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  1. Paint peeling along outside render

    I apologise; and you are correct I have actually written salts when I should have written mould. Of course salts can travel up through the structure and be deposited on the surface. I had better stop digging now and remove my building surveying qualifications from my name.
  2. Paint peeling along outside render

    Another clue for rising damp is that you would see the tide mark inside the house also.
  3. Tiling daywork rate

    Ah thats great but did you tell him to include fixing them with adhesive and not gaffa tape? Or did you order 500m2?
  4. Hard Rock Maple Butcherblock or Oak Countertops?

    I have visited and eventually ordered granite after spending a week looking at every outlet and every store. Not rven sukkapan are selling with such a mark up. Sounds like you are picky but fine if you want the reds or blues you can pay as much as 1500/m but you need to look hard to find suppliers that actually stock it or can be even bothered to bring it in from Egypt. Even in the uk you would be hard pressed to pay 5500 for a kitchen including fitting. If you want me to steer you two particular places i will or you can continue to grumble because your research took you to one place.
  5. Paint peeling along outside render

    From your description i can say 100% its not rising damp its rain splashes and bounce from the rain onto the wall. As you have rightly discovered risingdamp will travel up a wall but often no more than a metre but you should also have picked uo that rising damp and efflorescence salts never go together its usually caused by Condensation or penetrating damp. Internally heat can draw moisture from the new structure and cause paint to blister. Here its the sun...so a new home is really going to blister at any height as heat draws moisture and salts out. I think you have a partial penetrating damp problem but the splashes are just getting behind the paint. You will get the efflorescence and you will get condensation mould around the bottom. Best solution is to wire brush off and use a bleach solution to kill the mould. Protect the bottom 300mm with a silicone water repellant but then if possible try and create a splah barrier with a strip of gravel or something. My guess is that your worst walls will be the ones which generally get the brunt of the rain.
  6. Tiling daywork rate

    They work off a sq metre rate. If you are lucky as I was you can get a Burmese team for 170bt m2 but standard is likley to be 250bt and possibly more the further south you go.
  7. Hard Rock Maple Butcherblock or Oak Countertops?

    I was quoting 600 per metre run not sqm. 99% of granite here is from China the expensive 1% is coming in from India and sometimes Egypt. The cheaper 600bt stuff will be the more composite conglomerate styles such as Sarkulapan The price goes up with the solid blacks and reds and a bit more with the aluminium flecks. Its rubbish what you hear about sealing and every fitter should be carrying his own jug of sealer to rub into the new cut outs and chamfered edges that they form on site. Granite should be resealed every year but uou can test it with a droplet of water on the surface. If it soaks in after 5mins you need to reseal it...if not its still good. But sealing is just a precautionary measure certainly the harder mono slabs by their very nature are impervious. Shop around the roadside granite outlets prices are cheaper than you think. For 9k baht total i had a 7.5m worktop run plus a 2m shelf in the bathroom.
  8. Sticky Rice price drop

    I am going to stock up. I spend 700bt a year on the best rice so a 5bt/kg saving will probably get me a bottle of chang next December. Happy days are here again.
  9. Hard Rock Maple Butcherblock or Oak Countertops?

    You are going against the grain to want timber worktops here. There is often a reason they dont build from certain materials; expenses and durability being two. The biggest problem with wood tops here is likely to be the humidity the cost and the lack of skills to fit it. Ha; like everything else. Your choice of course but for me a granite top at 600bt/m and labour also 600bt/m is a much wiser proposition all round.
  10. Where can I buy these pavers in Chiang Mai?

    You will not find green ones...you need to get the roof paint to get the colour you want. Natural grey; rustic red or brown is luckiest you will be
  11. On Demand Hot Water Heater

    We have a stiebel multipont 6kw feeding three showers at our spa and its had virtual continuos use for 7yrs. So i bought another for the house just for the pleasure of a great shower and washing up in hot water. Its been fine also though in hindsight i should have used a bigger diameter pipe to the sink since the green hot pipes are a tad smaller than the blue.
  12. how to connect 4" pvc pipe

    I would nt seal an external waste pipe; i am assuming its only waste. They way i put them together is to lubricate both ends with washing up liquid. You have more time than cementing them which is a bit of a stress for me if its not in properly. If you find a leak afterwards you can start again or just silicone bead the edges.
  13. Discoloured tile grout.

    Global carry Weber Sukkapan carry Davco Home Pro carry Cotto I too use the wifes toothbrush with bleach but only when she is out
  14. Box Metal,how to prime.

    You could have paid 30bt more a length and got the I.P ion plated steel. A little bit of grease on but no black oil
  15. Wood Table: White Streaks Damage from Heat/Water

    It sounds to me as you describe that moisture has managed to get under the varnish and has started to lift it. A table top should be looked at every year and recoated wirh whatever you have.. I have a table outside and the rain penetrates the clear varnish also. I would just tey to sand it down lightly get rid of the loose varnish and just re do it. A new clear stain for example will have better moisture resistance to one that it is 2 yrs old