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  1. Never a borrower or lender be, wise words to keep in mind especially dealing with ExPats, Cheap Charlies and down on their luck Twatpackers who might approach you with their hand out. Sod off I have no time to listen to their tales of woe.
  2. idman

    Another change for U.S. Citizens.

    It wasn't even four hours when the girl at Assist Thai Visa called me back to tell that Thai Immigration had recinded their earlier requirement addition and now for U.S. citizens all that was needed was the notarized form from the Consulate. Works for me. Thank you Thai Immigration.
  3. idman

    What Did You Do to Your Bike Today ?

    As this most innane and useless topic continues to have legs I will add my own bit of stupidity. As July 14 is Bastille Day and on the 15th France plays in the final of the World Cup I have started putting red, white and blue bunting on my beloved Xmax to celebrate these great occassions. Viva La France.
  4. Praise??? Are you eff...ing brain dead??? Those 12 idiots were so doped up when their dive to safety began they had no idea what was really going to happen. That little fact has not been spoken about but BBC has written about it. Without them being doped up there was the real chance they would panic under water and the whole operation would go te..ets up and people would die.
  5. idman

    Some thoughts after the Chiang Rai rescue

    This should never have happened in the first place. Equal blame to be shared, the coach, the boys, the staff who were not present at the cave entrance. Add in the media circus, those who just had to show up for a photo op, the unnecessary personel who did more harm than good at the outset and this was just laughable but of course, T.I.T. so this was to be expected. Now some clown in the Tourism Ministry wants to make this cave a tourist destination??? And yes of course why not reward the boys and their coach for creating this mess by taking them to the World Cup finals?? I am glad this mess had a happy ending.
  6. Leave it up to Immigration here in Chiang Mai to make it harder for a U.S. Citizen to get or re-apply for a retirement visa. Yesterday afternoon they up and changed the rules for showing proof of income. How besides that $50 rip off form from the U.S. Consulate you have to show where the money came from. You must provide poof of that money. In typical Thai fashion there was no prior notice to anyone. On Monday it was the normal procedure and those at Immigration early on Tuesday had no problem but then, Bam, the rules changed. Guys were caught at Promenada without that proof and were turned away. Needless to say there was quite a lot of really piss..ed off people. I found about this only two hours ago when I went to Assist Thai Visa to begin my renewal process. They never received any prior warning from Immigration and could only tell me what was now required. In my case I have to provide bank statements showing money deposited monthly into to account. Yeah, it's great to be a Falang trying to live here. Sod these <deleted> Thai Immigration people and their bull...<deleted> rules they make up to frustrate us. My lease is up in March 2019 and unless things change I am on my way to Phnom Penh. Newly listed as the 5th. best place to retire in the world.
  7. I would add that if you are going to ride a bicycle in Chiang Mai be it in the city or outside have at least enough common sense to wear a helmet, gloves. Everyday I see these Western dipsh..its riding wearing only a singlet, shorts, filp flops and worst of all listening to music. It's not a matter of it but when you are going to regret your stupidity.
  8. The Red Truck boys can piss and moan until the cows come home. They can try their pressure tactics to individual Grab drivers, they can drive en mass to their local Phu Yai the bottom line is it will have no effect. When Thai people continue to use Grab these clowns are fighting a losing battle. In a civilized country that cares about peoples health and the air quality the Red Trucks and their ar..se hole drivers would be consigned to the garbage dump.
  9. idman

    Seafood Buffet

    Places that have any type of buffet and are reasonably priced have become packed with Chinese tour groups or individual groups. If you truly want to see how bad they are go eat at one of these places. Pushing, shoving, piling their plates with all the seafood and all the time yelling at each other at the top of their lungs. It's the same at breakfast. One time was enough for me to avoid making the same mistake. Thank God these eff...ing Chinese have not invaded Auf De Au. The day they do is when I will go postal on a group of these tos...sers.
  10. idman

    Saturday Night on Nimmanhamin===LAME!

    With the loss of the Beer Republic this area lost all its appeal. Now it's nothing but Chinese, Chinese, Chinese. They are slowly but surely taking over the main tourist spots in Chiang Mai. In another four or five years Chiang Mai will be nothing more than a suberb for mainland China. So far I have been able to avoid their rudeness, their igorance and just bad manners.
  11. idman

    EVA Air

    Easy to navigate, easy to book, great fares if you know the optimum time to book. I booked already for a CDX-SFO in late February. No more transiting through Bangkok. Saved myself a lot hassle and money. Thanks EVA.
  12. First off are you inquiring about the previous floathing bath tub, AKA Honda Forza 300 or the new and dramatically improved model??? The new model is miles ahead of previous Forzas. The new model IMO gives the Yamaha Xmax 300 a run for the money. As soon as Pop Rental here in Chiang Mai has one for rent I will give it a go for three days and see how it compares to my Xmax 300 which I absolutely adore.
  13. Yes, amazing how rising water from heavy rains would impact the search operation. Pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain I would imagine.
  14. About an hour ago after I had the Xmax washed and detailed I pulled into a station to gas up and a Thai looked at now gorgeous my bike looked and gave me a thumbs up. Does that qualify???
  15. Of course nothing will be done to this piece of garbage. Teachers, sorry those who masquarade as educators in Thailand, are beyond reproach unless they are caught red handed stealing or shag..ing a minor.