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  1. Loaded

    Chiang Mai Airport Parking

    I use the car park regularly and yes it's busy but you can always find a parking space.
  2. Normally, professional and committed teachers stay until the end of their contracts. Fickle here-for-the-women/beer 'teachers' break their contracts at the drop of a hat. They lie about the reason for leaving but it's nearly always something to do with them being trash.
  3. I don't think there's a centralised thought and control authority to do anything in Thailand. Prayut wakes up sometimes and vocalizes an idea. That becomes 'policy'. I think that what is happening now is one person/authority misunderstanding an ambiguous government policy or order. The people who feel Thais are out to get us are seriously underestimating Thai incompetence. Sent from my CPH1701 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. Drove along moonmuang soi 9 and again all I saw was open guest houses and hotels. This according to a previous poster is a wasteland of abandoned dreams. What places exactly are closed along here? Sent from my CPH1701 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. Loaded

    HIV/STD Scare

    Queer I just found this: LGBTQIAPK Life was so much simpler in the past.
  6. Loaded

    HIV/STD Scare

    I've heard of LGBT but what does the Q stand for? I also want to know how you knew my Thaivisa login password.
  7. Guest Houses and Hotels should be licensed. That's not strange. I can't imagine imagine investing in one without a license. If it had been difficult and hadn't been enforced before, you'd've needed to be very foolhardy to put your cash into one imo.
  8. Not what I saw. I did enter from soi 1 and turned left so may have missed some down the top end. I didn't mention soi 9. You seem angry so I guess one of the closed ones belongs to you.
  9. Loaded

    Disappointing Night at The River Market

    Did anyone place a bottle of green fanta and a fried egg next to the statute of a black Rama 5 in the spirit house? If not, it's hardly a surprise things didn't go to plan.
  10. There's something about a Thai woman in a government officers' uniform with black shiny shoes that really does it for me. Getting back to the OP, yeh business as usually. Bunlert Buranoupakorn leads a very powerful and influential family in Chiang Mai.
  11. We looked at a few plots inside the moat a few years ago before the Chinese arrived. Prices weren't too bad at that time. We were offered one of the shop houses built on Ratchadamnoen around 5 or 6 years ago for 7 million off plan. They probably sell for 3 times that now. However, most of the land deeds we looked at were subject to the Tessabahn taking back a percentage of the land at any future time - I guess for road widening, development, whatever. For this reason, we didn't buy inside the moat. There were also conditions about new buildings needing to start a specific distance from the centre line of the road in front to allow off-road parking in front of the building so a lot of the usable land became unusable.
  12. That's a very nasty stretch of road not helped by the rain. We don't know the full story: motorbike moved across the lane to turn or skidded or lost control, or the car was speeding and driving without paying attention to the road in front. All irrelevant now, RIP.
  13. I drove down soi 1 Ratchadamnoen and soi 7 Moon Muang yesterday as both had been mentioned but I only saw one guest house/hotel closed in both the sois. The vast majority were operating normally.
  14. drove around the moat and Tha Pae Gate this afternoon and didn't see a closed hotel.