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  1. Believe the landlord is obliged to sort out the TM30, so perhaps report them to immigration. I would have taken the raising of the rent as a sign they want you out, and thus find another place.
  2. Folk seem to be assuming he'll ever return...
  3. I must have been watching a different match then because from what I saw Wladimir was well beaten. Don't understand people on this forum and talking nonsense.
  4. The tourists can't see it... mai pen rai.
  5. Have travelled the length of Thailand on numerous occasions and do similar, though stop every 200k / 2hrs, whichever the greater. Have a pee, load up on coffee or lipo till the next PTT. Feel rough on the comedown over the coming days, but it's worth it. Sadly these taxi drivers are all money, money, money and every lost minute is lost satang.
  6. Why is that; that those in the wrong get to stay on? It's either completely random or life is some kind of mediocre purgatory to the astral plane. RIP fella.
  7. Ay up, the snowflake brigade is out in force. His not mentioning Trump is more a poke in the ribs than saying anything. And which is one of the most violent, crime-ridden in the world. Let's face it, for all his grandiose speeches, he didn't really achieve all that much at grassroots (city streets) level. Look at the state of Chicago in particular. Aside from the environment - which he deserves big kudos for - he was generally all mouth and no trousers.
  8. Been here all of 5 minutes and already picking up the tired old TV nuggets, I see. Never mind First reply has it, and frequenting classier places.
  9. Moe likely a photoshop wannabee trying to get attention/make coin.
  10. Don't fancy the boat?
  11. Cue the my-dad's-bigger-than-yours yanky contingent.
  12. Not one individual knew how to throw a proper punch in that embarrassing 4-minute clip. In fact, I think that's what saved the pathetic, slapping perps from getting a hiding since they were no threat to anyone.
  13. Indeed, though of course the sun is getting brighter and hotter. A billion years hence, it'll be around 10% hotter and the end of us should we have avoided the coming nuke war, still be on terra-firma and in the same orbit.