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  1. FracturedRabbit

    Statins / Ketogenic diet

    211 LDL tends to rise with keto; but it's not a concern (to me). https://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/6/6/e010401
  2. FracturedRabbit

    Statins / Ketogenic diet

    Appalling that you should be given statins; they seem to have replaced antibiotics as the default drug to throw at patients. As far as I have read, they will nothing to reduce your triwatsits. Also terrible that you were not given a copy of your results so you could make your own choices. For what it is worth, I have been on a keto diet for the last year. In my case it is part of my strategy to deal with cardiovascular disease (I was also given statins, threw them out). My trigs are down to 63 and my HDL is 89. My blood sugar is 81, 2 hours after a meal. I enjoy eating this way, have lost weight, and feel fantastic; but adaption is a hard couple of weeks and you really have to want to do it (and give up potatoes!).
  3. I am guarding against stroke, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and many other diseases by eating a "low carb diet". I eat very low amounts of carbs. NOTHING with sugar which has been shown to cause the majority of chronic disease. The research is rock solid. Google "low carb". Therein lies the problem, whatever approach you take to nutrition, you can easily find evidence to support you. Basics might include avoiding processed food and sugar, which both low carb and plant based achieve.
  4. FracturedRabbit

    Measuring Carbs.

    Veggies are not carbs. Veggies contain carbs to varying degrees. Cup of peas: 120 gm carbs. Cup of green beans: 5 gm carbs. If you are managing your carbs, it helps to know the low carb veggies.
  5. FracturedRabbit

    Where to sell lens?

    Depending on brand, Facebook has many for sale pages by brand. I have successfully bought and sold on some of them and they seem very active. Search in Facebook under 'brand name' Market Thailand e.g. Olympus Market Thailand.
  6. No doubt that fasting is healthy; I fast 18 hours most days. But I do it to give my body time to recover and move into autophagy, not to lose weight. You lose weight by eating the right amount of the right foods; and exercising; I'm not sure fasting helps with losing weight.
  7. Agree. Anyone who lives on carb/sugar based nutrition and tries to change will tell you that the withdrawal symptoms and cravings are very real. Sugar is addictive; but more importantly it is bad for your health. I disagree that keto works because its hard too eat too many calories from fat and protein; it works because you don't have the carb/sugar induced eating cravings you used to have; and so consume less than you used to. Plus, in the absence of carbs, your body is burning your fat stores for fuel. The whole calorie in/out story is a just wrong; Doctor Fung explains it well: https://www.dietdoctor.com/obesity-solving-two-compartment-problem
  8. FracturedRabbit

    quantify how bad is sugar ?

  9. FracturedRabbit

    Measuring Carbs.

    I use the Keto Diet App on my phone which has a calculator for many types of foods. For you example of oats for example, it gives you the calories from carbs/protein/fat for dry oats and for various methods of preparation. You can maintain a daily log of what you have eaten so you can track everything. I expect there are other apps out there that do a similar thing.
  10. You don't need to have the photos signed, leave them blank.
  11. FracturedRabbit

    EMS Guy Sucks!

    We don't have a separate EMS guy; EMS mail comes with the regular postman; unless there is duty to be paid, then we have to go to the post office to pay and collect.
  12. FracturedRabbit

    I just finished a 48 hour intermittent fast (IF)

    The video you refuse to watch references a number of sources, e.g.: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3106288/ Also a Harvard study : https://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2017/11/intermittent-fasting-may-be-center-of-increasing-lifespan/
  13. FracturedRabbit

    I just finished a 48 hour intermittent fast (IF)

    I thought the video provides some answers to the "why"? If not, there are endless articles and videos out there which suggest fasting is good for you. Personally, I also do it because I feel good while fasting, it's a relaxed and "light" feeling.
  14. FracturedRabbit

    I just finished a 48 hour intermittent fast (IF)

    My (Thai) wife fasts 18 hours a day most days.
  15. FracturedRabbit

    Keto and Back

    Pork rinds?