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  1. Yes, it's true. I run a business (not hotel or guest house) that required a visit from building inspectors from the tesabahn (new purpose built building) and an engineers report before we could obtain our license to run our business.
  2. No you wouldn't; they follow the same specifications.
  3. but, are they fit for purpose? size of rooms, facilities, fire escapes - whatever the regulations are for licensing guest houses and hotels. The building still needs to be suitable for the business it serves.
  4. I'm sure an engineer's report is also needed. The original engineer will need to sign off the report/building as fit for purpose. If the engineer is dead or not around, you have to find a higher-level engineer to sign off. However, the engineer has you by the short and curlies because they dictate how much they charge for this signature.
  5. Political language... is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.
  6. Some westerners dress up as Thai cops What kind of sicko does that?
  7. " With an incensed public keenly watching, " I don't think so.
  8. come on the Tims, go home you huns
  9. I think most Thais know who replaced it. It was a big mistake imo.
  10. There's a photo on FB of a blue/green tent placed above that area on the night of the 'swap'. It was in full view of the authorities. It was allowed to happen. jerojero's post should give enough of a hint as to who is believed to be behind this.
  11. The OP focuses on smell but has made no mention of how offensive raised feet are to Thais. That is why it is offensive - backpackers smell, that isn't news.
  12. 57.6 billion cash will go to the police for waiving tickets for travelling in the back of a pick up. Hurrah, I'm all for helping the retarded.
  13. +1 for hope they get a good beating