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  1. I recently swapped my normal Birdy 3 in 1 coffee (45 calories) for another 'diet' 3 in 1 in 7/11. Only to find it was 65 calories.!!!!! Marketing is king in Thailand, and lies go unchallenged and unpunished.
  2. A quiet coffee bar/restaurant near Terminal 21

    The large open air Thai restaurant inside Soi 14 should fit the bill.
  3. It's all exercise machines to me. Whatever you buy it has a positive effect. Better than being picky on helpful forums.
  4. I recently bought a Major Sport crosstrainer through Lazada. Cost was about 12,000 baht. It's great! Anything that gets me exercising must be good - and sticking it where I can see the TV works wonders. It's enough. Price is good, and the display shows time exercised, pulse, speed, and estimated calories. That's all I need to know to encourage me to do more. It has 4 modes if you want to be more competetive. Assembly takes an hour or so, but once done, it's done. I have very little experience with such devices, but I'm happy with this. By the way, it's made in Taiwan.
  5. Probably someone spilling ice out of their drink.....
  6. separated, how to convince aussie consulate?

    Bea r in mind that if the marriage is registered here in Thailand, then usually it is better to divorce in Thailand . I don't know about Australia, but whereas Thailand doesn't recognise foreign marriages, and they have to be registered here, Uk for instance does recognise marriages in Thailand. So... If you get divorced overseas, and it's registered in Thailand, you will still be married here, and need to do the divorce again. While if you divorce in Thailand it is recognised by the uk and just needs to be registered in UK once done.
  7. Well Phitanulok is the obvious half way city stop, but a city. I'd find somewhere nice and pretty in the Petchabun hills.
  8. Cycling altercation

    I've been warned about walking outside the village perimeter . Maybe a bit OTT, but yaba addicts are very unpredictable, and need money for their habit.
  9. Bad Experience With Uber

    Yes. I discovered this recently. Grab can see the destination. Uber don't know it till you tell them.
  10. The building is less than half the cost of the total . Location, location, location. It's the land that is the main issue. Building shelters is secondary . I doubt anyone could give you a definitive figure for such a vague enquiry . If it was away from the beach, and keeping the land cost separate. I would guess the building and materials could be: a nice base, and cess pit etc - from half a million baht uowards, three small building structures from 1-2 million baht, and the pool less than a million. But builders could quote treble this depending on quality and builders profit margin. Also how much you were prepared to do yourself.
  11. Steves cafe & cuisine. Google it. Hard to find, so keeps the tourists away.
  12. I wonder what they will be charged with, as she wasnt (yet) convicted of anything. Or will it be a 100 Baht Fine?
  13. UK Expat Mortgages

    Are you talking about buying in UK, while abroad? Or buying in Thailand?