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  1. Today 1/14/19 Khon Kaen had an AQI of 834 which is dangerously off the charts. Does anyone know why their air is so dreadfully unhealthy today?
  2. watgate

    CM air pollution not so bad

    Today 1/14/10 Khon Kaen had an AQI reading of 834 which is off the charts. Does anyone know why the air is so dangerously polluted there today?
  3. watgate

    International Drivers Permit (IDP)

    Since I still own a car in the US I am wondering if I can still obtain auto insurance with a thai license when I go back to the US each year for a month or so. Since I still also own a condo in the US I take it I can probably renew my current drivers license when it expires since I would have the prerequisite documentation to renew my license in the US. I am still exploring the feasibility of using a thai license because I would have to go back later in the year to renew my drivers license since you can only renew 6 months before it is due to expire. Also, I would have to find someone to prepare my income taxes since I wouldn't be going back to July. If I can use a thai drivers license then I can go back the beginning of April and not have to find a tax preparer. I also would not have to go later in the year back to the US since I would not be renewing my drivers license.
  4. I want to get a thai drivers license and my State in the US says it can be used up to a year but if it is in a language other then english or spanish the license must be accompanied by an International Drivers Permit (IDP) which serves as an English translation of the international license. Any idea where one can obtain an International Drivers Permit in Chiang Mai? The IDP permit can only be obtained in the country which issued the actual license. I am not sure if I can renew my current US drivers license when it expires therefore I am looking at alternatives so I can drive in the US each year when I go back for a couple of months.