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  1. There's back story here that we are missing. There appears to be tension between the two and the falang guy seems to be egging her on. Just watching the video calling it completely unprovoked seems a stretch.
  2. Insurance companies are the biggest scam in history. They excel at taking your money but are woefully lacking when it comes to paying out when it's due.
  3. I wonder if the cops would be so nonchalant had the falang knocked out the cabbie? Well...not really, if it had been that way the cabbie would have returned with 20 close friends waving machetes. Then he would have to nop and pray at a temple for a couple of weeks to be forgiven. Maybe shave his head, too.
  4. I remember Spain back in the early 70's and it was beautiful. It's sad to read that it has fallen apart. However, I would guess that most of Europe has fallen apart and I put the blame on uncontrolled rampant immigration from 3rd world dungheap countries. I remember Thailand being clean and pristine too. But, Thailand doesn't have the immigration issues plaguing Europe. There's no excuse for filth and dirt and litter everywhere. Take pride in your country. The guy's opinion is valid and it would behoove the Thais to take heed. I can see tourists turning away in droves and spending their much needed dollars elsewhere. That is a scenario that would harm Thailand immensely. Tourism keeps the LOS afloat and the Thais would be best to keep this in the forefront of their minds. They won't.
  5. Yep. It was all the rage in Laos last year.
  6. Massive drug bust close to Chiang Rai border

    That's a huge drug bust. I wonder if they'll get the upper echelon folks who are running it. My guess is those 4 arrested are pretty small potatoes.
  7. It's an insane fad, right up there with fake braces on your teeth and that ridiculous fad with the saggy-assed pants.
  8. "I wonder how these numbers came to be here?" "Don't know." "Must be the Gods." "That sounds about right."
  9. Yeah, you just have to worry about packs of rabid dogs roaming the streets.
  10. I bet all the Indian tailors are drooling at the prospect of all those potential new homegrown customers.
  11. I am so fuzzy from a long night of boozing that I actually got vertigo reading that claptrap, and I'm sitting in my chair!
  12. They looked like decent shoes.
  13. What's so difficult about wearing the proper uniform? I teach at a private school and the uniform thing is a regular challenge with certain students. Wear what you're supposed to. As to the falang parents who have a problem with this, you had the kids in that country by choice, deal with it or home school or send your kid to England or wherever to get an education. Stop whinging. You have choices and "go home if you don't like it" doesn't have to be one. It's like living here and constantly complaining about all the freaking rice. Yes the teacher was way out of line. Who knows how bad the injuries were, it could have been a little redness the way Thais go on about incredibly minor things. But, it all boils down to simply doing what you're supposed to do which is part of the deal when attending or working for certain institutions. We're not exactly living in a bastion of creative free-thinkers here. Wear the stinking uniform exactly as it should be and teach the kids about group-think and individuality after school. Use 'joining in' as a lesson in cultural idealism.
  14. I didn't read if it said they were traveling up or down the slope or how steep it was. Odd, these are germane to the story in my opinion.
  15. I have a lot of pics and videos LOL if I ever find myself missing China I'll look at them from time to time.