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  1. What Did You Do to Your Bike Today ?

    After seeing 13, 13 mind you, pages of this dribble I thought I would add my two Baht. Today I told my Xmax how much I loved him and as a special treat I said I would take him for a bath. He has been very good to me, even got me layed as young lovely on Loi Kroh Road said how much she liked him and that also I was a hansum man. I say good morning and good night everyday and make sure he is out of the elements. He returns all this by providing me with a great ride every time.
  2. IMO the above poster of note is taking himself and his numerous posts wayyyyy to seriously. Chill dude, have a nice Cuban cigar along with a glass of some well aged Kentucky Bourbon. As for the "Fat One" just add his denial to the growing list of the worlds biggest lies.
  3. Honda Forza 300

    I too was waiting for the new 2018 Honda Forza 300 to show up in Chiang Mai or in Thailand for that matter as I wanted to compare and test ride it against the Xmax 300 of Yamaha. It was available outside Thailand since last November and the Honda Bigwing shops in both Bangkok, Pattaya and Chiang Mai all claimed it would be sold in Thailand come January 2018. Yeah right, when pigs fly. I got tired of waiting and got myself the Xmax and after having ridden a Forza numerous time previously I'm glad I opted for the Yamaha. Don'-t waste your time wishing and a hoping for the new Forza to show up anytime soon.
  4. First of all, what the hell is advanced fast track??? Back to the topic, it seems that this time it's Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak who has opened his gob and inserted his foot by claiming that Thailand who are on this advanced economy fast track will be signifcantly transformed in three to four years. One thing I do agree with Somkid on, in three or four years the Thai economy will be a lot different. That's because it will have collapsed once again. Household debt is steadily rising, bad loans are the same, inflation is slowly eating away at the meager salerys of Thais, with the Baht being manipulated by the Bank of Thailand overall exports are declining and with the exception of Asian tourists the number of well heeled tourists from the West is falling. Thailand is on an advanced fast track, right to Palookaville.
  5. I am shocked, shocked I tell you that such a thing is gong on. How could these sweet lovely Thai welfare recipients game the system like this and not be ashamed?? Here's the deal, if these lovely Thais agreed to go to training classes they would get more welfare money than those who opted to not go. Guess what happened??? They did not go and got the additional money with nothing to fear. Just another example of how inept the Thai government is. God I love this country.
  6. Checked this new Fitness Center last Saturday and came away very impressed. Massive area divided into various sections for different types of exercises. Obviously being new all the equipment was modern and in good supply. The locker room and shower facilities were top notch, I was particularly impressed with the individual shower rooms, none of that bourgeois communal showering in this joint. I asked about fees and they seemed reasonable to me. They offer different paying options and lenght of membership. I was not interested in the automatic deduction every two weeks from your account, if memory serves me well I believe it was 970 baht every two weeks. 23,280 baht was the promotion rate if you payed upfront for one year. They open at 07:00 everyday and close at 22:00. Were it not for the fact my Condo has an adaquate fitness room, pool and a nearby Fitness Park I would join this fitness club in a heartbeat. Very impressive place.
  7. Twice a year this twadle is printed in all the newspapers, photo ops are organised, the TV and Press media are alerted to upcoming press conferences. All for nothing every single time. The road carnage increases, lives and families are destroyed but nothing of substance ever gets done. Laws already on the books are never enforced, tea money will get you off the hook and on and on it goes. Thailand is a complete joke as most of the civilized world has come to realize.
  8. Of course he is 100% correct but causing a huge loss of face is what has stirred the pot in this case. I would have used phrase seriously lacking in common sense instead as I think most Thais would have no idea what that meant. Telling the truth is a foreign concept to Thais, at least openly.
  9. Outstanding news from EVA. I have been flying with them since 2003 on my trips from SFO to BKK and now I can avoid an overnight in that cesspool on each leg and simply end up back in beautiful downtown Chiang Mai. Hopefully they will offer some incentive fares initially to attract customers.
  10. Lending money to anyone in Thailand is a bad idea

    Free Life Lesson; Never a borrower nor lender be. You're welcome.
  11. Suzuki Burgman 200 vs. Yamaha X-Max

    You are comparing an apple to an orange and it doesn't make any sense. Xmax 300 cheaper, more powerful, better looking. I had a Burgman 400 for three years and it was nowhere near as nimble, nor as quick as my new Xmax. If you are happy with a minor league performer in the maxi scooter genre then stick with the Burgman 200, if not, rent the Xmax 300 for two or three days. After that, the choice all buts hits you in the face.
  12. I experianced only two Songkrans in my 12 years of living here fulltime. The first was in Surin when I was married. I actually enjoyed it, I went with my wife and her family to the local reservoir, got soaked, eat and drank a lot came home and that was it. Going about my business on a daily basis into town was never a problem, I was never pelted with water and white powder. Fast forward three years and I thought it might be fun to go to Pattaya/Jomtien for Songkran. Oh boy was I wrong. If I had to choose who were the biggest di...ck heads the Farangs stood head and shoulders about the rest. Drunken idiots not satisfied to use a water gun, oh no these clowns had to use buckets or in some cases garbage cans. I saw them jumping out in the road to dose unsuspecting motorbike riders and as a result there were numerous falls. That was all it took, one day of that,and told my wife we are out of here. Ever since I have left Thailand during this period. With the combination of idiot Thais drunk out of their minds and clueless Farangs trying to look cool I would be foolish indeed to put up with.
  13. Once again I soiled my nickers after reading the latest prediction from the Thai Government. This time the cause of my embarrassment was one Mr. Werasak Kowsurat, the Tourism and Sports Minister who boldly claimed that based on date provided by the Intelligence Unit of the Tourism of Thailand bureau there would be over 530,000 new visitors to Thailand during the five day Songkran holiday. The INTELLIGENCE UNIT???? That was all it took for me to start howling with laughter. Does anyone with even half a brain believe Thais could find enough qualified people to form an Intelligence Unit??? If this clown was to be taken seriously he would have been best served just to say that based on previous data and on hotel and Airline bookings so far it would appear that blah blah blah were coming to Thailand. Can I send a bill to this clown for my new nickers???
  14. Thanathorn party ready for lift-off

    Just another mega rich Thai Hi-So looking to make a name for himself and at the same time bring attention to his families businesses so they can reap in hundreds of millions of more Baht. This pretty boy will be thought a lesson by those alot politically wiser than him and his supporters.
  15. Only fear another delay???? I will be pushing up poppies from six feet under before there is an actual democratic election in Thailand. But this being Thailand, hope springs eternal. Yeah right and the checks in the mail.