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  1. Plead the 5th Amendment or stand guilty for contempt of Court... sounds like you missed your daily dose of salts this morning...
  2. They are both bad shots and out of range.... what a waste of time......
  3. Reminds me of the lawyer who arrived at the Pearly Gates. “How old are you”, asked St Peter. “64 years old”, replied the former lawyer.... St Peter quickly did a calculation on his Abacus and retorted “by the chargeable hours you billed your clients, you must be 435 years old!!”
  4. Thought “baldy brief” was usually called “a Brazilian”....
  5. Oops, that might be defamatory... 1,000,000 baht plus plus!!!
  6. Send a bill for 500,000 baht plus plus...
  7. Push ups and singing the National Anthem!! Bound to get positive results.......
  8. Oh, what to do when the bitch won’t take her bath??
  9. Daytime activity, reversed at night
  10. Daytime activity, reversed at night
  11. Hahahaha.... is that another ThaiVisa misspelling... should it be stop the carnival fro-licking?
  12. wirat69

    BMA boosts park patrols after gay-sex complaint

    In another headline... "BMA polls Officials for gay orientation" to do orienteering at Lumpini Park.....
  13. Thought Bill Clinton's lips taught us that a "blow job" is NOT having sex!!!???