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  1. You, sir, deserve a medal. Your observations here have more merit than any other. I'd love to see this end well. And I hope your situation ends well for you and your children. I hope you have peace .
  2. Cones are used extensively here in Samui by owners of property, not by local government. Seems to work.
  3. Absolutely spot on. The two year sentence is baffling. And then he gets a passport, madness.
  4. Have a look at www.national debt clocks.org Startling.
  5. What's this 'effect of brexit' tosh? You, nor any one of the so called experts have any idea how it will pan out. Back on topic, £420 million, huge amount of money. Take it if offered, reinvest.
  6. Scotchgard

    Understanding your point, Thank You. Just asking if its available. Have you seen it recently?
  7. Scotchgard

    Has anyone seen Scotchgard on sale recently? I know Homepro used to sell it, but it seems not in the last year or so. Lazada list it as out of stock, as does Lazada Malaysia. Any observations welcome.
  8. Will Turkey be a net contributor, any bets?
  9. Fair play Scott, with you totally. I'm out of this.
  10. Why do I reply...? I was raised in old fashioned proper way. Its out of politeness. And you are still banging on about you, why we should read about you. Why you should be read. You do sound like Nic the fish. Ken Clarke, he used to know a lot more..... 30 YEARS AGO. The world changes. His opinion was not accepted 30 years ago. Its not being listened to now EITHER. And your laughable ' And all the other world leaders' Does that include the completely discredited Obama? Let's have another giggle.... Google.... Financial Times. How Cameron marshalled support for his UK in his EU drive. All world leaders.......you are having a laugh. I am bored with your tunnelled vision. Good night.
  11. Are you still banging on about reading YOUR posts, its getting childish, you are not important. You bring up Ken Clarke, haha. What does he know? One politician, haha. A few years ago he was a significant politician, nowadays he is not at all significant. If he was, he'd be in the cabinet.
  12. I quote: 'So before you come here and put your foot in it, try reading the thread' These are your words, yes? I have read the thread. You are not the only contributor. You appear to be making this personal. I will do as I please. Meanwhile, back on topic...... This Italian is employed by the EU. It's her job to stand up for her employers. I don't agree one little bit with her opinion. I believe the UK has the upper hand in terms of the negotiations. I believe that the UK contribution leaves a huge hole in their plans. I believe the fishing issue is massive. The UK waters are exactly that...UK waters. I believe European manufacturers, farmers, service sector etc who export goods and services will demand from their own elected government's to ensure a smooth agreement is reached. Purely because individual governments are answerable to their electorate. I believe the EU negotiating team will have little choice to accept UK terms - purely because of already existing trade deals with non EU countries already exist. Anything other than this will be seen as unprofessional. EU businesses will not, for a moment, accept bureaucratic incompetence. Individual nations who export heavily into the UK will lose out massively under a nonsensical strategy. Therefore, I believe that the UK will not be disadvantaged by negotiations. Anything less will be seen as infantile. Currently, all we are seeing is positioning and a lot of wind. Someone previously stated here that politicians accountable to their electorate will have something to say, they have no other choice. I believe whoever stated this before is correct.
  13. Do you think I have implied that you need my permission? If so, tell me why you think this. By comparison, in one of your posts yesterday, you instructed others to read what you said. Who on earth do you think you are? Its akin to the Ginger dwarf from the north( with thanks to Katy Hopkins)! Me me me me me, said wee Kranky. The only other thing I gain from the response above is that you appear to believe I hang off your every word. Believe me, this is not the case.
  14. 'Come to the party late'. What are you banging on about? 'So before you come here and put your foot in it'. -----I've read every post. Who do you think you are, instructing others on here. I will come here to comment whenever I choose, with or without your approval. See ya!
  15. Yes, trade may be more difficult. But only as difficult as it will be for EU members to trade with UK, which evens things up don't you think? Yes, we elect MEP's, but who appoints the top of the tree? Can you vote them out? No. In UK politics, we vote for MP's, who in turn, vote for their leaders. That includes the Labour MP's, albeit with trade Unions massive input. It looks as if Le Pen will get through to the second round. Hardly a rejection. Maybe she will not win the second round, but maybe she will. You appear to pick up the democracy part of my comments. Why do you not pick up the unaccounted, unaccountable theme? Enjoy your day, I'm off to run my business.