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  1. I feel your pain, with a bunch of Thai grandkids of assorted ages it's a nightmare, I leave it to my good lady, money is always the fallback position. Chemistry sets have been outlawed in the UK for some time due to the dangers of fires / explosions / poisonings, shame really I had great fun with mine. I even had the "Radiation" kit with real radioactive sources, maybe that's why I've grown an extra arm You don't say how much you want to spend but:- Do they have a PC? If so how about one of the hobby robot kits, build it, program it (in C, a useful tool for later life). Have a look on aliExpress, order now and it should arrive in time for the holiday season. Something like this (not too many $$$) :- https://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-Avoidance-Tracking-Motor-Smart-Robot-Car-Chassis-Kit-Speed-Encoder-Battery-Box-2WD-Ultrasonic-module/32784305710.html Or this (rather more $$$) https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Wifi-Smart-Car-Robot-Kit-for-arduino-iOS-Video-Car-Robot-Wireless-Remote-Control-Android-PC/32644979702.html Or loads in between, do ensure you get a complete kit including the Arduino controller. Possibly also available from Lazada.
  2. Check your fare for stored value / vs pass+extension, stored-value may prove cheaper as the pass does not apply to the extensions.
  3. I've bought lots of stuff from AliExpress, if you go for trusted names and high reputation sellers you will be fine. My earlier link to the Tomzn switch is from their official store. Tomzn are a well known Chinese name. I actually bought one of these switches, quality looks fine, interlock works well.
  4. Just connect all the earths together and to the rod.
  5. That's because you NEVER switch the safety earth.
  6. Kill Trees Forever

    Some effective solutions above. One assumes they are your trees of course.
  7. If you enter at a "core" station I understand there is no minimum purse balance to enter if you have a pass. If you enter at an "extension" station there is a minimum purse balance before you can enter, even if you have a pass. I'm pretty sure it's around 15 Baht so I'm not sure where the 100 Baht message came from. It seems you used up your purse below the minimum entry value and tried to enter at an extension station, topping up allowed entry and your remaining trips were once more available.
  8. Minimising sizing of aircon

    Pipe sizes for various run lengths air A/C capacities should be in the installation manual. There are various manuals online so you can compare and possibly fit the bigger pipe (if needed for 18-24k) from day one. Or ask your A/C man.
  9. Why does that ship look like it's been in a high-speed collision with a paint tanker?
  10. Since the cops tend to give themselves the reward. A far easier way to earn 300k, catch 3 people smoking on the beach in Pattaya.
  11. Thai special forces. Raided the zoo. Shot the gorillas. And released the ostriches.
  12. Which "credit" is used up? What does the error message on the gate say? Yes, that can happen if your journey costs less than the per-trip cost of your pass. Passes work well for long trips, less so for short ones. BTS have not implemented a "best fare" system as yet. Don't buy another pass, just load up with value.
  13. Where to Buy tempered-glass cut-to-size ?

    Shame he's in LA, it's the sort of service that would be quite at home here.
  14. Yeah, looks like the supports for a noise barrier, not intended to be hit by a truck load of pigs. Any news of the pigs?
  15. Indeed, there isn't a generic appearance for a transfer switch. They come in many shapes and sizes, auto and manual but they share one common function. This could be used as a transfer switch too https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32A-Two-Pole-Double-Throw-Knife-Disconnect-Switch/1820898331.html