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  1. and no mention on how to unlock the steering lock ...amateurs....
  2. Yes the Red Bull heir should be a top priority and so should the Benz driver who killed the 2 students and now there is a BMW driver who will try and use influential people to get out of his speeding causing death charge
  3. thought Thai girls always wear shorts under the dress..My other half does
  4. how many times have you seen bike riders just without looking pullout into traffic or take the easiest way from point A to point B..go against traffic and have no idea on road rules ...I just shake my head when travelling in Bangkok...is easy to understand why the death rate for bike riders is so high and there is nothing done to curb it ..police do nothing and either does the government ...
  5. got this same Nigerian scam a few years ago..best way to find out where it is sent from is to go to full header and get the IP address and send the whole email with full header back to the IP server as a scam email and the server will delete the scammers account
  6. I got out of True pay tv and internet also mobile phone and went to AIS ..cheaper and better service
  7. well the bad guys would not be waving them around in public like half drunk Thai's do and shoot anything that moves ...would be a start for gun control..have to start some where and my previous statement is not a dumbarse statement but read by an illiterate dropkick would probably find it so
  8. well if police did their jobs that they are paid to do and remove criminals and road rage idiots off the streets then people would feel safe and there would be no need for gun protection ....best is if all guns were removed
  9. I have a early model E46 BMW and they come with 3 Keys.. 2 are key immobiliser buttons and 1 key that does the doors and boot but not ignition as I said you can cancel out what keys with immobiliser that you do not have through OBD and service software which means that the missing key is not active or if you recover that missing key then you can re-activate it again what ever car you have it only takes 10 minutes to do this work through OBD...is better than loosing your new car
  10. yep old scam ..when buying a used car always ask for the spare keys ...new cars usually come with 3 sets of keys so if no spare keys are handed over then off to the dealer and have the other keys cancelled and the alarm and immobiliser re-programmed
  11. cop..it is not against the law to overtake but it is against the law to do what the cop did by going against traffic weaving in and out ..did not come from any side road but from a shop but on the other hand the overtaking bike was travelling too fast as they usually do
  12. yes should engage the brain before operating the keyboard
  13. Hyatt regency in Coolum Beach with resort membership was when I applied some years ago 130000bht with yearly subscriptions of 26000bht and this was a 5***** course ..Australian PGA was played there for years ..... the average yearly fee's on suburban golf courses in Queensland Sunshine Coast are roughly 26000bht/yearly ... had a golfcourse called Perigian Springs did the same as this Blue Canyon Club and members just left and the course went into liquidation and now is a housing estate good luck with this
  14. here is an off topic but has the same meaning I bought a Lenovo Ideapad laptop ..after a few months of mild use it started to cut out and HDMI had no sound sent it to the Lenovo repair centre and they replaced the Mainboard after 30 minutes it was back to the same problem so back it went this time they replaced the Hard Drive ..got it back and after a few minutes did the same ..cut out back to Lenovo service center and they said the new Hard drive was faulty so replaced Hard Drive again got it back and worked for maybe 2 hours then cut out again Back to service center and yes they got the fault ..was the Main Board so now there has been 2 Main Boards and 2 Hard Drives replaced ....got the laptop back and yep same same same problem but this time there was a loud crackle like an electrical fault when it cut out ..so far this is the 6th time this PC has been back to Lenovo service center Each time they so called repaired the unit they reformat the hard drive and I have to pay to have windows 10 re-installed ..they do not back up files so all information is gone ...I don't know of anywhere else that re-formats a Hard Drive and does not do a backup of files...So far this problem has been ongoing for 3 months and I still have no laptop but the good old Sony VAIO still keeps going had a lot of computers over the years and never had a problem with any of them,still have a VAIO and ASUS that both are well over 10 years old and never a problem.. have replaced HDD's with bigger ones and increased RAM for better speed and that is all I have had to do Lenovo .....don't think I will be getting another one ..they should have left IBM alone