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  1. If you mostly hang around cheap girlie bars you will meet Indians hanging out there too -maybe with less spending money than you. If you spend your time in expensive restaurants and five star hotels you will meet them there as well - quite likely with more spending money than you and bringing the whole family as well. There are just as many different types of Indian tourists than there are Western ones.
  2. While on average the income is low, India has a huge income disparity. With over 1.2bn people in the country there is quite a potential of high spending travelors from there coming to Thailand. I have met quite a few Indians through business and found them to be very friendly, open minded and well mannered. From our talks they seem to enjoy a very different kind of travel when in Thailand or elsewhere - compared to say Chinese tour groups. Nice restaurants, hotels, culture, sport activites, buying expensive souveniers etc. It's sure not the average Indian citizen - but they still have the potential numbers to impact Thai tourism.
  3. He goes a bit far and comes over as bit annoying at times - but I have to admit I find some of his videos quite entertaining. Then again I am also thirtysomething and my wife believes I am still somewhat of a child grown big - at least outside of work. I guess I and others like that fact that he lives a less serious life than most of us. Others may despise him for the very same reason. I assume he has learned a lesson here and it may be appropriate to fine him a bit. Otherwise I plead to leave him be and for all to be a bit more relaxed. Cheers
  4. Even though the conditions are overly restrictive (e.g. insurance conditions), I still know a few people for who this Visa will be interesting. The annual trips to the immigration for extension and re-entries are a real pain and if you can avoid this that is well worth the bit of money "lost" on insurance and/or missed investment opportunities for some. Still hoping for the end of the absolutely useless 90 day reports.
  5. Interesting. So the water masses must have accumulated mostly downstream it seems. At least my garden pond will be completely filled up by now...
  6. On the contrary, there is a lot of rice farming in this area. Anyway, this event seems rather strange to me. The Kaeng Krachan reservoir feeding the Petchaburi river is nowhere full, 45% as of todays statistic and I can confirm this from my visit about 10 days ago...
  7. Yes, you missed that you only pay 750 Baht per month (5% contribution on max 15,000 income) - same as the employer. Of this contribution only a part is for the pension, the rest being for unemployment, health insurance and child benefits. The return doesnt seem to be too bad really.
  8. Yes, You can absolutely get this. All the info can be found here from the official page of the Thai Social Scurity Office: http://www.sso.go.th/wpr/eng/benefit.html Maximum salary that is currently used for calculatory purpose of both contributions and benefits is THB 15,000 as has been mentioned before. With 22 years of contributions you get 4,000+ Baht monthly pension for life starting at 55 years of age. Not much - yet still better than nothing. Cheers