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  1. I also had the temp upgrade for 3 days it was 300/300 regards Scotsman
  2. scotsman

    Nvidia Shield (2017)

    OK another update this morning on the website tracking it still said it was delayed in Customs but my phone rang and it was UPS he was out trying to deliver it to me but could not find my house so I gave the phone to my wife to give him directions and I have got my new Nvidia Shield. It is up and running and looks great thanks for the help on this post. regards Scotsman
  3. scotsman

    Nvidia Shield (2017)

    Just to update you my parcel from Amazon Us was tracking to China yesterday but today the website says delayed in customs I have to wait until later for more delivery details now Jeffrey364 did this happen with your shield? I will check back again later the parcel is due for delivery on Monday.
  4. scotsman

    Nvidia Shield (2017)

    I have just order one for $179 +the $42,16 shipping & import fees and payed in pounds 176 I did not know about this Thai government degree so I will be hoping this arrives next week without a problem. If it is stopped by customs it will be Amazon US that will have to sort this out or give me a refund. I will come back on this thread and update you all later.
  5. scotsman

    New Windows (Not Computer)

    I also used them for small toilet windows and front door over 3 years now still very good the only problem was the mosquito nets the strings can be broken if your not careful. regards Scotsman
  6. If this 25% increase for overseas foreigners in this hospital is because they don't pay tax then why does it not apply to a lot of Thai people who do not pay any tax they only pay VAT just like most other people who live here? I agree that 25% of the Thai price in that hospital would not be a large increase and most foreigners would pay but it is not about tax it is more about xenophobia that is what i believe. unless someone else can come up with the answer. regards Scotsman
  7. scotsman

    Is Microsoft Surface any good?

    Hi Just to update this thread my surface pro 4 the screen started to come out from the body left hand side bulge, so I was going to send for a refurbished replacement at the cost of over 15000 baht but my credit card was rejected. So I asked Microsoft to give me a call on there callback settings on the there web site. They called me back after about 25 min and I informed the lady about my problem. I was transferred to a different department and I also informed them about my problem. I was told that this was a health and safety problem as the Battery was expanding due to overheating and I should stop using it right away. Then I had to send them many photographs of the damage which I did. I was told they will look at the photos and make a decision on if I will get a refurbished replacement one for FREE. I was very excited about this but I was also skeptical about it but sure enough they sent me a e-mail telling me they were going to post out a replacement FREE of charge. I had to restore my old one to factory settings scrubbing the hard drive and wait for there parcel courier to come and collect it as it has to go back to America in a safe way. My refurbished one has arrived and I am very happy so its a big plus on Microsoft for there customer support. I would never have got this replacement if it was not for my expanding battery or my credit card being refused so there as still many surface pro 4 owners out there who still have devices that shake and flicker after a short time being switched on and making it a desktop not a tablet , laptop . I hope for now my replacement one does not start shaking and flickering in the future. Regards Scotsman