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  1. The reason for this change in the law from TM was to reduce immigration from outside the EU and they were a soft target. It is a morally wrong law as it deprives family's from living together. The rules in the UK for anyone coming to settle in the UK from outside the EU can not claim any Benefit until they have the proper settlement visa and can seek employment that has been the Rules for a very long time. The Husband can only claim child benefit. To get all the visas that is required for settlement is long and expensive that alone is a deterrent. I agree that this headline news story is good to bring it more publicity but I don't think this government will ever change it. regards Scotsman
  2. All I can say about this is I bought the surface pro 4 from IT-city in Pattaya about 2 years ago they do have a 7 days to do a exchange if its faulty, After the last surface pro 4 update in July my surface pro 4 now has the same problem 100,000 or more people who own them have and that's a screen flickering that gets predominantly worse when it heats up. I have the I5 with 4 GB ram you can check on this web page from Microsoft https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/surface/forum/surfpro4-surfdrivers/surface-pro-4-screen-flickering-shacking/570165cb-50a0-4d71-bcb1-310ddd869d1d and they have not come up with a fix. Now what will the new surface pro do when it gets a bad update or the heat upsets the Screen so it starts to flicker in a few months or year or passed your Guarantee well I will tell you they will give you a refurbished one that may only last you a few months again before it starts flickering again, If its over the year it will cost you $29 just to talk to them and when they can't fix your surface they will charge you over $ 450 to get a refurbished one and the problem still goes unsolved. I wish you luck in your purchase and I do hope for all us surface pro owners that this new one does not have the same problems as us. Regards Scotsman
  3. Truevisions strike again.........

    well as I thought this was just miss information from the lady in the true shop as all is working normal. regards Scotsman
  4. Jomtien Immigration: Reporting returns after travel

    I am sorry but I don't have a solution for you Tropo if you don't have a Thai partner or friend to help you. The 30 days out of the country information is not correct as I was trying to inform everyone that I was only out of the country for 3 weeks, Now that some immigration offices are now enforcing this old 1970 sh rule they will not be able to stop it again unless they decide to scrap the rule so I will just have to report to them again every year if I leave the country. I am lucky that I can use my wife for any other visits out of Pattaya and carry on being a canny subversive ha ha. regards Scotsman
  5. Jomtien Immigration: Reporting returns after travel

    I have been living in Pattaya for coming up to 18 years now and I have never done a TM 30 and have never been asked for one. I never heard of this before until this year when my brother had to get one and he told me all about it, then I read the many threads on here about it with so many confusing reports from jomtien. I got all my documents ready with my wife's ID and a copy of the chanote and I posted it to immigration like it says on there main website, I never got a reply or the slip for my passport so I just forgot about it, I then went to get my 90 day report nothing said got it easy as usual then around the end of May i went for my exit visa as I go back to Scotland once a year and again no problem getting that. I left Thailand at the end of May for 3 weeks and when i arrived home I went to immigration the next day with my wife with all the documents I needed for the TM 30 and the lady checked everything and stamped the form and put it in my passport job done no problems what so ever. I left pattaya to drive up to Phetchabun for a quick holiday to visit the family but I booked the hotel in my wife's name and I never gave them my passport or my name. Next month I go to immigration again for my retirement extension so I hope that all will go as well as before. I will always do a TM 30 from now on 24 hours after I have returned from Scotland because that is what they want for me it was only 3 weeks so the 30 days some people are saying was not true for me. When I leave Pattaya to see my family in Phetchabun I will never give my passport to the hotel or my name it will be the wife that deals with that. Regards Scotsman
  6. Truevisions strike again.........

    I asked the same question to a true rep on the chat line on there web page she told there is no change to service is there anything else I can help you with so I told her if my super soccer is still on come the 13th then No I will be a happy customer, But if my super soccer is switched off I will also hand them back there box & router. They will lose a lot of customers if they want you to buy the platinum package just to get the football I will just go back to HD-Prime or another service for football. There is some good internet fiber packages from the other company's. We shall wait with baited breath for the 12th. Regards Scotsman
  7. I am sure that your US Embasy pension letter and Address will be accepted at a outside of Thailand consulate. In Penang they were very nice and accepted my brothers UK pension letter and rental contract as proof of address. Good luck with application . regards Scotsman
  8. He was not trying to jump any queue he was informed by Ubinjoe that you can get a 90 day Category-O visa from the pattaya immigration from a tourist visa. Then he would wait until the last 30 days or before to apply for the extension to 1 year. As we have informed you in our thread this can not be done as the lady in that immigration does not want to give you one as she wants you to go to a visa agent. With all that has happened in his per-suites of this 90 day Category-O visa we have come to understand that he should have gone to a visa agent that was not charging the earth to get one in the first place. But after all this problems he has everything he wants now 1 year extension was a breeze and a multi- exit visa to boot so all is well that ends well. So if anyone wants any advice about trying to obtain this 90 day Category-O visa I would not go to pattaya immigration just to get the run around you just find a cheap visa agent to do it or go to Penang. I do hope this tread will help other people. Regards Scotsman
  9. And it's goodbye from Mobi…

    The very best of wishes to you mobi in your life back in the uk i enjoyed reading a lot of your posts and blogs you have had a great adventure in your life with all the highs and lows. I think you will make more highs in your next adventue in your life in the UK with your loving family. regards Scotsman
  10. As I have been living here for over 16 years getting all kinds of extensions from Retirement to marriage I know what requirements are required and its not the same as what this lady was asking to change the tourist visa to a category -o visa. The extension will be done by a different set of people who check all the paper work before hand and will inform you if there is anything else they need giving you plenty time to find it. You have not bothered to read through this thread to see what my brothers experience was with this lady. The requirements for the extension is always different from one officer to the next but the next officer for retirement extension in Pattaya immigration has never changed for years so my brother should get the extension without the help of a visa Agent as he meets all the requirements of that officer. I will be going back to the same officer in Sep for my extension using the same requirements and I see no problem unless the requirements change before then. If they do then I am sure it will be big news on this forum. I am happy my brother has got over this hurdle the next one is a lot easier. Regards Scotsman
  11. I have just been informed that my brother has got his Category -O visa in Penang so he is very happy. The process in Penang was very easy and well organised, nothing like Pattaya. So to all the people who read this tread you are better off trying to get a change of visa in Penang than pattaya. The lady in Pattaya immigration I think has been instructed to make your life very difficult in changing your visa as they want to push you to a visa agent, Her requirements that she wants you to get are not given to you all at one time so you jump though her hoops one by one until she can trip you up or you get so frustrated you go to a visa agent, who will charge you anything from 25k to 16 k even when you have all the money requirements yourself. We are glad this experience will help others to get the information to be able to get a change of visa. We thank all the people who tried to give us advice. Regards Scotsman
  12. The link for the change visa does not work in my browser. You are missing the point he is telling everyone on this forum his experience at pattaya immigration and the requirements in that office with that lady is not the same as Bangkok or the ones he has found online or the ones you have found on your link if I could get it to work. Bangkok cannot approve anything if they don't get the application from this lady officer in Pattaya immigration and she will not do it unless you jump through all the hoops she says you need but you have to be a mind reader to know what they are as she keeps adding them on after every visit and will not tell you all her requirements on the first visit. But I will update this Thread in the future when my brother comes back from Penang hopefully with good news. regards Scotsman
  13. correction to my post I have found out that my brother did not ask the other ladies or the boss to check the bank books or statements the rude lady officer ask them and the boss came out and also looked at them so there was no lose of face. Regards Scotsman
  14. When we asked for advice on this subject it was given in a way that yes you can do it here just make sure you have at least 16 days left on your tourist visa and the requirements are what is stated online in Bangkok. Well the reality is that in Pattaya immigration the requirements are not the same and the lady will not tell you her requirements when you ask her she is very rude and dismissive. You have to be a mind reader to know as they get added on every time you meet the ones she asked for in the first application meeting. Frustrating Regards Scotsman
  15. Yes he has all that but the pension letter from the embassy will now be 1 month old will that still be OK to use he also has some pension payslips from his company pension also the letter from the bangkok bank verifying the bank books. Again thank you for the advice. regards Scotsman