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  1. MisterTee

    How much do you smile whilst living in Thailand?

    I think you've nailed it... it's even worse from whence they came. What other explanation could there be? Unless they're being held here against their will.
  2. You may have uncovered one of the reasons for compulsive Thai-bashing.
  3. That insinuation - and there's a lot of truth to it - could be made about a great many countries and their law enforcement agencies. Be thankful for small favors. Draining the swamp in Pattaya, Lower Suky, and elsewhere, is a step in the right direction.
  4. Thai cops doing what they should have done a long time ago. Keep the pressure on until these scammers find another country to do their dirty business in.
  5. MisterTee

    Thaksin son summoned in fraud probe

    Another member of the corrupt Shinawatra Clan soon to be based offshore. The little weasel will do a runner before he does time in a Thai slammer. His old man is a role model for the entire family.
  6. I bet Sarah wishes she was black, gay, trans, or Hispanic at the moment. Then she'd get overwhelming support from the hypocrites who are bashing her now.