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  1. Do you ever bump into people you know in BKK?

    Actually people see me, but pretend they haven't.
  2. Do you ever bump into people you know in BKK?

    Do you remember me????😆
  3. With an income like yours I suggest you buy your mother some land, and stay single!
  4. The recipient wont thank you when they receive a huge tax bill from FedEx . I understand your intention, but you can buy many foreign beers here with no trouble. More trouble than it's worth. I'd also question the custom limits you quoted. I could be wrong, but I thought wine restrictions were much tighter in thailand than you state. They make no discrimination between wine and spirits, but I don't recall the regulations between tax free and tax paid.
  5. I've applied for several child passports at korat office. They always insisted the father came along. So I think it's true. Last time they refused to issue unless I flew from china for the application, even though it was just a renewal .
  6. The original figures are based on statistics, and to get any sense you need to look further. The newspaper didn't because all they want is a good headline. Many of these deaths are self-inflicted. Caused by young naive travellers. Many on their first long trip. Influenced by alcohol, motorbikes without any experience (and no licence), and playing silly buggers on balconies.
  7. Lizards in home

    I bought a repellent spray in the supermarket. But it's easier to control access to an apartment than to a house.
  8. Pattaya to Korat by bike

    It's a 5 hour journey in a car, so 6 hours on the bike if you take it easy.. No problem. I tend to try to keep at a good speed (90) to keep in the flow of traffic, and stop every hour or so. Just wear a good jacket and gloves for sun protection. The roads good all the way.
  9. Place In Thailand Without Dogs?

    Sakhon Nakhon - they eat them!
  10. My boss wants to make a bank account for me?

    In Thailand you can't overall the Thai boss. You just rock the boat, and make yourself unpopular. Just go with it as long as there isn't a credit facility (which there won't be), and empty it to your personal account the day you get paid. She's probably come to a 'mates' arrangement with the bank manager.
  11. udon thani to hanoi - the best way

    Well the bus from Savannakhet goes to Hue and Da Nang. Then catch a train or bus north or south. There's also a direct service 3 times a week to Hanoi. However the attached timetables may be out of date, so check.
  12. Attitude to property isn't the same in Thailand. 'If enough cash is involved' will mean you won't make at profit on the deal. Sellers will happily overprice over here, then patiently wait till the next generation of their family has grown up before they sell.
  13. More Wi-Fi hotspots for Phuket as plan to tag tourists mulled

    Manufacture them in the style of expensive watches, and make government officials wear them for a while to test. Seriously you wonder whose idea this was. Not thought through. An easy way to discourage tourists from coming here.
  14. I got a yearly contract with rentokil. There are other companies around, and they will visit rural areas. I can't remember the cost, as the contract lapsed, and the ants stayed dead. At least till now. The sum 9,000 baht a year comes to mind, but I may be wrong. Basically a man visited every 3 months, drilled holes in certain areas, pumped something in, filled up the holes and left. It cleared the whole area around the house. Perfect.