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  1. Thanks, Joe. Is it really so difficult to do the conversion in Bangkok? In their case, they will be newly married and probably have somewhere more romantic in mind than Vientiane for a honeymoon.
  2. I have friends (European guy and Thai lady) who will arrive back in Thailand soon after years abroad. He will arrive on a tourist visa, they'll rent a townhouse, and the plan is to marry ASAP, then convert to a Non-Imm O visa based on marriage, and later apply for the one-year extension. What exactly do they have to do? Some questions that come to mind: For the marriage, the main thing he needs is the certificate of freedom to marry from his embassy, right? Will she - at any time - need her original tabien baan as opposed to the one-page extract she can get at the Amphur? Does the husband's name need to be on the townhouse lease contract? Will the landlord of the townhouse have to report the foreigner to Immigration within 24 hours? Does he need 400K in a Thai bank account to apply to convert to a 90-day Non-Imm O? Does it have to be seasoned? Does the 400K have to be proven to come from overseas? At present they have moved all their funds into her account in Thailand and intend to just transfer the 400K from there to his new account.
  3. Everyone's experience with banks seems to be different. I've never had any luck using a DL at Kasikorn, Thanachart, CIMB or Krung Thai. At an LH Bank branch other than my own recently I asked about this and they said it depends what ID you used when applying for the account. Then after a few moments the teller said, "you can register your pink ID card with us now and use that." Go figure!
  4. orientalist

    UK pensions

    I thought so too. It's not like you see hordes of geriatric Brits staggering around Roppongi on a Saturday night. Sent from my cell phone using Thaivisa mobile app
  5. LH Bank has just lowered most of its rates considerably: 1.20% 3 months 1.40% 6 months 1.55% 12 months 1.65% 24 months 1.70% 36 months Thanachart's e-Savings account (1.50%) is currently your best bet for a short-term deposit.
  6. orientalist

    High time to ease up on marijuana 

    All these recent articles are missing the point that CBD (Cannabidiol) - which is extracted from the hemp plant - has valuable medical uses but does not contain THC, the chemical that makes people high. Legalising CBD has nothing whatsoever to do with the "entertainment" use of marijuana. I believe THC also has some medical uses, but legalising it could be a second step after CBD.
  7. That would require a toe print, I think.
  8. They still required fingerprints on the ledger when I was there in February.
  9. In my case I worked in Thailand for many years and then retired. I made full copies of my last two work permits, just in case, and my bank has told me that would be acceptable for sending funds out of the country. But you never know until you try...
  10. Assuming you want to start travelling out of and into Thailand with a passport of a different country, I don't see how it could be done without going to Immigration and having records changed to enable the next Blue Book endorsement and re-entry stamp in a new passport, and then Red Book and tabien baan would have to be changed to keep everything in sync.
  11. But that was after I filled in the forms, which took 30 minutes. The previous year I was sent straight to Room E1(?) and the officer filled out the forms for me in about 5 minutes.
  12. I am also interested in this. My guess is that the main obstacle might be the fact that we all qualified under a country quota. Sent from my cell phone using Thaivisa mobile app
  13. I got mine in February and it took 2 hours from 10am. Sent from my cell phone using Thaivisa mobile app
  14. If only they would bring the Mint Magnum here...