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  1. Wow! 9-11 Mbps from both Germany and Singapore is surprising. I could accept that from Germany, but from Singapore you should be getting from 150-180 Mbps with your subscription. Still more than adequate for streaming video purposes (but don't tell them that!). I would still be complaining/enquiring Gary... your TOT result (within Thailand) should be close to 200 down, 80 up... and don't settle for anything less.
  2. One flame post as well as subsequent replies have been removed from this thread.
  3. Don't wait Gary... complain/enquire now! Those tests would be within Thailand no there's no reason you should see less than 200Mbps. Just curious, and if you have the time, what results do you get if you perform a download test using testmy.net and selecting Singapore, then Frankfurt, then London as test servers?
  4. Seconded @Kleos73 Access to FTA channels from one's home country can make a big difference to us who have adopted SEA (and Thailand in particular) as our new home.
  5. You gotta get some of that good Aussie stuff into you mate... not that crappy Pommy rubbish. Vegemite vs. Marmite Taste Test: Can You Tell The Difference?
  6. Please excuse my ignorance, but what is an MOT? Is it like an Aussie Roadworthy Certificate?
  7. If you have Kodi there are Irish channels available on the Wolf Pack video addon and the Maverick IPTV addon.
  8. I must have missed that... probably getting another beer at the time. So... Vettel rammed Hamilton 3 times in total? I still maintain that he needs to do a safer driver course or at least consult a shrink to deal with his road rage... disgraceful behaviour.
  9. No it wasn't. It happened twice after the red flag when the safety car was out, and it was obviously deliberate. Have a look at the video clip at the bottom of this page. Hamilton described it as "disgraceful behaviour from a four-time world champion" and I agree. Yes I agree... as much as I admire Hamilton's driving skills, his ego really annoys me. (So does Vettel's). And yes... it was one of the most entertaining races of the season so far.
  10. Re: Dark Matter Well I downloaded and watched Season 1... geez it was slow at times. There were some good episodes with a bit of action but my wife keeps nodding off. Yes, the "hot, kickass Asian Canadian fem in the lead" does hold the whole show together. Now... can I be convinced to download Season 2 or not?
  11. Thanks for that. I'll check it out.
  12. Interesting... my Maverick repo would not update the addon and it is also an old version. See below:
  13. Thanks for the tip... best for all to keep in mind. Which repo are you using?
  14. I have just removed a deliberate troll post from this topic. We are here to help each other and provide advice and positive answers, not to bait or flame other members. Further such behaviour will result in a posting suspension from the Forum.
  15. One post containing possibly dangerous medical advice has been removed from this thread. Topic moved to Heath Forum. /Moved.