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  1. why do you think you are advised to remove appliances & extension leads from sockets in thunderstorms?.
  2. I think the mobile phone urban myth comes from your house telephone when the outside cable was struck by lightning whilst someone was on the phone.
  3. No I live in Rayong and it's manufactured here in Map ta Phut but I only found out it can be bought direct from the factory after I'd bought from a builders merchant, who stiffed us anyway. My wife had quoted the sq metres of our house and they sold us almost double the amount needed, I told my wife when it was delivered it was too much but as usual she only believed things when a Thai person tells her it's true. This is the product we used, found an English description on the Indian website with brochure & data sheet pdf's as downloads.'n'comfort+rl'n'comfort+rl
  4. The father of Salman Abedi, the suicide bomber who killed 22 people in Manchester, has claimed that his son is innocent. Speaking at his home in Tripoli, Ramadan Abedi said: ‘I was really shocked when I saw the news, I still don’t believe it.
  5. Another victim has been named, a 15yr old girl and her mother had been searching for her since the attack.
  6. I think it was last year that 3 men were killed in Rayong sitting in one of those shelters in a fishing park. Even a lot of people in the western world don't understand the danger of thunderstorms like golfers being struck by lightning even though the sky is clear as lightning can strike up to about 10 miles from a thunderstorm. Also don't shelter in a building with tin sheet roof if it isn't earthed as the interior can charge up like a capacitor until it discharges to ground through you. ps I bet there were a lot of other reasons your grandmother found to shelter under the stairs ........
  7. was going to bed as I read this interview, quite witty goodnight gents
  8. Normally in Islam they bury straight away but his body will be shredded from the explosion so I presume our home office scientists will separate all his dna from the victims and store it until at least after a coroners court. Personally when all that's finished I would hope they cremate the remains but I have a suspicion the remains will go back to the family and they will be forced to have a private cremation.
  9. someone posted he's British, parents Libyan. I just posted at the time as it came up on the Sky tickertape.
  10. That was Patrick McGoohan in The Prisoner silly ....
  11. Imagine the life he had in the 60's before he became Bond, driving a 246GTSI Ferrari Dino in the Persuaders with Tony Curtis and then driving a Volvo P1800 coupe as the saint ............ hmmmm?
  12. ye I know it's an urban myth but what a great one to have about yourself lol!.
  13. switched from sky to cnn, didn't see that - interesting
  14. but Moore was also old when he took over the role, 46 I think Sky quoted, so maybe that's why he wasn't such the action man and a slightly comedic role.
  15. you youngster, I think I'd started drinking in pubs when that came out although Sheena did look hot in the official video for the theme tune.