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  1. Crossy

    UPS Issues and replacement

    240 Joules is around average, ok to absorb most "normal" lightning related spikes, but anything close will overwhelm it. You need the local equivalent of this really http://www.belkin.com/Pyramid/documents/External/P56940uk_F9G726uk3M-GRY.pdf which is what I mean by "surge arresting power strip". Note the Belkin kit has a "connected equipment warranty", read the terms and conditions.
  2. Assuming that's with the beast out of circuit on the bench that's rather scary. With the amount of material in between the contacts you should be reading G ohms.
  3. Crossy

    uk parcel by parcelforce

    My wife signs for stuff with my name on it all the time.
  4. Crossy

    UPS Issues and replacement

    Yes, the "big bang" has likely fried the electronics in your UPSs, the "surge protected" outlets are just directly connected to the incoming supply and have no UPS function and so will continue to work. Most decent UPSs do have surge protection built-in to protect themselves as well as anything plugged in to them. But I wouldn't rely on the built-in surge protection anyway, the MOVs used are usually tiny. I would get a good quality, branded (APC, Belkin etc.), surge arresting power strip (it won't be cheap) and plug your UPS into it. Anything that needs only surge protection can also be plugged into the power strip.
  5. Good that it's sorted, but it's highly unlikely that there is a short in the block itself (not impossible mind). Much more likely a "whisker" (a single strand of copper) from a poorly installed cable.
  6. Crossy

    Error 520

    Well, indexing has apparently finished, sadly the error hasn't. Grrrr.
  7. Crossy

    Best energy production in Thai (100kw/200kw)

    For the small domestic systems the gubbins that handles network synchronisation and island-protection (so you don't back feed if the grid is off) is part of the inverter, for big systems the requirements are much more stringent and are usually managed by a dedicated sub-system. Anything you use over and above what you export is of course billable. Metering can by anything from simple net-metering (meter goes backwards when exporting) to a full blown feed-in package complete with contracts and special rates for power exported and consumed.
  8. Yes. He can get a re-entry permit on a 60 day tourist entry. BUT It only protects his initial permission to stay date which will be until 60 days after his entry. So it will have expired if he goes elsewhere for 2 months. You are correct, it's no use for his plans. EDIT If he plans to stay more than 60 days in Thailand after his second entry then just enter the first time on a visa-exemption then get a tourist visa whilst in Cambodia. If the second entry will be less than 60 days just use a visa-exemption and extend if necessary.
  9. Crossy

    Error 520

    I understand this is related to the forum backup process. It's been happening a lot more often over the last couple of days due to the re-index. By the way, don't shoot the messenger.
  10. Crossy

    fresh water plumbing problem

    I'm definitely confused here, which is the inlet / outlet side of the pump? You seem to have a link inlet to outlet although that shouldn't result in the tank filling slowly. Where does the cut pipe vanishing into the ground below the filter go? How does your arrangement relate to my drawing?
  11. Crossy

    Error 520

    Yes, we know about it (it causes mods issues too). Something to do with the forum database re-indexing, it "should" go away soon.
  12. Crossy

    Waterbill explosion - what shall we do?

    You do almost certainly have a leak. Look for dribbly taps, toilet valves etc. With everything off is the meter moving? That said, it is possible for the meter to go potty if there's a lot of air in the supply, have you notices taps spluttering? Do you have a pump and tank?
  13. Crossy

    fresh water plumbing problem

    You should have something like this.
  14. Crossy

    Best energy production in Thai (100kw/200kw)

    Not if you go grid-tie, the grid is essentially your battery. The problem our OP faces is that any grid-tie system over 10kVA is classed as "industrial" and brings in a whole new raft of regulation and requirements. Not fun