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  1. idman

    Chiang Mai to Bangkok on scooter

    If you must do this ardeous journey then unless you have an iron arse the sensible thing to do is break the ordeal into two or three parts. Good luck to you, your arse and your scooter.
  2. Good on you both. Enjoy your visit to the U.S. and keep making Thailand look absolutely helpless to the rest of the world. Is it my imagination or is Yingluck looking younger, happier than ever??? His sister?? Yeah right, his daughter is the proper relationship if you believe the gossip from people in the know up here in North part of Thailand.
  3. idman

    Mad Dog's Closed?

    There is a very diverse group of patrons that eat at Maddog. That makes enjoying a meal there a lot more interesting. You have the old ExPats who constantly piss and moan about everything in general, the Twatpackers who come there in their standard issue dress tank top, raggedy shorts, flip flops and their body art. Finally, the Chinese who want to experince "fine" Western cuisine at a fraction of the cost.
  4. idman

    Disappointing Night at The River Market

    Love his place never had a bad meal, fantastic view and the prices are not out of line. I agree with the above poster that those who bitch and moan about paying too much most likely are the Archa beer for lunch bunch you see in places like Un Irish, Geeko, Maddog, et al.
  5. idman

    Old Brit Accused Of Driving Drunk, Killing Rayong Girl

    Regardless of this plonkers Nationality, his age,lives have needlessly been ruined by yet another person getting behind the wheel of an automobile when drunk. Throw the book at all of them, jail time mandatory, massive fines and never allowed to drive any type of vechicle again. This silly old Sod will spend his last days in a Thai jail and I hope he rots there.
  6. idman

    Mad Dog's Closed?

    There are two go go bars in Chiang Mai, Foxy Lady just down the side Soi on the left from the Le Meridian hotel and my favorite, Spotlight. To the person who questioned my opinion regarding the quality of the girls at Spotlight try going there, then for a laugh go compare them to what is at Foxy Lady. Unless you are blind and dumb as a rock the issue is not in doubt. I await your groveling apology.
  7. idman

    problem with extreme noise

    Order some sink bombs from Amazon, get a sling shot and when this ar..sehole starts up with his antics again simply fire two or three at a time in his direction. These little tubes shatter on impact and the smell will drive him inside. If you are able, aim for him gear and that will guarantee he won't be using it for quite a while. Stay out of sight and repeat as often as necessary until he learns his lesdon.
  8. idman

    Mad Dog's Closed?

    Maddog will close and move to a new location. The English owner is planning on re-opening and is actively looking for a suitable location. The only remaining question is the actual date the current location will close its door. Spotlight is still the best Go Go bar in Chiang Mai, even at the new location. The layout is OK but is a far cryfrom the original site. Not to my liking as the oval shape bar is not at the new location. The talent level however is still the same, top shelf stuff.
  9. Stop the Presses, stand by for news. What a load of twaddle, it's the rainey season what else did you expect???
  10. idman

    Transfer of title for motorcycle

    As a seller with a green book and all else up to date I have never had to provide a Proof of Residency letter either in Surin or Chiang Mai.
  11. idman

    Transfer of title for motorcycle

    To transfer the title you have to go the DLT office, not the one by the Airport, but the one near the Holiday Inn. I showed up with the guy buying my bike, had the green book, the tags. In and out of there in less than an hour.
  12. idman

    Best Gym In Chiang Mai?

    The very best??? If you are mobile, nearby, or dont mind driving/riding then the newly opened gym at Central Festival Mall is light years ahead of anything else in Chiang Mai. Opens at 7 a.m. and closes at 11 p.m. A full range of equipment, four sections with various machines, weights dedicated to that section. The locker room and showering facilities are the best I have seen by far. Great staff, great choice of individual programs. The kicker??? It aint cheap but as they say you get what you pay for. High 2K baht to 3K plus per month, there are yearly memberships available that reduce your fees with automatic deduction from your bank account. Once you go there to check it out you will be blown away.
  13. idman

    What Did You Do to Your Bike Today ?

    In honor of the Royal Wedding I renamed my Xmax Lord Nelson just for the day. I then placed two Union Jacks on him and proudly rode around the moat. Gee Whiz, I felt so British.
  14. idman

    What Did You Do to Your Bike Today ?

    I told my Xmax I was going to be away for a few days but not to worry I would be back. These Xmax scooters are so needy and have to constantly be told you love them.
  15. idman

    Mountain Front condo Advice

    Everything mentioned about the Frogs living at Mountain Front is correct. Amongest the Lady Frogs there is not a single attractive one.