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  1. Politicians share concerns over election timetable

    5 years to pretend to be preparing for an election. Buying a sub, probably 24 hours. Nuff said.
  2. Phuket Police hunt Thalang snatch-and-grab thieves

    because they seem to be making some implication several times about a mosque that has nothing to do with the story. Why not side of the road, why not at the lights?
  3. If they drive without insurance, number plates, MOT's, etc, whilst bladdered, what makes them give a hoot about a licence ?
  4. Phuket Police hunt Thalang snatch-and-grab thieves

    Much as I detest Islam, I am finding it hard to link the story with the mosque !
  5. PHOTOS: Badly secured load nearly results in another death

    On the bright side, his brakes worked.
  6. Don't believe that for 'won' minute. You tend to agree with most things a man with a shotgun says not make him more angry !
  7. No, but it might be if someone start throwing money in the right direction
  8. Pattaya to become marine leisure hub of Asia

    Floaters in a sea of floaters !
  9. Probably thought the guy was still a better bet than a drunken, unemployed, wife beating husband maybe
  10. Figures by that stupid woman at the TAT by any chance ?
  11. Rather pot calling the kettle black, that lot kill and rape without the need for beer !
  12. a million hours Community service among the good people that donated to them would be my suggestion !
  13. Nationwide protest against EU fishing regulations

    Looks like a giant human spot the ball competition !
  14. To see who will be broke first I imagine ! And if you think those nice army guys will keep the banks afloat at the cost to their submarine fleet, you better have another plan.