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  1. Just how could you manage to trash a room so bad in such a short time?
  2. The guy is full of BS in the photocopy shop. He was just looking to take you for a ride and fleece you of your money. I have been to Savannakhet four times now and ignore these guys in the copy shops as I have everything prepared before going. I have never has a problem and never get trouble from Immigration officers when leaving and re-entering at the land crossing into Myanmar. Glad that you stuck to your guns and did not give him any money, some people are more gullible if it is their first time.
  3. This is the time for them to get the canals cleaned up so that when the start releasing water it will actually have somewhere to go rather than just flooding peoples homes and businesses.
  4. I have only used Grab taxis once while I was in BKK. Just finished shopping at Mega Bang-na so using my wife we got a taxi and she gave the destination in Thai to the driver. Could not believe it when he drove us to Swampy airport. I had no luggage and just shopping bags, luckily myself and the wife thought it was funny and when my wife told him the destination again, he realized he had made the cock-up and accepted a 150 baht rather than the 400 plus baht that the meter was showing. Apart from the misunderstanding the guy was ok and the taxi was fine. Better than previous experiences with the normal meter taxi guys who would have still wanted the full price even though it was their error.
  5. So what will they do with the money earned from this? Pay the Earth for polluting it? What a crock of S*^T. Someone is looking to pocket a lot of money from this brain-fart of an idea!