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  1. Lazada canceled my order why?

    I've never been able to pay using Paypal. Credit card or cash not problem. I usually get the response from Paypal (UK), words to the effect of 'it is not our policy for you to make purchases with Lazada in Thailand from this account'. So I don't do it. I suspect your problem is more to do with Paypal than with Lazada.
  2. I'm not a lawyer, but I understand that if you married in Thailand, them Thai law only applies. So must divorce in Thailand. If you registered it in the USA then that changes the ball game, and it occurs to me could she register your marriage in usa without you knowing?
  3. roosters in temples and near monuments?

    OK, what about the zebras and giraffes then?
  4. airline carry on limits in thailand

    Sometimes is the answer. For checked in luggage - always. We recently carried on the maximum size hand baggage and Air Asia, seeing so much hand baggage offered to take it off us at the gate, and put it in the hold for free. As they couldn't fit it in the overhead lockers. But you can't rely on not being charged. They do check on occasion. Be also aware that some airlines allow a handbag or laptop case AS WELL as hand baggage. I heard a rumour that Ryanair are going to start charging 5 pounds to use the overhead lockers. I wonder if that will catch on.
  5. How is pumpkin so cheap in Thailand?

    It's local. We grow them on our rice fields off season.
  6. Birthday gift - suggestions please

    Duty free perfume goes down well if it's one you know she likes. Mainly because she can see it's genuine - not the usual cheap copies. Otherwise 1 or 2 salung of gold.
  7. While they are there, check out the ripoff prices at King Power.
  8. Seven-day road safety campaign kicks off

    Huh. How come those girls can wear those distracting short dresses for government purposes, but get into trouble if they do it at the Car Show? Not that. Complaining...
  9. Best fruit wine available locally

    Watch the list of contents . I recently bought some . But the contents included fructose, colouring and flavouring.....
  10. I've lived here 14 years, and the temperature is something you have to get used to. The far north west is a little cooler. But that comes down to altitude. The same goes for petchabun, or Issans Khao Yai region. But if you have mountains you need to look out for extra rain. The hot season is hot wherever you are. This is Thailand
  11. Suzuki Ciaz

    I rented one recently and was greatly impressed. I've rented several small cars recently. It was by far superior to any other small engined cars. Very nippy. You can't compare a 1250 to a 1500. But much better than an Almera.
  12. Advice about wedding

    Why drag kids into such an unhappy situation? It sounds like they'd be much better off in your home country. To go to such unhappy lengths I suspect you have other motives you don't mention here?
  13. Longer trains needed. The platforms are long enough
  14. American? You mean German surely? Santa Klaus.