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  1. I wonder if this accident will fall into the "bad luck" or "fate" category as 1/3 of Thais believe.
  2. I lived beside a Hells Angels chapter back in Canada for a few years. Decent blokes for the most part. They never screwed with civilians and if you showed them respect they showed it to you. However, screw them and you're screwed.
  3. The poop has hit the proverbial fan. War with the DPRK has just become the second likeliest hot zone.
  4. So what was the ambulance driver saying? "You stupid strawberry! I'm gonna kick your kiwi and beat you into apple sauce." As well, what does undertake mean?
  5. You don't have a fit, you have a seizure which is either grand mal or petit mal. The former causes violent uncontrolled spasms and could easily have pounded the gas pedal hard to the floor.
  6. This is tragic and was likely preventable. I've been driving motorbikes for 40 years and you have to drive like everyone is out to kill you. Anything less is dangerous. I'd like to see CCTV footage is possible. No doubt the truck driver was careless but was mom on the bike inattentive at all? Passing the truck when a potential turning point was present? You have to be hyper aware of vehicles turning and take precautions. Very sad......
  7. I'm not exactly naive, yet I still wonder how a people can justify such profound pride in self and culture knowing that the foundation upon which their pride rests is corrupt.
  8. So the Saudis are just as mistaken as the Thais then.
  9. Not necessarily mocking or despising, just stating that the woman is very physically unattractive. I believe the huge majority of people, herself included, would agree to that. Not too sure if it's photo-shopped, but there's definitely some serious make-up artistry going on.
  10. The only time I've ever eaten pizza in Thailand was at Mr. Pizza or whatever in a mall. I cannot imagine a Thai pizza being nearly as bad as the abominations Koreans create. ketchup, mayo, corn and french fries bwahahahahahhahaha
  11. Fish 'n ships? Is that delicious?
  12. I can imagine if they try this in Laos (Luang Prabang in front of the Emerald Buddha for instance) they'll quickly disappear.
  13. It's the fact the Thai guy ran away and came back with a stick. Cowardly in the extreme. I am surprised, however, the Thai wimp didn't come back with a stick and 10 friends.