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  1. In the report filed with the National Anti-Corruption Commission, Yingluck’s assets included Bt14.2 million in cash, Bt24.9 million in bank deposits, Bt115.5 million in investments, Bt108 million in loans, Bt117 million in land plots, and Bt162 million in other properties. I think she has traded the bulk of her fortune in handbags and shoes.
  2. "spoilt brat" Luck for the innocent bystanders, that he has no Ferrari, Mercedes or Porsche.
  3. 20 years old. Did he not have the 20000 baht in cash, as required by immigration? A Big Mac does not cost much.
  4. It is also a matter of balance. Unreported foreign workers are threatened with up to 5 years imprisonment and very high fines. A legal offense, but they work for their food and do not steal. On the other hand the corrupt officials can rob the society, without penalty.
  5. The junta-appointed legislature approved without amendment this emergency decree. Members voted 177-0 with 11 abstentions to adopt the controversial Royal Decree on managing foreign labor into law. In the case of such voting results, the presumption is suggestive of the malfunction of an entire institution. The struggle and debate about the best solution for the country simply no longer takes place. All just appointed Yes Sayers, reduced to command receiver only. So every progress is stifled.
  6. With this aggressiveness potential, a drug test should be carried out immediately. Apparently, he's beating his girlfriend regularly. A real sadist.
  7. Cowardly scum. Beat his pregnant girlfriend bloody. He is obviously sick in the brain. A threat to society. And according to his prehistory, why does he still have a driving license?
  8. It is never too late to learn the facts. Great Britain: Economic sector shares of gross domestic product (GDP) 2015: Agriculture: 0,65% Industry: 19,41% Services: 79,94%
  9. I read the comments there. Unbelievable what hate, has accumulated itself in 40 years of European partnership. Ignoring the fact that the UK has played a part in shaping this eu politics over 40 years. Some comments have real hitler level there.
  10. First Brits are not a race. But I understand your argument. Too much influx of foreign people. This is a problem which affects all EU countries. It is therefore not an economic problem, but a problem of immigration that the eu as well as the individual states can not solve properly. I have no problem with the free movement of people from the eu member states. But the mass of economic refugees from Africa and non-functioning Muslim countries, the eu can not take definitiy unlimited in. Whether a brexit is the right answer, I have my doubts. Many europeans have the snout full of this unregulated invasion.
  11. Understand. But why it is a dysfunctional marriage? The UK has nevertheless profited very well in the standard of living. The uk is located at one of the top places of the EU with one of the highest income per inhabitant in the whole EU.
  12. That the EU costs a lot of money is a myth. The share of the EU budget is 1% of gross domestic product per country. Every country gets a free market access to all markets. For example, the food prices have declined incredibly when one takes as calculation basis, how much working time a worker has to spend to buy a 1 kg bread.
  13. Understand. But why you single out the UK then? What the other net payers make different then?
  14. My country is a net payer. And a receiver in terms of trade possibilities