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  1. May I add one question: Do you have to have this salary on average for the whole year, for all three years for which you hand in taxes, or at the time of application?
  2. Well, I do need the government to give me the same legal rights that straight married couples have. For example the right to visitation and making decisions in case of one spouse being in hospital, inheritance right etc. And, in case of Thailand, the marriage visa so that you can stay here if you do not have a work permit.
  3. It's doesn't make us feel awkward because we have seen men and women kissing form a young age, and nobody told us it was bad. You have not seen men kissing men from a young age, or you were told it is bad, that's why it makes you feel awkward. It is really only your upbringing that makes you feel that.
  4. If that's humour it's not funny. Homosexuality is not being forced on you - nobody wants you to become gay. Heterosexuality is being forced on us, though. Why?
  5. Normal is to treat everybody equally. If you were treated with fewer rights than your neighbour, you would protest too.
  6. It is in fact normal. Not for all people but for gay people. The problem with that some people are so concerned with what other people do, that they think they have a right to get involved and forbid them to do what does harm to nobody.
  7. A sexual preference is not a choice. Believe me, and please stop repeating what you heard from others and give it some thought of your own, after consulting with gay people.
  8. People who want to forbid consulting adults what they do together in the privacy of their bedrooms are very strange people.
  9. Being gay is not a choice, very much like being black is not a choice. Racism is always borne out of ignorance and can never be justified.
  10. What did you need the certified copy for?
  11. I changed companies many times when I had a non-B, and I never left the country. Important: When the WP is cancelled, you have 24 hours to elave the country. However, you can immediately apply for an extension for 7 days, and then you apply for the new WP within these 7 days. Once the application has been handed in, you get a further extension. If yo do it right, you apply for the new WP on the same day the old one is cancelled.
  12. Just guessing here, but considering the pile of documents we have to go through when applying for PR and proving with passport copies and WP that we worked so long etc, I cannot imagine that we can change nationality and use a fresh passport. I would think one would just have to start the whole process again from the beginning.
  13. onthemoon

    Getting Married - New Option

    Yes, maybe. After all, it's good that they reported this.
  14. onthemoon

    Getting Married - New Option

    Well, and I presume it's in the eyes of the writer or the editor.