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  1. His photo contradicts he is an avid runner.
  2. The tiled floor must now pay 500 baht for colliding with the upstanding tourist.
  3. Unless your of the elite class (red bull heir, Island mafia family, ect) then you may do as you please. Kill away, but no libations.
  4. Especially when embarking on a bus journey from hell.
  5. The rocket is named Pink Floyd.
  6. Shame does not exist in certain parts of Pattaya.
  7. ... kicking at each other, reminds me of days of youth in the sandlot.
  8. The safe bet is 500 thb fine because she is of the chosen people.
  9. Yes, brilliant. Your words of wisdom are amazing.
  10. HLover

    Living in an oven

    Wow, your old.
  11. ...the village and hide out?