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  1. Anyone pointing out that the person filming is the driver of the car using his mobile instead of driving and paying attention to the road - he has no passenger ? Dead motorbike and dead car driver !
  2. I'm guessing they had five minutes to spare before leaving for the village cock-fight !
  3. I'm guessing the arabs went mental when they saw their girl 'willy' was bigger than their own.
  4. RichardColeman

    Videos: Pattaya YouTuber highlights rubbish....and the seedy backstreets

    I think the point is that if he jumped he'd land on a disgusting - but soft - pile of trash !
  5. RichardColeman

    Videos: Pattaya YouTuber highlights rubbish....and the seedy backstreets

    Said to my wife a number of years ago that if she could walk 10 feet without travelling past some roadside trash I would give her 100 baht - she not collected yet - and if you know Thai women and money, you'll know how hard she is trying to still win that bet !
  6. RichardColeman

    ‘Most parties’ to join talks with junta next week

    Maybe they fear that if they all turn up it will be considered a political gathering and them all arrested
  7. If you can wire a 1,000 baht to my bank account I will explain it to you.
  8. I guess having mixed crops and diversifying is beyond Thai farmers imagination
  9. RichardColeman

    Why Thailand needs the death penalty

    Certainly acts as a deterrent to the person that is executed for murder - evidence that he cannot kill again after his death is VERY clear in that respect !
  10. I fully support the death penalty for some crimes - however, in a country rife with backhanders, one has to question if corruption would not play a part in murder as opposed to to justice.
  11. I wonder if his fellow countrymen were witnesses to that conversation ? Or anybody for that matter.
  12. RichardColeman

    Man arrested for killing wife in Chiang Rai

    If he stabs his wife to death before a drink, just imagine what a bundle of fun he is after a drink !
  13. I think these people deserve at least the same population control treatment they are handing out to wild monkeys !
  14. Monkeys here are insanely fat, just imagine how fat a neutered monkey will be
  15. One on the left seems an incredibly 'butch' female to me !