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  1. Can you recommend a newly built hotel in Korat? Any location in Korat is ok. thanks
  2. I find the noisy motorbikes that have the muffler tweaked to create the loud roar bloody annoying. Why do the thai bogans have noisy bikes like this. It it a feeling of power. Some of them are incredibly loud and annoying. They should be banned in my opinion. Whinge is now over.
  3. I want to download the new movie 'hampstead' but pirate bay doesn't have it. Can anyone recommend another good torrent site for me? thanks
  4. With any investment you make the money when you buy- assuming you bought it cheap. This goes for bitcoin, property, shares etc. I raised a thread on this forum 2 yrs ago about Facebook ('Invest in Facebook and double your money in 2 yrs'). We are living in the golden age of digital advertising..... I knew that I was onto a winner back then and have nearly doubled my money as I predicted in that thread. I still believe it has a long way to go and will not sell. I didn't go for bitcoin years ago as it was unregulated and too risky. Obviously I regret that decision now but you win some and lose some. I had a friend who put everything into BHP yrs ago in the mining boom in oz. He sat on it and rode to the top and made a fortune. We can all get lucky sometimes! Are crypto currencies really going to be the money of the future? Why would I use it rather than the security of my visa card / bank? Who knows....
  5. I'm the OP and have read most of the responses thus far. The above comment was valid to me because its the way I think as well. All I want to do is to move forward with my own new family. We can still visit her family every 2 months or whatever. Im not in the poor house like so many have assumed. Im not a deadbeat either like it was suggested 8 pages back. I simply don't want to live in an old dust bowl city just bc her family are here. Where we are intending to move to has better hospitals, food, good schools and beaches. My intuition tells me that the transition will be tricky to start with but in the long run it will work out ok.
  6. Back to this thread. The upper pain has happened now around 6 times always after consuming fatty food. I had an ultrasound at the local hospital in the sticks but didn't know I was supposed to fast before it. Anyways to dr said 'from what he could see' he couldn't see any gall stones. He took a look at the pancreas and said it looked normal. He also had a look at the liver and kidney both sides. He said the liver and kidney both had cysts on the left side only. The gastro dr said its probably just heart burn / acid in the stomach. He suggested that I should have a gastro scope (I think). He said he would have to put a tube down my throat into my stomach. I declined as I know I would not be able to do this unless under general anesthesia. Its unpleasant being waking up at 2am with severe upper body pain that only goes away when I sit up for half an hour and take the heart burn medicine. Am I best to just monitor this and see how it goes. If I had done the ultrasound on an empty stomach at Bummers in bkk I think I would feel better about the prognosis. I will see how it goes for another 12 months I suppose. Do you agree?
  7. thats a good story. did you take her back? i hope not
  8. You couldn't pay me to live in Phfucket. Its full of Thailands worst low life aggressive thais. I would rather live in Issan than that hole anyday because the people are better. There are so many better locations than ugly Phuket
  9. A deadbeat that could buy and sell you. A lot of members assume just bc Im on a low income here in the LOS means that Im poor. Next time I ask you to think before you type with those fat little fingers of yours. Otherwise I will take you off my Christmas card list.
  10. you sound similar to a hard nosed western bit&&ch. Its why I like Thai ladies. Are you a man or a woman may I ask?
  11. I'll just do whatever I want. How does that sound to you? If I want to ask other farang living in Thailand if they are in the same situation then thats up to me. cheers old boy
  12. I feel a bit selfish for wanting to do this but I'm proposing to move to a new area of Thailand- on the coast somewhere next year. We currently live in the N.East and although I like it here I feel I want to swim in the ocean and live the good life by the sea. The wife has in principle agreed to it and her mother says 'ok up to you'. But I know that she finds security being so close to her family. Currently, my wifes family is quite good to me but there is always a bad apple- the eldest brother. From the start he was quite aggressive and disrespectful to me but it has been resolved now as we don't see him much at all. He basically doesn't come to our house at all thankfully. My wife is a medical professional earning good money and has lots of friend and family here. I have a low salary, no friends and no family here. Thus its easy for me to move but hard for her. Being near the coast means better food, hospitals, closer to bangkok, beaches. It makes a lot of sense but I know my wife will be sad and maybe a bit worried to leave her home town. I see it as a way for her to grow up and evolve and start a new life with her family (my baby and I). We will have no support from her family if we do move away but such is life. Its not like Im taking her back to the nanny state where I grew up overseas. Its still Thailand. My instincts say.... try it for 1 to 2 yrs and we can always come back. Do you agree? cheers
  13. Can anyone tell me the benefit of having the Pink id card? Is it worth obtaining? If so why exactly?
  14. Air asia is the better option for sure. The NCA bus from bkk is good as well.
  15. We took old khun yai to a big hospital in bkk and she had some anomalies on the blood results: WBC was normal but Neutrophil was low at 38.5 T4 was normal at 1.12 but TSH was 0.078. Dr put her on 25mg of hormone tablet. All the liver results were normal except Globulin which was H at 3.8 The dr didn't mention anything about this. In the Metabolic profile the BUN was high at 21.6. The dr didn't mention anything about this as the range is 7 to 21 The chloride (blood) was H at 109 Cholesterol was H at 223 Triglycerides was N at 106 HDL-C was L at 43 CHDL/HDL C was H at 5.2 LDL-C was H at 157 LDL-C/HDL-C was H at 3.7 The dr did nothing about the cholesterol results and said re test after 3 months. What should we recommend her to do from now on improve the C readings? thanks