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  1. SBK 2018

    I'm all booked and paid for the hotel, I'm staying at the Tulip Hotel for the MotoGP races and that's the same one that I stayed in for the SBK races. The MotoGP tickets aren't available yet so I don't know how much they will be. Of course hotel rates are about double regular price for the race weekends and most have a 3 day minimum. The MotoGP tickets won't be a problem, finding a close place to stay is the problem .
  2. SBK 2018

    In previous years this was the case but this year the MotoGP races in October took a lot of the pressure off the SBK races and you could find a room in Buriram fairly easy. That's not the case with the MotoGP races this year, from what I saw all of the hotels in Buriram are already booked. I lucked up and got a reservation for the MotoGP races but I had some serious good luck to do it.
  3. I've bought a couple of bikes from Honda Big Wing Pattaya and the only thing that I ever got was the first year insurance, I paid the list price for both bikes.
  4. SBK 2018

    It was a good trip, I really enjoyed it. Here is the route that I took: Route 3 Route 36 Route 331 Route 304 Route 359 Route 3395 Route 348 Route 24 Route 218 There might be simpler ways to get there but those are the directions that I followed on Google Maps as being the fastest way from Pattaya to Buriram. I know the way from Pattaya to 331 like the back of my hand but I had never been on any of the other roads and the phone GPS sure came in handy as some of the routes weren't marked at all near Buriram.
  5. SBK 2018

    Kawasaki won the first race and Ducati won the second one. I have a Ducati so I was pulling for them to win . I saw a lot of Chang beer being drunk but I didn't buy one so I don't know the price.
  6. SBK 2018

    I had a great time at the races. The track is easy to get to and you could see the track completely from the grandstand, I only wish that I had brought my binoculars but I'll remember them for the MotoGP races in October . I've been making trips on motorcycles for many years but this trip I tried something completely different. Usually my trips are on one or two highways that are marked very well but getting from Pattaya to Buriram entails eight or ten different highways and some aren't all that well marked. I don't have a GPS on my bike so I use the one on my phone but I didn't want to be taking my phone out to look at the map constantly so this trip I used earbuds to listen to music and instruction from my GPS while I was riding. A couple of years ago I enquired on this forum about the best earbuds to use while riding and most contributors were divided about whether it was the right thing to do, most thought that riding a bike was dangerous enough and with the earbuds you wouldn't be able to hear traffic. Someone suggested Shure SE215 as the best fit for underneath a tight fitting helmet and that's what I bought. I was amazed, the GPS directions were perfect and I never had to take my phone out to look at the map once and I also enjoyed listening to the music while I was riding. It probably is a little more dangerous but I really enjoyed hearing my favorite music on the fairly long ride, I will definitely use my ear buds for my next trip also.
  7. SBK 2018

    This year I decided to go visit the 2018 SBK races in Buriram and I'm glad that I did. Yesterday Saturday was an exciting race and I'm planning on today's race being just as good. Here are a couple of photos that I took yesterday, as you can see there was a good crowd in attendance.
  8. Cambodia Trip

    They always give me 30 days but I usually only stay a week or ten days. The only thing that you have to do in Cambodia is have a switch on your bike so that you can cover your headlight during the day or have some tape you can put over the headlight. Having your headlight on during the day is illegal in Cambodia, go figure .
  9. Cambodia Trip

    I have friends in Sihanoukville so I make the trip two or three times a year. The road is fairly good and I enjoy riding through the Cambodia countryside.
  10. Cambodia Trip

    And here are a couple of photos of the beach in Sihanoukville around the hotel and some monkeys that were always playing around there.
  11. Cambodia Trip

    I made a motorcycle trip from Pattaya to Sihanoukville, Cambodia last week and I thought that I would put up a few photos from the trip. The bike is a Honda CB650F and I have it fitted with a set of Hepco and Becker panniers. For me it's a 600 kilometer, ten hour trip and I usually spend the night halfway in either Koh Kong on the way down or Trat on the way back. Immigration is a breeze, all you need are your passport and a green book with a bike in your name and they pass you through customs with no problems. The first couple of photos are from a small store and the road from Koh Kong to Sihanoukville.
  12. Carls Jr Central

    The last two times that I visited Carl's Jr. they were out of beef and didn't have any burgers. I've never heard of a burger joint being out of hamburgers, there must be more to this story that we don't know. This is in their Pattaya store in Central Festival. Needless to say they weren't doing any business. <deleted>!
  13. Another shop in Pattaya that does excellent repair work on Ducatis is X-Rider Superbikes. I've taken mine there several times and I've always been pleased with their service. They are located out on the road that runs parallel to Sukumvit beside the railroad track. https://www.facebook.com/Xridersuperbike/
  14. I've been one of Ducati Pattaya's harshest critics the last few years. I first bought a Monster 800 in 2012 and then traded up to a Diavel in 2013. I still have the Diavel and I still enjoy riding it but service at Ducati Pattaya was terrible, one time when it needed two new pressure sensors they kept my bike almost two months waiting for parts. Also when I wanted to take it in to have it serviced they made me make an appointment and the soonest I could take it in was two weeks after I made the appointment. That was terrible service. Here lately I've had to take it in a couple of times for service and I called and made an appointment for the next day. Both times the bike was ready the afternoon of the same day and one time it was for new pressure sensors, the same thing that they had kept my bike for six weeks to repair before. I've been a regular at their shop now for five years and they have completely changed their staff, I didn't see one person there my last visit that was there two years ago. They still don't speak much English but IMO they are heading in the right direction. Maybe the Ducati service issue in Pattaya will soon be a thing of the past, I hope so .
  15. No, I don't know. When you exit Thailand customs and receive your documents they ask you how long you will be staying but I'm usually staying 5-7 days so no problem. In the dozen or so times that I've taken my motorcycle on trips to Cambodia I've only been issued Cambodia customs documents once. I always stop at the customs shack but they are usually busy with something else and just wave me on. My guess is that 30 days would be OK but I don't know for sure.