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  1. My DIL sold hundreds of things on Facebook, let's say around a dozen every day. Most of the time with videos...But if I understood well she pays something to Facebook.
  2. Highway Robbery without the Highway

    I call my friends and even my bank in Europe with Skype for next to nothing for years. I mean I called the telephones numbers, not Skype which is free of course. With a Sim card from any company, it would have cost a fortune.
  3. Absolutely, plus train your wife with you was even a lesser smart move!
  4. In France, THE nanny state among nanny states one cannot buy anything with a value of more than 3000 Euros in bank notes anymore. In other words, the maximum one can pay in cash is 3000 Euros...Bye bye liberty...only the beginning so the state can control everything in one's life
  5. Don't you see you see some are stubborn taking anything seriously, dunno if it is due to old age for some of them or a pathological absence of a sense of humour...but by the way you are stubborn too
  6. "I've always had to roll my sleeve up when I get my blood pressure checked. She's covering her arms intentionally, perhaps to hide an identifying scar or tattoo. She's got her head covered completely, again to make it harder on police to identify her. Not only are her eyes shifty but she doesn t make eye contact with the nurse. Not bigotry my friend, just the ability to read body language and recognizing subtle behaviour clues" A few members answered seriously to those ridiculous comments, but I cannot believe one second it was seriously written, how on earth one could think a sentence like : "She's covering her arms intentionally, perhaps to hide an identifying scar or tattoo" was not an attempt to make humour? OK always the possibility that I am wrong... then the author is completely nuts, I mean mature for asylum
  7. "and it is perfectly legal to undertake a car that is signaling to turn left (or right)." Legal or not it is probably stupid and certainly dangerous!
  8. Unless I have not understood something, as weird as it may seem it is the mother tongue of Uighurs people.
  9. U.S. warns citizens against risks of travel to Saudi Arabia Billionaire Saudi Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal would add, the risks in this country are not only for foreign travellers
  10. Suspect, 22, caught with 10m ‘yaba’ pills

    Let's say one day for one pill seized not more!
  11. Suspect, 22, caught with 10m ‘yaba’ pills

    Are they not accomplices?
  12. "China routinely denies accusations of rights abuses in Xinjiang, though it has admitted a problem with torture of detainees" Why not send them to Turkey where it seems they are welcome, and mainly why China wants them so dearly if they are causing problems in the country?
  13. Iranian president declares end to Islamic State

    The Mollah are happy at last they are rid of this unfair competition Pfffff
  14. Assad with a very big smile... Putin...not really