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  1. Spoken like a real Thai!!! (Especially a Thai in Pattaya or Phuket!!!)
  2. Cheaper than orange boiler suits.... i.e. Identification of the criminals in the room!!
  3. corruption wise.. who knows.. I mean seems that there is money to be made by orange Wait until October... orange is the new black!!!
  4. I want to throw your "grenade" back but your inflammatory post is probably seen by most as an inanity!
  5. If he had money for airfare, he might have had a gf!!
  6. Slow day in the newsroom?? Working at turtle's pace??
  7. ฿5,000.... same for not wearing a seatbelt.... hmmmm....
  8. Reported on ThaiVisa yesterday that he is banned from driving for the remainder of his lifetime...
  9. Read on ThaiVisa previously that he is the holder of many passports... a bit futile cancelling his Thai passport
  10. ... or the Antipodes (except Australia)!!!