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  1. Brighter Butts, Darker Futures

    Korea and Japan too. Laos to a slightly lesser extent.
  2. Why is there such a seemingly large percentage of cops mentioned in these stories as Maj. Gen. which I take to be Major General. Where are all the everyday street cops? It's not as if they're all living pure sinless lives.
  3. Someone give that "girl" a sandwich. Banging her would be like banging a bag of antlers.
  4. What US consulate or embassy isn't?
  5. I wonder if anyone here can help. In a nutshell, this is the story. I live in Laos and the director of our school. who was appointed this past year, worked and lived in Thailand for many years. He claims to have a PhD, which no one can absolutely confirm. he's also been such a disruptive force that those whom he hasn't fired are looking for other jobs. The issue is this. We're trying to find out about his past. There is a 10 year gap when he was in Thailand which is unaccounted for. No one knows where he was or what he was doing. He's despised by one and all. He's a pathological liar and an evil man. Is there any way to dig up information on his mysterious whereabouts during his absence from society? The rumour mill has it he was stitched up in a Thai jail. But that's purely rumour and conjecture at this point. He has single-handedly destroyed the moral and very fabric of what was very recently a fantastic workplace.
  6. Really? You honestly think that those two things are synonymous?
  7. Calling all ghosts. Calling all ghosts. Seriously, how can anyone take this seriously! No wonder some look at Thailand with the expression of incredulity on their faces.
  8. Having lived in Korea for 6 years and seen their construction methods, I'm only surprised that this doesn't happen more often.
  9. Shooting in Brazil kills at least 14 in dance club

    Fired guns for half an hour before splitting????? That's unbelievable.
  10. What's up with Nigerians,man? I know many folks from Africa from several different countries and all of them think Nigerians are scumbag.
  11. I doubt they'll spend much time in a Thai jail. Israel will swing a deal and bring them back. My guess money will be the motivating factor. Major General Soandsoapong needs a new mansion.
  12. When I was working in Korea with my Lao wife, the Korean people automatically assumed she was Thai with the obligatory "look at the white guy with a Thai <deleted> for a wife" sniff. As soon as they found out she's Lao the change in their demeanor was instant and dramatic. I feel sorry that the image of Thai women has been besmirched by this situation, which admittedly is likely full of girls forced into it as a means of family support. There, but for the grace of luck, could be any SE Asian girl.
  13. 20 students in a pickup. Hmmmmmmm.......not quite overcrowded but certainly tending towards it. As well, one would think (hope) the ambulance driver would have been more spatially aware. Yeah man, I know, wishful thinking.