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  1. Lifeguards close Phuket beaches

    True, not just for the beach!!!
  2. How are fags related to time??? Explain please
  3. Yes, 3 months before birth AND 3 months after the birth for breastfeeding.... unless you are Chinese... a quick squat behind a tree and back to work....
  4. Shop sold out on Tuesday... too late today!!
  5. ... yet their Tasman cousins spend a lot of time and energy in the community particularly with the elderly and infirm!!!
  6. Fined 950 baht = dinner and beer for 3 pax at a mid-market restaurant!!!! Wow!!
  7. Yingluck cleared over 2011 flooding

    Easy defence... publicly known that she is not a Virgin!!
  8. Was this an insulated (isolated) incident ??!! hahahahaha
  9. Having been in Ubolratana a number of times in recent months, the locals ALL welcome Red Bull to their community, despite the comments of the armchair critics who have never been to Khon Kaen province!!
  10. A few Leos every day is the best cure for being slim!!!
  11. So sad. R.I.P. May the Mother also find peace!
  12. Supporters Hope Yingluck Silently Biding Time

    Seven days of black shirts for real Thais for another month yet!!!
  13. Yes Chook! ... or is that a foul comment?
  14. Thai provinces prepare for more flooding

    "Garn pongun garn" = prevention = การป้องกันการ