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  1. Yes, really stupid to not only lose a reader but create negative feelings as well! I don't suddenly decide to book a hotel room because of a pop up ad, just as I don't suddenly decide to take a taxi because people yell at me to take one.
  2. Should I be glad it is just not me then?
  3. Has anyone else noticed that clicking on an article in the Phuket newspaper with the initials PG, causes another window to pop up. When I close the news site this other window is there, which I also have to close. This is the only site where this happens to me and so I have stopped looking at it as it annoys me. I have Ad Blocker installed.
  4. I would like to send a silver ring or necklace (value 3-5000 Baht) as a birthday present to Colorado. What is the best way to do this?
  5. Google AVSS Phuket Town.
  6. They ask you tto sign in by 8:30AM to begin the test around 9AM. If you are late you lose your registration fee.
  7. I walk by this almost every day and actually watched the artist painting it for a little while. There have been more people looking, stopping and taking photos than anything else I have observed in Phuket Town, many more people than ever stopped at the Baba Museum!
  8. Yes, poor choice of words. I should have said, if your most recent visa is an ED visa (with or without an extension), then the Penang Consulate will refuse to issue you a Tourist Visa. This is according to Jim. How strict will they be? This was my situation: my 2nd year ED extension from Phuket was expiring on April 3rd. However, I had already purchased a ticket to the USA for May 24 and so the print out of the ticket was presented with my application. They went ahead and gave me the Tourist Visa.
  9. Jim, who has a cafe' of the same name on Chulia Street in Penang, says that about one month ago the Penang Consulate began refusing to issue a Tourist Visa if your last visa was an ED visa. If you go to Penang wanting to convert an ED visa to a Tourist Visa you will be disappointed. Jim asked me to post this warning.
  10. Thanks, I guess that leaves me with the default Penang as the most cost effective - once again- but I appreciate your concise list of options.
  11. I am a USA passport holder and my 2nd year ED Phuket extension ends April 3rd. I want to get a tourist visa and so it seems that Laos is the choice. From what I read it should be no problem in Savannakhet. However, I do like Vientiane but I read that the ED visa needs to be cancelled before you can exit at Nong Khai. If I cancel the ED visa in Phuket, which will not be easy as the office there is SO busy and I am not even sure they will do it. It is not possible to get to Nong Khai the same day, I assume I will then be on minimum one day Overstay, maybe even 2 or 3 days by the time I get to the border. Would it them be easier,safer and better to go to Nong Khai Immigration for the cancellation?
  12. If you don't feel like traveling out of Patong, the pharmacy around the corner form the Big C Service Counter (jungceylon) often is not that much more expensive.
  13. For some reason I now have a jacuzzi bathtub, still in the packing, that needs to be installed in the existing space of a stand up shower. I have had mo luck in finding someone to do this. Any suggestions?
  14. Many major hotels have Executive and Head Chefs who are foreigners, right? I am sure they must have work permits. You see their pictures in the Bangkok Post on an almost weekly basis.
  15. Tuesday March 25 at 10:00 AM I could not see even one person or machine at work. Were they all in the underpass?