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  1. Consumer Unit basics

    Assuming your main incoming breaker can handle the prospective fault current then that's the one to worry about. The subsequent units are invariably lesser beasts. Important Note. That RCBO I quoted from AliExpress, despite what the little drawing says, is a 1P+N. i.e. it does not switch the neutral. So you shouldn't use it as your sole source of supply isolation.
  2. QCon 10 cm Blocks - hanging load

    The Apps are up the swannee at present, the latest forum software "update" broke a lot of plug-ins.
  3. QCon 10 cm Blocks - hanging load

    Yeah, it's pull-out load that's the worry. For 10kg, unless it's on the end of a long lever I wouldn't be worrying. Any access to the other side to drill through and use a spreader plate on the back? Not necessary for 10kg, but others may be intending bigger loads.
  4. Foundations for wooden decking

    Yup, a wooden anything, unless it's (expensive) hardwood is going to become food for the local wildlife unless loaded up with Chaindrite or the like. Steel frame topped with Shera or one of the plastic wood substitutes (how good are they on the UV front?) is the way to go.
  5. Work permit

    I and many others have found this site to have by far the best and up to date information https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/
  6. Garden Furniture

    Indeed, a lot depends upon exactly what environment it's intended for, on concrete and sheltered and the pallets will be fine.
  7. If you must buy tax-free get it at your last transfer, or even on arrival at your destination. To be honest the savings (savings??) are not massive enough to mess about and risk providing the security chaps with an aperitif.
  8. Garden Furniture

    We're not in your area, so can't help with locations, but we have a number of places making that sort of thing using what looks like old pallets and other packing materials. If you have basic (edit:- power) tools it's not a difficult DIY. I made ours from the hardwood parts of our old chicken house which came from a recycled rice-barn that had previously been a house.
  9. Eating Rice

    A quick Google revealed;- and So it seems there's some truth in what is said.
  10. I'm just glad he didn't include photos or (horror) video.
  11. Correct, the clock re-sets when you enter Thailand. I remove the existing reporting form (I do keep it) to avoid confusion when I next report.
  12. Ours run the sink (I like a warm water shave) and shower via a mixer unit. Difficult to compare directly but the flow is pretty good (and ruddy hot without mixing "cold"). I don't think I could get enough flow to get the hot only down below skin-removing temperature when it's on full-bore. We are using good quality 1/2" flexies to connect the heaters but they do restrict flow somewhat, bigger ones may be a good idea.
  13. Blocked Drain

    As others have noted, anything over and above normal chemicals and a decent plunger needs the condo management involved. Any failure of the pipe is going to dump loads of, whatever, into the unit downstairs. You don't want any of that, your insurance won't want to know either.
  14. Blocked Drain

    Have plunger, will travel.
  15. Sky high electric bill

    This:- and this:- Are the big clues here.