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  1. and cue mass dump of animals in the road
  2. RichardColeman

    Thailand's Phuket smartens up to bring tourists back

    Is there a 'do not allow to swim' one for the chinese ?
  3. So, any comment on why immigration have not gone and checked where hey are supposedly living together as husband and wife as per occasional visa requirements checks ? Seems the pay off on the visa goes further than the 'victimous' girl
  4. Sure hope they arrange some form of benefits in advance for all the Thai families and thai children that will be destitute and living on the streets without their low income husbands or b/f
  5. RichardColeman

    Tourism chiefs tap Big Data to boost arrivals

    Guessing the sponsored ads will be by Life assurane companies
  6. Ah, wait for it - the speeding up of the right to vote for her new immigrant friends.
  7. Sorry but the longer I stay in Thailand, the more I think the word 'should' has no translation or meaning here.
  8. RichardColeman

    American tourist in rock-climbing fall dies in ICU

    You have only one life - if you waste it or do foolish things with it that is up to you.
  9. RichardColeman

    Tourism chiefs tap Big Data to boost arrivals

    I believe this gif illustrates official and non official daily tourists numbers
  10. Probably her German boyfriend has arranged a tourist visa for her. Of course, you could always travel to Germany to visit her and see if it is true. Suggest this, If she says no , then she's either conning you, scamming you or enjoying another's frankfurter
  11. The amount of Thais I see urinating and pooing on the side of the road - many times with less than 200 yards to an actual toilet - you'll fit in nicely
  12. Not sure he will fit in the little pink house, but hey ho.
  13. RichardColeman

    Doubts rise over new law covering healthcare [Editorial]

    Would have thought nobody paying into or collecting taxes for it would be a bigger flaw.
  14. I would think naming and shaming him for doing it with a 'ladyboy' in the back should be enough of a sentence.
  15. RichardColeman

    Trump says it looks like Saudi journalist Khashoggi is dead

    LOL, thought these groups always complained about Turkey abusing human rights.