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  1. RichardColeman

    Phra Buddha Isara arrested after commando raid of temple

    Yeah, hard to sleep knowing all that money you stashed away could be gone and you may have to work for a living from now on
  2. RichardColeman

    New top traffic cop aims to tackle Pattaya congestion

    Do not drive under 150 KMH ?
  3. RichardColeman

    Cops Want Pro-Election Activists Jailed

    Seems the police are just positioning themselves with the junta now to be in control if - and when - they lose an election. They've never had it so good !
  4. RichardColeman

    Smuggling of hazardous waste comes to light

    Ah, so dumped on the roadside then !
  5. I think as far as the Junta goes, just ensuring that the kids can drive a motorbike to be a taxi-bike, make som tam, shag a foreigner and don;t ask uestions will be enough !
  6. RichardColeman

    RTP: Start fining drunk drivers up to 200,000 baht!

    Just make it a 1,000 baht for every point over the drink drive limit to start with.
  7. Surprised Thai companies are not then complaining about losing out to farang companies in supermarkets. Banning ALL foods made outside Thailand. the principle is the same - being unable to accept competition in any way.
  8. Only one shot ? Better shot than most Thais then !
  9. Unfortunate ? I think Idiots, greedy or gullible would be a better choice of words
  10. RichardColeman

    UK short stay visa for wife declined

    Sorry mate still sounds like crock to me. A girl goes to the UK for a holiday and says the family said OK, just stay 2 years longer , we will feed you, house you, keep you warm, you do not have to do anything in return. Ask yourself if her story was TRUE why would the family lie to her about the visa ? What would they gain knowing that she was going to get into trouble at some time later ? No mate, she is taking you - and immigration previously - for a ride ! As for your application, I would say that whilst she would be free to make an application after 10 years (2018), she may NOT be given one when her circumstances are looked into by officials. Having the right to apply does not mean having the right to a visa !
  11. Of course every shop leaving a little offering of food on the floor really discourages Rats too ! Leave food out , then moan about having too many Rats - seems thai logic - AGAIN.
  12. RichardColeman

    "Can you support me?"

    I think the answer should be you are prepared to help her financially while she gets a job to support her family a little. If she does not want to work to do it - then its clear you are just being used a cash cow for the family while she does nothing !
  13. RichardColeman

    Officials call for help in the search for the whale shark

    Yes, but they maybe fear it will start humping one of their submarines !