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  1. I'm not sure about that as I got my first account when I had a work permit and they were still Siam City Bank. They do seem to be strict about paperwork. When I applied for the e-Savings account last year they wanted a full set of documents even though I've had other accounts for over a decade. Fortunately, I have PR now.
  2. orientalist

    Got married today at Keht Bangrak

    Any update on getting married at Bang Rak? If one goes at 5am, how is the queue number obtained - a machine? Where can you wait for the next 3 hours? Is there parking? Is there anywhere to buy coffee or snacks?
  3. orientalist

    Immigration Priority Lane BKK

    I don't think the Revenue Dept knows I have PR. I never reported it to them and my tax ID is the same as it was 30 years ago, i. e. it wasn't ever synced with my tabien baan number. Sent from my cell phone using Thaivisa mobile app
  4. orientalist

    Immigration Priority Lane BKK

    This is for Thailand. They request a full copy of my passport when I submit my Por Ngor Dor 90, presumably to make sure I am tax-resident. I could always send copies of my boarding passes if they need more proof.
  5. orientalist

    Immigration Priority Lane BKK

    We were when they had them for manual passport checking, but I haven't seen any for the past year. The catch in signing up for the auto-gate is you must have 6 months remaining on your re-entry, you're expected to re-register each year, and you need a Thai citizen as a "reference" (how ridiculous is that?) each time. Also, I feel a bit nervous about having no stamps at all in my passport when I do trips to the UK. I know the Revenue Dept checks these when I request a tax refund each year.
  6. orientalist

    Immigration Priority Lane BKK

    Strange that none of these signs mention Permanent Residence holders. I really must apply for the auto-gate access.
  7. LH Bank just announced a new "campaign": 12 months : 1.75% 24 months : 1.85% Minimum 500K These "campaigns" generally don't last long.
  8. I have several accounts with them. Originally I had a work permit. But they do seem to be sticklers for paperwork. After I retired I used my PR documents but it always seemed complicated. However, I like the e-savings account. But I don't know how long they will keep the interest at 1.5%. It's the best deal in town. I like their android app too. It alerts me for every transaction, including ATM withdrawals. K-bank's app doesn't do that - it logs ATM withdrawals but doesn't alert you.
  9. False alarm! Just walked into a nearby branch and they said this is a fund, not fixed deposit. Maybe I didn't catch all they said on the phone as it was in rapid-fire Thai. Oh, well. Sorry about that. Sent from my cell phone using Thaivisa mobile app
  10. Thanachart Bank just called me and said they have a special deal, 2.45% for 4 years and 10 months, no tax, minimum 500K, and (I think) interest every 6 months. But the catch is this deal ends at midday, tomorrow, August 1. I haven't seen any adverts for this deal, so it's probably a good idea to call your branch about it before going in. And they want a full set of documents when you apply. They mentioned work permit to me, so I assume it is open to foreigners who don't have PR. Four years ago I put a chunk of money into Krung Thai for 5 years at 4% and have never regretted it, even though it is a long period.
  11. orientalist

    GPO Generic Drugs

    OK. Not far from Silom MRT then.
  12. orientalist

    GPO Generic Drugs

    That's cheap! I can get a box of 100 capsules (300mg) for 750 baht, 10 caps for 80 baht and 10 x 100mg for 60 baht at the big pharmacy near Sukhumvit Soi 2. Then again, Sukhumvit has never been cheap. Where is S&C - opposite the Red Cross?
  13. orientalist

    GPO Generic Drugs

    Anyone had any bad experiences with GPO (Government Pharmaceutical Organisation) generic drugs? Since it is cheap, I am about to switch to GPO Gabapentin.
  14. orientalist

    Domestic Flight with Thai DL as ID

    I used my DL on a domestic flight 3 months ago. But like Deerhunter I take my passport when going upcountry. Only last week the hotel I stayed at in Lopburi insisted on my passport at checkin-in, saying it was specified on the TM form they had to fill in. I pretended I didn't have it and they were quite happy to settle for just the passport number. Other hotels have not been so accommodating.
  15. orientalist

    How good are the Bangkok to Saraburi roads?

    As it turned out, we went up all the way on Route 1 and returned on Route 1 followed by Route 9. As mentioned, the only rough patch was between Saraburi and Lopburi.