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  1. ... or just avoid Pattaya.
  2. As great as it is, most likely expense and hassle.
  3. I wouldn't respond; he's just miffed there were no dutch in the mix (why would there be?). It was indeed a coming together of forces, but some folk on here get all silly and envious as soon as Brits are mentioned. They can do no good in their eyes.
  4. daveAustin

    Chiang Rai: Rescuers make progress on day seven

    Sincerely hope the boys are hanging in there. Food wise, they will be in fast mode and, as long as they're sitting tight, not expelling energy and not infected, can potentially live on water alone for weeks.
  5. Yes, good for there. x10 over here, and no, never at a whim on a Sunday... one would have to book it in well in advance for a start unless you knew the mechanic well. Some things just get done so well over there and I hope it never changes.