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  1. I had an incident earlier this year riding a saleng (3 wheeler). I was on a wide main road near our house and was about to make a left turn down a smaller road when out pops a motorcycle from that road with a guy, wife and kid on it on my side of the road so I had to lock the front wheel to stop me from running into them. I then hear the guy tell his wife that I was drunk ..... If you drive in town people just pulling out from the left without looking is a daily occurrence, it seems like they rely on other people to look out for them and correct lane positioning is optional.
  2. sandrabbit

    Flight Cancelled.

    Last year I had 2 KLM flights canceled with less than 24hrs notice, UK to AMS then AMS BKK because of bad weather. I could not claim any compensation as it was beyond the airlines control and as I hadn't got to the airport the 1 extra nights accommodation was at my expense.
  3. how did it go in that Simpsons episode, 'MONORAIL!'.
  4. sandrabbit

    Nightmare at Big C - Warning: It Is Disgusting

    This a why Hep A is so prevalent in Asia. We have a small mom/pop restaurant across the road from us and the unstiffled sneezes go on non stop .... p.s. I was watching some sparrows flying around over the uncovered meat counter in Big C the other day plus seen the flies crawling over the meat in CP foods in Central .
  5. So you are prejudging Vern without any legal evidence, you are as bad as Musk?.
  6. sandrabbit

    rugged Smartphones

    I have a Ruggear smartphone which I have had for 5 years and their line of phones are tough. https://ruggear.com
  7. sandrabbit

    Guanzhou vs. Bangkok

    I remember having an overnight there after coming onshore after a service visit. We were in a nightclub and to see the rich Chinese kids fighting was so funny, the bouncers didn't want to touch them in case they got in trouble. I like Chinese food but the problem I have is eating it at the same time as Chinese people.
  8. sandrabbit

    How to cure dog itchiness

    the treatment I've seen to work for mange, and would never have believed it, is covering the dog in engine oil. not a joke.
  9. sandrabbit

    How to cure dog itchiness

    Does your dog like the sea, seawater is well known to help some things like this and thats why they take race horses to the seaside for infections, help healing and muscle tone. I see you're in Pattaya, we are in Rayong and well down from Map ta Phut but water still not brilliant but our dogs love the sea and it does help any skin problems they have. You just have to wash them down in fresh water afterwards otherwise any salt left will make them itch by itself.
  10. but no, have you worked in Egypt, Venezuela, China, Tunisia ..............
  11. She's from Pakistan originally.
  12. I love your post but this isn't just Thailand this is the way Asia works from all the countries I've worked in. A lot of what you are saying is the Asian way of not saying anything bad or avoiding saying they are wrong so an Asian finding out the truth wouldn't react but us outsiders pull them up on this.
  13. I agree with you to a certain extent but she has to be one of the worst badly behaved people with such a high level of education, Pakistani hiso talks down. I have been to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh for work and seen many of these people, the saying 'do you know who I am?'
  14. and this gives her a 'get out of jail free' card?