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  1. Or we made it difficult for them, a very solid defensive display by us.
  2. First of all I will like to thank some blues I know, not of here but childhood pals who after what happened in Manchester came out and said they want united to win to give Manchester a lift, hats off lads!!. Second I don't think Mred will be making and appearance he was still getting bladders on the piss at 6am Thai time. And finally it has not been pretty to watch at times but we have achieved what we set out to do get back in the champions league and along the way pick up a few trophies. And to all supporters on here enjoy you break from football its been great banter!!!!.
  3. Watching in Sydney casino huge screen many reds what more to want, a united win I suppose. Come on United!!.
  4. Not much to talk about really, I just hope the team goes for it and none of this negative shhhhite the way we played against Chelsea at home is how we should play. I go for 2-1 to us but that scoreline could quiet easily be reversed due to our central defence is out and we have the chuckle brothers Jones and Smalling in their who are a accident waiting to happen.
  5. Yep, good response anything but your own money.
  6. Its not all about winning the finish above united cup or beat united cup, you was winning games against us before becoming the Mikey Carroll of the premier league. Most united fans in fact I haven't come across any that did not want you lot to win the league over Liverpool, that is the irrelevant part if not for Arab money where would you be now.?
  7. It is nice you are a genuine football fan and watch and cheer us on I would do the same for Spurs, but to do so for Liverpool no <deleted> way, city on the other hand I wanted them to pip Liverpool to the league only mainly because city are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.
  8. I think he means Jimmy Liddel.
  9. Made hard work of it, but hey we are in the final and one win away from champions league next season.
  10. Yes, we have self generated our own money for years through gate receipts and sponsorships, I think we can justify spending, currently stands it has cost us £76mil quid a league title, city stands at £500mil quid per title, Liverpool £900mil quid and nowt.
  11. Who said anything about not having the funds, José will get as much as he needs, he has already started lowering the wage bill with Sweinstiger Schniderlin and Depay gone and others to follow.
  12. If we win it though we will have had a more successful season than all above us bar Chelsea, we will have bagged the community shield league cup and Europa league, we will get 40 mil quid just by getting into the Europa league final, funds will be available to bring in the required players next season to get us back challenging. So after the disaster of appointing Moyes the boring football under Lvg in which some games we could not muster a shot, to now the stability of a top manager who knows what is needed to be done, and that includes shipping out players who are just not good enough. I for one am pleased with this season, and expecting us to improve next season too.
  13. Bang Fa, the rocket launching rain making ceremony will be band until further notice, anyone one sending rockets into the sky will be severely delt with!!.
  14. We are quiet enjoying one trophy in the bag and on the verge of another European final, not to shabby hey me old son :-)
  15. Well said, in fact I saw a meme about his stats against Kante and he was better in nearly all, I was quiet surprised.