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  1. Going home, tips?

    Who reads newspapers?
  2. Kicked Out of Hotel Today

    Yes, another entitled customer who refuses to follow rules then whines to the online community.
  3. Because the old cogers are more likely to be oblivious to Somchai the husband/brother/cousin lurking around.
  4. I stick my my original idea of her being unreponsible.
  5. Yawn, that tired ass joke again?
  6. Quite sure these man on man lovers do more than sleep when with their new found bundles of joy.
  7. Maybe his bar is <deleted>?
  8. Mr. Lin Tong was caught at the restaurant, chewing with his mouth wide open and speaking loudly. Upon his arrest and removal, the Thai staff weeped with happiness and relief.
  9. Show video carnage with obligatory pointing at the bodies.
  10. Apparently he could have asked for some of that expanded counseling that is being handed out and arranged a supervised visit to the school. Overridden by guilt or entitled by the feeling he's above the law?
  11. She was not in a crosswalk, blame the car. Relatives magically to appear over the next few days to present lawsuits to Uber. 'She was a wonderful mother, ect ect' 'Merica!
  12. Especially that posters Issan wife who called him stupid.
  13. Going home, tips?

    Buy headphones so you won't have to listen to the new progressives in your home country.