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  1. FracturedRabbit

    How to heal my gut after antibiotics?

    I would expand the instructions slightly. Get a thermometer and heat the milk to 85 degrees, this removes some bacteria that can hinder the process. Let it simmer for around 5 minutes. Allow the milk to cool to about 45 degrees, transfer to a container and then add the yoghurt, no more than about 2 tablespoons are needed. The yoghurt needs to "cook" at 42 degrees, so put it in the warmest place in your house and cover with a couple of towels to keep it toasty. I used a big bottle of full fat milk which produced enough yoghurt to last a week, with Yolida as the starter. Tastes great!
  2. FracturedRabbit

    Low carb is not always better (backed by studies)

    I don't think there are any "big food" companies invested in promoting a low carb diet. Walk around any supermarket and at least 80% of what is on display will be out of bounds if you are trying to restrict carbs.
  3. FracturedRabbit

    Netflix in Thailand

    I used a VPN for a while, but it was a hassle to initiate it every time, and the connection was slower and therefore less high quality video. Gave up and just used the Thai service which is becoming increasingly useful as all the new Netflix programs are released worldwide on the same day (no licencing issues).
  4. FracturedRabbit

    Low carb is not always better (backed by studies)

    Indeed, the keto groups are full of people who have returned their indicators back to normal levels and been able to stop taking diabetes medication.
  5. FracturedRabbit

    Low carb is not always better (backed by studies)

    There are plenty of fruits and vegetables which are low carb, I eat a lot of salad and blueberries are a regular fixture. Eat well, sleep plenty, exercise some, and don't get stressed about it!
  6. FracturedRabbit

    Low carb is not always better (backed by studies)

    I think the answer will vary depending on what you want to achieve. I have moved onto a ketogenic diet to hopefully minimise an increase in arterial plaque blocking an artery which was discovered a few months ago. I am not doing it to lose weight, I am already thin. The answer may be different if the goal is weight reduction.
  7. FracturedRabbit

    Formula 1 on TV

    Just tried again, works perfectly.
  8. FracturedRabbit

    Formula 1 on TV

    Worked for the last GP. I use the Browsec premium VPN on Chrome.
  9. FracturedRabbit

    Formula 1 on TV

    Channel 4 UK (some live, some highlights). VPN required, and change you computer to UK time for live events,
  10. FracturedRabbit

    Huay Yai area

    The atached, very roughly, shows where the new road crosses Huay Yai. There is a further crossing to the south. The crossing for soi 43 is already complete and in use, have not been down to see the actual Huay Yai crossing for a while. I suggest driving trawling the real estate sites to find potential properties and then driving around the area checking these out and also finding other places not on the listings. You can have a look at the road crossings at the same time!
  11. FracturedRabbit

    Huay Yai area

    There's another connection to the new road on the road going north from Ban Bueng school on the above map. Once the new road is built it should take the pressure off the railway road and the weekend mess at the Huay Yai junction. We have lived out here for four years now and would never go back to where we used to live in Pratumnak; it is so peaceful here.
  12. FracturedRabbit


    No, but I use them for other medicine that other stores don't stock. They seem to have a very comprehensive range, certainly better than Watsons or Boots.
  13. FracturedRabbit


    Fascino http://www.profascino.co.th/store-locator.html
  14. FracturedRabbit

    Website to buy PC games ?

    Agree. Use Steam. Can buy the majority of games and Asian prices are better than the rest of the world.
  15. FracturedRabbit

    quelling hunger ?

    Interesting. In their introduction they rightly state that the root cause of diabetes is excess sugars/carbohydrates/starches; but then recommend a diet which includes a number of foods which include sugars/carbohydrates/starches; e.g. fruit, grains, pasta, bread, potatoes; but ban eggs even though they are mainly protein and fat. If you really want to eliminate sugars and tackle insulin resistance, a ketogenic diet is the answer. Not sure the METI approach would be as successful. Doing keto, you would use the coconut meat (coconut flour, coconut flakes, coconut milk), but avoid the coconut water because of its higher carb content.