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  1. The GIs loved Thailand and the Philippines when they were stationed there. Australia is going to remind them of flyover-country back in the USA.
  2. Boothill's your destination. Leave me in Chiang Mai. It's no Les, no Moore.
  3. Who said the Chiang Mai Forum Was going downhill? You've greased the wheels.
  4. "If the law supposes that," said Mr. Bumble, squeezing his hat emphatically in both hands, "the law is an ass - an idiot." Charles Dickens, from Oliver Twist.
  5. Your post would be spot on if you only delete the "maybe".
  6. Spot on... check and checkmate.
  7. MisterTee

    Racism in Koh Samui from thais against white people

    So true... and some of them are even worse. Pattaya and Lower Suky in Bangkok for example. Get away from all the tourist traps. Mass tourism is a disaster on so many levels. It destroys the environment and turns the locals into mercenary hypocrites who rip you off with a smile. That said, the points that Berkshire makes should be considered as well.
  8. That's an exceptionally good reply to the familiar talking points that are regurgitated ad nauseam.
  9. MisterTee

    What is the cost of fixing car remote key

    My six year old Honda City key broke a few months ago and I had it replaced at a small shop outside the Big C Extra, San Dek, in Chiang Mai. Cost: 1000 baht. Still working well. Starts the car and locks and unlocks the doors.
  10. Yeah, all those things, maybe. But it takes a unique kind of stupidity to ignore the primary cause. Or an agenda to push, perhaps.
  11. I doubt if statehood is on the agenda. They've been more like our colony since WWII. That relationship will probably continue in one form or another.
  12. For sure. What is at issue here is Iran's support for Hezbollah and the threat it poses to Israel.
  13. Out of the EU and into NAFTA. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.
  14. MisterTee

    Toddler shoots two children at Michigan home

    The babysitter should be charged with criminal incompetence.