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  1. Useless picture without a colour code... oh, the colour means nothing given the “corruption free” Antipodes are coloured red, same as Africa and Asia!!!
  2. My smallest class has 63 students... no surprise that classroom discipline is problematic!!
  3. Ummm.... Johnson making Som Tam perhaps.... cooking involves heat, but Somtam is pok pok pok... no cooking involved!!!
  4. The lawyers' job is to present evidence to the Court. That evidence is generally provided by the plaintiff/defendant. It is not the job of lawyers to find/create the evidence themselves. Indeed, such might create a conflict of interest and be in contempt of Court.....
  5. What has his mates' grass lawns got to do with his death???
  6. Traffic blamed for air quality in Bangkok

    I am none the wiser.... does it mean that use of roads will be rationed, or use of cars rationed? Checked it out.... odd number plates on the road on odd dates.... but..... its use was in 1997 and...... Paris Ends 'Odd Or Even' Limit On Cars After One Day March 17, 201411:17 AM ET
  7. Pray, Youth, what’ll it be?
  8. Cure for lung cancer is found inside a coffin...
  9. Ummmm.... your concept of abortion seems a little strange!!
  10. With her arms akimbo, we would have referred to her as a “Fish wife” rather than a “fat bint”!!
  11. Thanks to the bottom of the feet of those who have passed???!!! [I don't think so!!]..... I am sure that their souls would turn in their graves!!!
  12. Or did they group together to hide some dirt??
  13. Unidentified foreigner’s body found in Saen Saeb Canal

    Drowning in Saen Saeb would have to be one of the most horrible ways to go. I suspect you would be subject to more microbes and disease than if you swam in the Nile!!
  14. Note to self, use hemp, not nylon, when I make my mosquito net!!