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  1. No in our business I charge Thais double just to be fair.
  2. Poor mental health doesn't work like that. if he had the cognitive ability to rationalise that then he would realise it is ridiculous and not do it in the first place.
  3. Because if you don't do it with a yellow robe then it is wrong, vile and makes you a "NASTY Piece of Sh*t" apparently. I haven't seen a photo of him being nasty. He always seems to be smiling. He seems pretty upbeat for someone with a shitty condition.
  4. Where to purchase Rogaine?

    Most pharmacies stock it. Try a boots
  5. Raise the fares to a reasonable rate then stricter enforcement. They haven't had a fare hike in 22 years. What do you expect. Sydney fares go up every year it seems.
  6. Re-Entry to Thailand

    You should be fine. If your flying to cambodia and back there will be no problem at all. If your traveling by land to be safe you could apply for a double entry tourist visa before you arrive. It only costs AUD$90. Also dress smart when you cross the border.
  7. I'm currently in Thailand on a Tourist visa with over a month remaining. I recently got a job offer for a 100k/month job in BKK. The company has supplied all the documents required for the Non-Immigration B visa and told me to travel to Singapore to apply for the visa. They want me to do this on Monday so I can start work later in the week. My Thai wife is just about to have a baby at any minute so I don't want to leave the country. I see on the Ministry of foreign affairs website that I can convert a Tourist Visa to Non Immigration B or O Visa. (section 3.3) I don't have 400K in a bank account to show. I don't have university transcripts with me here in Thailand. I don't already have a work permit. My Questions are: I don't have 400K in a bang account. Is there any way I can still get a non-immigration O visa considering the amount I will be earning? Does anyone have experience converting to a non-immigration B visa in Bangkok? How hard was it?
  8. There are lots of jobs in Bangkok for foreigners as more and more international companies are moving here. If you have a bit of cash and the inclination you could always become a scuba instructor. You get enough to get by and have a great time.
  9. 2008 CBR 150 Like New 800 Kilo

    what is the location?
  10. Can anyone tell me if I will need to pay duty if I bring a stereo with me to Thailand that I bought in Singapore in march for $500 (12,500 baht)?   thanks    
  11. Relocating to Bangkok, import tax

    thought as much. Thanks mate
  12. Relocating to Bangkok, import tax

    I'm moving from Singapore to Bangkok. I don't have that much stuff to bring but I have a 55" TV, stereo, Fridge and washer. If I bring these things to Thailand will I need to pay import tax? Am I better off selling them in Singapore? Does anyone know a relocation company that will ship things to Thailand?
  13. I have nothing against people voicing an opinion and that's what I came here for. Whilst there are some great posts if you read through the thread the majority of posts don't provide any argument with reason, context or perspective. This negates their usefulness and provides clutter when reading through.
  14. Probably should have known better than to post on this forum. Thanks to those who provided intelligent discourse.
  15. haha I wish It was petty cash. not even close