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  1. Hi, will be in Hua Hin for a couple weeks in December. Have never been there. Will be staying close the railway station in the center of town. I like to take an early morning run to unwind when possible - are there areas recommended for a run? Parks, trails, sois, whatever. Can you just run down to the beach and jog there? (Forgive my ignorance but really have never been and don't have a clue). In advance - thanks.
  2. my pappy said 'son you're going to drive me to drinking, if you don't stop driving that pattaya baht bus.'
  3. Obviously you know nothing about the case I was more sympathetic initially (this case has been heavily covered by Drummond). I was more in the hang em high court of public opinion wanting to see the bullies suffer some sort of legal retribution for their action. But something in this article doesn't sit right with me. "And that was when the parents got involved: Mr Hansen-Bartel’s mother, Australian expat Annie Hansen, and Mr Chang’s father, American businessman Raymond Nobu Chang. She said Mr Chang (senior) produced a document offering her 800,000 baht to drop the charges against the two boys. It offers Ms Hansen 800,000 baht, but he said that happened after she asked for 10 million baht. Mr Chang (senior) wrote an email: “Ms Hansen demanded that we pay her 10 million Thai Baht or else she would make sure the two boys ‘Rot in jail’.” Ms Hansen did not dispute asking for 10 million baht to compensate for her son’s injuries. From this moment forward, Mr Hansen-Bartel’s case turned against him." If this is literally true, it tells me that the mother is attempting to extract as much financial gain as possible from the situation. The quest for justice being promoted in the media came after. I don't know. The only thing I'm certain of is you have a hot-headed barfight over a girl. An old and familiar story. After that things get a little more murky.
  4. d'oh! *smacks self upside the head* - didn't realize there had been a thread on this a week ago. i'll have to peruse or search the forum more often. anyway thank you. this midnight curfew thing = a bit depressing for those of us who come alive around 11pm or so. looks like i'll be cutting time in CM short this year. plan on retiring there in about 15 years, hopefully the faux reign of silliness will have concluded by then. take care.
  5. It's been awhile since I've been in CM, heading out in a few weeks. Couldn't tell from a quick search on the web whether the bar is still open - just curious. Thanks.
  6. Actually one of the many points of Gran Torino was to demonstrate how a man who was portrayed as irrevocably set in his ways -- mean-spirited and a little racist -- could mature and broaden his perception of the people around him. Specifically in Gran Torino this was in reference to the community of Cambodian refugees in California. At the end of the film he certainly wasn't referring to them as yellow gook slopes, but as his dearest friends. Everyone is going off on tagents in reference to racism vs political correctness, but what Clarkson said was a dick move. He might be the second coming of whomever your Christ is... but it still wasn't a cool thing to say. And if there was a Thai show on TV where they intentionally degraded farang by using a loaded phrase with double-meaning to do it (eg, something along the lines of farang kii nok or similar), I'm sure half of the Clarkson fan boys would have their proverbial panties in a twizzle. I don't know if he's racist. I don't even care. I do know it was a dick thing to say, if I was Asian I wouldn't think being called a slope was all such a laugh.
  7. Yes indeed, lets all be grateful for this man having the courage to refer to a random Thai man as a slope, and in that process striking a deafening blow against fascism. Drama major? Just curious. After this thread I don't really have much to say about Clarkson. Another self-indulgent shock jock type with a band of merry sycophants frothing and ready to kiss his boots. Once more unto the breach Sir Jeremy, protector of free speech against those fascist critics. You really taught them a lesson this time.
  8. You know what would be purely poetic - if the 'slope' on the bridge approached Sir Jeremy and offered him a sandwich. Then, BAM, popped him in the jaw. Dreadfully sorry love, a 'knuckle sandwich' that is. Only playing love, no reason to get irritated or get all PC on your high horse. Fade to black...