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  1. Also bear in mind that until the rice harvest is in (october or November) you just can't get anyone to help on other chores like building work. This is a real problem in Thailand. You just need to go with the flow.
  2. So many walk in flipflops
  3. Yes I used it about 3 weeks ago. Remember: Use IE Explorer, other browsers don't usually work. Windows security says the certificate is not updated/valid and recommends you don't go to the site. Go anyway. Dont forget to scroll to the bottom of the 'conditions' box and tick acceptance.
  4. Well it's a,solid 9 hour drive. Easily doable. But quite tiring. There's a car park by the friendship bridge. If I was doing this route, but didn't need a car in CM I'd fly to Udon. Rent a car, drive to Muk and back, then hop on a plane to CM.
  5. It's still going on Sunday. Suspect it will calm down tomorrow.
  6. Even if you managed to get a schengen visa, will her UK visa allow her to return to the uk after the French visit?
  7. This isn't the west. If you want to date a genuine Thai girl in Thailand, you do it on Thai terms.
  8. I prefer saying' farang' to specify that it was not a Thai person I was talking to. Living in Thailand you meet many Thais, and you meet many foreigners. It's two different cultures, two different thinking systems, so I find it preferential to differentiate. If I didn't use the word Farang, it gets complicated because it's easier than saying Westerner, and often I can't tell a Frenchman from a Spaniard.
  9. I've rented many cars in Thailand. In fact I don't own one, because in Bangkok taxis are cheaper, and rentals are easy when needed. Don't forget that unless you are from an Asean country you need an international driving permit as well as your licence. Don't believe these people that say you may get away without one. It doesn't happen. Ive used several different companies, but my favourite is Sixtthailand. However although they've always been the cheapest for a medium size car (Toyota Altis - previous model), their prices have increased to match their competitors recently. Renting through a subcontractor such as holidayautos usually gets the price down a bit. I often use Skyscanner for flights and car hire prices. Generally prices include basic insurance and unlimited mileage. I don't usually pay the extra for the CDW (Collision Damage Waiver). Two reasons: Usually the excess for a bad accident is only 8,000 baht maximum, and I have an annual CDW for rental cars because it's so much cheaper. Automatic cars is the norm here, which I prefer to manual Be careful of renting the cheapest car because it's usually the smallest. Not comfortable for big Farang men. I can't believe Toyota Vios have a passenger handle above the door on the drivers side - I've banged my head on it so many times..... Apart from that, driving in Thailand: Be aware of dogs and motorbikes. Don't swerve because there's bound to be a bike close to you in town. 'Stop' signs here in Thailand mean 'slow down a little', and don't expect cars or bikes to necessarily give way to you simply because you think you have priority. Driving at night: lights are optional on many motorbikes (front & back), and also cars and ten wheeler trucks. Drive defensively.
  10. Villa - particularly the one near Soi 33, Sukhumvit, Bangkok. I don't like Foodland, unless I want a cheap meal from their 'Cheap and Good' (Took Le Di) restaurant. I find the choice is more limited. Villa is no more expensive unless you go to their particularly good wine shop upstairs. Villas selection at Soi 33 is particularly good, offering a much wider range of breads, vegetables, and MEAT PIES.........
  11. Many bar girls can't get their head round a permanent relationship. You probably did mean something to her, but she was just waiting for you to get fed up (as you did) before she moves back to what she is most familiar with .... PS is there really a genuine cashier position in any Thai bar?
  12. Quite easy: Som tam Kweiy tiaw And financial security.
  13. With so many willing gay men, why go to the trouble of drugging two guys?....... For 20,000 baht..... Sounds like there's more to this than meets they eye.... Plenty of holes as already stated....
  14. Central Plaza opens later this year..........
  15. You say you have a work permit? It allows you to do this? Work permits are usually restrictly related to a current job. As far as Moroccan food.... that sounds like a very limited taste. Who is your target customer?