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  1. People with zero empathy make me puke. Your life-is-precious blurb means nothing for those who live in abject agony, and loves ones of those who have gone the euthanised route often feel great relief that their father/mother/etc are no longer suffering. It takes a massive pair to do what this man has done; he was no coward. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be all fine-&-dandy-everything-is-awesome-lucky-in-life as some and those condescending so & sos need to look past their very narrow view of the world.
  2. Hasn't this been floated before? Fair enough if it comes to fruition, they can do what they want, but it will put people off going there in favour of the likes of Vietnam. Bit irritating them whinging about the cost of the small number of tourists getting treated for free (?), but couldn't the government military junta factor this in to the absolutely massive amount of revenue they are already making off of tourism? That or the whole world bandies together and enforces the same thing in-kind on Thai tourists. Ah, wait, they wouldn't do that would they because that would be petty. Anyone loved up with the junta when they came in still in honeymoon mode?
  3. The earth is doomed no matter what - eventually, part of nature / entropy - but it's up to us right now to protect it as much as possible while we're still in the sweet spot. Yes, climate cycles and depends on many natural factors, but GW based on human activity is also real - pumping billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere can only have one effect; the trees can't handle it all folks. Saying that volcanoes do it as well as is immaterial and a cop out. I'm not a Trump basher, he isn't stupid and knows what's going on really... but he's being a right tit here as it's all about pandering to his people, not wanting to be talked down to by the euro-mob (can't blame him there) and the on-going te-ta-te with China.
  4. The Aussies won't like that. To be fair, they do a lot more to protect nature than, say, the Brazilians... who basically say it's the world's problem first to look after the rainforest.
  5. Fair enough, but they've likely only got this sentence because they're nobodies. If you're a somebody in Thailand and do wrong, the law doesn't really apply.
  6. As did Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the US, Japan etc, but cute to see the obligatory GB hatred on this site. Usual warmongers, eh? You mean those gallant countries that put-in during WWII and made the world free while certain others did nowt but reaped the rewards anyway? I'd be happy too, shameful and guilt-ridden, but happy. Though I wonder if you'll be as enamoured with your 'real' refugees several years down the line post-Brexit when they start piling in. Look out, Ireland; not everybody loves you.
  7. Fair enough on the law, they can do what they want and ignorance is never bliss, but a little logic can go a long way. Are they really a threat to Thailand? After going through the courts and making themselves looking stupid and inept, again, I'm sure this will all be worked out - fines/deportations etc - all the while people continue to be summarily slaughtered on the street with impunity. Should've been colonised. [emoji6]
  8. Scotland, Independence, etc, how boring. Wish you'd never joined up. You of course have so much going for you, don't need no money from anyone, well tooled up to stave off a land grab from the Russians, a resurgent Germany, whoever. When you do go, just don't blame any failure on your sick to the back teeth neighbours. Of the switched on jocks that don't want any part of it, you could always renounce your citizenship.
  9. Should also be charged for that ridiculous pony tail! Can't stand this d'you-know-who-I-am attitude, and those Thai-spoken farang who think they're above the law are especially cringe-worthy. Yes, the cops can be bent, corrupt and incompetent, but they are also generally pretty forgiving. Had they shown an ounce of respect and just complied, they'd have probably been on their way.
  10. You should try it. Unless you go into Superrich or Vasu in town, no exchange place or bank anywhere in Thailand will beat Superrich in Swampy on rates. A little preparation goes a long way.
  11. The rental fee was 1,000 baht a day; 3 days = 3,000 baht. Derr
  12. Hmm, I see. May I suggest divorce?
  13. Not to say this ain't real, but there was a thing about big bucks for big tukays a few years ago. Something about curing aids in China. Turned out to be a scam; urging people to buy geckos off a middleman with the hopes of selling it on for a fortune to big man... big man doesn't show because he was colluding with middleman; or summat like that. Wonderful creatures. Leave them tukays alone!!