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  1. Crossy

    Disappointing UPS repair

    I don't think you can beat the mid-range APC units.
  2. And if it's vinegar put it on your salad.
  3. Crossy

    LED Wiring

    Take care mate, why not go for the Robocop full-body prosthesis? Just need to change the oil occasionally.
  4. Crossy

    VPN For Thailand

    There is a 30 day money-back guarantee.
  5. Crossy

    VPN For Thailand

    I use Ivacy, not free but decent bang for the buck. https://www.ivacy.com/ Works for the BBC / ITV etc. loads of decently fast servers around the world if you just need to get out of Thailand.
  6. Crossy

    VPN For Thailand

    Free or paid? Where do you need it to come out? Are you looking for security or to bypass geo-locks (like watching the BBC)?
  7. Crossy

    Lone Star Texas Grill. Really?

    Makro are cheaper but I like the thicker farmhouse steak fries. A Google seach for "beef tenderlion" netted 35,000 results, maybe it's a real cut ?
  8. Crossy

    Lone Star Texas Grill. Really?

    Looks like steak and (frozen) chips to me ? I wonder what part of the cow the "tenderlion" is
  9. Crossy

    LED Wiring

    Sorry about the late response. Yeah, that's about it, the LEDs glow or flicker in a most annoying way. Looks like the job's a good un ?
  10. Crossy

    Pay your PEA Electric via App...

    Also, in the "more" drop down (3 horizontal lines top left of the screen) is Settings where you can change phone number and email. For PC users this app runs well under the BlueStacks Android emulator. https://www.bluestacks.com/
  11. Yeah, I was wondering if things were different for journos. Typical that the MFA site is down.
  12. I'm not an expert, and things may have changed since my experiences, I'm also not a journalist. I would open an offshore account (mine is in USD with LLoyds International on the Isle of Man) and get your salary transferred there, then there can be no doubt as far as Thai tax is concerned. Income is taxable only if transferred in the year it's earned and I've never been asked anyway. Also as non-resident in HK there's likely no tax due there either. In the past I've worked for a HK outfit whilst non-resident, tax forms duely filed and a demand for zero received. It's always wise to be registered for income tax somewhere in case the authorities back home (UK for me) ever ask.
  13. Crossy

    Voltage protector

    Even better, you can use the over / under unit on its own, protect only that circuit if you wish ?
  14. Crossy

    Voltage protector

    Hmmm, set the language top right of the page ? Yes, you set the high and low limits and it kills the power if the voltage goes outside those limits, about 30 seconds after normal power is restored it turns on the output again. What rating is the main breaker on your distribution board? If it's bigger than 63A you really need to use a contactor, you can drive the contactor using the over/under device. Something like this https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/TOCT1-2P-100A-2NO-230V-50-60HZ-Din-rail-Household-ac-contactor/300086_32788936046.html
  15. Crossy

    Voltage protector

    That unit is intended to drive a contactor to switch the load. The one I linked will switch the load directly although I don't think I'd want to go to 80A continuous with it.