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  1. I suspect that at least step one of four on the path to liberalizing the Kingdoms drug policy to be completed by the end of next year. So sometime in the next 18 months you might be able to get access to your CBD oil, might happen sooner. But they are working on it. Blame the UN conventions since the 60s for the nature of Thailands drug laws, all signatories have a similar mess. The UN has recently reversed course on their ideas of how to deal with the trade
  2. Slow steps towards liberalism at least in some sectors of the law, good news.
  3. Yah those will do just fine, they aren't specifically designed for pizza but they have enough mass and depth you can use them for that using the method I prescribed previously.
  4. E-Bay has a good selection, I personally haven't got one from a store there, but others have. They seem to have the best prices for these sort of things that I can find.
  5. I use them in an environment where I have either a brick oven to use or a dutch oven. Dutch ovens are great for when you want flexibility as you can bake in them or say use them as a regular pot or for stewing. If you want to cook a loaf of bread can do it, of course if you want to cook a few KG of bread, use the brick oven, usually better more consistent results. You can get coals on the top and on the bottom so gives a really even baking environment. If you have a modern oven at home, then sure you can just go ahead and use one. But if your cooking outdoors, camping or otherwise on the move, these things are the killer. Yah regarding the price, if you want a large wont, say 12quart or about 30-40CM accross, expect to drop at least $150 for one. I've never seen them any cheaper. they are heavy, they will weight at least 6-10KG depending on the sizes.
  6. You can buy an electric hotplate pretty cheap, you can go that route, personally I prefer gas or wood/charcoal for baking.
  7. Chimney starter can be a simple home made job such as below, you just put some acetone (paint thinner, 40Baht a bottle) and piece of paper in the bottom, it burns clean with no residue or smell left over. Just make sure the acetone has burnt out before you pick it up and move it. You can pick up acetone at all paint shops or hardware stores, it usually has a blue label. Otherwise my preferred method is just using a propane gas torch to get it going. Leave it for 10 minutes until you see a flame at the top, it will get that hot. You can probably get away with flour on the bottom, but i find it is too hard to lift what you are cooking out, that is why I suggest using a ceramic plate sitting on a piece of metal. Any thing metal will do, I use a piece of of 5mm steel bent into a triangle, it is only 25mm high. You can pick up a very large aluminium pot very cheap, just get one of those and pour some sand into the bottom and sit it on a wood cutting board.
  8. That's why I use a chimney starter, you can start them outdoors then bring it inside.
  9. Buy yourself a large Dutch oven, and buy one with a lip on the top and feet. You can pick one up on E-bay for a few hundred dollars.. Also get yourself a chimney starter for the charcoal, or otherwise make one, they make it easier to get going. Also a cheap infrared thermometer is handy. You heat up the charcoal then put it under and on the lid of the dutch oven, use a fair bit to get it hot, then you can remove most of it and place whatever you want to cook inside. I recommend a metal square to drop in the bottom of the dutch oven so you can place your pizza or bread or whatever inside on a ceramic plate. It will cook just fine. They are wonderful for cooking, check out youtube, there should be plenty of videos explaining what they are and how to use them. As for a burning surface a couple of concrete blocks is just fine, they cost a whole 10 THB for a full block, a few of those will do, they may crack after awhile, if you want to avoid the hassle some clay bricks or paving tiles at least and inch thick will do. You don't need mortar, sand or epoxy will do just fine if you want to fill the gaps. The best solution however might be a piece of ceramic fiber board if you can find it, just note that its R value reduces greatly if you compress it, so you might want to put an inch or two of it under whatever you are cooking.
  10. That is a great resolution to their detention, really amazed at how Trumps foreign policy is panning out with North Korea.