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  1. Anyone aware of producers in cm area? I have a (hobby) project and able to pay for large quantities.
  2. Let's hope you go back to wherever you came from.
  3. I'd bet real money the dog is never leashed to a restricted area within the owners property but rather let free to crap, piss and scare/bite anyone it has decided invades 'his territory'. How many Thais do you see in this country using a leash on their dog? Laziness and/or stupidity reigns. I even bought and gave a leash/harness to one of the many morons and it went unappreciated and unused. The standard warning I give now is; 'no leash no owner', hostile animal beware, I pack 'equipment'.
  4. Now please stand up, take a breath and look around. You must be fatigued from bending over and taking it...all the time.
  5. On second thought maybe they should check through all foreigners..cuz the above post proves that tin-foil hat-wearing rejects really do end up in Thailand!
  6. How much of your own money would you care to bet that they weren't sex workers....thought so.
  7. HK Imm. is very well aware of what goes on in Wanchai and other areas. Vice workers from many countries (Thailand, Phil's,VN and even Columbia). What's not mentioned is other factors such as frequency and number of past, short visits by these 2. The transgender declaration form is kinda strange though. I have witnessed them block real women who were suspected sex-workers as well. They were dressed shall we say um... provocatively compared to others in line. (Up to monkey-biz, and not very bright to boot). If I had to guess, something tells me these 2 tranny darlings were not dressed conservatively either. How often do you see a Thai ladyboy dressing down and behaving low-profile...(again, not very bright considering their ultimate goal).
  8. Seeing young people wearing elephant pants is way better than having to see old white men's legs and thighs frankly.
  9. When the prime minister suggested that tourists in bikinis made themselves more vulnerable – I interpret that as meaning women who walk about openly in revealing bikinis or swimwear, even if all in innocence, as well meaning safety advice and don`t believe his comments were in anyway directly aimed at the tragic victim, but only quoted in general terms, probably taking into consideration that the maniacs could still be in the vicinity. The Thai police force can not in any-ways be compared with their Western counterparts, for reasons that they do not have adequate financing or the resources to investigate hard core complicated criminal cases efficiently. They only have the very basics of forensic equipment; they do not have the experts in the field, meaning there are no types of Quincy’s on their teams with all the state of the art resources at their disposal. Unless there are obvious clues upon the crime scene or they receive a tip off or a suspect admits to the crime, than the Thai police are working against the odds, more or less based on fate that a breakthrough will transpire. These facts it appears is something that the western media fail to take into consideration, a complete lack of understanding of what is involved here and that the Thai police are under tremendous pressure and working flat out to quickly capture and bring these monsters to justice with the limited resources that they have available to them. A horrible and tragic state of affairs for everyone involved. How many saliva/dna swabs did the police do in the first 4 hours? How many police officers would it take to swab a few hundred people in 4 hours? Not that many. If they didn't think of doing it 'inadequate resources' can't be blamed. The cost of dna testing could be worked out later. But if they don't have the samples it doesn't much matter. Cotton swabs are 90 baht for 1,000.
  10. 9 years...took your time deciding that it's such a living hell here. Real intelligent.
  11. Obviously started the post for the purpose of soothing the sour-grape taste in his mouth. Oh, but WE'RE the ignorant, stupid ones.... Struck out with the women no doubt. Sour grapes and low self-esteem, but hey! Thai-visa has a multitude of cure-all properties... Hope your feeling better now.
  12. Well let's see..Since it's not the PI and you said there is fresh seafood... Bali? Agree about the friendly people, parties, food etc. Disagree about the women. Mostly it's Javanese women who will hang out with the foreigners there. They're ok but not even close to the really pretty girls in CM. But then again attractiveness is highly subjective. Not so sure about the infrastructure/medical either but admit I haven't been for ages. Vietnam? (Nha Trang/Danang/etc) The locals can be friendly...then again they can be very nasty and cunning too. Great food/seafood though, really great. Disagree about the women tho, sure there are some super hot ones, but on the whole CM wins, (unless seriously crooked teeth is your thing...) Can be pretty quiet at times too unless you have an established group of friends. Of course the air is better tho. Immigration probably easier too. Malaysia? Again the locals can be friendly...then again some of them might want to chop your head off. Hot as hell too, year-round. The food's ok but kinda heavy. Seen lots of slim malay,or indian women 30-40yrs old??...Again immigration easier I guess. No where is perfect. I'd bet once you get to your paradise, your gonna find some old foreigners bitching about it there too.