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  1. The sad spectacle continues. It is shocking at what low level the whole theater drama takes place. None of the actors seems to have a statesmanlike behavior and backbone. Sad for Thailand.
  2. Terrakiat fails to attend Cabinet meeting

    The inability to deal with constructive criticism pervades the entire Thai society. A minister says his opinion and immediately gets muzzled. Just these watch scandal shows every citizen how ethics and morality of the ruling class is ordered. Everyone who squeals gets his mouth stuffed.
  3. What a kindergarten. He should resign and do with it his country a favor.
  4. He is innocent. He only borrowed 300 million baht from a criminal slave trader who sell and hold underage girls in bordellos. A fine example of an anti policeman. Rotten to the core.
  5. As much transparency as in a heated steam sauna can be possible.
  6. I understand your objection. But in 28 states, a majority-based direct-election system of individual persons is technically not feasible at all. In the election to the EU parliament, you choose your favorite from your country. Then your elected representatives from your country will continue to vote in the EU Parliament.
  7. Do not worry. Junkers term ends October 2019. The European Commission is the politically independent executive of the EU. It is solely responsible for drawing up proposals for new European legislation and implementing the decisions of the European Parliament and the Council of the EU. One of the first tasks of the newly elected parliament is to elect the new president of the European Commission (the executive branch of the EU). When proposing a candidate, Member States must take into account the results of the European elections. The European Parliament will then vote on the proposed candidate, which will require a qualified majority, with at least half of all MEPs (at least 376 of the 751 members) voting in favor of being elected. When Parliament has given its assent to the President and Members of the Commission, they will be appointed by the Council, acting by a qualified majority. It is always amazing how often it is tried to suggest that the members of the EU are not elected.
  8. Yes, the culture shock exists in both directions. Often blinded by the 2 week vacation millionaires, the prince turns out to be a normal worker in his small dwelling.
  9. Ministers from the 27 other states took just two minutes in Brussels to endorse new instructions to their negotiator Michel Barnier,... Only 2 minutes, this must be a new record.
  10. The Anti-graft seminar attracted about 50 people. The event was observed by at least 20 policemen, including some in plain clothes. This already has North Korea level. Sad.
  11. Prayut defends Prawit over expensive watches

    Between soldiers it is an honor to maintain friendship and brotherhood until death. This applies to soldiers in the war field. On the other hand, in politics, it can be deadly not to drop such a hot potato, immediately.
  12. Since the coup of 2014, a reelection has been postponed several times. Does anyone know the exact number of election shifts? At some point, the lack of credibility Begins.
  13. What is wrong with that. The poor guy has only some cold ears and just get them warmed up.
  14. Butts Out: Smoking Ban To Hit 24 Thai Beaches

    Stupid law. 1. The amount of the punishments are in no relation to other offenses. 2. Not the smoking on the beach should be punished but the throw away of garbage. The environmental awareness of many tourists is far higher than that of many Thais. Many tourists collect their garbage and bring it to the garbage bin. If there are any at all. 3. Some smokers roll their cigarettes themselves without synthetic plastic filters. From these cigarette rests there is less danger to the environment than from every 7-11 plastic bag. Thailand should choose more smarter law makers.