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  1. RichardColeman

    Community clean-up at Bridge of Pak Bang canal, Patong

    Cannot help but think that in Thailand they cleaned up a bridge by chucking all the refuse in the canal !
  2. Ever get the feeling the Junta just do not care as the only people killed riding in the back of pick up are people unlikely to vote for them ?
  3. "OK, lads, who wants the PS4 ?"
  4. hope he got 100,000 baht worth before he fell asleep
  5. Passing out through immigration into Thailand could be considered reckless in my opinion
  6. Another brave Thai man, Beggars believe that they should have to oppose bail !
  7. Probably cost her a LOT less than a farang !
  8. You are what you are, better get used to it
  9. They'll probably publish he was overstaying his visa by 24 hours
  10. Dunno for sure, but it's probably double-ended !