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  1. JimBuckToo

    Smart Phone Android Issues

    I have installed the ThaiVisa app on my Samsung Note 5 smart phone. The question is why, after selecting one of my subscribed forums, it goes into 'loading...' mode and nothing ever loads. It just remains in that status indefinitely. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times. Same, same.
  2. My 90-day reporting is due on 2 Dec and my permitted to stay stamp is dated 26 Jan 2016. I plan on doing my TM 47 on 2 Dec as normal and then on or before 26 Jan 2016 do my TM 7. The dates do not sync but the reporting dates seem accurate. Can I converge these dates somewhat or do I do it as I planned?
  3. JimBuckToo

    US elections absentee ballot

    Alaska has online voting. I voted over the internet.
  4. Thanks for the replies. For the time being I'll continue to report by snail mail. What was puzzling to me is why does DFAS and OPM allow me to access my accounts online but SSA won't? Ridiculous restriction. I'll pass on allowing anyone allowing me to use their residence as a drop box for my personal matters, regardless of if I know them. What I thought of when I considered setting up a US mailing address with www.usa2me.com was that it seemed to be giving me the same benefits as if I would have sent it to a residence of a person I knew in the US. Both would just collect it and shove in a drawer or a folder or forward it to me if I requested it and would definitely collect dust. In both instances, I'm still not physically residing in the US. Both would have a US residential address. In the case of the web site I previously referenced, my "anyone in the US residence" would be: 10685-B Hazelhurst Drive, No. #####, Houston, TX 77043.
  5. Social Security requires a US mailing address in order to create a mySocial Security online account. That posed an impossible hurdle since I don't have a physical address in the US. So, I thought I'd try an alternative solution to this stupid US address restriction. I create an account at www.USA2ME.com (the Silver plan) which gives me a physical US mailing address. Then I will proceed to set up an account at www.socialsecurity.gov/myaccount/ and hope for the best. I will then, in essence, have a physical US mailing address while maintaining actual physical residency in Thailand. Sounds like a plan, right. Right?