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  1. Loaded

    Ram Hospital Prices?

    So they are not out to get us, that's a relief. Sent from my CPH1701 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  2. Loaded

    Company that picks up junk

    Lots of companies with warehouses that buy your junk but you need to deliver. I drop off my paper/cardboard and plastic at the one next to Pinkarat School. I don't get more than the price of a large beer, but that's OK with me. I've also dumped metal and old TVs there. If your junk has any value, leave it overnight next to the road outside your house. I have a feeling that the following morning it won't be there.
  3. Loaded

    Non Formal Education

    'Non-formal' education covers language schools, tutorial schools etc. I think it's category 15/2. She just needs to pay her fees to enroll. She can probably rejoin the formal education system but you would need to speak with formal schools for their requirements.
  4. I hadn't heard this. Could you pm me the name?
  5. However, evidence of return/onward travel may be a visa requirement of the consulate/embassy where you apply for your visa.
  6. Special laws of dynamics apply to black SUVs and silver minivans according to their Thai drivers. They can overtake around blind corners, brows of hills and into oncoming traffic without any fear.
  7. elderly! she looks younger than me It's funny how as you get older women who looked like your great grandmother when you were in your 20s suddenly become a bit of alright, I guess this is one of the benefits of getting older - the shagging net gets bigger
  8. contractors don't get paid until the work is signed off. It can take months or even years in Thailand. "50% of the money required to complete the task goes into someones pocket" You are supposed to prefix statements like this with 'in my wild imagination-' I agree there is often corrupt payments involving government contracts but often the problem with roads here is just good 'ol fashioned incompetence.
  9. Loaded

    My experiences with Thai Police

    What I've noticed is that every farang that's stopped, is a 'victim'. Sent from my CPH1701 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  10. When I did a lot of traveling in my early 20s, I rarely had spare cash. I usually didn't have any cash. For me at that age, part of the adventure was to do as much as possible with as little as possible. Hitching to Kanch would not only save cash, it might lead to an adventure. They are doing it wrong though - the guys should hide and the girl should stand by the road by herself. As soon as a car stops and says yes, the girl gets in the front and the guys in the back.
  11. Loaded

    The risk you take running a RED traffic light

    If I had witnessed this, I would not have spent a second of my time worrying about it. Buy an ice cream.
  12. I can see how it happens, you just need to walk around some of the expat bars. A single middle-aged bloke who likes a drink comes to Thailand and comes to the conclusion after spending most of his time in bars that Thailand is #hite but his ego prevents him from going home. I know this is common but it's also so easy to break out of this cycle and get to know real Thai people and socialize with people outside of bars - volunteer, teach, go for long walks. I have a great life in Thailand but mainly because I know nivarna isn't found in alcohol.
  13. Schools may ask you to pay but reimburse you at the successful completion of your contractual duties.
  14. None of the ladies in the photo seem to have boobies. Perhaps that is the reason the rescuers look sad.