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  1. The cost of a WP

    3 months is about 700 baht. 6 months is 1,500 baht and 1 year 3,100 baht. plus depending on the work you might have to have a syphilis blood test before applying for the WP. This is usual if it is a teaching job here.
  2. I was working in a vocational college but they wanted to be cheap charlies and now have teachers from Bhutan and Flips.
  3. What is this game called?

    I would not touch any game in Thailand that involves cash. They cheat and get very pissed off when they lose and have to pay up. Not worth the effort and no fun at all when they lose it mentally. If Thailand ever opened a legit casino most cars/houses/land and females of the family would be used as currency. SE Asian men and also women have no control when it comes to gambling.
  4. Two choices. Explain to your wife your concerns and make sure she understands that she must act as a mother should or you let her go and keep your daughter back in the UK with you. The thing with Thai women I have found after 13 yrs of living here is, they think if they scream and stomp around like kids they can get their own way. Man up and tell her the deal.
  5. You could be right uubonjoe. I think they were playing silly buggers and giving me the run around.
  6. I was also under the impression that the WP was issued to your working contract but supposedly not anymore. It is linked to the time left on the stamp in your passport. So like I said, every 3 months I had to re-apply for a new extension on my WP even though I was still working in the same place.
  7. I know in my last job I had a Non-O multi entry visa. I got the work permit but the problem was that they would only give me til the stamp in my passport before I had to do a border run. So every 3 months I would have to spend about 2 hours to get my WP updated plus had to have blood tests for each time they extended my WP. A real pain to have to keep doing. Supposedly now the WP goes by the dates of your visa or extension and not to the contract between the employer and employee. That was in my case anyway, maybe I just had a real stringent labour officer.
  8. Whats this soldiers address? I would happily meet with him and serve some real justice.
  9. He must of released the hydraulics while under the forks. Not a nice way to go!
  10. This is a crock of <deleted>! How does a foreigner working in Thailand harm Thai peoples lives and property?? All I know is that every baht I earn here in Thailand is spent in Thailand, so how would this harm Thai people? I have some Filipino friends and they do send money back home, surely this is more damaging than me spending my money here.
  11. Thailand import taxes on food

    The food hall in central department stores usually have Branston pickle, but again it is luck of the draw if they have it in stock. Same for Marmite/vegimite.
  12. It is quite obvious that the Merc driver instigated the accident. Both the driver of the Merc and lorry are at fault for not stopping after the accident. The couple in the car are lucky to be alive IMHO.
  13. Independent panel set up for education reform

    More pigs at the money trough. More waste of money and why do they keep bringing in dinosaurs to try and bring education when their styles are outdated. Total retardation!!
  14. If this is given the go ahead I can see them turning into mini brothels on the highway. 700 baht per room for a whole day with traffic going through, easy money earner for a clever mama-san.