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  1. daveAustin

    How strict are AirAsia on cabin bag size?

    They have tightened up but should be fine unless you take the mik. If unsure, pay the 300 baht now online and check it in.
  2. daveAustin

    Jeff Bezos net worth as Amazon founder and richest man in the world

    Very impressive. Sounds like a decent bloke, too. Bill would still be richer though had he not donated vast sums... he'd have around 120B by now. Wish'd I'd have got on the Google bandwagon. You snooze, you lose. Go figure.
  3. More likely that the average American has very little knowledge of other countries and no gumption or world-worthiness to travel, plus of course you also have some good beaches, national parks and great scenery. As to why US presence is maintained around the world. It ain't for the good of other countries, you know. As mentioned, aside from strategic access, it is good for business... you guys are making countless billions as a result through everything from arms sales and oil to BIG backhanders... so quit whining. As for Iran increasing their missile range, whoopy doo. All posturing for internal consumption no doubt. As with NK, they try anything and they get cleansed.
  4. Indeed, his retiring should have come in the form of public evisceration. A revolting pig of a man that makes the term 'only the good die young' so very poignant.
  5. daveAustin

    Expats Kids - Public or Private Schools - Future ???

    Personally, suggest Thai school to Prathom level only and finish off last few years in the West for the boost in English and to give them the option of furthering life in the West should they wish... courtesy of GCSEs and the like. They will always have the Thai language to fall back on + will be fluent in English and have those all-important, unfettered critical thinking skills that only a Western school (or the very best Thai privates, like Prem) can instill. If you don't do this, options for them in the West will be limited, whereas it will typically be a lot easier going the other way. As for being indoctrinated into Thainess being a detriment, while I get this (rote learning/not questioning authority etc), it also makes me cringe a little. There is a ton of respect imparted into the Thai system and the kids generally turn out to be very polite and respectful, and also get to grow up in a fun culture. In contrast, if you get your kids into a UK school with the wrong crowd, they can turn into a right little shits devoid of all that wonderful Thai uniqueness. If you go with the latter, be sure to make frequent visits back to Thai and keep em in touch with the place. All the best
  6. daveAustin

    Someone Literally Just Bought A Leonardo Da Vinci Painting For $450 Million

    Almost as much as George made from ThaiVisa
  7. Nice try, but pointless unless you show net figures. France gets most of its stake back, for example, while Britain has been paying additional on net again due to big gains in economy. As for Britain whining 'the whole time' and making things difficult - and EU being better off without UK, blah-de-blah - well that is just more puerile I-don't-have-a mind-of-my-own twaddle. Negotiations over the years in general have been productive and other EU states have only gained when Britain has stood up for itself and others with creative options... something no other state ever has the balls to do.
  8. That's nice for you. I'll sleep better at night knowing that. Op, if he's skint and not beside himself, tell him to tell the cops that he'd rather stay there as he's only going to be deported anyway and loves Thailand. If struggling, as above, negotiate to 20k on the basis of being skintish.
  9. Indeed, and they'd be spot on. As already mentioned, shafting the North Atlantic Drift through additional heat (including from our brain-dead activities) will cause considerable cooling in Europe. Given it's high latitude, the UK is actually balmy. Never mind, trying to convince the naysayers is akin to educating pork. Good day.
  10. Would save this site an awful lot of bandwidth.
  11. Never mind, they're mostly brainwashed anyway and the world is way over-populated. Only one way to deal with NK. Harsh, I know, but that's the nub of it. But you don't need to carpet-bomb, simply do PYang along with their coastal batteries, garrisons & tunnel networks when they're having one of their chest-pumping parties. Try and take out Kim & co alone and the firecrackers will fly by default; dunk head in sand (as we have for decades) and many more innocents remain threatened and potentially die.
  12. Yes, please follow up your nasty little rant and eat some humble pie! People do good and whining little old boys with chips on their shoulders just cannot help themselves by pissing all over everything. If it's all for the 'likes', then, well, I could buy that.