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  1. daveAustin

    Where Have all the Oldies Gone... Long Time Pa.....

    All been said. Aside from death, I'd say most moved, stifled by rising prices/naff exchange rates etc or getting kids schooled in the real world. TV itself seemed to have run its course, became increasingly PC and just not much fun. I was a regular from the start, Dr Patpong days, when there were some very interesting characters and one could get away with lots. Everything's changed, though still reckon cm is kinda cool for a visit... hope to be a semi-perm resident again in da future. Avoid languishing in the glorious past, op, focus on the present.
  2. Just as well never visit anywhere again then. That one would berate an entire city (a great one at that) for the sake of one dodgy outlet seems to be outstanding logic. The moral should surely be AVOID KARAOKE BARS!
  3. I believe it does keep one younger in spirit. One needs to have travelled - or lived overseas for an extended period - to really appreciate this. Of the UK folk in their rut; they accept their lot because that is all they know and have likely never travelled... fortnight in Spain on 18-30 doesn't count. Being stuck with their life situation, though they may dream of escape, is likely comforting, plus change is a BIG deal. I can relate to the magic thing. Perhaps, maybe, if you're moneyed up in the Smoke (London) and have a vast social scene, but that ain't the average Joe. Thailand still has that spark - bars and girls aside here - of being able to be or do what you want. It's called freedom. UK (as lucky as I consider myself to hail from there), and perhaps much of the West, is just a bit normal and wrapped up in cotton wool for my liking.
  4. If you do, do it 100%, don’t compare life in Thailand or it’ll gnaw away at you and you'll pingpong. Main differences: no magic, regimented life, disconnect with people in general, weather, taxes/charges for everything... though Thailand is also going the same way it seems. It is way too busy thanks, in large part, to excessive Euro migration. Very noticeable if you have spent time away. Roads, schools, hospitals are all way too busy. You will constantly hear eastern European languages on the street and see male groups milling about supermarkets. Culture/belonging eroding away slowly but surely. Not being racist here, just noting stark observations. I find the driving experience - though generally courteous drivers and good quality roads - appalling. Think single lane highways, extensive roadworks and old fogeys dawdling along. Together with an inordinate number of traffic lights and speed controls now, if driving is a part of your work, it is exasperating. /Of course, there is the better safety aspect which is a biggie when not having to worry whether you're little one is haring around city streets helmetless! // If for the kid’s education, kudos to you, but do see to it that you drum out the SJW crap they are feeding them. Also keep them connected with Thailand – holidays, language, mates etc – and that they are super-lucky to have Thai blood with both options. For me, not being surrounded by Thai people is a major drawback. For those that do not rub shoulders with the average Thai, even if you don’t speak much, you are missing out. They are unique! Pluses of UK: education and language bolstering for kids, mild weather, clean city air, better options for food and drink (by a country mile), safety, good music and excellent festivals, military doesn’t run things. Minuses: little pizzazz, crap weather (mostly), regimentation with force-fed politics, squeezed roads, no 7-11s to fall back on, boring people, staid way of life. Ideal if you can do both places.
  5. It's not that she couldn't understand basic Thai, mucker, she couldn't understand you. The camera in her face wouldn't have helped either. Imagine some random dude coming to your place of work doing that? Cringeworthy to see return tourists trying out their tinglish while coming across all versed in Thai culture. Try mee hong waang mai krap? next time. Better still, just stick to English bar perhaps the please and thank yous. ?
  6. ... or just avoid Pattaya.
  7. As great as it is, most likely expense and hassle.
  8. I wouldn't respond; he's just miffed there were no dutch in the mix (why would there be?). It was indeed a coming together of forces, but some folk on here get all silly and envious as soon as Brits are mentioned. They can do no good in their eyes.
  9. daveAustin

    Chiang Rai: Rescuers make progress on day seven

    Sincerely hope the boys are hanging in there. Food wise, they will be in fast mode and, as long as they're sitting tight, not expelling energy and not infected, can potentially live on water alone for weeks.
  10. Yes, good for there. x10 over here, and no, never at a whim on a Sunday... one would have to book it in well in advance for a start unless you knew the mechanic well. Some things just get done so well over there and I hope it never changes.