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  1. The two-state solution is now a zombie long dead, yet still it keeps staggering on. Who can sincerely believe in it anymore? Least of all Israel and the Zionists, since the idea's basic concept has been so thoroughly abused and violated, perforated with holes so big you can plant a settlement in them. The idea has been rendered no longer materially feasible. The settlements killed the two-state solution - but not as an accidental by-product of Israeli "security" issues, as if the settlements were a reversible mistake. But rather they killed the two-state solution as part of a calculated agenda from the very start of the Zionist project to capture, de-populate and settle Jews on all the land of Palestine. Zionism's early generation of founders always envisioned the large-scale removal of the Arab population, and the settlement of their own descendants in land belonging to others. You can read it in their diaries and letters, in their unguarded moments when they are talking among themselves. Herschel, Jabotinsky, Ben Gurion, Meir - they all spoke privately of what they understood: that all of Palestine would be theirs, and that it would be a state for the Jews alone. This has not changed.
  2. That sums it up very well. Anyone who argues with that obvious fact is either hopelessly naïve or pushing an agenda. A viable two-state solution is impossible now because of the reasons mentioned. Angela Merkel isn't stupid. It looks like she's playing Bibi's game while seeming to challenge it on some points. Her opposition to illegal settlements on the West Bank is an absolute farce - Germany has done nothing to effectively oppose them. It's just talk. The Zionist dream of Eretz Israel has been ended by the reality of over four million Palestinians who aren't going anywhere and are becoming increasingly militant as a political solution seems less and less likely. Historically the Middle East has been a bloody quagmire where foreign forces get bogged down until they come to their senses and get out. That has never been more true than it is today.
  3. The battle of Amiens should be remembered and World War I should be commemorated as the hideous and avoidable bloodbath that it was. Late in life, Frederick the Great, like Asoka raja before him, came to see and understand the reality of armed conflict: "A sovereign pushed into war by his fiery ambition should be made to see all of the ghastly consequences for his subjects - the taxes which crush the people of his country, the levies which carry away its youth, the contagious diseases of which so many soldiers die miserably, the murderous sieges, the even more cruel battles, the maimed deprived of their sole means of subsistence, and the orphans from whom the enemy has wrested their very flesh and blood... They sacrifice to their impetuous passions the well being of an infinity of men whom they are duty bound to protect... The sovereigns who regard their people as their slaves risk their lives without pity and see them die without regret, but the princes who consider men as their equals and in certain regards as their masters are economists with their blood and misers with their lives." He was addressing absolute rulers in the 18th century, but the odious leaders of the belligerent nations that followed should be held accountable for the ghastly consequences of their actions as well.
  4. DeaconJohn

    Kenny Rogers= When to hold-em, When to fold-em

    You had a good run Gonzo... be thankful for that. A great host at the Pun Pun and an always entertaining poster on ThaiVisa. I'm 74 myself and have spent most of my life here since the late '70s. Even with all the changes Chiang Mai is still where I want to be until the end. Hope you feel the same. Choke dee bro.
  5. Spot on. It's much easier to talk about anti-Semitism than defend Israel directly. Israel itself keeps making that harder and harder.
  6. The fact of Israeli isolation by the international community is expressed in many ways. The recent UN vote was one of them. With the exception of the trusty old US, not one vote supported Israel.
  7. So true. Radical Zionists are the worst enemies of Jews all over the world. No amount of Hasbara spin can refute that fact.
  8. Hamas can be legitimately blamed for a lot of things, but not this. Give one example - anywhere in the world - where people are being shot dead for approaching a border fence. The vast majority of those killed didn't have "incendiary devices and grenades", they were shot down in cold blood. On this issue the whole world is against the US and Israel... and rightly so.