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  1. About your last paragraph: I don't see animals dressing up in high heels to attract the opposite gender either. They don't dress up, period. If you see the human dressing up as a mating ritual, the videos that JT linked show that animals do use mating rituals and dances to attract the same gender, if they are so inclined. Is that what you meant to point out? My point (and JT's too) is that it does not matter what animals do. We are talking about humans here, and I do not "consider" it natural if being gay is made by nature, it simply "is". You cannot discuss this away with opinion, it's a fact of nature. And you are again referring to the purpose of anatomical design, saying that anybody (gay or straight) who uses anything but the missionary position is acting in an unnatural way. One of these days, someone will show you the world and you will wake up. I really hope that for your benefit.
  2. I used the Christian vocabulary "hell" because you used "creation". But never mind, we can discuss with reality in mind. JT already advised you that homosexuality exists also in many animal species and is therefore natural, but that is not the point here. The point here is that it exists in humans naturally, and that there is nothing wrong with it. It is wrong to reduce it to "sticking everything in the wrong places" (whatever you mean by "wrong" - you do seem to live in a very sheltered world). I personally don't like the word "homosexual" and prefer the word "gay", to avoid the focus on sexuality. Love is not about sex. If a man falls in love with someone, and this someone happens to also be a man, he is considered gay. (This is simplified to make the point.) Never mind about sticking anything anywhere. Homophobia, on the other hand, is not natural. It does not exist in the animal kingdom. It was introduced in the Middle Ages because the Church needed men to produce offspring so they have many soldiers for their crusades. This homophobia was later exported to the colonies. Some former colonies still believe all the negativism that was created then.
  3. If you talk about "creation", you live in a world that is sheltered from most of reality. No use to any society as they won't procreate? That is a very rude thing to say. There are many infertile straight couples, and there are many straight couples who choose not to have children. They are all "no use" and should be sent right to hell? Do you really believe the only reason for love is to make children? If so, I feel very sorry for you.
  4. Sure. And Buck Angel is a woman, just because he has a vagina: https://buckangel.com/
  5. Your experiences may not be generalisable. I may know more gay people than you - and almost all of them like guys. Yes, they like to look at beautiful women, but not in a sexual way. And yes, I believe you when you say that you know one man who is bisexual. This does not mean that most gay people are.
  6. Wow, there are really still people in this world that think in such simple terms. Just a hint: A gay man is a man who likes men. A ladyboy does not fall into that category. Please think for yourself a little bit before you make statements like the above.
  7. I don't know whether there should be another term for it - but he is certainly not gay. Gays don't seek experiences with ladyboys, they seek experiences with guys. But the question was not about seeking experiences but about having had. Many gay men have had experiences with women, and that doesn't make them straight either.
  8. If you go with ladyboys, you are not gay. That was easy.
  9. Thanks for your report. It appears the IT contractor is really not up to the task they got the contract for. I'm going to contact CW next week what or so to ask their plan is to fix this. They cannot just say that the contractor doesn't do their job and then shrug their shoulders.
  10. Wow, so this is a software problem. I hope they can actually fix it in CW and then you can use the auto channel. Looking forward to your update in due course. Does anybody else who carries a passport other than the new German one have problems?
  11. What country passports do you carry? The auto-channel software (or hardware?) cannot read the new German passport (confirmed again two weeks ago, as they actually tried to register me). I haven't heard about problems with other passports.
  12. onthemoon

    ID Card for farangs

    You don't need the pink card, but it makes things easier as it reduces the paperwork you have to carry with you. They didn't want to accept mine at first either (couple of years ago) but I suggested they call the District Office and tell them that their card is no good. The supervisor got involved, did call the District Office, and now the pink ID is accepted without problem. And yes, I did get a loan. But then, I have PR. The first time, the bank actually asked for it (but I didn't have it then), because it reduces the paperwork also for the bank. I don't know whether you can get a loan without PR, but that's a different subject.
  13. After living together for 10 years, we got married. That was 5 years ago and just brought us closer together.
  14. onthemoon

    ID Card for farangs

    To renew the driver's licence, you need the (pink) ID and the house registration (blue or yellow, as the case may be), exactly like Thai people. Same holds true for mortgage and account opening, at least at Bangkok Bank. SCB had no clue at the time (maybe they do in the meantime), so they didn't get my business.
  15. onthemoon

    ID Card for farangs

    You carry the yellow book with you, or your work permit at all times? I find the small pink hard easier to carry in the wallet. Hotels and airlines are not allowed to accept the DL as ID any more, even though most do. Having the pink ID is being on the safe side. And absolutely no, it has nothing to do with the yellow star. In every country, PR's get a different ID from citizens. You are belittling what was happening to the Jews wearing the yellow star if you make a statement like that, but let's not go into that in this thread. Thai people can recognise you as a foreigner without the pink card. You are not a second-class citizen, you are simply not a citizen. If you want to have the same ID card as the Thais, apply for citizenship.