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  1. no, I will just do what ever I want and come on this forum whenever I want. I hope this lack of control over me doesn't annoy you.
  2. no, the model is irrelevant. all you need to know is that it is a pickup with auto transmission. Please address the problem stated above. Its best not to waste time.
  3. auto pickup truck. any ideas guys? what causes it to lose revs and nearly stall on me?
  4. Yesterday I picked up my car from the smash repairs. I was rear ended by a teen on a bike. I was driving back home and after driving for 5 to 10min I had to slow down bc of a traffic light. As I was slowing down my car felt like it was going to stall. The revs completely failed and luckily the light went green and I hit the accelerator and it didn’t stall. I parked around the corner and did some shopping and then drove it home and the problem didn’t repeat itself. Do you have any idea what the problem might be caused by? Last week when I went to check up on my pickup they had completely separated the back tray from the main body of the cabin so that they could fit it all in the spray room. I presume that they might have thus altered some of the engine to do their job? Its only 3 yrs old and never had a problem until now. Cheers for your opinion.
  5. stupid comment to say the least. What a nightmare for the parents.
  6. you can use a VPN and would be notified if it went offline. any of the good ones do.
  7. I've noticed a reduction in engagement in this forum across the board. There is a movement towards other forums. I presume that I'm not allowed to mention any here. But I have noticed the members from a few yrs ago that are now on the other forums bc they keep use the same user name. I think has gone down big time.
  8. A friend has asked me a question. Can the 'photoshop' software be copied from one laptop to another. I presume is the .exe (executable) file that needs to be transferred / copied. Can this be done? thanks
  9. A 14yr old teenager ran up the back of my pickup. The police said it was 1/2 my fault and my insurance company will pay my damage and the unsub. My pickup has been at the smash repairs for 2 to 3 weeks. Ive been making regular trips to checkup on it. Because this is amazing thailand and knowing that anything is possible I worry that these guys might swap my nice new engine or other parts and replace with something older. Maybe Im being paranoid but I did take photos and left a note in Thai telling them subtly that I have done so. I went around again yesterday and they have totally disconnected everything. The back cabin has been separated from the main part of the pickup. They said they had to do this to fit it in the spraying room. Do you think this is normal. I checked under the hood and it seems that all is ok. I worry as the bosses of the business are never around. There are numerous workers sitting around drinking every afternoon and my nice new pickup is there. Hopefully it will all work out. cheers for your opin
  10. Unsub... if you read this thread... you are scum. Go home.
  11. you would be better off posting the que on the buriam expats forum
  12. Hi, I have an extension of stay based on employment in a government school. The expiry date of the visa is 10th June. If I fly abroad for 2 weeks holiday and return to Thailand 4 days prior to the 10th June will there be issues? i.e. will the nanny state airline checkin desk look at my Thai visa and stop me from boarding the flight. Or will Thai immigration not like me arriving in Bangkok with only 4 days to go on the visa? My employer intend to renew my contract as soon as I get back. Or should I try to get this done in early May to avoid any issues? thanks
  13. I havent had any virus protection since I moved to apple mac. Once you have mac you will NEVER go back
  14. I've heard that the University of Nottingham is not a bad place to study a PGCEi (international teaching qualification). Its also possible to do a 'Post Graduate diploma in education' there. Are either of these recognized by the MOE in Bangkok for the purposes of getting a TL? thanks
  15. Its been the wildwest for years. Only the low class thais live on the island