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  1. Audi & 24 hr racing
  2. going back a few years the 330d coupe was faster than the petrol 3l in everything except 0 to 60 time. I have a petrol car now but I love the torque of a diesel engine. I used to have a 1.5 td vauxhall nova 3 door and loved pissing off xr2's etc with a car car that could nearly reach 120mph and still give 65mpg and it wasn't a sport model it was a base model so maybe light weight.
  3. What an ugly vehicle.
  4. No dogs allowed in public parks, BMA insists

    anyone told the soi dogs?
  5. Yes it looks similar to video taken in Norway of a Russian icbm test.
  6. Red flag still flying at Samui beach

    still a mill pond ......
  7. Red flag still flying at Samui beach

    strange, across the gulf in Rayong it's like a mill pond.
  8. Japanese Company Creates Smart Fork That Cancels Out Noodle-Slurping Noises

    Japan is so polite compared to China whilst eating food, can they make an app to stop spitting, snorting, regurgitating and making phlegm?.
  9. That's a very good tea but Big C have another Ceylon tea called Heladiv 'Pride of Ceylon' which is very nice plus they also have an English breakfast tea that I bought but haven't tried yet and both are cheaper than the weak liptons.
  10. This will mean less passengers flying any US airlines transiting through the US as the security is bad enough now without new rules.
  11. Entire body hurting.

    Please don't wait that long, get the blood tests done asap and they can give you a painkiller which will relieve you for a day or so until test results give a clue. I was given a large dose of painkiller into a vein in my hand and had to lie down for 15 mins and went from slightly high blood pressure to 106/73 because it relaxed me so much. I initially saw the infection specialist thinking similar ways to you and saw the rheumatologist a week later so don't delay get diagnosed.
  12. Entire body hurting.

    This is one of the symptoms I had but it got worse to the point it didn't make any difference what time of the day it was. I too had thought it was possibly dengue but that only lasts 2 weeks, I had also thought I wasn't getting enough exercise and getting stiff so I went for a cycle ride which made it worse. The only thing I got relief from was having hot showers which soothed my aching bones, we have plenty of hot water as we have a solar panel.
  13. Entire body hurting.

    Sounds like polymyalgia rheumatica, it's a form of rheumatism where your immune system attacks your hip & shoulder joints causing inflammation. I'd never heard of it till I contracted it and I'm currently taking cortizone steroid tablets to reduce the effects and slowly being weaned off them as the disease retreats. About 3 months ago my whole body ached and I could hardly walk and struggled to get out of a chair as the pain was so bad to the point it would sometimes take me an hour to get out of bed. The tablets are prednisalone and relief occurs between 24 & 48 hrs after starting to take them. Have a look at the website below and if you think these symptoms apply to you then go see a rheumatologist and get diagnosed. https://www.healthline.com/health/polymyalgia-rheumatica#overview1
  14. Silicone factory ablaze in Rayong

    frequently happens in industry without any electricity involved from such things as hydraulic & pneumatic rams, thats why so much metalwork is bonded to ground.
  15. Isn't that the Spanish train crash where the driver was doing twice the speed he should have been doing?. Is this the supposed Hua Hin to Rayong line which was supposed to have already started construction?.