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  1. I agree people should plan for the worst if they can find that large amount, but most that can't will just have to wait and see what unfolds. If there is nothing to unfold then most people who can't plan will only have 3 choices (1) leave (2) VA (3) borrow the funds for 3 months. I shall wait and see what unfolds in the coming year and then make my choice. Regards Scotsman
  2. Have a read of the web link on the UK website it still tells you that importing your funds of 65k or 40k with a letter from the bank will be excepted from IO. So no change from the BE on this and we all know this is not excepted by IO at this time. There will have to be a change from BE or the Thai immigration law so all you can do is wait. regards Scotsman
  3. scotsman

    Taxi to bangkok from pattaya

    http://thelimopattaya.com/ We have used this service and it has been excellent with very good English speaking drivers and modern new cars. Regards Scotsman
  4. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/news/scotland/1551748/alex-salmond-hits-crowdfunding-target-within-hours-of-quitting-snp/ Just some better news reporting on this subject. regards Scotsman
  5. Just a small question what if your wife is unwell and can't be there and you have a letter from the Doctor? Regards Scotsman
  6. scotsman

    5.1 home theatre suggestions

    https://www.piyanas.com/?p_home=home Have a look in this website they do have a showroom in Pattaya and many in Bangkok I bought a Yamaha receiver from them a few years back they were very helpful. Regards Scotsman
  7. I also had the temp upgrade for 3 days it was 300/300 regards Scotsman
  8. scotsman

    Nvidia Shield (2017)

    OK another update this morning on the website tracking it still said it was delayed in Customs but my phone rang and it was UPS he was out trying to deliver it to me but could not find my house so I gave the phone to my wife to give him directions and I have got my new Nvidia Shield. It is up and running and looks great thanks for the help on this post. regards Scotsman
  9. scotsman

    Nvidia Shield (2017)

    Just to update you my parcel from Amazon Us was tracking to China yesterday but today the website says delayed in customs I have to wait until later for more delivery details now Jeffrey364 did this happen with your shield? I will check back again later the parcel is due for delivery on Monday.
  10. scotsman

    Nvidia Shield (2017)

    I have just order one for $179 +the $42,16 shipping & import fees and payed in pounds 176 I did not know about this Thai government degree so I will be hoping this arrives next week without a problem. If it is stopped by customs it will be Amazon US that will have to sort this out or give me a refund. I will come back on this thread and update you all later.
  11. scotsman

    New Windows (Not Computer)

    I also used them for small toilet windows and front door over 3 years now still very good the only problem was the mosquito nets the strings can be broken if your not careful. regards Scotsman
  12. scotsman

    Recordable Dvd Player

    Use DVD R.W if you want to record Tv programs over and over again and DVD R for any movie you want to keep.
  13. scotsman

    'backin Up' Dvd Movies

    http://www.dvdshrink.org/what_en.php I also use this software to copy Dvds along with nero. The dvd 8x is slow if you have a 16x dvd burner or higher say 20x then they will burn faster. The better quality makes of dvd blanks last longer and are not prone to errors.
  14. I have never heard or seen any dress code rule that says you have to have a long sleeve shirt or pictures with a long sleeve shirt for anyone to get a visa. I have been to the immigration many times for visa & 90 day reporting with a short sleeve shirt & jeans with no problem what so ever. Its a hot country many people only wear short sleeve or tee shirts whats wrong with that. Is this a new instruction for everyone who goes for a visa now? I can see that a dress code is needed in govermment buildings but a long sleeve shirt when its a hot summers day is over the top. May be the fact is he had no sleeves that he got the problem for.
  15. scotsman

    New Taxi Cabs Appearing In Pattaya

    If the nice people at pattaya city hall wanted market forces to be introduced to the public transport system they would allow more companies to setup real meter taxi services that use the meter. This will not be allowed for a longtime as long as the pattaya baht bus mafia run things in this city I say vote with your feet & wallet DON'T USE THE MAFIA NON METERED TAXI.