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  1. CIMB can indeed be weird. After two false starts, they set up one of my accounts using the Thai spelling of my name on my tabien baan. No other bank has done this. They expect that Thai name on a withdrawal slip, although my signature is the English version. Seven or eight years ago I tried to open a fixed deposit account with L&H and they told me as a foreigner I would also have to open a savings account with 50K, so I walked out. A few years later, I opened a FD account with tabien baan and put 5K in a special savings account, no problem.
  2. Not only foreigners - anyone tax-resident in Thailand. But there is an apparently unwritten rule that if the money was earned in a previous tax year from the one it is brought into Thailand it is considered savings rather than income. I think this is just a rule of thumb the Revenue Dept can use, if they want to, as differentiating savings from other income might be complicated in many cases.
  3. I just found the link for the LH promotion (in Thai): https://www.lhbank.co.th/Campaign/Product/Register/25 Foreigners can sign up with their passport, but there are some other weird conditions (translation by Google): "For new customers who do not have an account with a bank. Open account with auspicious number 88,888 baht up to 888,888 baht." I guess it really is a Chinese New Year special deal.
  4. Thanks. Good to know. The child was not on any tabien baan until a year ago, the address registered is on the other side of town from where she lives and the jao baan is not related to anyone in the family. The mother is on an entirely different tabien baan somewhere. So I can see problems ahead.
  5. Do you recall what was required for the name change?
  6. I am wondering if an unmarried father who's had nothing to do with the child can object to single-parent custody? Thanks. I advised the mother to do this but she won't do anything unless there's an imminent crisis.
  7. As I understand it (this is actually my gf's granddaughter, so the story is second-hand), after the girl was born the mother and father argued about who would move in with who, and the result was they ended all contact. So the father did not abandon the child - and is not really unreachable - and may well be disgruntled about the whole thing. The kid is now 5, so good to know she can get some ID in two years time.
  8. Anyone know the procedure for obtaining a Thai passport for a Thai child with no father? I understand from the MFO that normally the father would at least have to sign a form, but if he is not available the Amphur office can issue some kind of guarantee letter if 2 witnesses who know the child go along with the mother. I wonder if it is that simple, or there are more hoops to jump through? In this case the child has the father's surname but mother and father were never married. Initially, we just want the passport for convenience when boarding domestic flights, but later there may be trips overseas.
  9. Anyone know where I can buy Lion's Mane mushroom capsules (hed hua ling, เห็ดหัวลิง) in Thailand?
  10. TISCO My Savings now offers 1.85% for deposits of 50-200K with monthly interest if you get their debit card. https://www.tisco.co.th/en/personalbanking/mysavings.html I got an sms from LH saying they had 1.68% for 3 months to celebrate Chinese New Year, although I don't see it on their website yet.
  11. ID Card for farangs

    I had the same story from Kasikorn, but I opened my accounts with them when I was working and had a work permit, so they don't have my Thai ID on file. With Thanachart, I also opened accounts with my work permit but later they insisted on a Thai ID for opening some fixed deposit accounts, so they had my Thai ID in their system. With CIMB, I opened my accounts after retiring and they insisted on seeing my tabien baan, so they have the ID on file. Perhaps the key is they must have insisted on linking at least one account to your Thai ID for it to be in their system. While it is easy to apply for PromptPay with Citizen's ID online, I found it a hassle to cancel it. I had to go in to a Thanachart branch and wait 30 minutes while a form was filled out, my bank book and ID were copied, and multiple authorisations sought. So it's best to figure out your PromptPay strategy before you go ahead. The Thanachart e-savings account offers 1.80% interest with no tax deducted if linked to PromptPay. They also have a promo offering 300 baht cashback if you get a tax refund via a PromptPay with them this February (2018).
  12. ID Card for farangs

    I haven't had much luck getting the Thai price with my pink card but it (or at least the ID number) did allow me to register PromptPay with my Thai Citizen's ID as well as my mobile number. Kasikorn told me it couldn't be done by a foreigner, but Thanachart and CIMB - which both had my ID on file - allowed it via app and online banking respectively. As soon as I selected "National ID" my own ID popped up automatically. PromptPay is very useful for moving money between different banks with no or low fees, and for getting a quick tax refund.
  13. Thai Social Security worth getting?

    Not sure about the rules on that. I took my lump sum at 59 after about 10 years in the scheme. The way their system works, I couldn't get back the contributions for the current year immediately. Since I reregistered 6 months later, those contributions counted as 1 year of membership. If you leave the system for good, I guess you have to go back a second time. Sent on the move with my mobile phone. Please excuse the brevity.
  14. I just registered with my ID this morning using Thanachart's mobile app. No problem at all. As soon as I selected "national ID" my ID (which Thanachart already had in connection with fixed deposit accounts) popped up automatically. There was a scary "Consent request to pay" option, which I left OFF. Maybe that is to allow something like direct debit of Prakan Sangkom payments, but better safe than sorry. I tried sending a 100 baht to this new PromptPay account half an hour later and it went through just fine. I suspect banks that don't allow this just can't be bothered deviating from their default procedures. Or perhaps your Thai ID must be on file with them first, as a Thai ID would be for all Thais with a bank account. I don't think Kasikorn has my Thai ID as it's an old account. On the other hand, they did tell me foreigners couldn't use a Thai ID.
  15. Has anyone managed to register PromptPay with their Citizen's ID? Kasikorn's system wouldn't let me, and I suspect none of the banks will accept it from foreigners.