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  1. Loaded

    Kelly's Fish and Chips

    why are so many people posting that fish and chips are better in the UK? I haven't been back there for 5 years and have no intention of ever going back but if I did I wouldn't travel to Yorkshire to get something to eat. Ruam Chok is as far as I will go.
  2. Not true. The statement is also breaking TV rules by encouraging illegal activity. " 2) You will not use ThaiVisa.com to post any material which is knowingly or can be reasonably construed as false, inaccurate, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise in violation of any law. " https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/terms/ There are definite laws that apply to you the same way they apply to all foreigners living here. You need a non-immigrant (usually B but O based on marriage to a Thai is OK) plus a work permit to do any sort of work. You'll need to declare regular income earned by your labors in Thailand to the Thai Revenue department. It's true there are no laws that allow remote working in Thailand without the appropriate visa and work permit. You won't be able to be legal unless you work through a Thai company/school. Saying that, it's unlikely you'll be caught.
  3. Loaded

    Neighbors dogs

    These noises that drive farang nuts rarely bother Thais. Why? The answer is simple: Farangs are conditioned to get angry at most things Thais are conditioned to have a mai pen rai attitude to most things
  4. Loaded

    STD testing in Chiang Mai

    Thanks, a lot of people also agree with us about thatguyfromtheotherforum
  5. It doesn't seem to be a universal requirement. I haven't heard that brits in Chiang Mai need to do this. Sent from my CPH1701 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  6. Loaded

    STD testing in Chiang Mai

    So you admit you're a wan ker. Sent from my CPH1701 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  7. Loaded

    STD testing in Chiang Mai

    And what kind of life is that? It's so easy to avoid STDs - wear a condom and enjoy life.
  8. Loaded

    Ruamchok Supermarket Grand Opening

    A 'BJ'!! surely a 'HJ' would suffice.
  9. Loaded

    Which shop has TCL Tv ? Don't want Lazada

    bought in Siam TV a few months ago
  10. Loaded

    Teaching Visa

    I believe DBS for teaching in the UK and it's your school that applies; ICPC for UK teachers teaching abroad and it's the teacher that applies via their website. https://www.acro.police.uk/icpc/
  11. Well, the amulet obviously brought him back to life. I'd be happy to 500 baht for one of them.
  12. Loaded

    big c extra central festival

    I'm not pasty-faced
  13. Loaded

    big c extra central festival

    Big C has a meat department. There are big chunks of smelly muscle, ligaments and fat from pigs, chickens and cows filling counters near the north west corner (bad luck) corner of the store. However, there are no Chinese. Visit Central Festival and you'll meet more Chinese than is good for you. The advantage dead animals have over Chinese tourists is that they don't block the aisles.
  14. Loaded

    Thaksin son summoned in fraud probe

    It doesn't matter what the evidence is, he's guilty until we get a more sympathetic government. He knows how it works: his Dad killed people that didn't agree with him.