fly Ryan air for the same reasons.
  6. Where does it say, in the story, they were asked to move to a different area in business class?
  7. She chose to kill the child. Alcohol didn’t make her do it.
  8. So, not going to do anything...
  9. It’s still using alcohol as an excuse...
  10. Bluespunk

    I won’t be ousted, vows Somyot

    So, not going to quit then...
  11. Alcohol made me do it...ah the old excuses are the best. She may well be an alcoholic but regarding this type of crime, psychopath might be a better description.
  12. Here’s me thinking this would be a story about a Grateful Dead fan flying while piloting...
  13. So, 10,000 more checks to reach that 7000 number in 13 days. Good luck with that...
  14. Especially as the persons behind it has a billion dollar arms deal with the USA...
  15. So, bring in foreign experts to do the job.