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  1. Easy solution for the old sots complaining here.... become Mormon and avoid beer/alcohol all together on your way to Heaven!!!
  2. What a bunch of sexist comments.... even if she was not very ladylike to start with.... Two wrongs never made a right!!
  3. The minivan is about 150 baht.... there is an app to determine whether you get the van at Morchit 2 or Ekkamai..... you do not say which day you wish to travel weekly.... there are private people who do the same trip, some daily.....
  4. Mystery Emails

    They stole your address..... might be prudent to change your gmail account name and address.....
  5. That's for Khon Kaen's Skytrain, not the High Speed link
  6. Thailand plans joint arms factory with China

    .... who will write/translate the Instruction Booklets??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Condo market soars in Silom-Sathon

    Silom (Sala Daeng) is also the most polluted area in Bangkok!!!
  8. Same for any country...... why pick on the Thais?? 1 [more alien; most alien] : not familiar or like other things you have known : different from what you are used to She felt lost in an alien [=strange] culture when she moved to the city. an alien environment Honesty seems to be an alien concept in that family. [=people in that family are not honest] — often + to The whole idea of having a job was alien [=unfamiliar, foreign] to him. 2 : from another country : foreign alien residents 3 [more alien; most alien] : too different from something to be acceptable or suitable — + to Such behavior is totally alien to the spirit of the religion. ideas alien to [=incompatible with] democracy 4: from somewhere other than the planet Earth an alien spaceship The movie is a story about an attack on Earth by an army of alien [=extraterrestrial] monsters.
  9. Making a will to cover UK assets

    Just be doubly sure that the Will terms are clear, 'cos it is easy to incorporate ambiguities.... and ensure that the execution of the Will is done in strict compliance with the relative law(s) (usually 2 independent people present at ALL times during the signing and witnessing).....
  10. And the 5 banks are.... ????? Found in the original article..... Kasikorn Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, Krungthai Bank, Bangkok Bank and the Government Savings Bank
  11. No corruption but the weather is bloo*y cold!!
  12. Sex unlikely to cause cardiac arrest, study finds

    .... or a need to shave the palm of your hand!!
  13. Ummm.... at my central Bangkok condo, it is the owner occupiers who make the most noise... or the buildings neighbours letting off crackers at midnight.... Don't know where you get the concept that condos are for long term living..... but I rent out 5 condos in the greater Bangkok area, all to local Thai workers who generally rent for a year or more.... one has been rented to the same tenant for 6 or 7 years ..... all without problems (except once when the Drug Police took care of the problem) Don't know of any law or reason why a condo has to be owner occupied......