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  1. so they were taught how to go against traffic.ride on footpath..speed through stopped traffic ..and the list went on and on and on
  2. should go to Platinum and stand at the taxi rank because the taxi drivers pick and choose who they take ..if your destination is too close they say no and if it is too far they say their shift is about to end or they need fuel ..but nothing will change ...same old Bangkok
  3. Couple killed as bike crashes into pickup

    riding against traffic ... an accident waiting to happen all the time when they do this ...how many times have I seen this on main roads ..and police do the same ..frighting....RIP
  4. looks like it is the handle of the golf buggy ...these idiots are on a short fuse...toot the horn and they wanna use you as a punching bag ...will do this one day and the other driver will put lead between his eyes
  5. always in a hurry ..see this type of stupidness everyday ..they just can't wait a few minutes but have to either force their way in or ride or overtake into on coming traffic ..lots of times I had to fold my mirrors in so they don't finish on the ground but the best is riding against the traffic because the Uturn is a few hundred metres further on ...
  6. watching the video the thai walked away then turned and lined the old guy up for a sucker punch and the ring he was wearing was worn for this reason (bird finger)and was to inflict as much damage as possible ..lesson to be learnt is when in an argument with a Thai never look away cause this is what happens ,and did anyone notice the other guy standing there who was ready to get involved ..looks like the Thai's brother another one was the fight between the 2 motorcycle taxi riders who were having a dance and looked worn out then the 3rd taxi rider jumped in and gave the fat guy a wack on the side of the head knocking him to the ground ...and then casually walks off with the chest out as to say ...showed him ...unbelievable ...
  7. so the PM has a new name ...must be Teflon ...nothing sticks to that
  8. Are you telling me that the authorities would not pay a qualified Thai plumber for unblocking it ....have seen the qualified plumbers work ...and after 3 years we are still fixing leaking PVC joints
  9. going by all the other beer delivering pickups driving around overloaded ,can imagine loosing control when half the time the front wheels are not on the ground because of all the weight being over the back
  10. army should confiscate both jet ski's and towing vehicles for a 2 week period for first offence and the confiscate period extends every time they break the rules ...no jet ski's means no money full stop
  11. this has happened to us when making a left turn,motorcycles trying to squeeze up on the inside to get infront ...dont know why every motorcycle wants to be first in line ..have no idea and they think they are all bullet proof
  12. Viagra for him and Niagra for her
  13. didn't know ED tablets were illegal in Thailand is a prescription drug that lots of men take
  14. so the expansion gap is too large ...wait till it gets hot and see then...or fill it in and watch when the bikes and cars get rocketed into space when it launches them into the air
  15. Police bust motorcycle theft gang in Bangkok

    and no mention on how to unlock the steering lock ...amateurs....