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  1. Glad to hear you got back ok and are beginning to wind down and relax although even though I know it's summer there it looks cold to me. Even though I'm in my 50's at the moment it feels like I'm in my 80's as for the last few weeks my joints & muscles have been aching as if I had dengue or the flu. It's well past the incubation times for those so I'm into the area of hepatitis or meningitis now but I think it was medication given for a peptic ulcer (which was wrong if I do have an ulcer) and statins so I've stopped taking them. Whenever I go back to UK I want to be here after a couple of days especially as I'm from S Wales and it pisses down with rain all the time ....... Catch you for a beer here on the beach when you get back, maybe we can arrange with a few of the others to join and have a bitch about everything although the relationship with my wife is great (barring the usual Thainess) and my bil is mowing our lawn at the moment. We're just getting ready to go out and watch a band in a friends bar so life isn't too bad and we're even getting more guests in low season at our resort than expected so apart from my aches life is good. Have a good weekend everyone.
  2. The problem is all these 'faces' coming out and saying things and they're not representing the EU, they're just stirring the pot and will make things worse. Another example from yesterday. I think he should worry more about Finland's problems than the UK's. 'UK will be at the back of the queue for a trade deal, warns top EU commissioner'
  3. The thing is NI doesn't contribute to anybodies pensions it's just a tax. It has been for years and successive governments have been looking for ways to combine the taxes without frightening the population so they've all backed off. Same as car tax doesn't pay for the roads infrastructure.
  4. yes by taking the bad medicine our economy needed in the 80's while Thatcher was prime minister not by membership of the EEC as it was at that time and France has yet to go through it.
  5. It doesn't matter what the French think at the moment anyway, After macron has started implementing his reforms the country will grind to a stop with all the strikes that will occur, he seems to think those reforms will just happen because he says so.
  6. Plus France gets 50% of the agricultural budget. Only Britain and Germany are net contributors, what would happen if Greece left the EU would they be given loads of money?.
  7. There were beggars on the bridge across the Thames outside Waterloo station and apparently till peopled cottoned on they earned hundreds of pounds a day. I stopped giving to charity in S Wales when we found out the IRA were benefiting from some of it.
  8. someone with similar problems and slightly different circumstances.
  9. You need to read this thread 42 pages long for some similar stories to yours. Seems a few people have had enough.
  10. some people are not reading the whole thread and not reading the links, on her couchsurfing webpage it doesn't show here split with her husband - she is a sponger.
  11. In her couchsurfing profile she says she hitch hikes everywhere.
  12. You stayed on the fence till it was forced on you. Vietnam, Ho Chi Min really wanted a socialist country where all people were looked after and what did you, fk up. McCarthyism. the worst thing that happened in your history, worse than Bush & Blair. The US has done so much good for the world in the past but it's disappearing up it's own behind now and your president is pissing off the likes of Elon Musk, imagine him taking his vision to China or Russia. Unlikely but who knows in the future.
  13. but not a true democracy not 1 vote per person as you have the electoral college so don't boast about democracy. if any country can boast it's India with all the corruption, remote villagers etc but having been through 3 elections there I will say they try really hard.