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  1. In court, "we all know what it means" would be foolish. As well as "obvious intention". Can you imagine some of these genius types against a billionaires lawyer? Oops doesn't quite cover it. Bored now, bye Trannie
  2. I made a pedo in my pants this morning and it was more than I intended. Hmm, doesn't convey the same verbal panache as fart.
  3. No, just keeping this boring thread alive. Your welcome.
  4. I am a kid, so I would just slag it off.
  5. Wikipedia vs you.. Personally #4 has a nice ring to it "fart man".
  6. Sounds like a Nanny State solution. Brilliant.
  7. Thank you, I graciously accept your meaningful online accolades. Yell up to mum and ask if supper is ready.
  8. Asking that question here, shameless... you already know the answer.
  9. Happy blunt, happy life?
  10. More laying around, sleeping in the future?
  11. HLover

    Be Warned. Thieving Hookers in Pattaya.

    KFC spicy seasoning.
  12. No they are not the same word, thank God your not a lawyer.
  13. Thank you, I enjoy reading your well-educated posts. It's good to have at least a member that is well-versed in the topics they reply to.
  14. Perhaps the writer of the Article is 13?