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  1. We should not believe what any individual immigration officer says. Every time I go to the autochannel and there is an officer, they are very quick to ask for the TM6-card. While the immigration card has no meaning for anybody (they are only useful for TAT and we are not tourists), I can imagine that the new law says that only Thai people are exempted from filling them in.
  2. I enjoyed this one, starting from around 8'40"
  3. I can imagine the problem with the hologram. Probably a safety feature... They secretly took photos of you? What for?
  4. I believe we are talking about the passport, not the re-entry permit, that has to be handed in when reneweing the work permit.
  5. I have not encountered any problems. The only time I when to the "normal" counter to get a stamp was before I reneweed the work permit. The agency that does that for me said it is better to be on the safe side.
  6. Which should not have surprised me.
  7. It is time to abolish the red book in favour of the pink ID card - which needs to be redesigned to be bilingual, like the Thai ID card.
  8. Maybe some officers are not trained with the new software and others are?
  9. I'm not really surprised they reject the book. They have likely never seen it before.
  10. No, but that would be bad news. Good to hear that they are already working on the new software.
  11. It's easier to carry the pink ID card around instead.
  12. Nice to "meet" you (here on the internet).
  13. That's what I am saying: You and me are old. ;-)
  14. When the internet was fairly new, many of the guys using online dating apps hadn't even been born yet. I prefer to meet people in pubs and bars in person. I think it is a generational thing.
  15. As an employer, I beg to differ. We had a European with Thai citizenship, and he was paid an expat salary and fringe benefits. The reason for that is that the expectations we had were such that he still had to be an asset to the company and not a cost center. Any born Thai who can achieve the same would be entitled to the same salary and fringe benefits. Nobody will be paid less just because he now has the Thai citizenship. To the contrary, we were quite happy that we did not have to go through the WP procedures.