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  1. it's all a game
  2. The school building needs to be licensed as a non-formal school by the Ministry of Education. To issue certificates, you need to have a curriculum for TEFL teaching/training attached to the license. The above is to be legal in Thailand. TEFL accreditation is separate to this. There isn't one world-wide accreditation organization. However, employers are usually happy with a certificate from a legal school that offered 120 hours of onsite training with 6 observed teaching practices with real students and some sort of affiliation with an international organization..
  3. I have a suggestion for the site's owners. I jump in to the Chiang Mai page looking at the discussion threads a few times each day and rarely even glance at the pinned topics. If I don't see any discussion thread that interests me, I jump out again. Currently in my browser there are 11 pinned topics and 9 discussion threads in the Chiang Mai Forum. I never check page 2 so if the 9 discussion threads don't catch my attention, I'm out again. What do other member's feel about moving the pinned topics to another sub-forum so opening up 20 discussion threads? I feel this would generate more discussion as there's then more to see and more to respond to. People needing to reference Google Maps, 90-day reporting can still do it but would need to go to the sub forum.
  4. So your experience was limited to one school?
  5. "offers better classes and better teachers, is better organized and run, provides laptops, has a proper library, offers clubs and groups galore, and points the way forward, to university and beyond, far more helpfully than any of the CM international schools." What International schools did he go to?
  6. OP Travel on Tha Pae Gate, where Starbucks is now, took me for 10K THB back in around 2000. The woman behind the scam used a patsy as a front. He went to jail. The police told me that if they recover any of my money there will be a 'compromise'. It was said by a greasy and slimy policemen and I knew this to mean they would take whatever was recovered for their fee for 'helping' me. You have criminals investigating the criminals in Thailand. There's no point in using the judicial system here. It always makes me wonder why Western clowns dress up in that uniform and parade around in public, don't they have any pride?
  7. You sound like you've just got off the plane. You'll learn once you've been here at least a few weeks.
  8. constructive comments! "- What an absolute crock of crap!" "- means nothing," "Incorrect, " The posts that he 'corrected' were all correct as well. If you've been here 14 years, you'll know rules change by the day, province, person, embassy. PS I've been here significantly longer than you if this is a penis length contest
  9. "- What an absolute crock of crap!" "- means nothing," "Incorrect, " And only 20 posts in to his new TV user name. I think I know what the 'C' stands for in '1steveC'.
  10. My experience is that it depends on the province. Some provinces will convert a tourist to a B. Some provinces will allow the original sponsor of the B or B extension to give permission to the new employer to 'take over' the B or B extension. To obtain the visa the sponsor normally needs to state that they will be responsible for repatriating the foreigner if necessary.
  11. My experience of using them in Chiang Mai to notarize an English translation of a Thai death certificate was that they check the translation which for them also includes the layout of the document. I went back to the translator a couple of times before they were satisfied. My experience was that they don't translate, just authenticate/notarize the translation. I think anyone can translate.
  12. Been reading the same post since the birth of ThaiVisa.
  13. This thread is going to be open for many years. I might even pass it on to my grandchildren.
  14. I'm not sure I would trust the claim from a bar girl that I was the father. You do know what she was doing to earn a living at that time? It involved lots of sperm donors. I feel for the girl mainly because her mother was a 'restaurant' worker in Nana.