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  1. Prem..? doesn't really fit his "20K a semester" budget. Grade 1 there is about 350K a year, and Grade 12 is almost double that amount. Not inclusive the one time fees of 185K.
  2. Ok, to close this post: We arrived at 8am. The Marriage visa line was pretty short, the other lines were really long and I can easily understand the complaints in various threads about that. A few minutes later numbers were given, we got #409. The guy told us we should better come back at 2pm. We decided to wait and see how things go. Well, slow start, the first couple (#401) just got in at 9:20. #404 got in at around 10:50. Luckily for us, #405 - #408 didn't bother to show up (perhaps decided to come back at 13:00). So we got in at 11:30 and managed to get the stamp before their lunch break. I wanted to do get a re-entry permit too, so we waited until 13:00. I didn't have passport copies for this though so I had to queue twice to get the number. Still, the whole thing didn't take long and we left at 13:40.
  3. Update: I went to Central Festival's SCB branch, got the letter in about 10 minutes, which was even a better service than what I got in my BKK branch last year (there, they initially wanted me to come back at the next day, it took a lot persistence and explanations to get them to actually issue it at the same day). We will try the naive (/sane?) approach first and get to immigration tomorrow between 08:00 - 08:30am. I guess I have to see the horror in my own eyes to believe it.
  4. XGM

    Immigration woes —- Again?

    And there are over 300,000 foreigners living in Bangkok. And none of them have to get anyone to queue for them at the wee hours of the night. We usually arrived around 9am, (never ever before opening time), and always managed to leave before 2pm, sometimes before 12:00.
  5. Oops sorry you're right, I quoted the whole thing then left only the relevant part I wanted to comment on. It doesn't let me edit it now. Maybe mods can do it.
  6. He wasn't operating a bar or any kind of local operation. In those types of cases the bulk of the investigation is done overseas (FBI / GCHQ etc), then I guess Thai authorities receive a request from USA / UK / French Embassy or some liaison to complete the last link, if necessary, and perform the arrest (which is more or less the only thing foreign authorities can't do) and extradition. Local cops don't have any judgement nor can they provide protection in such cases.
  7. That's what commandos are for, charging into a pathetic room and ceasing a guy in boxer shorts. I can imagine his first words: "sure you brought enough guys?"
  8. XGM

    Just be aware - Crypto Currency

    Bitcoin was created in 2008. Today, a decade later, over 99% of the people who own any Bitcoin are not using is on a daily, or weekly, or even monthly basis as a currency (that pays for goods or services). They are "hodling". In other words, speculating. Whether it is for short or long term, doesn't matter. If Bitcoin was to be adopted as a currency, one would think it would be accepted in what, 20% of the businesses after 10 years? 10% of the businesses? at least 1% of the businesses? almost nobody accepts bitcoin as a payment option. And it's not like it didn't get enough exposure in the media. Actually, many companies that wanted to gain PR by adopting bitcoin are just reversing those decisions. And if the list of businesses accepting bitcoin isn't very long, the list of those accepting Monero is almost non-existent.
  9. It wasn't repaired. It had the P-----y magnet installed.
  10. Thanks. Flying to Bangkok for that will really be a pain
  11. Soon it's time for the extension again. It's going to be the first time we do it in CM (previous extensions were done in BKK). I wonder about a few points: 1. Can I apply as early as 45 day before the expiration of my current extension or is it 30 days? I understand it's different at different provinces. 2. 400,000 baht in the bank - should the money be there for 2 or 3 months before the application? I read conflicting reports. 3. My account was opened in Bangkok. Will banks here have a problem to issue a letter regarding the account (Nangsue Lablong)? 4. What time does the Siam Commercial Bank in Promenada open? I recall immigration require the last line in the bank book be from the day we apply. At least that's what they wanted in Bangkok. We normally just deposit say a 100 baht to have a line from that day. 5. In Bangkok we normally arrived around 9am and always managed to finish before 2pm, sometimes even before their 12:00 lunch break if we were lucky. Is this a realistic timeline for Promenada? Kids are still in school and we have to drop them at 8:00 and pick them up before 3:30pm.
  12. XGM

    ATM count your money !

    That's called the Spit or Swallow trick.
  13. XGM

    ATM count your money !

    Certainly not in Bangkok. It's the city of angels. But in Chiang Mai, who knows.