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  1. The situation is clear. May is facing a coca cola automat and wants a pepsi. That will not work.
  2. I am sorry for the 49% minority who want to stay in the EU.
  3. Relax. No hate. Just interested in people who feel trump as smart. I only feel he is a fool. What do you think of his idea to build a wall in the sahara?
  4. "Trump is a smart guy." That's just like the women. The more you drink, the more beautiful they become. Do you burn your own alcohol?
  5. More diarrhea from the sinile orange clown. How did he manage to graduate with his lack of geography knowledge? At least he is entertaining.
  6. U said UK. I think more of criminals who then buy cheap chlorine chicken, then label them in the garage new, and try to sell them with much profit as quality produkts.
  7. What a coincidence. Just yesterday we discussed this scenario here. Hopefully the US chlor chicken will not be introduced with a new label, as a uk quality chicken and will so exported into the EU. The same applies to US hormone beef and pork as well as genetically modified cereals and vegetables. For this reason safe EU borders and strict border controls are necessary. Nobody wants to eat this shit here.
  8. Beautiful schizophrenics. Brexiteers complain that the borders in the south are too open and too many economic refugees infiltrate the EU unchecked. They are right. The eu needs strong external borders. Now the EU also needs strong external borders in the north. But that is not good now.
  9. China simply hang, for the effective fight against corruption, the thieving officials on the gallows. In particularly severe cases like this, Thailand should also consider this.
  10. Those who pay taxes in thailand can only be annoyed. Everywhere there are criminal figures who rob the population. It's absolutely sickening.
  11. well, if brexit is realized, regardless if unregulated, with canada solution or whatever, it will lead to more bureaucracy, paper war and overall higher costs. from the end of march on, the uk is not even able to handle the existing goods flows in time. There is a lack of software, hardware and personnel. That there maybe one or the other batch of rotten meat slips through the UK border and lands on the uk dining plate is certainly not excluded. Criminal UK importers and criminal EU exporters will certainly exploit the border chaos.
  12. Sure. The UK could flood the channel tunnel. Just wonder why the uk team agreed to the 2 negotiation steps 2 years ago: 1. separation calculation 2. future trade agreement Now the UK wants to break contracts?
  13. trump the great negotiator. no idea of mentalities. no idea about intercultural management. he achieves nothing with his blackmail and threats. Now the Chinese feel the conversation climate poisoned. Trump completely overestimates his bargaining position. Now he complains that the countermeasures hurt his voters. What a fool, he didn't saw the reactions ahead.
  14. Understand. But now, as an EU member, u can kill ur chicken (if you are an autonomous farmer (self-sufficient)) and eat it. No EU rule prevents you from doing that. if you want to sell your poultry in the domestic UK weekly market you will be subject to random checks by the regional health authorities. It is true that health limits and storage regulations exist, partly according to eu law. Question: Are the limits of the number of Salmonella or the storage regulations of the EU so bad? or too strict? If you want to sell your poultry in big UK supermarket chains, then there are individual, much stiffer regulations that do not come from eu law but are created by the supermarkets themselves. If you want to export your poultry, this is subject to the EU quality and testing requirements. So after Brexit only the export case changes. What would change then, after brexit, within the uk in this poultry example? I can not see the added benefit here.
  15. Joking aside. If China draws its rare earth card, it will also hit the US high-tech industry hard. Neodymium This is used to make powerful magnets used in loudspeakers and computer hard drives to enable them to be smaller and more efficient. Magnets containing neodymium are also used in green technologies such as the manufacture of wind turbines and hybrid cars. Lanthanum This element is used in camera and telescope lenses. Compounds containing lanthanum are used extensively in carbon lighting applications, such as studio lighting and cinema projection. Cerium Used in catalytic converters in cars, enabling them to run at high temperatures and playing a crucial role in the chemical reactions in the converter. Lanthanum and cerium are also used in the process of refining crude oil. Praseodymium Used to create strong metals for use in aircraft engines. Praseodymium is also a component of a special sort of glass, used to make visors to protect welders and glassmakers. Gadolinium Used in X-ray and MRI scanning systems, and also in television screens. Research is also being done into its possible use in developing more efficient refrigeration systems. Yttrium, terbium, europium Important in making televisions and computer screens and other devices that have visual displays as they are used in making materials that give off different colours. Europium is also used in making control rods in nuclear reactors.