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  1. I'm making an enquiry on behalf of my partner who will begin contracting for an Australian company as an independent auditor. Per the contract she is required to take out personal indemnity insurance. For the most part most work will be done within Thailand, but there is a high probability that she will be doing this business outside of Thailand as well throughout SE Asia and the Maldives. The extract from her contract stipulates the following; 1 Insurance 1.1 Required insurance The Contracting Party must maintain at his/her own expense proper professional indemnity insurance to an amount not less than two million dollars ($2,000,000) in relation to the provision of the Services. Also a can anybody refer me to a person who is able to give assistance in establishing a company or sole trading enterprise for a Thai national? Thai or English speaking is fine. Thank you
  2. Who conducted the raid? If it was a junta backed outfit, chances are that it was a legit raid and these officers have been transferred in order to legitimately curb the corruption that occurs in this particular police district Problem is, unless their replacements are 100% virtuous or ridiculously wealthy (doubt either), then it's going to be hard to turn down those big ass envelopes that pass through Khao San Rd which probably turns over more $$$ than any other bar district in Bangkok.
  3. Alleged child rapist enters Thailand illegally on a stolen passport. Female companion has not been heard from for weeks. Yeah who gives a <deleted> right?
  4. Question; is this being shared through Thai social media? If it went viral there, it'd be tracked down in a matter of hours in my opinion.
  5. American laws do not generally apply overseas. The United States would request an extradition then the onus would be on the Thai Royal police to apprehend and deport him. I'm sure there is a law against harboring a fugitive in Thai law, which is what Hall would be right now.
  6. Check out the Rama 9 side of RCA. A lot of racing done around there with big bikes.
  7. Thanks for looking out anyway!
  8. I drove to the border and left my car there for 3 days. 100thb per day, secure car park. Taxi from border to SR was $30USD in a 2000ish toyota camry. Comfortable enough.
  9. My wiper blade has been blunt for months now, reduces visibility on the windscreen quite a bit. Seems like the jets are broken as well as the water leaks right out. Where do I get this fixed? In Australia its a DIY scenario. Would a run of the mill mechanic get this fixed up?
  10. My first METV visa is winding up in the next couple weeks and Ill be heading back to Australia. Question is. Has anybody gone for consecutive METV Visas?
  11. Hi there, Just moved to Central Rayong and looking for a place to shoot some basketball. Could be Central Rayong, Map Ta Phut or Ban Chang as I have a car. Any clues?
  12. I got a 6 month lease in a middle-upper range condo and a month to month internet connection without any issues at all. In fact, I didn't even have to pay for the internet until the first month passed. I am not sure what you are complaining about, but it's a buyers market there right now, Thai or Farang. In terms of suppliers, there are just so damn many that if they don't want to deal with your preference, burn them and move on to the next.
  13. Anyone who understands how frail Thailand's current rule of law is would know that there is no way that gigantic price increases are going to be passed on to consumers as the drop in demand will seriously affect Thailand's liquor industry which is owned by people who are very high up in Thai society. What will happen if this is enforced will be large scale bootlegging. Anyone who has been to the Aranyuprathet-Poipet border will see how easily people walk from one country to the other with large trailers filled with goods for the Rong Kluea market without being stopped will know how easy it would be to get as much whiskey over the border as you like. Right now the risk isn't worth the reward, but if you need start paying an extra 30% tax on alcohol, you're choosing between your profit margin and/or your market. I'm interested to see where this goes, but I don't expect to be pay 300thb for a beer in a bar anytime soon. Alcohol price being relative to the wage of working class thais is what essentially floats this country's liquor industry. Take away affordable booze and you get 20+ million Thais drinking lao kao at home, also taking money away from the eating establishments and entertainment precincts.
  14. The Myanmar border towns would be a fair bet. GF is involved in a fair bit of charitable donations through different buddhism streams, if you have issues find somewhere let me know and maybe I'll see if she can help you out.
  15. It is really a socioeconomic issue. In all of the history of Thailand, it was never conceivable that somebody could eat too much food. 50 years ago there was little in the way of the 'super concentrated' foods like sugar, syrup, oil and what not. As these things became more readily available all food, not just snacks, that most people eat have tons of added sugar and oil. Add to that sweet teas and desserts and Thai having one of the best cost of living to income ratios in the world. Thai Gen Y people are slowly catching on. You are seeing more 'clean foods' in 7/11 but you really need to watch out for the Grandma's and the Aunties. They will ply you with sugar laced Thai dishes and sweet teas until your stomach bursts. Even 20 something Thai's usually don't have a clue. You can see in the Phillipines the 'extra tyre' that many locals have because of the amount of crap in their foods. Thing is, most can't even afford to eat 3 square meals a day. I imagine Thailand is going to be far worse in terms of obesity come 2020-2025.