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  1. that's the only speed Thais know ?
  2. Russian hit-and-run suspect deported

    He's probably been swapped by immigration for 2 really nice Nigerians !
  3. I think they are trying to explain rectal examination.
  4. This is going to get very expensive for his relatives back in the States. Hopefully though they will just abandoned the bar-steward.
  5. Hopefully giving the EU a good old British two fingers salute and tell the EU to bugger off with their demands !
  6. NOte to self : do not buy any fish from Nai Harn Lake.
  7. 1 more on the transfer merry-go-round !
  8. I imagine his response was, "what's in it for me ?"
  9. DSI may probe Democrat ex-MP’s mother

    Looks an awful lot like piggy watch face!
  10. NLA rejects all Election Commission finalists

    I think next election will be delayed as they reject all the candidates for MP's and state there are no people to vote for so they cannot have election
  11. Government defends its corruption-fighting record

    Maybe they are working hard to keep Thailand as low as possible due to inadequate schooling and they misunderstand that low on the table is bad and high is good !
  12. All help the wife get an asylum visa at less than the cost of a settlement one !
  13. Astrologer ‘Ordered’ To Stop Predicting Gov’t Doom

    The Astrologer who predicted doom - sounds like the PM's latest collections of songs and poems album title !
  14. Plane passenger dries her knickers with the overhead air vent on packed jet

    Fish on the menu again ?
  15. Thailand performs better on graft-busting efforts

    Here's 10,00 baht, move us up a place !