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  1. They are less hairy, they are not very tall most often they are slim and also no so often overweight. Have less big bellies and do not become bald in ageing. Are renowned for smiling much more than westerners chances are there are some... unaware amateurs
  2. To be completely honest with you I have to say that my hearing is down a little which could explain my leniency ... ... but being not stubborn OK for the gallows!
  3. "I am against the death penalty for every crime other than noisy exhaust pipes". I agree only partially since as a humanist and a reasonable man, for the noisy exhaust pipes I was only for life imprisonment without parole. For the following, I agree 100%.
  4. Let me tell you that this is your most difficult post to disagree with. ....no offence about your previous posts
  5. When I see these guys openly filming these girls, next to each other with their phone... IMHO one should not have a very high opinion of oneself to mix with this group Again this is just an opinion ... mine
  6. In a few days Kim turns himself from a unsavoury dictator to a first rank politician
  7. Tchooptip

    First convict executed in Thailand in nine years

    "Live by the sword, die by the sword" For that it would be necessary that this country has a credible and honest justice. Unfortunately we are far away.
  8. Tchooptip

    First convict executed in Thailand in nine years

    Google told us there were 447 people sentenced to death waiting on death row in Thailand, not sure they will sleep well in the coming days because any execution was really inexpected.
  9. Tchooptip

    Is Pattaya the real Thailand?

    "So, is Pattaya the real Thailand or not?" Question asked on a real Thai website where it is common knowledge that the many Thai members who will answer are great connoisseurs of this country (I hope no offence, poot len)
  10. Yes you beat me, I loved that, the pinnacle of ridicule
  11. Right! Not accepting " on a majority of posts" would be bad faith +
  12. I am afraid you are probably/maybe wrong because with a little attention one can understand the constant active moaners complaining about everything related to Thais people and Thailand, are always the same, OK a few dozens maybe, when Thai visa has many thousands of members. At least hoping I'm not wrong
  13. I guess you meant 25 pairs of shoes, because otherwise I reckon those 50 shoes are a waste for sure.
  14. There are really good people in this life ...not Pfffff