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  1. What about the girl? He also posted her online, I don't think she would be too happy about it. I don't think the problem was with taking the film(although what sort of person films that and doesn't do anything?), I think it is more about posting it publicly rather than handing it in.
  2. They don't know better, once they do...they won't come. No one would come to Pattaya for the beach if they had already experienced a beach without lumps in the water
  3. Except the beach in Pattaya is awful, if you were going for a beach holiday in Thailand....you would be an idiot to go to Pattaya.
  4. Given he is living in Malaysia and the kids have visited him in Malaysia....isn't the simple answer to take them to Malaysia? I am surprised people are taking up his case without knowing why he can't return to the UK, I imagine if it is a negative reason(and it won't be good) they will end up with some egg on their faces.
  5. You are in the wrong, but call his bluff. he obviously wants to sell the car so he can get another loan and there is no way he will sell that car for the price he needs to pay it off. Tell him you are happy to give it back and good luck to him trying to sell it for 650k....he has no chance, his best bet is helping you take it over.
  6. I suspect this is the case too, especially the Sargeant at Arms who is responsible for security. Probably a bunch of Thai blokes wearing the patch without realising the significance....like a lot of things here
  7. Isn't the bigger concern that this isn't her? If it isn't, then she is still missing and we have another person's body parts.
  8. I think you are the one not adding 2 and 2 together correctly. What date did she go missing? What date was the B2 appeal? Anyone with a shred of commonsense can see that while they were being transported for their appeal, they broke out of the prison van, swam to Koh Tao, disabled all the CCTV cameras, violently murdered her and then returned to the prison van at the next set of traffic lights. There was even an article in the local paper stating how "sweaty" they were when they got out at the courthouse, now we know they were just wet from their swim. All the while the Koh Tao locals slept peacefully in their beds before waking to do some charity work feeding the homeless in BKK
  9. I thought the Sienta was pretty well loaded, but I will look into it more. The most amazing thing about any car dealerships in this country(or big bike dealerships) is they expect you to buy a car without seeing it. We considered a HRV before, but the dealer didn't have one for viewing....still wanted us to order though.
  10. Have you checked out the X-Trail? Surely that would meet your needs. Or if you really want an MPV look at the Toyota Sienta, looks a nice little car, I'm probably going to get one for the wife
  11. Not that I have ever free dived, but surely you are right. Even just someone in a boat. Makes me doubt it had anything to do with diving. Hopefully it's just some innocent young people fun, but dragging on so long doesn't look good.
  12. Hopefully it works out for the best mate, thoughts are with you.
  13. I've thought this for a while, surely committing crimes while working for the "Royal" Thai Police is disrespecting the king. Maybe someone should make a complaint about it and see what happens
  14. In my opinion only: An occasional smack is ok if they have had verbal warnings, it shows them if they really push it there are repercussions. Depriving them of things also works as a substitute....but I find after things have subsided I feel bad and give whatever it was back. Although my 5 year old is now at an age where he is starting to understand actions and consequences. Eg. If i catch him running around the pool i just have to remind him of the time he slipped and took the skin off his face. Or if he is climbing too high and dangerously, I won't stop him but I will remind him if he falls he may have to go to hospital instead of football tomorrow. He reacts well to that and usually makes the right decisions. My 3 year old on the other hand doesn't understand actions and consequences so well....she can be a handful and even harder as the baby girl i am naturally softer towards her. The best thing I have found with her is demonstrate rewards for good behaviour. Eg. If she is misbehaving and her brother is behaving himself at the same time, I will stress how good he has been and he can have a sweet. Whereas she misses out because she has been naughty. Probably completely wrong....but it works for us most of the time
  15. Thanks for the info, that all points in one direction....but, still no real evidence against him?