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  1. PE teachers, including in international schools, are usually Thai. I don't think it has anything to do with legalities but rather with salary levels they're happy to accept. Hotels, condos or gated communities with pools generally don't employ any lifeguards.
  2. According to Canopy Chiang Rai is very bad. What are we missing then?
  3. The screenshot below is from now. Where do you see over 120?
  4. Every time I check Chiang Mai figures I also look at other locations in Thailand. Chiang Rai has been mostly below AQI 50 during the last months. Perhaps it will change on March / April, but for now it is very different. Now for example, it is at 51 while Chiang Mai is at 157. This is quite a BIT lower.
  5. Use of Overseas Credit cards

    Same here. I only use my non-Thai card when I absolutely have to. - Domestic flights: I prefer to print a payment voucher from the airline site and pay it in cash in 7/11, BigC etc. - Hotels: I normally use Paypal with Agoda. - Deposits in hotels: I prefer to give a cash deposit rather than my credit card. Most hotels have this option. - Car rental - no way around a credit card for the deposit. Almost anything else, cash.
  6. StevieAus

    If the problem is with your local post office, isn't it possible to rent private mailbox in one of the bigger branches? I found this:
  7. Just wait for the rains and then declare a burning ban. Success guaranteed.
  8. Cable TV options?

    I will just add that normally, the modem and router are placed in one location, next to the TV (with a direct cable from the router to the box), and the rest of the house gets wifi. But since I wanted to have a direct LAN connection to my desktop, which is in another room, I asked that the router and modem will be installed next to it, and that they will add a cable from that room to the box next to the TV (all wiring done through the ceiling). No problem with that, I had to pay about 200 baht for the extra installation cost, I was fine with that, so now I have direct cables both to my desktop PC and to that box.
  9. Cable TV options?

    We use AIS Playbox, included in the AIS Fibre package.
  10. Where and when isn't a mystery. Had they wanted to do something about it, burning would significantly drop in matter of days. There is also denial among many people I think. I was told by my previous landlord: "our neighbours, the burmese, they do the burning". Well. She is a highly educated woman, close to 60, who lived and studied in the US, and owns a good number of properties in Thailand. I guess she should know the facts.
  11. We visited them last year. Yes it's tiny, very tiny and crowded. They are not really accredited by any serious body so it's a matter of trust. Can't comment on the level of education, don't know. Plus, it's only elementary so you are looking at moving to another school at some stage. Most kids are from Indian/sikh origin.
  12. ATM fraud near Holiday Inn

    Plus, I guess many of those scams don't get spotted by the card holder or by the systems of the CC companies, in those cases both the fraudster and the merchants benefit, at the expense of the card holder.
  13. As explained by seancbk above, there is nothing Thai about a "Thai Paypal business account", as far as Thai authorities are concerned. But I think you have misunderstood additional aspects of operating here. Legally, as a foreigner you can't do any business here on your own without a registered Thai company, a work permit, and usually a corporate bank account (and nobody really cares what arrangements you have with Paypal and how they label your account with them). Outgoing bank transfers are difficult (incoming transfers, no problem :-)) - if this comes from a company account, you need to show an invoice from the receiver. If it's a private account of a foreigner, you need to show a work permit and salary that gets into the account (at least that's what I was told last time I wanted to do that). It's actually easier for a Thai to transfer funds out (from a bank account) than for a foreigner.
  14. Very true. They don't even allow you to add a phone number from country X if your account is "associated" with country Y. So if you need to verify your account for security reasons (happens sometimes) the only way to do it is by receiving an SMS / call to a number you probably don't use if you live overseas. I keep the foreign sim card specifically for such cases.
  15. No need for rewards, it's easier to spot the fires than it is to spot vehicles that can never pass emission tests and still get their yearly tax / registration renewed year after year. It's never about lack of laws or procedures in Thailand, it's about giving a #[email protected]% about them.