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  1. Buy Binance coin BNB quick

    I have to agree with OP to be honest. The same goes with KuCoin KCS. These 2 coins are like owning shares in a company. Huge price growth potential this yr and next.
  2. I heard about Dormirax from another member on this forum a few months ago. The guy said he takes it most nights as it helps him sleep. I tried it a few times and it seems ok. I sometimes suffer from anxiety and feel wound up most of the time. If you take this regularly is it addictive? This is the generic brand name: Atarax 10m or 25mg Hydroxyzine dihydrochloride. This is what is in most pharmacies I think. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydroxyzine thanks
  3. My strategy paid off as it seemed that a lot of money was moving from BTC to the other alts. A lot of them have really gone up big time and I can only thank Binance exchange for being the n.o 1 crypto exchange. Its definitely the best exchange and Ive traded on most of them. Its best to buy some of their coin BNB and thus only pay 50% fees. I strongly recommend sending your bitcoin or ethereum and trading with these pairs (on Binance) to buy any of the alt coins. If your a newbe they have a 'basic' trading screen. Just select market price and your good to go. Im a buy and hold guy and so far none have turned out to be duds and I own most of the top 12 alts. I dont know what to think about old Bitcoin. There are so many better options now. If Bitcoin fails to be a storage of value / global currency then its not going to last. Ive already researched the Lightening network solutions to its scaling issues and there are problems with this layer 2 approach. I can't decide if I should completely dump all my bitcoin but I suppose its better to hold some just in case it pops upwards. cheers
  4. Alternatives to bx.in.th?

    Use Binance for sure. Its the n.o 1 exchange. Ive used many and this is the best.
  5. Binance is awesome. Its the best exchange for Americans as its likely not to co operate with IRS. There are youtube videos about this
  6. http://www.smh.com.au/world/anzac-day-organiser-james-bernard-king-held-in-cambodia-over-alleged-sex-demand-20180102-h0cre7.html This story sounds like B.S Is it more a case that the Cambodian ladies didn't like it when the rich foreigner wouldn't pay shopping money or whatever. They complain to the corrupt police and make up a story? Does anyone know any gossip about this story? What is the truth?
  7. Is it beneficial to keep that registered capital to a minimum of 1m ? so that then the liability is limited in the event of something going wrong. I intend to pay 5m for the building and the wife will be borrowing the other half. Is it a daft idea to register 5m or not? Finally, do you know if I can get a WP in either 1 or 2 above? or both situations? thanks
  8. Actually are you sure about that regarding the liability of the debt. It depends on whether we originally set up an unregistered ordinary partnership OR a registered ordinary partnership? Im more interested in the specific question asked above. We approached 1 bank and the manager said its more complicated to get a business loan and takes longer. He said the interest rate is higher. For the purposes of deducting interest on the loans I think its better to do a business loan.
  9. I just read up about the tax law. It seems that 'interest' on money borrowed for business purposes is deductible. Thus it seems it would be best to borrow in the company name.
  10. I was informed by one of the esteemed mods on this forum that I can get a WP by setting up a partnership company - as long as 1 million baht of registered capital is sorted and employing the thai folk. My question in the title should really be asking if its possible to get this WP via either of the 2 types of partnership: 1. 'Unregistered Ordinary Partnership' which is deemed to be subjected to personal tax rates 2. 'Registered Ordinary Partnership' which is subjected to the corporate tax rate. Is a WP available for both options? Also, if you have this type of company operating for your partnership business which one do you recommend? Which one is more tax effective? What sort of annual accounting fees are you having to pay? I read that Businesses are required to keep certain accounting and other records with the exception of sole proprietors and ordinary 'unregistered partnerships'. Thus it seems that the unregistered option might be a better option? Many thanks on any of this.
  11. The wife and I intend to set up a 'Thai limited liability partnership' company structure. I will be putting in 50% of the purchase price of a building. The wife wants to borrow her share from a bank. Will the bank lend to the partnership company or to her personally? The developer who is selling the newly finished shops told us that the land is govt land and that we only get a 30 yr lease which would be registered at the land office. The reason that we intend to set up the partnership company structure is that doing so will allow me to get a WP. thanks
  12. I dont understand your first bullet point. Are you saying I can do that based on an investment visa (10million baht) or only by having a thai limited company?
  13. i have over 800k in my bank acc. What other financial and WP conditions are you talking about? thanks
  14. How to transfer from Bx.in.th to private wallet

    It depends on what coins your going to buy. If you're after any of the main 5 popular ones then I would go for the trezor, keep key. Ledger nano S has the popular ones plus others like Ripple. I would personally suggest you buy a diverse range of coins and buy the ledger nano S and the trezor. Ripple is cheap and will probably move to $5 in 2018. You should watch youtube videos about how to move it from bx to the above wallets. Its easy.... childs play
  15. Password bug after downloading MacOS High Siera

    Its true, we didn't lose the files as they were on iCloud. thanks