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  1. The kid did a stupid thing. Hands up who didn't do stupid things when they had less experience of life. In fact, I see dumb western men, who should know better, every day doing stupid things in Thailand - marrying Issan bar girls, riding motorbikes while drunk, wearing socks in sandals...
  2. Christmas Dinner

    Big C food court is open throughout Xmas.
  3. Teaching English in Thailand

    Try language schools as your visa/wp won't need TCT involvement. The 'degree equivalent' is more likely to be accepted outside of the TCT.
  4. and then there's the foam mattress shops. What's that all about? There's a scam but what is it? money laundering?
  5. Why do these 'tough guys' need to join a gang? My experience of life and people tells me it's because they are little turds without one. They rely on others to do their fighting. There's nothing impressive about the qualities of thugs.
  6. Meeting decent ladies in CM??

    Work or volunteer and you meet thais you wouldnt normally meet as a tourist, sexpat or retiree.
  7. Thaksin’s son accuses Prayut of witchhunt

    Persecuted? Maybe he should hire this human rights lawyer. Somchai Neelapaijit https://www.hrw.org/news/2014/03/11/thailand-lawyers-disappearance-unsolved-10-years his dad knows where to find him
  8. bars

    Tommy uber allez
  9. Meet-up opportunities for Ex Pats

    You posted your photo? I missed that.
  10. bars

    Dont worry about the ghosts, its the fat germans and their companions that will put you off your cold fried eggs, salad and white bread at breakfast
  11. Zoe Complex.

  12. The good old days. http://edition.cnn.com/2011/09/28/world/asia/thailand-nazi-parade/index.html
  13. TEFL isn't a legal requirement. Many schools require though. Without onsite training that includes teaching practices, how will she know what to do in the classroom? There are two schools of thought here: 1. waste of money so don't do; you'll be able to get by by watching a few YouTube videos and blagging it, or 2. you'll feel as though you'll have a good idea what to do and how to do it if you take a reputable onsite TEFL with observed teaching practices at local schools (in country is better as you'll also receive local job support). Your choice makes a big difference to your experience. She doesn't need a work permit, so doesn't need a degree, because of her Thai passport. However, her Thai passport will also limit her salary and lack of degree will prevent her from becoming a licensed Thai teacher.