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  1. XGM

    Air quality in chiang mai currently

    It's Excellent NOW. Because we had a bit of rain!
  2. XGM

    Smoke, Smog, Dust 2018 Chiang Mai

    Hmmm didn't see any on sale recently. I also prefer digital. Digital canary?
  3. I don't know about their Math but sorry to say their English is a disaster. I know teachers from Triam Udom and I will certainly not have my kids go there based on what I've heard.
  4. I'd go for RAM in both scenarios (insured or not). Over the last year we had one (light) emergency treatment there as well as several outpatient visits. The bills were fair in my opinion. In one visit to Bangkok Hospital I found the costs much higher, waiting time longer and overall service and communication with doctor less pleasant. I will need a really good reason to go back there.
  5. As others have commented here, localbitcoins is probably your best option. Minimize your chance to get scammed by only dealing with verified buyers (you are selling bitcoin, you look for buyers), with 1000+ trades, over 2 years since verification and 100% positive feedback. But don't just look at the overall percentage, it can be misleading, take a minute to read through all the recent feedback. If anything looks fishy, stay away. Paypal: same deal. Your bitcoin is held in localbitcoins' escrow. The buyer makes a paypal payment to your paypal account. You release the bitcoin. The risk here is of chargeback - so the importance of dealing only with reputable people is even more critical here than with say a bank transfer. And, don't trade large sums with any specific person. Or you can post on FB groups and set a meeting to sell your bitcoin face to face for cash. Another option: coins.co.th allows withdrawal using a "Cardless ATM" or "Bank Cash Pickup", for relatively small amounts. No bank account required.
  6. XGM

    Smoke, Smog, Dust 2018 Chiang Mai

    Any recommendations for indoor air quality monitors?
  7. XGM

    Air quality in chiang mai currently

    It really depends where you are exactly. There is local burning going on since the rains stopped. There has also been local burning going on during the rainy season, whenever there was a big enough interval to allow that.