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  1. Prawit reportedly declared no assets worth more than Bt200,000 when he entered the Cabinet in 2014. Only 200,000? Terrifying this poverty.
  2. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    These studies should have been carried out before declaring withdrawal under Article 50. Now one can see the result, if people only listen to the propagandists. Were also nice words to get rid of the prison chains, aka shackles of the EU & free trade with the whole world & safe pensions & best free health care & without foreigners & higher wages & safe country borders. And 52% believed in the promised miracle.That is not to be surpassed in naivety.
  3. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    "It is unbelievable that these long-trumpeted impact assessments don't even exist, meaning the government has no idea what their Brexit plans will do to the country." That's scary. Same as someone distribute packs of razor blades in a kindergarten and give the children to play.
  4. "It is unbelievable that these long-trumpeted impact assessments don't even exist, meaning the government has no idea what their Brexit plans will do to the country." As a taxpayer, one wonders for what these people are actually being paid for. Amateurs who gamble with billions, but have not done their homework. In a company of the free economy such a manager would not even survive the probationary period.
  5. can agree with you on one point: the EU (and the Uk is still a member!) has failed to properly protect its external borders. The unregulated influx of refugees made the brexit result possible. The distinction between true war refugees and economic immigrants did not happen at all. No one understands why European politicians are so strongly promoting the Islamization of Europe. Unfortunately, then, the whole has shifted to the question of immigration from EU citizens. Is the Polish plumber, cucumber tiller and nurse really the problem? in another point, I have to contradict. the eu has shown a lot of patience and has built many bridges for uk. if 65% of the ni population is for the remainding in the eu, why not search for them a Solution on that basis.
  6. I do not remember seeing the UK in such a mess since the last 50 years. Every headless chicken has more plan. I'm sorry for the UK.
  7. Allways nice to see how an expensive watch emerges from the depths to the surface.
  8. Trump is arguably the most ruthless and stupid president in US history. Trump would sell all his friends for money. Well, the US has not so many friends now Trump destroyed a lot. Except for the Saudis, which he loves as customers for his weapons.
  9. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Can agree. A systematic mistake if an organization provides for a 2-year notice period, but makes the economic and financial plans for 5 years or more. Clear that there are then delimitation difficulties. Basically, at the time of the referendum, no one, neither Brexiteers nor Remainers, has fully thought through the problems, details, issues and implications.
  10. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    No one likes to see his homeland go to the dogs because, by chance, some weak-headed people want to play amateur theater. There is national pride in every country, that is not just a British phenomenon.
  11. UK and EU agree Brexit divorce bill: UK newspapers

    That's great. Then write down which countries that will be, what these countries should deliver and what the UK is able to deliver in return to these countries, except for tickets to visit the old castles.
  12. Applause for this. All products that have undergone a quality check will get a sales approval in the EU. The quantities are subject to a trade agreement. If that were not the case, China would swamp the UK with Marmite copies. Sorry, but you have no idea about international trade.
  13. It is obvious that you think you know everything. But you have no idea of the theoretical premises of the perfect market. Admit it.
  14. Thank you for your posting. As always, there are so many facts in your reposts included again. Try to approach the whole thing more intellectually and less ideological.
  15. Everyone buys where it is cheaper, if the product quality is identical. But the product quality is mostly not identical. Have you ever had a soldering iron made in Thailand / China in your hand? All products imported into the EU are subject not only to a potential duty but also to a safety and functional check. You can buy here the soldering iron in Thailand for 20 Baht if it makes you happy. Fortunately, the EU does not let this garbage into the country. And even over your NI boarder, hopefully you will not be able to smuggle that garbage.