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  1. The road to Thong Nai Pan is concrete, from where you turn off to bottle beach is still dirt, not recommended on bikes or cars with low clearance (4WD suggested). The road to Bottle beach branches off at the top of the hill down into Thong Nai Pan. There is a walking track from Chaloklum that they tried to widen a couple of years ago but that is dirt and in really bad shape.
  2. Unless the new IO has a different policy to Nok. No they don't, they want a current account and have asked people to go to the bank and deposit 100 baht to show that the money is still there on that day.
  3. My understanding is that there is a limit of 20/50 ,something like that, on each country for citizenship in a year but not a total quota. In saying that they normally grant less that 100 applications each year.
  4. I have never had an airline ask my wife how she is in the country when showing her second passport. Show own the airline the passport you need for the destination (so on the flight back show her Thai passport). Only show the immigration officer the passport needed for that country (Thai for Thailand entering and exiting, the other passport for the rest). it is the airline that checks if you are going to be allowed into a country at check in. The IOs only care that the name on the boarding pass matches.
  5. Slow Down Samui

    The UK is moving (has moved to?) 6 points for using a phone while driving. So in your first 2 years it is instant loss of licence, for everyone else you have to do it twice.
  6. One of their boats still has the timetable for when it worked around Kobe stuck on a wall near one of the walkways. R10 their "brand new" boat (how they described it) has Chinese/Kanji characters written on the bow and visible in the video they made about it being new.
  7. From what I have seen of the Seatran ferries while waiting in Nathon they do appear to be much better, unfortunately seatran only send their passenger ferries to KP. Songserm, the blue boats are so slow and noisy; the old white boats, well I would rather swim. For all of them basic maintenance seems to be a unknown term, how many ferries have broken seats , leaking roofs/windows, etc.
  8. I would love to but for those of us on Koh Phangan, Raja is the only choice we have to get vehicles on and off the island. If anyone one has a couple of 100 million baht to spare on buying some decent boats I know an island full of people who would be lining up to be your customers.
  9. And been under construction in Saphan Mai for at least a year
  10. I had my extension of stay transferred to a new passport in Samui a couple a years ago. So this is from my experience. 1. There is no fee (not even on Samui) 2. I did not have to provide photocopies of any pages of my passports, they may have taken some themselves but I was not charged if they did. 3. I did provide a letter from my embassy confirming that I had changed passports and the details of the old and new passports (plus a copy of the letter), this is listed in the regulations. 4. I did it at the same time as my 90 day report, no need to rush in once you get the new passport. For the letter I just called my embassy to ask about it and sent them an e-mail with photos of the ID pages from both passports, they sent back a pdf of the letter the same day and the physical letter a couple of days later by post. There was no charge for the letter but that depends on the embassy (I was using NZ). All up it took about 30 minutes including the 90 day report, which was fast for the old Samui office.
  11. Yes. Slightly less jokey answer. If the airlines comment about the baggage handlers being a private company is true then it is Thai, if the airline is twisting the truth then it is BA. Bangkok Airways Ground Services (BAGS) may be a separate company to Bangkok Airways but it is a stretch to say that it is a private company they have nothing to do with. In saying all that, I know which airline it is. The only question I am going to leave you with is how did the baggage handler know which bag to open? Because they don't have time to check every bag manually. I understand that the Thai language news has more details.
  12. There are only 2 airlines that fly USM -> BKK, one of which owns the airport and the baggage handling company... Just saying.
  13. But I thought the met office said... Oh never mind, where did I leave those waders. From the met offices own website (Samui) 15/01/2017 - 23.7mm 16/07/2017 - 60.8mm, over half of which fell in the 3 hours to 7am today.
  14. The PEA

    I haven't been down but during both floodings the Thong Nai Pan road got hammered; landslides, large numbers of poles washed away/buried. Both times fixed as fast as they could clear the road. Access over the mountains seems to have been the only thing keeping the power off. Compared to say 5 years ago when the local PEA manager had to lock himself in his office because he told the locals no one cared if they had power or not and the locals offered him an immediate trip to the pier (it was midnight).
  15. I have never had a problem with the ladies behind the front desk at Samui Immigration, "Birdman" never tried to over charge me and the longest it took for me to get an extension from was 4 hours because he wanted a new Kor Ror 22 and the amphur had a long queue. His replacement, well after making me wait from 9am until 4pm to be seen, while she only met with 2 other people (one of whom arrived 5 hours after me), then asked how much I had paid "Birdman" for my extensions before agreeing to accept my 1,900 baht. Being on a marriage extension, which takes 30 days to process, I never pay for the re-entry permit at the same time. I always dress smartly, and other than asking every hour or so how much longer will it be when I can see the IO is doing nothing I am polite. my 100 baht change has always been returned, sometimes with a receipt.