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  1. Customs crackdown at Suvarnabhumi?

    For many years I went through the green lane unchallenged with 4 bottles of red wine in my case - illegal I admit. Of course about 5 years ago my case was x-rayed and the rather attractive young customs lady pulled me up, advised me that I was over the alcohol limit, but said I could keep two bottles. So I kept the best two and as she took the other two I asked her what would happen to these. Destroyed was her response but gave me a big smile when I suggested she drink the wine as it was a very high quality gold medal winning drop. So who knows what happened to the wine but I would have enjoyed sharing it with her. My case has never been examined again.
  2. Most of the negative comments about Thai girls on Thai Visa are from men who have made a mistake in relationships and don't admit this even to themselves. So they blame someone else who is the girl in this case - ego defence 101. My recommendation is to meet her and her family, and if you get on with them and her wait for a few years - don't rush in to marriage until you are about 90% sure about it. Use your good judgement. I waited 10 years to get married to my Thai wife as she was so young when we first met and I wanted to be sure about her and me - I had one failed marriage (my fault) and did not want to have another one. But while you are thinking of yourself please be equally concerned for her. You may look like emotional and financial salvation to her and she may not have had a real loving relationship with a man before. So don't break her heart and if you do not wish to continue with her break it off as soon as you know this - don't drag it out.
  3. This is getting extensive coverage on all Australian TV news channels today. Very bad publicity for Phuket and Thai tourism
  4. European statistics show that whilst 54% of males who commit suicide hang themselves, only 35% of females do so. The method most used by females is by taking a drug overdose usually sleeping pills. So whilst its possible that this poor woman may have committed suicide by hanging it is unlikely and it looks like we may never know the cause of death for sure. This becomes more upsetting for her family every day and I send my support to them - my 18 year old son was killed in an accident many years ago so I know a little of how they feel - but loosing a daughter in these circumstances must be far worse. RIP young lady.
  5. Estate Gate Security

    I replaced a useless guard with a savage looking dog which was loyal and protective of the house, family and maid. But you need a secure compound to stop the dog from getting out! 2 dogs are probably better as they have company when you are not there and will protect each other too.
  6. Full marks to the rescue team for the effort involved - sorry to see the sad ending. I have rescued a few wild animals in Australia (not crocodiles!!) and unfortunately the stress the animal has gone through has often been too much. However many have survived thanks to the work of helpers who specialise (as volunteers) in the care required.
  7. When I lived in Malaysia many years ago my sons loved durian flavoured ice cream - not me! One of the guys from our office whent on a 1 week trip leaving his car at the airport outside in the Malaysian sun with half eaten durians in the boot/trunk. With great courage he drove it home where his Chinese amah fixed the smell by putting pandan leaves in the boot overnight - all was OK by the morning.
  8. Perhaps he is a follower of Saint Augustine who famously (or infamously) prayed "God please make me good - but not yet."
  9. In case you don't believe what clear air turbulence can do take a look at this B-52 which lost most of its vertical stabiliser (fin) and rudder when flying in clear air turbulence in the lee of the Rocky mountains. They landed OK. Boeing build 'em tough. Not too many high mountains to the north west of Bangkok, but flying in clear air near thunderstorms can sometimes produce similar conditions. As Aeroflot was 40 minutes from BKK there were probably passengers standing in toilet queues. As others have pointed out ALWAYS keep your seat belt fastened unless its essential to move round and minimise the time out of your seat.
  10. Why would you want to drink Corona? No one drinks it in Mexico and certainly not with a slice of lemon - that's for Gringos. There are some excellent beers in Mexico but Corona is not one of them.
  11. Well in the photo in the first post she is wearing 4 bars and is referred to as a Captain.
  12. Congratulations to her - its a hard but satisfying effort to become an airline captain. There are now many all female crews on the flight deck, which is then known as the box office not the cockpit (told to me by a female captain).
  13. Best: Singapore Airlines, with Thai International second. Worst: Any Low Cost Carrier - take your pick. Worst because of low safety standards and records to match. Safe flying was never meant to be this cheap.
  14. Wearing shorts/ mosquitos?

    Shorts and polo shirt at home and in the village but long trousers/jeans in the city. Mossies never bother me much and that includes years of Hash Harrier runs wearing shorts and running singlet in the jungle, oil palm and rubber estates - which are the worst for mossies. Oil palm for cobras! In Kuala Lumpur the local authorities sprayed often and inspected premises for standing water etc. I have not seen this in Thailand? But a young Japanese engineer in my KL condo block died of Dengue Shock Syndrome within a few days. If you suspect dengue get medical assistance ASAP.
  15. In Australia tank tops are a garment made of stretch material worn by girls from above the waist to just above the breasts. Presumably your tank tops are a sleeveless T shirt. Please correct me if I am wrong. What's a wife beater and what's its origin? Shorts above the knee and sandals or flip flops (called thongs in AUS!!) are OK in Australia but NEVER with socks. Shorts were OK on the beach in Malaysia but if you wore them elsewhere you were thought of as a coolie. In Thailand I wear polo shirts and shorts in the village, but longs in BKK and dress up for an occasion. Speaking of T shirts I saw a beautiful and very well equipped young lady wearing one with "I wish these were brains" on it. Best ever .