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  1. Top ten ways to avoid Dengue Fever

    I've found mosquito larvae in our drip tray for washed dishes so they're very opportunistic and will lay their eggs in a small puddle.
  2. Top ten ways to avoid Dengue Fever

    Number 1, don't get bitten ..........
  3. My application has to be approved by Bangkok, takes a month. Surely Rayong should be allowed to approve etc, the 3rd richest province in Thailand?
  4. I was in UK for 1 week in September so my wife and I had an argument about this and Rayong Immigration said that I didn't need to report, I was wrong.
  5. Been to Map ta Phut immigration this morning for my marriage extension, there is more paperwork than last year and the immigration officer said it was because of a new chief of immigration police since my last renewal and there is going to be another chief of immigration police in a month so she said requirements could change again. For my previous marriage extensions (and before that retirement ) I only had to make copies of my original visa (from UK and later moved to a new passport) and last year's extension but now they want copies of all extensions in the passport. The witness who had to be interviewed at immigration has to be photographed with us at our house, including inside, which we hadn't done but Rayong Immigration is allowing us to take pictures this afternoon then send them by Line and for anyone interested their Line handle is RAYONGIMMEX. Expecting the extension around March 21st.
  6. Go east of Ban Phe towards Laem Mae Phim and you have the Novotel & Marriot on white sandy beaches, beautiful locations but in the middle of nowhere plus expensive. Cheaper and beach not so nice, Nice Beach Hotel at Hat Mae Rhumpung, Ban Phe (pun not intended) but there is some life.
  7. When I did my 1st marriage extension the head of the office of Rayong immigration wanted me to continue with a retirement extension as I had the funds in the bank but I wanted to convert to marriage before there could be any new rule changes and maybe having to jump through more hoops. Map ta Phut is a horrible place to get to , and the other side of the city from where I live, so I want to get everything correct before going as you only want to make the journey once for the application. I don't understand why the office isn't in the city near the other administrative offices like the amphor.
  8. I agree it's not a problem but an inconvenience for a Thai friend to hang around immigration for hours. For our marriage application we had a house visit and the officer was quite friendly and helpful to the point of telling us that his visit was a success, 1st renewal was actually quite painless as Rayong immigration had had a clear out of the deadwood with no house visit required so maybe I'm thinking too much as I'd had a few stressed out retirement extensions under the old regime.
  9. My wife contacted the immigration office through Line as she has their contact details through our resort business. The only time I'd needed a witness before ( 3 of them) was for my yellow book application at the amphor.
  10. My wife has just told me that Rayong immigration (Map ta Phut) now require a Thai witness for our marriage extension renewal as we don't have children, it's our 2nd marriage renewal as I'd previously been on a retirement extension. Is this a new requirement or are Rayong making it up just for the sake of it, I don't understand why they just change things just for the sake of it?. It makes me wonder if they'll make up another requirement on the day when we attend the immigration centre and as Rayong send the application to Bangkok I end up with my passport being filled with temporary stamps while it's processed as well. As you'll probably get the impression I hate renewing my extension, why do they have to make it so hard and ask for the same information and attachments year after year?.
  11. Primary school expects parents to pay £525 for Giorgio Armani uniforms

    They look really old fashioned and as someone posted on the Metro website get the Chinese to make them cheaper .....
  12. Boat crew arrested after slashing Ukrainian tourist

    when in a hole, stop digging ......
  13. In Rayong there seems to have been an explosion of big bikes in the last few months so I'm waiting for the carnage that is going to occur. Also, this high season the older retired Scandinavians seem to be hiring more scooters (as there is a lack of transport here) and the way they ride looks like accidents waiting to happen.
  14. no, when disconnected the capacitor discharges and it reverts to chipset time.
  15. he looks Anglo Saxon to me, seen a few of them being British..............