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  1. Hopefully others will chime in on this @ubonjoe but IIRC you can apply any time within 30 days of the end of your current stay and the 60 days will bolt on to the existing permission, you need to take your wife and marriage documentation. You will of course still need a re-entry permit, get a single at the same time as you get the extension.
  2. Assuming this is a visa (from a consulate outside Thailand) with an expiry (enter before / use by) date of 31/Aug/18 you could do a border hop for another 90 day entry then get a re-entry permit at the airport on the way out on your business trip. If you have a Thai wife you could get a 60 day extension on your current entry to "visit your wife".
  3. On an Irish passport you'll get a 30 day visa exemption stamp, no charge, just join the queue at immigration (do NOT join the "Visa on Arrival" queue, that's something different). Spending money? As the ladies say, up2u, I would think 2-3 grand Euro would do the trick on top of hotel etc. Make sure your travel insurance is valid for all the activities (motorcycling, diving, jet ski) you have planned with good medical cover. Shagging all night and touring all day could lead to a heart attack. Bring condoms!
  4. Crossy

    Duty Frees Thailand

    From here https://www.visitlondon.com/traveller-information/travel-to-london/customs-and-visas/uk-customs-allowances
  5. Crossy

    Any fishing park recommendations

    Not in Pattaya but it's only a ferry ride away (the ferry is still operating I assume) I can recommend Hua Hin Fishing lodge http://huahinfishing.com/ They have everything you want to catch and much more as well as excellent food and quality accommodation.
  6. Crossy

    No stamp on entry to Canada??!

    Many countries don't stamp in / out it's not an issue. My passports have gaps all over due to my using whichever is most convenient (more space) when I travel. No immigration officer has ever said anything.
  7. Crossy

    Base plate/washer for bathroom tap

    When you visit your hardware store you need the granny, she will know exactly what's in-stock in the darkest recesses, the whippersnappers know zip. We have a place I call the "Magic Shop" they magically come up with exactly what I want, or a passable substitution. "Granny" seems to think I'm her pet farang and hustles the youngsters away when I appear. It's not as if I spend packets, I doubt our biggest transaction has been anywhere near 500 Baht.
  8. Crossy

    GFCI Adapter?

    Yes, it will likely protect you from dying from electric shock (if you are a reasonably healthy adult). No it won't prevent you getting a tingle (maybe pretty strong) from an un-grounded Class-1 appliance. Overloading the beast is unwise, it may not trip at all, or may be damaged if it does trip.
  9. Crossy

    Base plate/washer for bathroom tap

    Take that photo and a sketch of what you want along to your local hardware store, odds-on they will have something suitable "out back". Cost -> zero.
  10. Crossy

    half pipe for rainwater drainaige

    We used 6" concrete pipe (cheap) cut in half with a concrete blade in the angle grinder.
  11. Crossy

    Foreign motorcycle in Thailand

    Just in case anyone has doubts, this is Henry's facebore page.
  12. Crossy

    Visa Running out

    Is he on a visa (leaves every 90 days) or an extension based on marriage? If he has a visa he could get 60 days to visit his wife. If on an extension and he meets the financials he can get a new 12 month extension against which he can get a Work Permit.
  13. Crossy

    Who invited them.?.

    And @blackcab who has much more expensive tastes than myself, one can of course wish
  14. Crossy

    Generator power?

    To be brutally honest, any messing around with cables gets old very quickly, usually after the first power cut in the dark and the rain when the juice comes back just after you've moved everything. Even if you have a pull-start genset you can do the simple semi-automatic arangement I describe in another thread. Power goes off, go out and start the generator, essential items power up, everyone is happy. Power comes back on the genset stops and the essential load transfers back to mains, no need to get out of bed to go and move anything. It's not difficult or expensive to go full auto if you are a reasonably competent DIYer (described in another thread), even my wife can work the full auto system (she does nothing, it's full auto).
  15. Crossy

    Who invited them.?.

    If you don't like it block it. But don't expect to get Thaivisa. Easy eh? And to answer the original question - "Who invited them?" - Answer Thaivisa did.