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  1. As this 4 year old topic is being continually bumped and fueled by speculation and posts containing defamatory content it shall now be closed. From the Forum Rules: 6) You will not post comments that could be reasonably construed as defamation or libel.Defamation is the issuance of a statement about another person or business which causes that person to suffer harm. It does not have to be false to be defamatory. Libel is when the defamatory statement is published either in a drawing, painting, cinematography, film, picture or letters made visible by any means, or any other recording instruments, recording picture or letters, or by broadcasting or spreading picture, or by propagation by any other means. Defamation is both a civil and criminal charge in Thailand. /Closed.
  2. Best (legal) streaming TV solution

    A couple of off-topic political posts have been removed from this thread. Can we please stick to discussing streaming TV solutions and not British or US politics?
  3. A troll post as well as a reply have been removed from this thread.
  4. A post linking to the Bangkok Post has been removed from this thread. From the Forum Rules: 26) The Bangkok Post and Phuketwan do not allow quotes from their news articles or other material to appear on Thaivisa.com. Neither do they allow links to their publications. Posts from members containing quotes from or links to Bangkok Post or Phuketwan publications will be deleted from the forum.These restrictions are put in place by the above publications, not Thaivisa.comIn rare cases, forum Administrators or the news team may use these sources under special permission.
  5. Cancer Testing

    The post above has been edited as it was a cut and paste from the Everyday Health.com article here. Members are reminded of the ThaiVisa's Fair Use policy from the Forum Rules: 14) You will not post any copyrighted material except as fair use laws apply (as in the case of news articles). Please only post a link, the headline and the first three sentences.
  6. An insensitive troll post has been removed from this thread.
  7. A post referring to the Thai Government as a dictatorship has been removed from this thread. From the pinned topic in the Thailand News Forum: Please use discretion in your references to the government. Phrases which can be considered as anti-coup will be removed. Referring to Thailand or the government as a dictatorship, military dictatorship or other such terms will be removed. Any posts which can be construed as rumor mongering are not allowed. Posters violating these rules and the forum rules will receive a warning, a possible suspension of posting privileges or a ban from the site.
  8. Confused over Thai girlfriend

    As the OP has not returned to comment further on this topic, it is now Closed. Should the OP wish it to be re-opened he/she can request any online moderator to re-open it for further discussion.
  9. Another argumentative troll post has been removed from this thread.
  10. Best (legal) streaming TV solution

    On 1st May 2017, all channels were set to "Paid" - for both SD and HD quality - which restricts free viewing time to 2 minutes. It is I believe a subscription service not FTA, therefore legal. There is even a FilmOm TV app available from the Google Play Store.
  11. The Hit and Run Pattaya "whinge" Thread

    A post discussing moderation has been removed as per Forum Rules.
  12. One troll post and subsequent replies have been removed from this thread.
  13. Best (legal) streaming TV solution

    Get a cheap UPS from Lazada like these. What version of Android are you running? Have you tried Kodi? There are many legal streaming sources which can be accessed by Kodi addons. Depending on where you are from and what your viewing preferences are USTVNow and FilmOn TV are two addons that provide great content, however you do need to have an account. This website provides a list of all the legal video addons currently available for Kodi.
  14. The OP started a similar topic in January, and another similar topic in November last year. I too suspect a hidden agenda. /Closed.
  15. More argumentative off-topic posts have been removed from this thread. The topic is "How long does it take to renew a retirement visa at immigration in Bangkok?"