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  1. I liked Chang draught and really liked the export and then they stopped making it .... I tried the Tiger light and I think its awful, if the demographics from amongst my friends are repeated countrywide then there are going to be a lot of Singha light customers who are disappointed.
  2. Thats why gas cookers are banned in condos. We have electric inside the kitchen and gas in an outside area. My wife said she preferred cooking with gas but has now changed her mind to cooking with the ceramic hob.
  3. Went to Makro yesterday, no Singha Light on the shelves so I presume it's going to disappear. There are a few bars still selling it but I presume once their stocks are gone it's over - sigh.
  4. Ok I see now but it must be they're not getting their share of the pie as you just have to see the state of the island after new years celebrations.
  5. Good post, here at our local beach in Rayong Bangkok & Chonburi number plates dump their dogs and to see how terrified these dumped dogs are is heartbreaking. They also dump pregnant bitches so it becomes our problem as well. I walk our dogs on the beach and have to scare off the feral territorial dogs and I would just shoot them on sight if I could. I, and my dogs would get a lot more exercise if we didn't have to run the gauntlet of the never ending story of these dogs. I know if I did something it would give the Thais a reason/excuse to assault me but you should see Thai people deliberately trying to run them over, why do you think the feral dogs chase cars?. I have a friend who's life has been taken over now by looking after animals and they need to get their life back.
  6. I don't understand why they're cancelling this, they allowed the Ban Phe festival to go ahead?. I spy something beginning with 'S' .......
  7. Yes it cooled it down here as well, almost felt like winter on the saleng.
  8. Ban Phe got hit hard yesterday afternoon, knocked down poles and cables so there was a power cut for a few hours but I was surprised how fast they made the repair.
  9. A few years ago some of these dogs were rescued and found to be full of parvo virus so would anyone want to eat diseased meat anyway?.
  10. interesting thanks.
  12. you were the one that called the 308 a dino and when I posted a pic of a 246 dino and said even though I liked them they were rust buckets you slagged me off and smirked over it. the 308 was the successor but wasn't the dino, I mentioned the 308GT4 so stop changing the subject and the 308 fibreglass cars were only made for 2 years so the one in the story probably isn't even one of the early ones. you obviously don't know your Ferraris and a wiki link was given but you are too stubborn to read it.
  13. Looks wise it's my 2nd favourite after the 246, if i could pick one though it would be a 308GTO
  14. the 308 classed as a Dino was the 308GT4 which most people don't consider to be a Ferrari, me included.
  15. what are you on I posted a pic of a 246GT Dino and you say it's fibreglass?. you are posting about the 308 but the Dino is the 246!