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  1. I thought eating street food (temple food) in India and diarrhea went hand in hand. I agree with Pedrogaz above. In fact I've turned down 2 all expense paid trips to India. No desire to see it in the slightest.
  2. That is a lot of drugs, man. Someone is gonna go away for life.
  3. Actually, I have met many Hells Angels. They had a clubhouse very close to where I lived in Canada and I met many during my days as a flight attendant. My personal experience was that if you were polite to them they were polite to you. They do not go out of their way to hassle "citizens".
  4. Cambodian is not a language! It is an adjective describing people who come from Cambodia. The Cambodian people speak Khmer. "Oh! You're from the USA? So, you speak American, right?"
  5. I was under the impression that whenever anyone left the relative safety of a balcony for open air in Thailand it was obviously suicide.
  6. Bike riders fault, 100%. Add a dash of stupidity, unawareness and an inability to think critically and you got one dead idiot. Looks to me like the front of the truck didn't cross over into the side road but the rear wheels were slightly there. That's the way trucks turn, it's mechanics. It also appears that the bike rider had no idea what was going on. Had he been aware he had all kinds of room and time to head into the grass where he may have been able to stay on his wheels. Even if he went down he would have been on grass so very little chance of anything happening there.
  7. I don't even shake my head anymore when I read about the nutjobs who shoot each other over what amounts to an insignificant slight exacerbated into stratospheric proportion due to the insane concept of "face", but when a cop can't handle it.....well...I am shaking my head. Me and the wife are planning a short beach trip to Koh Lanta next month. I wonder if we'll both make it back alive?
  8. Yeah, man...I have no problem with that. But do it quick. You are caught, clearly and obviously...out back, bang you're dead. Done.
  9. Wouldn't it be possible to refer to those particular members as, "Hells Gayngels"?
  10. I really don't understand some people. Man, you have to be seriously down on your luck when 500 baht makes a difference in your day and you're still too freaking lazy to get it yourself and hire some shmuck to stand in line for you that you perhaps paid 60 baht to, added to the ATM fee, leaving you with maybe 400 baht. PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!
  11. Sounds like there may have been a malfunction in the connection between the tractor and the trailer, which could be your standard (lack of) maintenance issue.
  12. I've caught a few snakes in my yard and some have been venomous. I joined the FaceBook Page called snakes in Changmai because I wanted to know what kind of snakes they are and whether they're truly dangerous. Contrary to popular belief, all snakes are poisonous. Which is to say if you are bitten there will be a reaction, much a like a wasp or bee sting. Poisonous doesn't equal venomous. So, I've caught snakes in my yard, take a picture after I've killed the blighter, then send the pic to the FB Changmai gang and read about what a beautiful snake it is and how I was cruel to kill it etc etc. I got tired of it and now I kill any snake I see in my yard. Or scorpion. Or massive spider. Better them than the infant girl starting to crawl or my puppy. Or me. Or my wife.