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  1. How many times since 2 years has it been posted here that trade agreements usually take 5-7 years to complete. That never, from the majority accepted, a brexit plan was available makes the whole more complicate. Now we have the situation that the uk government has negotiated a brexit plan and all 27 eu states have given their ok. Now it turns out that there is most likely no uk parliamentary majority for it. How moronic is that? The uk seems to be incapable of decision and action. Best the uk obtains an extension of the exiting date. And get First there sh...t together.
  2. Good to know what trade under WTO really means. it is worth reading these two articles to get a better understanding about the problems. https://theconversation.com/no-deal-seven-reasons-why-a-wto-only-brexit-would-be-bad-for-britain-102009 https://www.ft.com/content/4f0ea43e-a77e-11e8-926a-7342fe5e173f
  3. Life experience is the strength of the elderly. On the other hand, learning abilities decrease with increasing age.
  4. Boris did a runner direct after the referendum, like a coward with his pants full.
  5. Yes, i wounder too, how the police work here. 40 cases and no action? I understand why they want cover up this story. Does not looks like great investigation work. incredible, 40 cases in the past and this criminals can walk around freely so long. Does the police no have a name matching program on there computers, that bringing events and names quickly together?
  6. "After checking their criminal records police were astounded by the number of cases they had, they had over 40 cases in Jantaburi Province." Incredible that the executive is not able to bring highly criminals quick behind bars and keep them there. .I do not want to know in how many cases this killers have been released on bail in the past. The excekutive and legeslative institutions should really consider how they can better protect their peaceful taxpayers from such criminal scum. RIP