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  1. Manchester United

    Yes I think so and he will get one.
  2. Manchester United

    He ain't going anywhere, the press twist everything he says, nothing in it he has replied in his press conference for tonight's game.
  3. Liverpool F.c.

    Maybe they are a bunch of wussies now, or maybe the game is faster hence more injures.
  4. Before any law establishment releases a statement stating suicide over here they should be doing more research, or does that mean they have to put in a shift
  5. Same as what I was thinking, lucky the guy was not carrying a gun as we might be commenting on a dead farang.
  6. Liverpool F.c.

    He can clearly see city are the best side ever and will have the league wrapped up by Xmas, we will be happy finishing 2nd if we do behind such a fantastic team. As for yesterday we had 6 1st team players out maybe if he had Pogba and Fellaini we would have put in a better show, but getting a well earned point will do for where we are at right now. Just my observation Liverpool are very wasteful in front of goal and you need clinical striker to finish off the chances created.
  7. Crocodile Dundee returns, can see the next remake.
  8. Manchester United

    The confidence coming out from the Liverpool camp is mind boggling, anyone who has been following either team will attest form goes out of the window.
  9. Acid attacks happening here now, I hope it is not a regular accurance.
  10. Rip young lad, I have a Nmax a very safe bike, speeding or drink involved maybe?.
  11. I have seen both clips and it escalated way out of control its just lucky that no one was killed. Both at fault but the Aussie seems to be the main aggressor by pulling out the Machete. First video you can say what a bloody idiot the Aussie is blah blah blah but if you only see the 2 and video it is the Thai man the aggressor.
  12. That's shocking, I can see the Waiing coming up soon at a police station.
  13. Best automatic scooter ?

    I have no clue about hiring out a N-max but if we are in town at the same time you could take mine for a spin, as for renting a N-max it is hard enough just to rent a standard scooter as not many bike rental shops around. The Forza 300 is a nice bike and if you can pick a 2nd hand one up for less than 100,000 it would be a good buy.
  14. Sorry but loosing the plot like she did running over a traffic cop and then running into a bike and putting a kid in hospital and you think the insurance company have to pay?.
  15. No way should they pay anything, it is all there on video she is in the wrong so many ways. She should have the book thrown at her and made to pay all damages and hospital bills.