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  1. I've been married to my Lao wife for 10 years. Her mom was Thai,from Issan. There will always be cultural issues. Truly, I will never totally understand all of her ways,nor she mine. Its a work in progress. But It works. Her life has moved up many steps on the social ladder and mine is a ton happier than when I was with my white wife back in Canada.
  2. As a Canadian who left over 12 years ago this merely legitimizes everything I feel that crap country. It's hyper-liberalism and desire to be everyone's home regardless of circumstance is leading it down a dark path. I am so glad I left. I have never been back and never will go back. I was living in Toronto in the late 80's in a flat. One day two girls moved into the downstairs flat and I went to meet them. The were Somali sisters. They told me that in Somalia it was very well known that Canada was the place to get to if you wanted a free ride. They spoke English quite well and told me it had cost them US$ 50,000 each to be smuggled into Canada so they could claim refugee status. It worked. Their rent was paid for a fully furnished apartment, they were given money to buy food, they were given money for entertainment (go see a movie etc), they had free medical (it's Canada) and free dental. They weren't even expected to start trying to find employment. They told me government officials advised them to relax, take their time and get to know their new country. Things would all be taken care of. They loved their new home. In short order the neighbourhood had dozens of Somalis and more were coming. So, the Canadian government built them a recreation center where they could all gather. And more moved in. While all this is very nice and generous and oh so Canadian, me and my wife were working full time for our full ride. As an aside, if you've got US$ 50,000 in Somalia (in the late 80's), it doesn't exactly sound like you're a refugee from anywhere except an exclusive spa.
  3. I can't comment. I ain't never had no liter bottle of water shoved up me rectum. I have seen videos, however.
  4. Uhhh....a 1 kg gold bar weighs the exact amount as 1 kg of goose down.
  5. I wonder if any of the cops have figured out that DNA evidence can be planted. They were in her house, how hard would it be to find a hair and stick in the car?
  6. How can anyone here pass judgement on his mental health status? Are you a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist? Have you examined him? Until I see information confirming his diminished intellectual capacities I am of the mind he's just a lazy usurping POS living off the good will of others. I've lived in China, I hope they treat him well LOL
  7. I, for one, would never brake or swerve dangerously to avoid what was almost assuredly a useless soi dog.
  8. I wonder how this would affect someone like myself who crosses over the Friendship bridge at Vientiane for a day of shopping?
  9. The first problem, and the main problem, is securing something at an angle inn the bed of a truck. It's insane. The wind acts as a very strong force pushing it sideways. You have to secure something like that straight out the back with one end resting against the cab bottom and the other end resting on the raised tailgate or one end resting against the tailgate bottom with the other end sticking up above the cab. Wind force in either of these instances will not be as much of a factor because it is running the length of the pipe not across it. Nonetheless, it must still be secured properly.
  10. Not true, to the best of my knowledge and I spent 10 years with a major international carrier as inflight crew. When you're traveling on passes you are held to a higher standard of dress than regular passengers who paid more than a pittance to get on board. When I was flying a 2 way ticket anywhere in the world regardless of stopovers (you ended up where you started: ie: YYZ - LHR, BKK, NRT, YVR, YYZ) cost $7.50. We had to wear a suit and tie. It's more relaxed now I hear.
  11. Adisak said the couple may have thought the bridge would not be when it rains. So, they were trying to get a quickie in before the bridge dissolved from the upcoming rain?????
  12. Dawn raids on seven locations target Africans in Bangkok

    Pretty sure the post was facetious.
  13. Wow, if I tried self-immolation every time I was stressed out I'd be a charcoal about now.
  14. The government. Granted, it's a very soft form of communism, but it is a communist country. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laos#Independence_and_Communist_Rule_.281953.E2.80.93present.29
  15. This is a bit of a stretch, considering we genetically evolved to be omnivores. Hence the incisors, canines and molars. Consider me a supporter of animal cruelty and pass me a steak, medium rare please.