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  1. In preparing for my impending redundancy I have been trying to find out what my options are for continuing to make Thailand SS payments on a voluntary basis after finishing work because the hospitals are pretty good and expat medical insurance is not cheap. I have found that clear information on this matter is not so easy to find. However I managed to find two very clear sources of info that I thought I would share so others wouldn't have to spend hours on Google. The first is the reply that I received from the Thailand Elite Organisation who advised as follows: |"If you had paid social security contribution for a period of not less than twelve months and wish to continually be insured person, you shall, within six months from the date of your termination, notify your statement to the Social Security Office under Section 39 Voluntary Scheme (Social Security Act B.E. 2533 (1990), Section 39)." The second is the English Pamphlet prepared by the SSO that I have attached below Hope this helps SSO leaflet.pdf