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  1. well it sure doesn't sound like it, just leave the topic if you feel that way. are you going to attack everyone who disagrees with you till you fall asleep?
  2. no along with Blair I think he's a possible war criminal so get off your horse.
  3. you've got a huge hard on for this why?. almost no mother would do that, have a chill pill and go and have a beer in a bar as this is taking you over.
  4. none of this political crap, just teach them to be humble and human ..............
  5. how do you know she didn't in private?
  6. Is Opera VPN any good?

    Using a vpn for watching UK or US tv isn't foolproof especially if you are using a popular one. For example a site like BBC Iplayer might see a few hundred connections from the same IP address so realises it's a proxy server and blocks that address. Good vpn's have multiple servers but over time all those IP's get found out so they then change to new IP addresses so it's not a seamless experience , it's a game of cat & mouse. I used to pay for Identity Cloaker for a number of years and it worked pretty good in China, Egypt, Iran, Venezuela and a few other restrictive countries. I find epic browser's vpn is good enough to occasionally watch UK tv news and a few other programmes but sometimes the vpn stops working until they change the IP address. As for those free vpn's you see advertised stay well away as some of them are trying to steal your ID, others are so slow to use trying to make you pay for the deluxe version and most of them don't keep you invisible. Caveat emptor.
  7. Is Opera VPN any good?

    epic browser is the most secure browser for windows based machines and it's vpn has proxies in the Uk & US, I use it to watch UK tv. https://www.epicbrowser.com/
  8. Is Opera VPN any good?

    it's not very good and does pass information. the browser you want is epic browser and you can select UK or US proxy servers. There isn't a UK server in opera vpn. https://www.epicbrowser.com
  9. Why is Songkran disliked by so many Expats?

    No I dislike it because drunken Thai drivers think the roads here are race tracks during songkran.
  10. I had a Honda VTR1000 SP1 which Colin Edwards won the world superbikes championship twice with. Hand Made beautiful bike and I bought the last new one for sale in the UK at a cheap price. Bit of a handful on the road, the throttle was a bit sensitive in 1st gear and so much so that you needed both hands on the handlebars in in case you hit a bump. It could pull 90mph in 1st so was pretty fast from a standstill if you could stop the back wheel from wanting to overtake the front wheel but horrendous fuel consumption with a small fuel tank, riding sensibly the warning light would come on at 110 miles and using the performance it would come on at 80 miles or lower. Problem is bikes like these are licence killers, quite often on the m4 I would gently open the throttle in 6th gear to get past traffic to look down at the speedo and it would show 130mph with the bike so stable you didn't notice you were going that fast.
  11. Kodi Shakeup

    if you want UK tv on windows platform use Epic browser which has a built in vpn with a UK server. I watch Iplayer and TVplayer using this browser. Apparently it's also the safest browser at the moment.