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  1. You can also go check out the square xpelair type fans for glass and walls. Not all of them are extractors, there are a couple of brands working the opposite way so you get "fresh air" into the room. I fitted one in one of our gf bogs at the business. so rather than take stale air out, you get your 6 air changes per minute very effectively. wired to a light of course. But if you want the job doing right follow the standard procedure.
  2. eyecatcher

    Cheese, Anyone?

    I am going to second that aswell…..though I d admit my daily cheese intake are those plastic squares
  3. eyecatcher

    Cheese, Anyone?

    Well it was Wallaces favourite of course (or was it Grommits favourite?)
  4. if you march into the local villages anywhere 10 minutes out of the moat everyone is renting houses for 3k-7k a month. its great if you want to rent, but if you want to start renovating to rent out, theres no way I would entertain an income of 4k a month for even the smallest outlay in the prettiest villages. first step is to find a village that you like then open your mouth and start asking...there will always be somewhere but of course villagers don't advertise, they don't have computers and internet savvy
  5. eyecatcher

    Superbloc And Q-Con..Need E Mail Address

    Its taken a long time for the aac market to move but now it seems the penny has dropped and even Thais are realizing they are a damn sight easier and cheaper to lay than bricks. What they are currently failing to keep up with however is the qcon/Dura pre mixed render. I build everything from aac but getting hold of the render so readily is not so easy. Builders yards stocking the qcon bag 13 are few and far between, and those who do I always seem to find a ton stockpile "gone off" turned to rock and no good for anything. The good news though, Global are now a massive stockiest for Dura and recently they have taken on the premixed Dura render at only 78bt a bag which will give you over 10m2 of two coat render. Global selling 75mm Dura blocks at 15.5bt, other suppliers 16.5bt other suppliers selling 75mm QCon blocks at 18bt I have used both and find them to be identical in every way.
  6. eyecatcher


    coincidently I am a stones throw from that area so my comment is vert relevant to you. I may even have the tel no of the company I referred to as the wife thought it was topsoil they were bringing in (as we need a couple of wagon loads) and she went to speak to the drivers. I will pm you with any info.
  7. eyecatcher


    That's bad timing....we have a Loy Krathong thingyma-jig up here those days so its all hands making pretty floating boats. As you will no doubt be doing aswell.
  8. eyecatcher

    Schengen Visa

    I remember ours was simply a cheap add on to our Emirates flight. Again it was Axa, I was a bit dubious that this insurance was covering for a month rather than just a flight but the Axa office in CM assured us it was good to go...and the Consulate were happy
  9. eyecatcher

    Schengen Visa

    No need to go to Bkk, thats incorrect info
  10. eyecatcher

    Schengen Visa

    We gota schengen from the German consulate just three months ago. Dead easy, the German one is the way to go and you dont actually need to stay in that country. We said we were stopping one night there and had a booking com reservation (which we cancelled) We actually went into France for a few days, then Swiss, then Austria, then Italy and actually stopped in Germany only for 3nights but it wasnt necessary. All schengen providers know that travel plans cannot be stuck to and have to change. Yes make out an itinery and go and have the interview at Mae Hia. The visa is free but the consulate charge 1700bt as a processing fee for doing all the postal work and the biometrics (at mae hia) Just be careful how many days you ask for, if you make a mistake the overstay penalty will result in a two year ban from Europe.
  11. eyecatcher

    What snake is this?

    That one looks like a keelback, ifI am right also harmless. The go to fb page for snake id is "snakes of chiang mai" Pretty much everyone who lives here is a member of that group and its surprising how quickly you start to learn about the different species. And to prove me right please someone agree with my i.d. haha
  12. eyecatcher


    I should have added that when multiple loads are brought in they would normally supply a dozer to spread and compact within the same rate.
  13. eyecatcher


    It is of course different price for different fill and the size of the truck. A farang neighbour of mine has just brought 80no 10ton truckloads in at 1400bt a pop. I couldnt resist asking him why he did it. He said the locals said it advisable. I said this plot is perfect, it has never flooded, you really didnt need to waste 100k baht before you started.
  14. eyecatcher

    Floor tiles popping up, ground sinking?

    I am saying this the next best thing when the floor is built up with mortar. You will also note I particularly mentioned not soaking the tiles. So come on then Steve, you caught the team bucket loading mortar onto your lounge floor what are You going to do? Ps...A bloke with similar number of years construction experience has given out the worst advice you ever heard about tiling. Thats some achievement then!
  15. eyecatcher

    TM30 during Weekend?

    I bet all you Air bnb landlords have it all wrapped up having to sort these out two or three times a week.......? Or dont you bother?