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  1. 5000 Baht is to much. 50 Baht would be ok.
  2. His lawyers will file again a complaint. This date, 27 April is unfair. It is a bloody Racing day.
  3. There's a rat at government house At the headline I first thought that a corrupt official had been caught.
  4. Guess he will not appear next time on April 27. His excuse will then be that he has menstruation problems. The public prosecutor will understand this.
  5. It is about the formal legal procedure here. The prosecution is responsible for the time delays, the granting of deadlines and the acceptance of such stupid excuses like: "i have a flu, i am busy, have no time and it is all unfair." This delay game has been running for 5 years with the consent of the prosecutor's office.
  6. Pol Lt-Gen Sanit Mahathavorn, commissioner of metropolitan police bureau, said Wednesday that Thonglor police who are in charge of the case had sent the case to the OAG on September 3, 2012. Easy to see which fish stinks here.
  7. Not before April 27. Guess death driver boss has some more important partys to celebrate before.
  8. Where is the benefit of the 38 billion for the Thai nation? aka all thai people?These jockys do not realize that they riding a dead horse since 1951.
  9. I wonder that he has a valid thai passport at all. He simply did not appear for summons, interrogations and court appointments. And thus prosecution times expires . Excessive speeding, driving under the influence of drugs, escape from the place of the accident, misrepresentation ( The butler was first presented as the alleged death driver.) Everything is already time-barred. The rape and mockery of the law. Against such an injustice In other countries the population would have massiv opposed.
  10. It is embarrassing. A massive face loss for Thailand and its legal system.
  11. In fact Wijak said he had instructed the unit running the checkpoint to keep up the morale of the soldier who pulled the trigger. “In my eyes he just carried out his duty. If he is deemed a villain, probably no soldiers will have the courage to take action in the future.” This is one side of the medal. But what also can not be allowed is that people are shot here, without neutral investigation and punishment. Mistakes happen at control points with armed staff, not just in Thailand, but around the world. Much more important here is the unreserved, true clarification. If CCTV recordings are available which relieve the shooter, why are they not shown to the public? Otherwise the description of the incident becomes unbelievable.
  12. My rejection rate is on average at 50%. From hotel sukumvit 11 to don muang airport it can happen that one must ask 10-20 taxis if one wants to drive with meter. For 500 - 700 baht without meter many would drive. taxi prices as on a bazaar here.
  13. This is a professional thief gang. Trained and practiced. Each of the three knows his part in the job. All three are actively involved. Teamwork of thieves. Without losing a word, right at the beginning the red scum reaches the white scum in the middle the booty storage plastic bag. The small thick scum is the picker. This is professionalism how he first moved the bag to see if the bag is free for a quick grab. The middle scum is the back "packer." They are practiced, have their victim previously spied, positioned themselfs at the table and have carried out the theft quickly in daylight.
  14. A submarine of the German Navy has set a new record for conventional submarines. Thanks to its fuel cells, it has remained uninterrupted for 18 days. Even German submarines had probably been on a dive longer than U 32. Thus the commander of U 977 of the German Kriegsmarine declared that his boat had remained under water for 1945 during the flight to Argentina. Only the diesel engines were supplied with fresh air at night via so-called snorkel. Even two days longer to maximum snorkel depth drove 1943 allegedly the U 978 during a patrol before Norway. A record is the dive of U 32 so only insofar as the boat unlike its predecessors did not even have to rise near the water surface. The record for the longest dive continues however a Russian nuclear submarine. The Russian nuclear submarine TK-208 holds the record for the longest dive ever. In 1984, the then Soviet boat remained uninterrupted for 121 days, ten days longer than the previous record holder, the British submarine HMS Warspite, a year Previously dived 111 days. Both submarines had an atomic drive. Such boats may remain under water as long as the crew has sufficient supplies and oxygen supplies.
  15. You mean the older women from southern europe (Spain, Italy, Greece) Or do you talk about the “girls” in Cascade and Casanova?