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  1. Ever heard of "Bring your own"??? If it wasn't there when you arrived why is it there when you leave???
  2. You wrongfully accuse the man... the OP alleges that he procured the rape, not commit the deed
  3. The bicycle did not appear to have a passenger!!!
  4. As a swimmer I hope he is better at breaststroke than he is at boxing!!!
  5. In Thailand anything is possible for an old fossil!!!
  6. Perhaps you have been mesmerised and shagged your memory... or did you actually think Thais (no need for apostrophe) we're memorialised in soap operas???
  7. Ummmm.....and so it was when I first came here almost 40 years ago!!! It was single file down Silom at night then until recently (except for "footpath works" adjacent to Sala Daeng BTS
  8. Perhaps, but I am yet to find an intelligent person in a Thai bank (after 35 years a Kasikorn customer)!!!
  9. More importantly will the added facade be able to be kept clean, dust and grime free???
  10. Where to find a mall or restaurant open in the local area at 3 am, when p*ssed???
  11. Did they alight at Bang Sue or Makkasan??
  12. Police announced that Colgates dissolves plaque!!!
  13. So so true. I got a front and back for 3,000 baht and fitted free by Toyota after Mr Paramote, a former Engineer with True Corporation wiped my front with his Mercedes and then did not stop. Mr Paramote was wearing 2 earphones and listening to ??music?? He could not hear anything. He just didn't care. When caught up with he just got aggressive and liberally mixed invectives with his lies. So aggressive that insurance did not want to deal with it so they tried to blame me for everything. Despite all Mr Paramote's Bsh*t I signed up for each party to pay own repair.... his repairs being more extensive than mine. Haven't needed the cam footage since installed, but it gives my mind some security ....
  14. My first trip on underground from Heathrow at least 50% of the non-tourists were ranging from tipsy to blind drunk. As soon as one caused a hassle by trying to take someone's suitcase the others got it sorted real quick. Hard to say it was a problem.... but then again maybe the Brits hold their piss better than Thai!!! hahahahaha
  15. Sat in the beachside bar just out of water throwing range, enjoyed the music and revellers and slowly got very drunk!!! I will do the same today!!!