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    When I'm in Ireland I make fantastic Pavlova but any time I've tried to make it in Thailand its a failure. The egg whites in Thailand are very watery and not gooey so it's hard to whisk them. Others have told me that it's probably the humidity. Best of luck with your search.
  2. When are they going to ban Muai Thai? Did they ever see the gambling going on at that.?
  3. jpduggan

    5 vs 1: French tourist attacked in Pattaya [VIDEO]

    I wouldn't be inclined to comment too early on this one!!
  4. jpduggan

    Bus from Pattaya to Koh Chang

    There is a bus to Chiang Mai from Pattaya. The bus depot on Sukhumvit near Khao Noi junction. It is an all nighter and leaves around 9pm.
  5. It would be my guess that he didn't have insurance that the Thai hospital could bleed dry.
  6. A virtual cop helping to investigate a virtual robbery of virtual currency. Hmm.
  7. You could always post it.I can get you his address!
  8. Spare the rod and all that!
  9. jpduggan

    "They're no fleas on us" says movie chain after online drama

    Is that movie not ''Rogan''?
  10. jpduggan

    Looking for poorest Thai village!

    Well OXO I'm 61 years old and have had a really great life. I've never wanted for anything not because I was rich but because I wasn't greedy and was happy with what I had. I've never had any interest in material things so I hope you are the one burdened with that choice. I really couldn't give a shit about Ferraris no matter what colour,
  11. jpduggan

    Looking for poorest Thai village!

    Wow that's a great bit of advice.Tried the number but no answer but I'll try again in the morning. Thanks!
  12. jpduggan

    Looking for poorest Thai village!

    Do you need any yourself?
  13. jpduggan

    Looking for poorest Thai village!

    Thanks for your help!