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  1. What a strange response. Even from the warped reporting it's clear she attacked them with a knife.
  2. "Suwipon felt threatened and ran into the kitchen to grab a knife" If she felt threatened, she could have run into the kitchen and escape out the back. Suwipon returned with a knife. She was then put on her bottom and the knife taken from her. I've no doubt that the 3 men behaved like knobs, but also maybe a little embellishment to the facts from the mamsan. I just found their Facebook page - they promote many 3 bottle deals. Maybe the men only drank one bottle but were charged the price for the 3-bottle deal. citylife only reporting the women's version of events here. "she had been kicked, strangled, stabbed and thrown onto a pile of broken beer bottles" Actually, she attacked the 3 men with a knife and it seems to me that they, naturally, protected themselves.
  3. she worked in a 'well known spa' - lol. sayuri?
  4. Recommend psychiatrist in Chiang Mai

    I'm surprised that there are so few responses on the CMTV page to a request for a psychiatrist recommendation.
  5. How to deal with an antagonistic guy in my

    Couldn't you and all the other residents hold hands, light candles, shed a few tears and sing "we shall overcome". This seems to be the way terrorist atrocities are dealt with in the West now so should work for an annoying kii nok.
  6. Tourists .... pfffft!

    If she is returning the wai from the girl on the till, she is being polite. If she is the one initiating the wai, she has accepted that her social position is below the person she's giving her money to and who is serving her. I think this is unlikely and you have just misunderstood your wife's behaviour.
  7. Tourists .... pfffft!

    It's clear that you have absolutely no understanding of the social mores regarding the wai. Thailand has rigid social hierarchy rules. The wai is part of the concept of krieng jai - the junior person defers to the authority of the senior person by waing first.
  8. Huay Tung Tao cycle alternative

    I agree. I pay more tax, through my Thai business, to the Thai government than an average Thai village.
  9. Tourists .... pfffft!

    If the temple 'near the summer palace' is Wat Prasing, I don't think anyone needs to worry about foreigners behaving inappropriately there. Do you remember the photos of the abbot and a group of monks on a US amusement ride a couple of years ago. Income at temples isn't audited so where does all that baht from ticket sales go?
  10. Tourists .... pfffft!

    Once a temple charges an entrance fee and starts discriminating against different racial groups, it's no longer Buddhism - it's tourism. And as far as I'm concerned, I have no need to respect the staff in saffron robes or the buildings. I've paid, so I expect.
  11. Tourists .... pfffft!

    I've never known a Thai to get upset about somebody taking their photo.
  12. Huay Tung Tao cycle alternative

    The few times I attempted to enter on my bicycle, they wanted to charge me. I've seen Thai cyclists go through for free, but they want farang to pay.
  13. Huay Tung Tao cycle alternative

    There's the 5km circuit as you come off the canal road and head towards Huay Tung Tao. Turn right just after the temple. I do a few circuits and then take the cycle track parallel to the canal to the 700 year stadium before heading back. There's a gate at the top end of the 5km circuit that allows you to enter Huay Tung Tao.
  14. Panyaden School interview -advice

    A disaster for the school on many levels
  15. Rereading my post I can see I gave ammunition to the grammar nazis. However, I'm happy to discuss the content of my post.