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  1. orientalist

    Failed License Peripheral Color Test

    Anyone know a DLT office in Bangkok where they don't do the peripheral vision test?
  2. orientalist

    ID Card for farangs

    Thai mai lek prachachon is what I was referring to.
  3. orientalist

    Driving licence renewal questions

    So, last year I renewed my motor car driving licence in Chiang Mai to avoid difficulties with the peripheral vision test and thought I was set for life. But yesterday Chiang Mai turned me away for a motorcycle renewal saying that I had to do it in my area of residence (i.e. Bangkok), due to new regulations. Anyone know a DLT office in Bangkok that doesn't do the peripheral vision test for a 5-year renewal?
  4. Very welcome, if it cuts down the paperwork involved in exporting baht.
  5. If you don't get it sorted, you can always sign up for a Transferwise Borderless Account, which gives you the functionality of a basic sterling current account. Sent from my cell phone using Thaivisa mobile app
  6. If you can, sign up for online banking. Then you have the option of transferring your money (with some limits) overseas or to a friend in Thailand. I have used my standard Kasikorn debit card at ATMs in places like Kyoto, Mandalay and Luang Prabang without problems, but always within a few weeks of using it in Thailand (i. e. a normal vacation period. You might have problems using it overseas for over a month. Sent from my cell phone using Thaivisa mobile app
  7. orientalist

    Immigration Priority Lane BKK

    Since I have PR I applied for the Autochannel last week. After nearly an hour (it was the official's first attempt at this) I was registered but I couldn't get all the way through the gate and hsd to be stamped out of the country. The opinion of the various experts that were summoned was that the PR system and the Immigration system were not 'linked' for some reason. They said it should work the next time. Sent from my cell phone using Thaivisa mobile app
  8. orientalist

    Got married today at Keht Bangrak

    Here's what I learned when a friend married today: Arrive around 6am to be reasonably sure of getting a queue ticket, and to have a chance of parking in the street if coming by car. A cheery official tells everyone what to do. You sit outside and have documents checked in detail. If OK, get a queue number (only 10 allowed) and start filling in forms. One of the witnesses must be a relative. Walk down the street for photocopies of everything. Enter the amphur office at 8am. Then about another 2 hours to actually get the wedding certificate. Someone - NOT the bride - has to explain in English to the foreigner the relevant Thai marriage laws (7 points). Helpful "agents" will do it for 3,000 baht if required! There is a 7-11 nearby and also a coffee shop with real food that opens at 7am.
  9. I'm not sure about that as I got my first account when I had a work permit and they were still Siam City Bank. They do seem to be strict about paperwork. When I applied for the e-Savings account last year they wanted a full set of documents even though I've had other accounts for over a decade. Fortunately, I have PR now.
  10. orientalist

    Got married today at Keht Bangrak

    Any update on getting married at Bang Rak? If one goes at 5am, how is the queue number obtained - a machine? Where can you wait for the next 3 hours? Is there parking? Is there anywhere to buy coffee or snacks?
  11. orientalist

    Immigration Priority Lane BKK

    I don't think the Revenue Dept knows I have PR. I never reported it to them and my tax ID is the same as it was 30 years ago, i. e. it wasn't ever synced with my tabien baan number. Sent from my cell phone using Thaivisa mobile app
  12. orientalist

    Immigration Priority Lane BKK

    This is for Thailand. They request a full copy of my passport when I submit my Por Ngor Dor 90, presumably to make sure I am tax-resident. I could always send copies of my boarding passes if they need more proof.
  13. orientalist

    Immigration Priority Lane BKK

    We were when they had them for manual passport checking, but I haven't seen any for the past year. The catch in signing up for the auto-gate is you must have 6 months remaining on your re-entry, you're expected to re-register each year, and you need a Thai citizen as a "reference" (how ridiculous is that?) each time. Also, I feel a bit nervous about having no stamps at all in my passport when I do trips to the UK. I know the Revenue Dept checks these when I request a tax refund each year.
  14. orientalist

    Immigration Priority Lane BKK

    Strange that none of these signs mention Permanent Residence holders. I really must apply for the auto-gate access.
  15. LH Bank just announced a new "campaign": 12 months : 1.75% 24 months : 1.85% Minimum 500K These "campaigns" generally don't last long.