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  1. Live music venues in Chiang Mai

    Every Wednesday live music at Yummy pizza in Mae Hia.
  2. Low season kickoff....40 THB Large U BEER

    It's a great beer for people who don't like the taste of beer
  3. 1. Look at the pinned post. 2. Yes but make sure you have a re-entry permit and you have to update your TM-30.
  4. At about the same time I bought a motorcycle from a Non-Thai, he also didn't need a RC to do the transfer.
  5. Sold a scooter a few months ago, the seller doesn't need to show a residence certificate to do the transfer.
  6. Penang. All supermarkets there have separate counters (often tugged away in the back) for non Halal products. Malay incited riots against the state government (Penang is run by the opposition and has a Chinese majority) are common practice.
  7. I lived in Malaysia for 6 years with a Malaysia My Second Home visa and this is one of the main reasons we left. One of the more absurd plans (there are many) is segregated supermarket trolly's, one for halal products and a second one for infidels like me who wanted to buy some bacon or a bottle of wine. http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2016/01/19/halal-non-halal-trolley-segregation-under-consideration/