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  1. Well the first point is probably still true for some, but the second is a thing of past. Those aren't the days where Israeli tourists in Thailand were mostly backpackers travelling on a shoestring going from one guesthouse to another. Today Israeli tourists spend way above the average tourist in Thailand. Point about young Israeli tourists is, they tend to go to very few places, having heard about them from friends, and are less likely to venture to places that were not recommended by people they know. That creates the situation they are the majority of tourists, or at least very dominant, in certain hotels / areas. Combined with being well, loud, that can have an impact.
  2. Songkran 2018, for kids

    What about Nong Buak Hard Park?
  3. Songkran 2018, for kids

    5 - 8 years old, so pretty young. Maybe just stick to the mooban swimming pool LOL
  4. Songkran 2018, for kids

    A few guys already "playing water" on Chiang Mai - Doi Saket road (118) today.
  5. It's going to be our first Songkran in Chiang Mai (we had quite a few in Bangkok), I wonder which areas are good to experience enough fun and still suitable for young kids.
  6. Most of these guys are second generation of immigrants from Morocco, arriving to Israel at fifties and sixties.
  7. Probably so in this case, but there are high profile criminals living or lived in Ko Samui as well.
  8. Israeli Mafia has for some reason become more and more active in Ko Samui in recent years. And, as happens in any other place in Thailand, local police usually takes a piece of the action. They make arrests only when things get out of hand, or public. For those who draw conclusions from that case or similar, regarding Israelis in general, that's really stupid. This kind of scum are mainly there to extort and intimidate Israeli business owners (operating bars, clubs, restaurants, stalls), and had they operated in Israel they'd be arrested.
  9. Buy trees

    Sounds like you need a fence... or a wall..
  10. Storm Last Night

    A lot of wind last night but no much rain. @EricTh: the combination of heat and clear sky (strong sun radiation) is hard on the lawn. In addition to more frequent (or any..) watering, any shading can help. If the lawn is subject to direct sunlight for most hours during the day, you can just spread a shade net on top during say 11:00 - 15:00. Naturally tricky to do with large areas.
  11. Baht in the bank before renewal

    Are you sure about that? I didn't see such a requirement anywhere. Any sources? what I did hear is that this visa is very limited in length. You can't just stay on it for years and years, unlike retirement or marriage visas.
  12. Storm Last Night

    A decent rain in Sansai now. Looking at the forecast, we can expect 3 more wet days next week. Eric, forget about the sprinklers. Rainy season is here ;-)
  13. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2018 Chiang Mai

    It's their country. Too many foreigners involved might do more damage than good, stepping on national pride toes.
  14. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2018 Chiang Mai

    "most forest fires are appearing on steep mountainsides, inaccessible to fire-fighters, he said, and are left to burn themselves out" The problem will be solved by itself!
  15. Storm Last Night

    Again, we already had 2-3 days of rain this month. So by your definition we are at the rainy season. I don't know how that helps EricTh's grass situation though. Second question is how do you determine 4-6 weeks for ground saturation? Perhaps it is 2-3 weeks?