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  1. Ten new faces in reshuffled Cabinet, nine out

    And the new faces in the trough are ?
  2. With madly high Thai baht I find that a little hard to believe - and the others sound a little dodgy !
  3. 70 cm of water they could have swam under it !
  4. Police said they are investigating if it was the fault of the truck driver for making abrupt turn causing the accident.
  5. Maxim Model Goes to Police Over Online Prostitution Claim

    Monday night , tuesday night , wednesday night , thursday night , friday night, saturday night and a night off
  6. Factory workers claim sexual abuse by doctor

    Yep, always remember to fondle a woman's breasts when taking her temperature.
  7. Just take away his pain killers, that will be enough.
  8. Corruption Street: 'I'm so tired of it,' says PEBA President

    Phew, those table don't arf take some KG's these days
  9. Army Won’t Allow Civilian Inquiry Into Cadet Death

    Meh ! 44. Next.
  10. Hell, if every bar was closed whose employees grabbed passing farang backsides Pattaya would be a ghost town.
  11. Coming soon to Thailand ! (thanks to porous immigration)
  12. BMA targets four officials over New Year lighting scandal

    I think I'd check theirs - and their relatives - bank accounts first !
  13. Yep, this man (or very , very short, macho lesbian) get my prize Pillock of the day award.
  14. It's just Thainess being exported to other countries. Made a right mess of their own, now time to ruin others.
  15. I'm sure the charter company will make good recompense. 300 baht split 13 ways