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  1. going by all the other beer delivering pickups driving around overloaded ,can imagine loosing control when half the time the front wheels are not on the ground because of all the weight being over the back
  2. army should confiscate both jet ski's and towing vehicles for a 2 week period for first offence and the confiscate period extends every time they break the rules ...no jet ski's means no money full stop
  3. this has happened to us when making a left turn,motorcycles trying to squeeze up on the inside to get infront ...dont know why every motorcycle wants to be first in line ..have no idea and they think they are all bullet proof
  4. Viagra for him and Niagra for her
  5. didn't know ED tablets were illegal in Thailand is a prescription drug that lots of men take
  6. so the expansion gap is too large ...wait till it gets hot and see then...or fill it in and watch when the bikes and cars get rocketed into space when it launches them into the air
  7. Police bust motorcycle theft gang in Bangkok

    and no mention on how to unlock the steering lock ...amateurs....
  8. Yes the Red Bull heir should be a top priority and so should the Benz driver who killed the 2 students and now there is a BMW driver who will try and use influential people to get out of his speeding causing death charge
  9. thought Thai girls always wear shorts under the dress..My other half does
  10. how many times have you seen bike riders just without looking pullout into traffic or take the easiest way from point A to point B..go against traffic and have no idea on road rules ...I just shake my head when travelling in Bangkok...is easy to understand why the death rate for bike riders is so high and there is nothing done to curb it ..police do nothing and either does the government ...
  11. got this same Nigerian scam a few years ago..best way to find out where it is sent from is to go to full header and get the IP address and send the whole email with full header back to the IP server as a scam email and the server will delete the scammers account
  12. NBTC controls Internet TV boxes

    I got out of True pay tv and internet also mobile phone and went to AIS ..cheaper and better service
  13. well the bad guys would not be waving them around in public like half drunk Thai's do and shoot anything that moves ...would be a start for gun control..have to start some where and my previous statement is not a dumbarse statement but read by an illiterate dropkick would probably find it so
  14. well if police did their jobs that they are paid to do and remove criminals and road rage idiots off the streets then people would feel safe and there would be no need for gun protection ....best is if all guns were removed
  15. I have a early model E46 BMW and they come with 3 Keys.. 2 are key immobiliser buttons and 1 key that does the doors and boot but not ignition as I said you can cancel out what keys with immobiliser that you do not have through OBD and service software which means that the missing key is not active or if you recover that missing key then you can re-activate it again what ever car you have it only takes 10 minutes to do this work through OBD...is better than loosing your new car