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  1. I'm sorry but you sound like my wife, I set the AC in both house and car to run in automatic ie to control to the temperature I want but manual setting isn't as energy efficient as letting the unit do it itself and my bugbear is setting the temperature setpoint as low as possible as the unit can't work any harder than it already is.
  2. agreed its about legionnaires disease, you have to make sure the condensate outlet, filters etc are sanitized and for the price it costs us I would rather have our AC company carry it out in our house and resort.
  3. We were on a 3 lane highway in Rayong when the traffic were dodging in all directions so we presumed there had been a major pile up. When we got to the presumed scene of the crash there were plastic chairs and buckets all over the road because they hadn't been secured at all, very surprised that there were no collisions.
  4. just out of interest do you have a swimming pool pump as well?
  5. have you got a butchers shop lol?
  6. not Rayong they must all be down south or up north
  7. Even though we have Mitsubishi in our house and condo ( pretty reliable and oversized in our house) I would point out if you look at most commercial/industrial units they seem to be using Daikin both here and the UK so that should tell you something. As we have had good reliability from our A/C's I would stick with Mitsubishi and we live by the sea and haven't had corrosion problems as far the compressor etc goes.
  8. This is getting ridiculous the amounts of tourists ignoring warnings and paying with their lives, it seems there's a death announced every few days.
  9. Just got back from the UK and sorry George it made me grin, hopefully no chickens were hurt in the making of it .................... Sorry Ody for using your post, very tired so was lazy to search. The UK is very expensive, hope DL is doing ok, and same for the rest of you reprobates.
  10. Record-breaking U.S. astronaut and crew back on Earth

    Congratulations to Peggy and welcome back, I'm jealous,
  11. sorry disagree mate, I'm only an 8 year resident and have no trouble with bils or family (as I posted near the start), as you know I'm in Rayong with wife from Surin but there are a lot of empathic born & bred local Thais where we live - they'll take the piss out of you in 2 seconds but if you're in trouble they will be there. They wouldn't be able to buy their own land now because of people like me but they're proud funny people with a wicked sense of humour and are really good friends with my wife. we have no crime to speak of with everyone leaving things on the front, if there was crime I think the locals would sort it very quickly. everyone knows every bodies else business here even though we're close to a high Thai tourist area (on weekends and holidays anyway).
  12. That's a screen grab from Transport Tycoon Deluxe!.