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  1. Yamaha Xmax 300 coming to Thailand?

    Having previously rented an Xmax at Pop rental here in Chiang Mai for three days and riding the piss out of it there were no surprises. Since this new baby is mine I intend to treat it with kid gloves until after the 1000K. checkup. I orderd an extra smart key, 950baht and worth every baht, I opted for the 39L top box and bracket, 13000+baht but it will be a two month wait. I got comrehensive insurance that covers everything, 10500baht. I am not going to change anything as it fits me to a tee. No loud sounding exhaust for ego sake, the stock shocks do the job for me, the seat height is perfect as is the tall stock windscreen. I am 189cm and this is by far and away the most comfortable scooter I have ever owned/ridden. The Honda Forza 300 is not even in the same ballpark on any thing you might want to compare to the Xmax 300. Thank you very much Yamaha.
  2. Yamaha Xmax 300 coming to Thailand?

    Lucky old me, I went into the big Yamaha shop around the corner from Chiang Mai Ram Hospital to put a deposit on a Xmax as I had given up waiting for Honda to release a new and improved Forza 300. Lo and behold what did I see on the showroom floor but three, yes three brand spanking new Xmaxs for sale. To say I was shocked is an understatement as all I have heard, have been told was at least a three month wait. Now there are only two available, a white/black combo and a dark grey one as I jumped on the brown color. I will be taking possession of my new toy on Friday. As I said at the top, lucky me.
  3. Extradition of Yingluck not easy: PM Prayut

    If Thailand isn't at top of list for most inept country in S.E. Asia it for sure is in top three. This whole Yingluck saga has become another Thai soap opera. Of course The Powers That Be are too stupid to know that and this Loss of Face mentality means they ill never admi to this stupidity. Guys, no one cares about Yingluck, out of sight, out of mind. You keep beating this dead horse, she ain't coming back, you ain't serious about bringing her back because then she becomes a lightning rod for her political party.
  4. Another pathetic ejit from the U.K. Sorry, this Bozo gets no sympathy, he brought all of this on himself
  5. Tell that tosser to go pound salt. 24K for one year common area fee just means he thinks your are clueless Farang ripe for the pickings. At Himma Prestige Living Condos the common area fee was only 1200 per month and in most cases was included in your rent depending on you negociating skills.
  6. An absolutely wasted use of a topic which might have had relevance to Expats in the market for a new bike/scooter. I'll bet that over 90% of the readers/viewers of this post have no intention, nor the funds to purchase these types of bikes you photographed. We are living in Thailand for Gods sake and using these bikes in the ity only or on the highways is just plain idiotic. Unless of course your bike is a reflection of your manhood or lack thereof. Not enough photos of the "Pretties" as one person wrote, go online and pleasure yourself you pathetic earsling.
  7. And of course this program will do absolutely <deleted> all to lower road deaths in Thailand. After this 777 malarky is over the number of road deaths will have increased over last year.
  8. And why no photos of normal everyday bikes, i.e. scooters, maxi scooters as the vast majority of Expats ride this type of motorbike????
  9. Leave it to the Thais to demonstrate the follies of mankind on an epic scale. Lucky phone numbers, lucky license plates are all available to those stupid enough to throw their money away foolishly. What a country.
  10. The 2018 Honda Forza 300.

    Mushy breaks, no real bite??? That is a load of twadle IMO. I rented a new Xmax from Pop nearly a month ago for two days and put it through its paces as I intend to purchase one shortly. I would pick out a long stretch of road open up the trottle and go like a bat out of hell. Hit the breaks as hard as I could and never did the Xmax waver, feel mushy or lack for road bite. I took it up and down the back side of Doi Suthep and never had break fade on the twisties. In sum, the ABS breaks combined with traction control are a God send and are miles ahead of the breaks on the Honda Forza 300. You dont improve on perfection.
  11. The weather guessers know this because one of them saw a chicken cross the road with a capon and rightly concluded that it's cold outside.
  12. That's right up there with "The checks in the mail." as far as the greatest lies ever told goes. Why everything is just peachy keen in the Land of Smiles, not a thing to worry about, everybody is just sooo happy.
  13. Poor really are getting poorer in Thailand

    For God's sake it's not just the poor getting poorer the lower end of the Middle Class are quickly sinking into poor status. All due to rapidly increasing household debt. Thais in this group have to have latest status mobile phone, they have to drive a car, they have to be seen as well off. Prices across the board have risen steadly and will continue to do so but yet at the same time wage hikes remain stagnant or non existant. The confidence in the Thai economy as expressed in polls of this group is very low. It will come to a boiling point in the near future and it won't be pretty.
  14. New scooter BMW 400

    With the BMW 650 GT and 650 Sport costing 550,000 baht or more perhaps BMW are hoping that a 400 cc. maxi scooter will find a viable market here in Thailand. Priced no higher than 350,000 baht if would be an attractive offering. Their 650 cc. scooters are worlds apart from anything currently being sold in Thailand.
  15. Assume every Thai motorist and motorbike rider are clueless morons with no regard for safety and the basic rules of the road. Drive/ride in a defensive mode 100% of the time. Practice this S.I.P. D.E. Scan ahead, identify potential problems, prepare, decide on a course of action and execute that if it comes to that.