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  1. Annoying Loudspeaker Announcements

    Do everybody a favor and get lost.
  2. These creeps make the Addams Family look normal.
  3. Thanks for that concise legal explanation of the international status of Jerusalem. It proves the utter falsity of the hasbara narrative.
  4. Where to meet new friends in Chiang Mai ?

    Thanks for the civil reply. We've both been here a long long time and we probably agree on more things than we disagree on. Just different lifestyles, that's all.
  5. Maybe both... He sees a void and he wants to step into it.
  6. Where to meet new friends in Chiang Mai ?

    There you go again... denigrating Thai wives and family life in Chiang Mai. You don't do it directly, but in post after post the message comes through loud and clear. Actually, it's a very good caveat emptor for the old goats who come here looking for a young wife. But as a general proposition it's totally clueless. After you've lived with Chiang Mai people for almost forty years and seen two generations of them come of age, as well as raising children of your own, then your opinions will have some credibility. Thais take care of their own; and that would include a farang who has lived among them for years as a husband and father. Most of the people you deal with come here too late in life. Too late to master the language and achieve functional literacy. Too late to attract anyone but a mercenary woman and become a cash cow for her scheming relatives. Your work on behalf of the aged and disabled is laudable; but wouldn't it be better to encourage rootless expats to return home before they are in extremis? Give them some good advice... that's what friends are for.
  7. Johnny Hallyday: French rock star dies at 74

    Johnny we hardly knew ye...
  8. Where to meet new friends in Chiang Mai ?

    Good post. The bottom line is that you have a life in Chiang Mai. Family maybe, or a meaningful occupation. So many farangs don't have anything worth getting out of bed in the morning for. Family means everything here. Your position in the family defines who you are. Without one you are nobody. Farang tao-nahn eng.
  9. That's just hogwash. The Russians never bombed Cambodia. Between 1965 and 1973, the US dropped 2.7 million tons of explosives - more than the Allies dropped in the entirety of World War II - on Cambodia, whose population was then smaller than New York City's. Estimates of the number of people killed begin in the low hundreds of thousands and range up from there, but the truth is that no one has any idea.
  10. That last sentence gave your game away.
  11. The photo doesn't include a view of his leg. It was still monstrously big when he was in Europe a few months ago. Maybe in Africa he will be mistaken for an albino and be dismembered for his body parts. Gute Reise, Benjamin.
  12. Abandoned buildings in Chiang Mai?

    The Ghost tower is also a popular destination for base-jumpers. I don't know if any jumps have been successfully made, or whether they've all been caught before going over the edge. Anyway, it seems like an ideal place for that with a lot of overhanging terraces on the upper stories. If you go for a visit, go with a few big farangs and some street-smart Thais. Good luck.
  13. Abandoned buildings in Chiang Mai?

    That's the old Poy Luang Hotel. It was the tallest building in Chiang Mai in the late '70s. It had a long run as a luxury hotel - along with the Chiang Inn - until the 5-stars were built on Huay Kaew in the early '80s. That's probably the closest thing to what the OP is looking for. But for really spooky abandoned buildings he's in the wrong city. He should try Bangkok and check out Sathorn Unique aka The Ghost Tower, a 49 story building that has been abandoned for 20 years. At night it's a veritable Kirk Alloway of devilish activity. The ubiquitous graffiti [some of it quite good] make it seem like a house of horrors. Very few farangs have the cojones to go in after dark, but a daytime visit can be arranged by paying 200 baht or so to the "security guards". Watch your back whenever you go or you might end up like the young Swede who was found hanging in a room on the 43rd floor.
  14. Whatever happened to Israeli diplomats like Abba Eban, the champagne salesman? This arrogant mensch Netanyahu rubs everybody the wrong way - even American Jews.
  15. How much of the Shin's ill-gotten boodle is still in the country? Not much, probably. This corrupt family has been a plague on Thailand.