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  1. The person getting tossed around in the green shirt looked female. It was clearly a guy doing the tossing, the tosser!
  2. Do you know how many flags have the colours red/white/blue on them as the only colours of the flag? I looked but didn't count, but it's gotta be a significant percentage by just looking at the flag. Then there are the flags that have those 3 colours plus a symbol. How can people get so riled up over something this insignificant? Man, Larry Flynt once wore an American flag as a diaper to a court hearing.
  3. Cereal

    Can Thailand lure the Chinese back?

    They start training them young in China.
  4. No, don't know how you could extrapolate that from my statement. Included within that 2/3 would be all of the other assorted terrible drivers one expects to see everyday.
  5. Cereal

    When an eyebrow tattoo goes wrong

    Which came first: the removal technique for disasters you darn well knew were gonna happen, or the tattooing of eyebrows?
  6. I've said this before after quoting an article, and I'll say it again. When 1/3 of Thais believe there is nothing they can do to prevent an accident while driving because it's fate or karma, what do you expect other than carnage on the roads?
  7. According to the Information Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases at Chulalongkorn University, 40 per cent of stray dogs also carry the rabies virus. This is the thing that got me. Man, if this is true it is a terrifying statistic. 40% of stray dogs have rabies? That is scary sh!t man.
  8. Didn't the Thai police say they'd ask for her extradition to Thailand to try her for slander or libel or whatever if their investigation proved she wasn't raped? I wonder which flight she'll be on back to the LOS?
  9. 7.5 billion people on earth. Half are male so let's call it 3.75 billion male's. About 5% identify as gay from my quick Google search. Research also shows many pedos are straight. 100 million seems too high and likely a typo, but it's possible. There's also the likelihood that many are just lookers and fantasizers. It is my highly controversial and totally unsupported personal opinion that every gay man is a closet pedo and would act of they were 100% certain they would get away with it. Sorry for that, but I was molested twice as a kid. Once by my dad's best friend and once by my best friend's older brother. The torture and torment never goes away. 5 decades of never forgetting.
  10. I taught in Korea from 2011-16 and during that time there was a front page store in the national English newspaper that Korean men were the #1 sex tourists for underage kids in the world. It's sick. A slow agonizing very painful death to all pedos. Zero sympathy.
  11. Cereal

    Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen dies at 65

    Sad. I'd love to be rich but I'd hate to be famous. Paul Allen was like that. I bet he coulda walked around most any store outside of Seattle in jeans and a t-shirt and no one would have known him. To me, he had a perfect life. Parties, boats, bands, billions, and no wife. Can it get better than that?
  12. Shocking that this is news at all in 2018. I recall about 10 years ago or so reading an article in the local newspaper that registered nurses -RN's - were going to be taught how to give injections by practicing on oranges. That's like telling a medical school graduate it's time for stethoscope class.
  13. We'll, personally I would follow my training. I have been very highly trained in emergency procedures. Number 1 call for help. Describe the situation where it is and what happened. Say you're trained in emergency procedures and start the assessment and follow directions if any from the emergency services call centre.
  14. Every Thai I see seem to hold their phone in their hand all the time, and yet it doesn't look like anyone tried to call emergency until perhaps the guy and the very end of the clip. You'd think it would be priority number one.
  15. It was a very good movie. I watch all my movies and TV shows on a streaming site called Popcorn Time for free. It's got everything.