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  1. come on the Tims, go home you huns
  2. I think most Thais know who replaced it. It was a big mistake imo.
  3. There's a photo on FB of a blue/green tent placed above that area on the night of the 'swap'. It was in full view of the authorities. It was allowed to happen. jerojero's post should give enough of a hint as to who is believed to be behind this.
  4. The OP focuses on smell but has made no mention of how offensive raised feet are to Thais. That is why it is offensive - backpackers smell, that isn't news.
  5. 57.6 billion cash will go to the police for waiving tickets for travelling in the back of a pick up. Hurrah, I'm all for helping the retarded.
  6. +1 for hope they get a good beating
  7. 2) we wanted to check about sending our son to Ambassador's school - we found out this is in , or near to Hang Dong.... should we live in Hang Dong or Chiang Mai? If we live in Hang Dong, is there transport to Chiang mai which is easy and frequent - night and day? It's located along the superhighway. It's not near Hang Dong.
  8. I drive a car fairly frequently across the country. I've never encountered this type of behaviour before. I have encountered fast and dangerous driving and inconsiderate driving and parking. Although, these incidents are not uncommon, I do not believe the vast majority of the population agree that this behaviour is acceptable. I agree that the driver is an <deleted> and should be punished. What's lacking in Thailand is a lack of effective training and licensing plus enforcement of road laws and regulations. People are unaware of how poor they are at driving safely.
  9. I don't think you understood what I was alluding to. This is the Chiang Mai forum and you are discussing the History Channel.
  10. It's easy to criticize Thais for stuffing as many people as possible into pick ups and on motorbikes but many working class Thais cannot usually afford more than one vehicle per family and certainly can't afford to rent cars or pay for taxis every time they want to travel. This new law penalizes them.
  11. Are we talking about the chiang Mai history channel?
  12. I seem to have upset you by suggesting a place and not getting the transliteration correct. I feel sorry for you. You are in a place I never want to visit. Check out a burger thread as it may cheer you up.
  13. Different spelling http://www.chiangmaiiloveu.com/en/detail-WatPaPaeng/10002#top1 It even gets 4.4 starts from 7 Google reviews