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  1. Fresh Water Fishing Advice - Pattaya Area

    I don't fish(no patience), but always see locals fishing almost every lake in the area and I know they release alot of fish in Mabprachan Lake.
  2. Who gets to inspect the nuclear weapons of the US...or Russia, China etc? Shouldn't they all have the same rights and conditions?
  3. If that was the case, there would have been no need for a second gulf war...... that is still ongoing
  4. Give me an answer for any of them, I suspect it they will all be a fair way in the past...... When did America last destroy a conventional army? When did they build a nation? When did the successfully deal with insurgency? When did the defeat and asymmetrical force? War is pointless in all respects except for people to profit off it, every single engagement going back to Carthage(only one I can think of) was settled with negotiation..... Why not negotiate before the money and lives are lost?
  5. It's not much of a secret, where do you think they tested their nuclear weapons? Some were done in America, some were done in Canada and alot were done in the Pacific. America has tested over 1300 nuclear weapons.... NK has tested one(maybe 2?). I know who I am more concerned about. But how do you think that missiles fired from ships get to their targets? Any chance they fly over other countries...... And that is not testing.
  6. Naive then.... But most people have heard of the Marshall Islands
  7. That's because you don't know where to look. There is a reason it is being reported so much that they shot weapons over Japan(rather than in space....above the world). It is so people like you jump on board and agree that NK should be destroyed. Do you really think that the US(and other countries) have not had weapons flying over other countries? You just haven't heard about it for the most part because the US media don't want to draw your attention to it. But if you really don't think it happens you are extremely naive....or stupid
  8. There were 500 odd american deaths in the first gulf war..... How did they do that without getting bullets with a quarter mile? And I find it really hard to believe that is the case....did the US military kill and confiscate all their weapons somehow without being within a quarter mile? It seems unlikely and more likely it is just something you made up.... Like the rest of the post.
  9. Work at Home

    Not really a slow down, just enjoying semi retirement and no need to push for more income. When thing do come up I generally have employees ready to start work, there are more applicants than jobs.
  10. Work at Home

    Sorry, we are not recruiting at the moment.
  11. Work at Home

    Yeah, in Australia I run a legitimate work from home home recruitment agency. We find basic work at home jobs in Australia(eg. appt setting, reception, phone sales etc) that pay an hourly rate and we farm them off to expats in SEA. Everyone wins, Aussie companies get English speakers working for them and it costs them less than someone working locally, expat wins as they can stay in SEA and earn close to Aussie wages and I will because I skim some off the top.
  12. Yamaha XSR 900 vs Ducati Scrambler

    Yamaha SV650 or Suzuki? The problem with Suzuki in Thailand(and I love Suzuki, had 5 of them) is there is virtually no dealer network. I'm in Pattaya and there is none here. I actually settled on the XSR, but they did not have nor could get the colour I wanted and i eventually felt the same way about you on the scrambler(too small and toy like to own, but fun to ride occasionally). So I ended up with the new water cooled Triumph Bonneville T120, it was a bit more at 560k(the t100 is only 430k) but once I saw it... nothing else compared. Good easy bike to ride too, i think it suits my needs perfectly. All modern and runs smoothly, but the looks.... i don't know how to attach photos, but google them if you haven't seen
  13. Mate, just stop....You literally have no idea of what you speak. Maybe do your own research rather than making things up? Do you even know where most of them were taken? They may be your "thoughts exactly" but they are the thoughts of an idiot.
  14. Dear god, I have only just seen this!!! You think the stolen generation benefited from being taken from their families? You think I personally have?!?!?!? Please explain how you think this happened....I would like actual facts. Maybe provide an example of several Aboriginal communities that have asked to have their children stolen? Do you have kids? Maybe someone should take them off you....they would have a better life, wouldn't they? I wasn't going to post in this thread again, but stupidity such as yours just needs to be called out.