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  1. Opening a bank account.

    Today I went to a local K bank expecting that it would be easy to open an account. I have my passport with the visa stamped inside and with my wife. I am on a non-o visa which I have had for the past 6 years. The customer service woman then starts asking for a work permit or the yellow house book. I thought as long as you have a valid visa this would be enough but supposedly not. I just thanked them and walked out. Has anyone else had this problem?
  2. Cabinet extends helping hand for pregnant students

    Finally, a smart move into the 21st century.
  3. Well here in Uttaradit we had a whooper of a storm this morning, it even made the house shake with the thunder. The electric was out from about 8:30am and only was restored at 3pm. Nothing better than having to take a bucket shower because the water pump was off to wake you up in the morning.
  4. Wonder. Before they were 63 baht but now down to 60
  5. Not sure if this has been covered already but since the tax increase my cigs have gone down in price per pack. So for over the last year I was paying more than I am now. Got to love the logic in Thailand!
  6. I was on a bus to Mai Sai and also returned to Uttaradit and we must of hit about 10 check-points on the round trip. The thing that surprised me the most was they were not interested in me but wanted to look at all the Thai ID's or other Asian looking people. I would have thought that I would be the first person as being a non-Asian to be checked but they just by passed me.
  7. No way should that pipe been tied down like that. The thing should have been tied front to back not side to side. Bloody morons at the shop as well as the driver!
  8. Lassing it down again in Uttaradit
  9. I live in Uttaradit and for the last three days it has pissed it down.
  10. Prices were the same in the ma & pa shop near my house. Not checked out the 7/11 yet though. Like most I think the size of the increase in the tax is the main problem not the actual tax itself. I hope that the general Thai public kick up a stink about it and the moron that made this decision gets a good slap around the head.
  11. Need small gift ideas for Thai children

    A gift for each child will not be easy. Better to buy a few gifts the whole class can enjoy.
  12. All I know is on Saturday night I was out on the scooter, got a flat tire and had to wait for them to fix it. I went for a beer and a hour later I went back for my bike. Well the heavens decided I needed to get wet on the outside as well. One of the heaviest storms we have had here in Uttaradit for a while. I had to wring my shirt out before I went in, plus the lightening strikes fixed many a peoples constipation issues.
  13. Just look at the thickness of the walls and the main supports......lucky no one was actually in the building when there was a little rain. The people who built it should be ashamed of such low quality work but who am I kidding, they just wanted fast cash and will most likely not be fined for their shoddy work.
  14. Panthongtae Shinawatra faces legal action

    He will be gone before they can arrest him. They are just trying to push them all out of Thailand 1 by 1. Obviously the whole family are corrupt and they do need to pay for their crimes but they aren't. They all will get pulled into a court case and then do a runner with pretty much all their dirty money and at the cost of the tax paying Thai people. A complete sham from start to finish.
  15. Update law 90 days report

    I got hit with a fine about 2 years ago at Nan immigration. I only went there to transfer stamps from my old passport to my new one and then they asked about my address. I had lived in the same house for over 10 years but the owner had never submitted the foreigner staying at her home because, 1. It is a crock, 2. why would a Thai know about this as it is not widely know, unless they own apartments/hotels or live in a tourist city. 3. I got hit with the fine, not the owner as I was the person in front of them. I argued a little stating that this was not my responsibility but you can all guess their response. You farang you pay, they were trying to get more than the 2,000 stated but I stood my ground and would only give them that amount. Trying to get a receipt for the payment was also difficult but finely they did write me one.