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  1. I guess you come from a different continent from me ‘Cos where I come from “rag week” has a completely different meaning!!!
  2. Aaahhh.... they should have had a Toyota Revo with 4 wheel drive!!!!
  3. Memo to self.... do not give students any homework.....!!!
  4. wirat69

    Dial a friend - But no sex please, were Thai!

    My interest piqued at a peak!!! Another bad hair day at ThaiVisa!!!
  5. wirat69

    Oil: Further upside looks limited

    More than 20% increase at the pump in the past year, and rising!!!
  6. Up your sleeve.... have you got your hand on it???
  7. wirat69

    Greenpeace ship docks in Songkhla

    A rather insensitive view... this ain’t New Zealand; their are no French Agents in the vicinity and Mr Periera has already weighed anchor!
  8. That’s about as accurate as the rest of your post... old saying “Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt”!!!
  9. The number for this week is 69... checked it out last night!!!
  10. Just reading the local road signs (and Google Maps).... and it sure ain't pronounced "bung" as in "plug in the sink"!!!
  11. The ants in his pants were not the same ones that ate his noodles!!!
  12. For me, the best is chicken, lettuce, tomato with ham or bacon sandwich, small amount of mayonnaise on the salad.....
  13. 74185939-4BB8-46CF-92BB-DDB97F9907F5.mp4
  14. Nah!! Just gone up in smoke!!!