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  1. Mate, just stop....You literally have no idea of what you speak. Maybe do your own research rather than making things up? Do you even know where most of them were taken? They may be your "thoughts exactly" but they are the thoughts of an idiot.
  2. Dear god, I have only just seen this!!! You think the stolen generation benefited from being taken from their families? You think I personally have?!?!?!? Please explain how you think this happened....I would like actual facts. Maybe provide an example of several Aboriginal communities that have asked to have their children stolen? Do you have kids? Maybe someone should take them off you....they would have a better life, wouldn't they? I wasn't going to post in this thread again, but stupidity such as yours just needs to be called out.
  3. This entire thread saddens me, such crap written by so many posters who clearly have no idea what they are talking about. "I once saw an Aboriginal do something bad....so all Aboriginals do the exact same thing and are all bad" The lack of logic, compassion or simple decency is a sad reflection on many of the posts here. Good luck with your ignorant hate filled lives.
  4. No, the Mesopotamians "discovered" the wheel...Europeans haven't in 50000 years, must be a record. I literally have no idea what point you are making, is it that everybody apart from ancient middle eastern civilisations have not discovered the wheel? A very strange point to make.....
  5. Do you mean the communities the government is now trying to close to force the Aboriginal people off the land?
  6. Wow, the ignorance and racism are strong with you. Well done. You asked to be told if anything was incorrect, yes, yes all of it was incorrect and you are clearly not a very intelligent person.
  7. Seriously, do some research...please for your own sake. What do you class the recent closures of Aboriginal communities by the Australian government as? Something they have done to force them to move and change their way of life.....do you class that as taking their land and culture? Maybe not, maybe so...I guess you had no idea that was still going on? http://greens.org.au/magazine/wa/aboriginal-communities-are-still-threatened-closure But it is ok, keep being wrong. You seem good at it.
  8. FYI: This cannot be over-emphasized—the Australian government literally kidnapped these children from their parents as a matter of policy. White welfare officers, often supported by police, would descend on Aboriginal camps, round up all the children, separate the ones with light-coloured skin, bundle them into trucks and take them away. If their parents protested they were held at bay by police.[38]
  9. Mate, before commenting anymore maybe you should look into the history(including very recent history) of Aboriginal people in Australia. For example, my mother was part of the stolen generation. Given you refer to "great-great grandparents" I assume you have no idea what that is? Like I said, do some research before going off about something for which you have no knowledge. FYI - My great-great grandparents were not born in the 60's.....actually, they may have been, I don't actually know because my mother was stolen away from them. I am just guessing because my mother was born around 1950...again, don't actually know because she was taken from her family.
  10. I agree that trades should also be funded or subsidised for young people between 18-22(same as uni). Finish school, and we will help you get a trade/education to set you up for life. But I think your reasoning is flawed, it is because of people educated in the 60's and 70's that the world is as it is now. If you are completely happy with the world as it is now, fantastic...hark back to those days and we can keep the status quo If however(and by the gist of your post i suspect you fall in this category), you are not entirely happy with society and the way it is heading....you should want to avoid going back to the 60's/70's, not thinking that is how things should be.
  11. OK, I will rephrase to appease you. It should be government funded from general taxes for students to study for free. Everyone has to pay for it, but everyone benefits from having a more skilled, higher educated society.
  12. Well the "abos" had to put up with white Europeans coming and literally doing that exact same thing...but the people you actually mean are Koori.
  13. Just like when Napster was shut down and ever since you can't download music online...... Perfect timing for this really, end of the season gives people a couple of months to find a work around. Probably won't take that long.
  14. Of course it should be free, the fact this is even being asked speaks volumes about the world we live in. Trades should also be subsidised while learning to the same level.
  15. The issue isn't really the rules or even the punishments given out, it is the enforcement of it and the consistency of that enforcement. I can be speeding past a gaggle of cops here with no helmet on drunk as a skunk and they won't bat an eyelid. But if it is the end of the month and they have a designated team at a traffic stop they will get you for almost anything. A huge improvement would be made simply by making cops understand they need to enforce the rules all the time, not just when they are specifically assigned it.