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  1. Shaving cut cure

    Your wife is right - they have them in the clinic......
  2. Retirement visa expired.

    sounds like you didn't have a RE-ENTRY visa?
  3. Have you ever lived here? The house you show is all very nice by western standards, but with the constant heat do you really want it to be so un-open plan? The rooms look so small and box-like...... I remember I designed (and built) one or two rooms like this in our house 20 years ago. We never used the rooms because they were so small and stifling. Just my two-penny worth.....
  4. Tropical Crotch Rot

    Canesten doesn't help IMHO. I use Lamisil cream. It's a fungal cream for athletes crotch/athletes foot (Same fungus). Usually this occurs after sitting on very long journeys or particularly hot weather. Don't use these treatments for too long. They're too strong, and just eat into the skin, making it worse rather than better.
  5. I think people are misunderstanding your '1br'. A studio you can get from 2,000+, but a nice one with aircon will be around 6,000+ I would understand 1br to mean two rooms (plus kitchen area and bathroom. Really unless you 'go native' you won't get anything much below 11,000+ with aircon.
  6. NYC Subway Workers Say Dead Bodies Are Being Stored In Their Bathrooms

    Join Date Jun 2011 Location Under a log Posts 18,921 Urgent Notice to all Employees (Joke) Employees dying on the job are failing to fall down. This practice must stop as it becomes impossible to distinguish between death and the natural movement of some staff members. Any employees found dead in the upright position will be dropped from the payroll. The Management
  7. I buy from the '5 star chicken' kiosks in some shopping centres and larger petrol stations. I love the rolled chicken breast.
  8. Depending on your routine you probably wouldn't need to bother with a special visa. Just come and go. I work in China, and have family in Thailand. Air Asia is useful. In my opinion a retirement visa is less complicated than spouse visas anyway.
  9. Yes, IMHO you've been living in the uk too long. Reading too many Sunday papers. It's quite safe here. Problem is newspapers highlight the unusual. Put the statistics into a proper perspective, and the only worry I would have is to ensure the child is not in the back of a pickup, and the driver is qualified.
  10. I like the Watsons product. But they ran out of stock everywhere for a month a while back..... I find the blades last me about 12 days. But some people say up to a month.
  11. Also bear in mind that until the rice harvest is in (october or November) you just can't get anyone to help on other chores like building work. This is a real problem in Thailand. You just need to go with the flow.
  12. Why do many people run 'flat-footed'?

    So many walk in flipflops
  13. Yes I used it about 3 weeks ago. Remember: Use IE Explorer, other browsers don't usually work. Windows security says the certificate is not updated/valid and recommends you don't go to the site. Go anyway. Dont forget to scroll to the bottom of the 'conditions' box and tick acceptance.
  14. Well it's a,solid 9 hour drive. Easily doable. But quite tiring. There's a car park by the friendship bridge. If I was doing this route, but didn't need a car in CM I'd fly to Udon. Rent a car, drive to Muk and back, then hop on a plane to CM.