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  1. It’s not clear why the accident occurred, if the bus lost control, the brain failed or for some other reason.
  2. Yes, I should have said black meat of course.
  3. It mostly looks like a black chicken variety, that is to say, the skin is totally black, it's considered a dainty dish in Asia and it blackness as nothing to do with charcoal, I fond some in Tesco from time to time but will not buy any more this black skin is not appetizing at all!
  4. "a nice reminder that its impolite to put you feet up in Thailand " In Thailand, because in your country or any country, it is not impolite to be sprawled like that, legs up and feet on the headrest of another seat? IMHO It is an absolute lack of education everywhere. (No offence)
  5. Someone could try to convince the generals it would be cheaper than the submarines and better for tourism so better for the country
  6. OK I had completely missed this third 0 ...I reckon that's can really be called the future
  7. Clean beaches are a problem in every tourist area in the world...But there are effective solutions nowadays!
  8. I could hardly say I am serious all the time + following you just say, of course not only it is impossible to judge a person, you by the way... ... for sometimes the irony or the joke can escape us... ...so thinking I was judging you as a person from your posts was a terrible mistake
  9. Are you sure it is not you getting a bit wrong? For the Westerners we are in 2018, Roman calendar For the Thais we are in 2561 Buddhist calendar, By the way, I am not living in the future but in Thailand
  10. 6 hours ago, Tchooptip said: I prefer the heart of many Thais I know rather than the embittered heart of some old grumpy TV members Why do you consider that's a problem? It is none at all. Then why skipping my next visit? Because never said I all members, but some members. I do appreciate many members posts and answers. I realise I should not have add "old grumpy", "only embittered heart" would have been enough. for of course reading all your past positive posts on this country, for instance, I did not know if you were an old man
  11. Please stop with your negative mind... luckily I have the proof that paradise island like Koh Samui is still preserved Pfffff
  12. How is that still possible in 20018...but in 2561 still harder to understand Pfffff
  13. "Perhaps you have not heard of the freedoms of movement and work in other EU countries. Not all people want to stay where we have been born. Some like to move around and EU gives the ability for us to do so." Most younger people are aware of it and many voted against Brexit. Most older people do not give a damn about it and many are Brexiters. As the soured old farts are concerned, all of them are Brexiters 100%
  14. We have seen this story already a few times a day on some Thai Channels
  15. He is not doing anything wrong it is a picture he is probably still moving and one half a second later his wai will be the same as his wife's high. Cannot calling that pointing his feet at the monk he is sitting naturally that's all.