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  1. My first car in Thailand was a rental 2 door Toyota Hilux pickup (rear wheel drive). It was really light and loose in the rear end and would often slip on a gravel road. 4 large bags of cement in the back of the tray did help a bit with the looseness but I ended up throwing them out as I got used to driving it safely within its limits (and mine).
  2. An off-topic post related to the UK police force has been removed from this thread.
  3. Topic already running in the News Forum here. /Closed.
  4. Let's see if @Tech Doctor can update you...
  5. One comment berating the news articles has been removed from this thread. If there are any more, you risk losing your posting rights on the Forum. From the Forum Rules: The ThaiVisa News Team gathers and disseminates news bulletins from Thai and International sources, and republishes them in the News Forums for our members' information and enjoyment. Our News Team works hard to bring quality content to the News Forums, and should be respected for their efforts. Comments such as "slow news day" or "clickbait headline" are neither respectful nor welcome on the forum, and will be considered as troll comments and removed and the offending poster warned and/or suspended accordingly. Except as otherwise indicated in the byline, news bulletins are reprinted verbatim from a mass media source which has given TV permission to use its feed. Original articles, especially in the Thai press, often have grammatical mistakes or misspellings. ThaiVisa is not responsible for these nor does ThaiVisa have the rights to alter content it is reprinting from another source. Similarly, ThaiVisa is not responsible for any opinions reflected or quoted in reprinted news stories.
  6. Confirmed... that works but it looks like old programming in SD only. Currently they are showing Brocky's last race in the V8 supercars on the mountain. How many years ago was that?
  7. Yep... just enough to settle the dust but not enough to give the garden a good soak.
  8. The golden shower tree... all blooming profusely at this time of year.
  9. It must be an Aussie pussy... all Aussies love their Vegemite.
  10. OK I understand the difference. But what I don't understand is how some Android set top boxes (including the Shield) have system drivers that allow USB sound adapter redirection to /dev/null. Off topic I know... but I am curious.
  11. OK it's started now... not heavy, but steady. The thunder and lightning seem to have stopped.
  12. A lot of thunder outside but no rain yet here in Najomtien.
  13. I found it... it was back in February this year here. Another member had audio issues with an air mouse (but not on an Nvidia Shield box). So from your link the Mele F10 Pro disables audio on the Shield as well as the Neo A2? Strange... I only hear good things about the Minix NEO A2 Lite 2.4GHz wireless AirMouse.
  14. Glad to hear it has been resolved and that Lazada came good. It's reassuring to know for the rest of us.