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  1. We have been a throw away society for over 30years and you woould never dream of getting your tv or microwave or lawnmower repaired. Most people want new and dont have patience to await a repair. In Thailand its the same almost. The majority of products are made cheap on purpose. Firstly affordability on quality products means low sales so they gear products to what they can afford and when they break they replace. Of course the same would be true to a millionnaire if he had a problem with his Merc.just swap it....because he can afford it. Chances are your pump repair will get a two month warranty because thats how they rate thei own ability to carry out a quality repair. Just bite the bullet..you had your saturday whinge so tomorrow treat yourself to a new one but try to get home pro to offer you a sizeable credit voucher to spend.
  2. I tend to agree that a standard tile in a garage environment could be fraught with issues, some of which you have mentioned but go a step further and consider using a porcelain tile. More and more residential garages are being tiled with porcelain tiles. It’s so durable that it is used quite frequently for such things as showroom floors for prestigious car dealerships, professional mechanic garages, drive-through hotel porticos and many other commercial applications that involve vehicles. The reasons it is being used in these numerous applications are quite simple. It looks luxurious, is extremely durable, and is easy to maintain and because of its extremely high density it absorbs very little moisture which makes it almost impervious to any kind of stains. This also makes it scratch and chip resistant and resistant to impacts and heavy loads. You’re liking this already………. It is also very resilient to abrasion and they are not affected by chemicals or cleaning agents and best of all will not fade in 43 degree Thai sunshine.. Its similar to granite in that most porcelain is manufactured as a through-body tile meaning that the color and materials run through the thickness of the entire tile. If it does chip the colour will not change and in the event that you have been really bloody careless and crack or break a tile, they can be removed and replaced with a new one. You are concerned about non-slip and most people think porcelain tiles are slippery. This actually isn’t true. With the correct rating, porcelain will not be any more slippery than standard concrete when wet and sometimes even less so. This is one reason why it is popular for entrances that are exposed to the weather. I am not sure whether porcelain tiles are rated the same here as in the west, I would expect so and you can find it on an imported box somewhere. They are rated 1-5 in terms of durability, abrasive resistance and non slip; grade 3 or 4 is suitable for your application. (above info researched and “pulled” I take no credit)
  3. So you can buy an 8m long x 2m pool and simply drop it in a hole? I am all ears, as I am sure all other ex building pros are at the moment
  4. I am also finding wood a nuisance. A final planing down a few month ago to fit the ironmongery and now they have shrunk making the tower bolts too difficult to budge. I certainly dont want to be re drilling for shoot bolts. I even experienced windows opening by themselves as they shrunk against the bolts......the wife says "thats ridiculous we must have a ghost" I do love wood however and would suffer inconvenience to have it but second choice would be pvc if i could afford it.
  5. Argh...scuppered. Well done for checking your spelling
  6. Did you notice whether they were building confidence at the same time?
  7. Its standard practice on uk building sites to simply level out a bed of hardcore. Then they stack them. Many of course simply go a bit further on a long term job and make a concrete base also to act as a support for an external staircase or landing. But i have never seen any that have an independant foundation but i suppose the timescale is also a factor
  8. The one for car tests is in the caltex garage next door to thr road tax office at Nong Hoi so you can do it all together. The test is 5minutes max all they do is print out the exhaust emissions. Its maybe 160bt certainly less than 200bt.
  9. I did read your post which was your experience and not relevent to what the OP was asking. I have given him my experience which is relevent....oh plus my 35years experience in all aspects of building construction....does that Trump yours?
  10. My advice....go to home pro and buy their 6inch extra cool insulation. It has the best R value of every other roll of insulation anywhere...and thats because its thicker. They have a sale on atm for another month. Yes dont do it youtself. I tried it thinking ok diy expert; agile slim not heavy and can save 2000bt. Its donkey work with electrics spot lights ceiling hangers. I paid a ceiling lad direct 50btm2 the trick is they lay it out with a long stick so no crawling. I bought 16rolls"(2.4m2 roll) and it made a massive difference to our top floor. Pm me if you would like me to pass on my mans numbr.
  11. haha, I am just going to retract my finger pointing at hydrogen peroxide. Just googled h.p on granite and it seems this could be an answer to remove a stain. A bit surprised to be honest but do the search and read some reviews. I still stink a stain would be too deep to soak out though
  12. You need to be asking the gf what she has done; thats a careless spill of something. the probelm with granite is that its porous, hence they should all be sealed at least once a year. you can check.....or no need the evidence is there. I was going to say you can check the porosity by applying a small drop of water onthe surface. if its still there after 10 minutes then its good. I made a similar mistake myself. I left some liver in a plastic bag overnight to thaw out. Next morning a bloodstain in the granite. It doesnt come out and because you dont know how deep it has gone, I think grinding could be wasted effort. For me, I would send in a stain the same way the problem stain got in...rub something in slowly and carefully to disguise the white stain....then seal it big time. Then tell the gf to get the hydrogen peroxide done at the hairdressers in future.
  13. As I recall it was the high gloss (oil based) paints that carried the smell. If you can get water based gloss then thats the key. The downside often is that the low odour(water based) paints dont have the quality of gloss finish that the oil based do. However as someone has alluded to above, more people seem to know how to get rid of a paint smell rather than what casues it. My recommendation for absorbing paint smells is charcoal. You must wet it first and then leave a few chumps in a saucer. charcoal about 10bt a bag from the local shop. use with a fan and the smell is gone in no time.
  14. are they still there? Otherwise I bet there s a good painful retrievel tale
  15. Ball cock.....(invented by a Mexican priest!!) what a great term and if you are old school you will know its simply about looking like a ball, and a cock was another name for a tap. Apparently the p.c brigade Europe way now refers to this as a "float valve" or so my mum tells me from a recent plumbers visit. I wonder how long before they try to re name the trusted "bog flapper valve"?