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  1. There seems to be an underlying trend of violent uprising almost globally now from people who follow the Islamic faith. The belief is very diverse in that many people practice different aspect of the religion usually suited to the communities that's they live in and families they grow up around. Some muslims very loosely follow the reigion if atall, some are brainwashed from childhood and later in life into believing it's a religion worth dieing for and most are peace loving, kind and respectful human beings. We see divercity in all regions of course but none with such numbers of people that believe the faith is worth dieing for or worth killing for. The problems we are experiencing in the south havn't been helps with the actions of Thaksin and his goverment but even without these actions the problems would still remain and the violence would still have intensified. The problem is now we have another Thai goverment unable to deal with the problem. Too inexperienced to negotiate professionally or with an open mind. The timing of this is dreadful for the Yellow shirt / Army combined coup leading goverment because it will be soon be forced to remove martial law paving the way for the red shirts to come to Bangkok and protest last years coup. We could see the Thai army put to the test with large scale protest in the capital and the southern insurgents siezing the moment of distraction to further intensify their attacks in the south. I believe the next half decade could see Thailand changing significantly for the better or worse I'm not sure. Be on your guard people and have a good weekend. Teacher Tom
  2. No surprise with the quality of hygiene in most schools here. The Kindergarden kids running around in the toilets then running in the classroom, hands all over the floor, watered down soap. Shoes on, shoes off, Mai pen rai. Ensuring foreigners are carrying ID seems to be higher on the agenda right now. Thai-tanic !! And ASEAN is the iceberg .
  3. No excuse to go now. Apart from the money needed to get to the border/airport. Most overstayers prob don't have funds for tonight's dinner/3 bottles of large Chang.
  4. Police of course. Probably just the police that arrested him. How's this guy getting married whilst on an overstay?
  5. Great advertising. Mission accomplished!!
  6. dropped 300 baht in street.....

    One observation I'd like to make is that I'm constantly finding money on the floor or seeing others find money. In 25 years I found twenty pounds on the floor in the west. In 5 years here I've found countless notes. Mainly 20's and 50's which I know are low value but it seems strange in comparison. Is this because they have more notes than say the sterling? Of or notes of lower values?
  7. American Man Arrested for Pattaya Murder

    That's probably all the Thai court will need to pass a sentence with a farang in the dock.
  8. Easier to deal with in the bedroom. Easier to go shopping.
  9. Bangkok traffic e-tickets coming soon

    Well In addition to the new system they should instruct undercover offenders to catch out corrupt cops. Offending cops should then be stripped of their badge on the spot. Plain and simple.
  10. Good. Send this bunch of free dinner tickets back home.
  11. I didn't realise golf was a political practice. I thought it was just a sport.
  12. Looks like visa on arrival could soon be history. People have to get a visa which makes more money for the bent officials. Does anyone know how much a visa is these days?
  13. So no punishment really. A BIG warning to further offenders that is!!
  14. Greeting a Thai Lady, with a kiss.

  15. Chalerm says he may arrest PDRC leaders soon

    Priminister Chalerm!! Is that even possible??