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  1. iPhone 6 Plus extremely slow after iOS 11 update

    I have an iPhone 7+ and did not update to iOS 11 for the simple reason too many of my Apps would stop working! So maybe I was lucky at the same time?
  2. On TV we often read "only in Thailand" but I reckon (sadly), that it's too tempting to say only in the USA
  3. Respect is a notion that is lost in too many areas! (OK I am an oldtimer... I reckon)
  4. So sad, six mourning families for a stupid imprudent driver!
  5. "It's a sad commentary when we believe a country with a maniacal dictator would be better off if they had nuclear weapons" I am sorry you do not understand me (at all) never ever did I say or thought NK would be better off with a nuclear weapon, it would be better off without, of course, and with a change of regime too. But I will certainly displease you, for I am not sure (?) if without the 28 000 US militaries at their door they would have been so keen with their nuclear tests. "A weapon wouldn't have saved Ghadafi. His own people did him in" . I suppose you are joking what about the: United Nations Security Council Resolution1973, the no-fly zone the daily bombardments by allied forces? (copy/paste Wikileaks): "That same day, military operations began, with US forces and one British submarine firing cruise missiles.[272] the Royal Canadian Air Force, French Air Force, United States Air Force, and British Royal Air Force[273]undertaking sorties across Libya and a naval blockade by the Royal Navy" Wikileaks: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Libyan_Civil_War_(2011)
  6. Kim is convinced, OK convinced himself, the USA and South Corea, are planning to invade his country to topple his regime. "Theoretically" it should be understandable due to the fact, among other things, the US keeps 28 000 troops in South Corea. I am not condoning the North Korean regime, of course not. Just trying to be 5 minutes in their shoes. Kim could be thinking about the fate of Sadam or Ghadafi for instance and had they possessed the atomic weapon they probably would still be in power.
  7. I've broken my crystal ball years ago, now I have no idea of what will happen in the future anymore
  8. Changing a Seiko watch glass

    I have been to Central yesterday, to the Seiko counter, they accepted the watch to change the glass, it will be sent to Bangkok. Like TheLobster I Will have to wait for about one month, but the watch will still be waterproof like before.
  9. "Not sure he even remembers." Do not be too tough, in my opinion, he probably remembers a little bit ... sometimes.
  10. Russian roulette with a semi-automatic not many chances to win
  11. "Police said Charnarong claimed he fled the scene because he was afraid the motorcyclists’ friends might attack him". But the bast*rd did not forget to replace his pickup’s front bumper the next morning!
  12. Personally, I understood... without the smiley
  13. Dog repeller devices. Do they work?

    I did click the link, does not deliver to Thailand! Like many on Amazon by the way.
  14. Dog repeller devices. Do they work?

    Also on Lazada http://www.lazada.co.th/catalog/?q=dog repellant