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  1. We are indeed, but it's not used as a lap pool being only 4.8m diameter. This is our pool Get in touch with Dario at Pattayapools(dot)net they carry a large range of Intex above ground pools including this 9.75 x 4.8 x 1.2m monster complete with saltwater chlorinator for about 170k Baht (image is from their website). Just add 54,000 litres of water. Quick to assemble, no holes just ground prep (levelling and a sand base if you wish). Our baby one was delivered Friday and being swum in by the kids on Sunday.
  2. @thequietman I must apologise for taking us off topic with my hardwood comment.
  3. It's not just about wood, the same applies for aluminium or PVC. Personal recommendation, see the installed result, if possible visit the factory. It's all very well sitting in a glossy sales booth with a pretty lady telling you all about the product, but the engineer in me wants to see (and talk to) the chaps making the stuff, look at the materials, you know the sort of thing. I like to get a feel for whether they take a pride in their work or are they just banging out product with no real quality control. Our windows, doors, roof braces (decorative only), gable vents and barge boards were custom made by two small outfits in Bang Pahan (Ayutthaya) which were recommended by our contractor. Half a dozen employees and a long waiting list, has to be good.
  4. The AC3200 is certainly up there, I have an RC-AT88U. Both will run the Merlin update of the AsusWRT OS.
  5. @canopy agree 100%. Our hardwood frames were definitely not cheap, which probably explains why we've had no issue with them apart from those that get full sun needing to be re-finished (not unexpected). We have 60 (yes sixty) opening windows, none have ever stuck or let in wildlife.** Our condo had aluminium frames, no real problem, had UPVC in the UK, looked yuk (cheap, bulky and white), but they were better than the steel (yes steel) frames they replaced (council funded replacement). Our home just wouldn't look right with anything other than wood, so we live with the "inconvenience" of having a natural material. ** Actually, our top-hung bathroom windows, which spend 99.999% of the time open, mostly won't close because those mud-daubing wasps make their homes on the frame, not the window's fault. If I was going on a price / performance only basis it would be aluminium every time. No issues with corrosion, not affected by UV, reasonably low cost, maximum glass area (slim frames).
  6. When, oh when, will people learn that you shoot video in landscape mode?
  7. I couldn't find any links for LiPO fires in solar installations, probably too new. Here's one for electric vehicles. I'm not going to put the battery pack in the house anyway, lead acid emit hazardous and explosive fumes too.
  8. At lease he's used wire-nuts Not sure about aircons, but some kit does come with pre-fitted mains cable which is supposed to be joined without removing the casework, and it may well invalidate the warranty if changed. I would let them get away with that if the job was neat. I don't recall if our units had pre-installed flex, but they certainly now have a short flex that goes into the ceiling space where the house sparks left a box with the fixed wiring for them to connect to. I've not seen it here, but all our aircons in India were supplied by an outlet positioned next to the indoor unit into which the indoor unit was plugged (outdoor unit was supplied from indoor).
  9. If you don't see what you want use the contact form, Thomas will find what you need.
  10. My go-to place for IT has for a long time been InvadeIT. They have a wide selection of BlueTooth headsets with call capabilities, I don't see a boom microphone mind.
  11. OK, I think this has run its course. Closed.
  12. Ours are mai daeng fixed frames with teak moving frames. Whilst there is some seasonal movement they have never stuck or let big wildlife in. They are also on friction stays rather than conventional hinges which may (or may not) help with any sticking issues. It also means you can clean the outside from inside. No ladder needed. These:-
  13. Actually, you have a third choice, good quality hardwood. Yes it needs maintenance, but it looks so much better than either of the modern alternatives. Labour is cheap here, pay a man to rub down and re-finish (with good quality materials) every couple of years.
  14. PVC tape is a pretty good insulator. Like you, I'm not overly happy with live ends just taped up, but in reality it's not going to kill anyone unless they decide to unwind the tape. I can't comment on the timing for your meter, it took a week to get our temporary meter so suspect similar timing but much depends upon the local office. Visit the PEA first thing Monday with your Blue Book and request a supply. You may need to "lubricate" the process a little.
  15. Assuming he will be getting a 30 day Visa Exemption (Visa on Arrival is something different for certain nationalities, mostly around the Indian sub-continent). He will get 30 days on arrival which can be extended once for 30 days at immigration, 1,900 Baht. Then a border run which will get another 30 day visa exemption, maybe another extension if needed to reach his exit date.