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  1. Yes, really stupid to not only lose a reader but create negative feelings as well! I don't suddenly decide to book a hotel room because of a pop up ad, just as I don't suddenly decide to take a taxi because people yell at me to take one.
  2. Should I be glad it is just not me then?
  3. Has anyone else noticed that clicking on an article in the Phuket newspaper with the initials PG, causes another window to pop up. When I close the news site this other window is there, which I also have to close. This is the only site where this happens to me and so I have stopped looking at it as it annoys me. I have Ad Blocker installed.
  4. I would like to send a silver ring or necklace (value 3-5000 Baht) as a birthday present to Colorado. What is the best way to do this?
  5. Google AVSS Phuket Town.
  6. They ask you tto sign in by 8:30AM to begin the test around 9AM. If you are late you lose your registration fee.
  7. I walk by this almost every day and actually watched the artist painting it for a little while. There have been more people looking, stopping and taking photos than anything else I have observed in Phuket Town, many more people than ever stopped at the Baba Museum!
  8. Yes, poor choice of words. I should have said, if your most recent visa is an ED visa (with or without an extension), then the Penang Consulate will refuse to issue you a Tourist Visa. This is according to Jim. How strict will they be? This was my situation: my 2nd year ED extension from Phuket was expiring on April 3rd. However, I had already purchased a ticket to the USA for May 24 and so the print out of the ticket was presented with my application. They went ahead and gave me the Tourist Visa.
  9. Jim, who has a cafe' of the same name on Chulia Street in Penang, says that about one month ago the Penang Consulate began refusing to issue a Tourist Visa if your last visa was an ED visa. If you go to Penang wanting to convert an ED visa to a Tourist Visa you will be disappointed. Jim asked me to post this warning.
  10. Tuesday March 25 at 10:00 AM I could not see even one person or machine at work. Were they all in the underpass?
  11. This whole thread may be obslete as you can hardly find Montclair, only a few 750 ml. bottles still around. Boxes gone, 2 liter bottles gone.
  12. I have tried the "Bodegas Centenarias" Sauv. Blanc and it is very good. In fact we used to drink it as an everyday wine. One of my favourite wines is sauv blanc and I had tried many of the boxed whites over the years we have been here. This is by far the best. As I said in an earler post, I try to stay clear of the boxes but we still have one of these in the fridge for "emergencies" as it is as close to bottle quality that I think you could get in a box. Also I don't remember any headaches with this wine. Sent from my GT-P5100 using Thaivisa Connect Thailand mobile app I think the Bodegas Sauv. Blanc is not bad for a box white, but be careful! I have had 2 boxes spring a leak on me. Quite disturbing to open the fridge in the morning and find your wine is dripping everywhere!
  13. As the person who was tasked with selecting wine for a Patong bar for some years, I was thankful for the appearance of Montclair. Until then I has to choose from 2 Liter bottles, usually Italian. I would find a good one that wasn't to expensive, only soon to discover it to be out of stock, never to be seen again. Montclair solved the consistency and supply problem for me. Whatever you might think of the quality it was a relief to stop my perpetual search. At many of the bars in Patong you will not find customers looking for a good glass of wine, just a glass of wine, seemingly any glass will do. It also solved the storage problem. Once you opened a 2 liter bottle, even stored with the beer, the days were numbered before you had it start to vinegar on you.often in just 3 days. With the cost of wine being so expensive in Thailand, bars usually can not afford to throw it away. Thus the horrible glass of wine being served to the unwary. The Montclair Box, because the nozzle stops the air from entering the wine bladder, could be opened and then stored in with the beer for a much much longer time, though there still were problems if it sat too long. So thanks to Montclair for: Availabiliity, Affordability, Storability, Consistency and Drinkability - this last being often disputed in this thread. I have also tried the Bodega and agree the quality is a step above Montclair. , However, they are too expensive for the usual bar wine, Be warned, I carried some boxes in my backpack and walked home. I have had 2 boxes develop leaks from doing this. I Have done the same with Montclair but have never had a similar leak with their boxes.
  14. I live in Phuket and am going to get my new US passport (out of pages on the old one) at the US Embassy in Bangkok on May 3. My current Tourist Visa expires May 7. I had planned to get a 30 day tourist extension in Phuket Town on May 1st (just enough space left to do that). Do I need to go to Chaeng Wattana to transfer the 30 day extension while I am in Bangkok? I will need to use my new passport to get my next visa.