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  1. Th golden goose is dead, been roasted and most 100% been eaten by the unthinking, tourist robbing, baht grabbing minions of Thailand.
  2. I wonder if all the EPL teams would like the human rights and child labour agencies breathing down their necks as we all know most clothes production is done outside the UK and they do that to make the most profit. Who is the bad guy? The seller, the buyer or the big companies that uses poor undeveloped countries peoples to make a profit?? Screw the big companies!
  3. Replace the old one and then <deleted> the landlord around the head with the old one.
  4. Racism in Schools

    Sounds about right. They do not want you doing a job that they think they are better at doing. Plus you are being paid more than he is, so it is breaking his ego.
  5. Racism in Schools

    What is the guy giving you hassle nationality?
  6. I was just wondering which poor country now has to bend over to give them charity.
  7. tabian somrot . Basic papers that you get to say your still married. i.e. not divorced.
  8. Gas or electric stove?

    I agree with LiteBeer. Go with gas, as you never know when the power will go out. Gas is pretty cheap and if you find a good shop that will not try and do the 3/4 full but charge for a full tank, it will be cheaper in the long run.
  9. Good luck to him.
  10. Been to Savannakhet 3 times now and no real problems. The last time I went in December I had everything they needed plus 2 originals of the paper to show that I am still married and they said they wanted copies of them. I just refused to go and make copies just to waste my time and money when the originals are fine. They finally accepted them and took the cash, picked up my passport with the visa. I guess they just like to act like asses sometimes.
  11. I just tried to open a Kasikorn bank account and they were happy with my visa in the passport plus my yellow house book but demanded that the minimum I needed to open the account was 10,000 baht. I think this is a scandal considering my wife opened an account with the same bank for only 500 baht. This was today btw.
  12. TAT predicts tourism boost for New Year

    I bet they are including all the passengers using BKK as a connecting airport for flights on to Australia.
  13. If this is enforced I can see a lot of problems with foreigners and immigration's need for us to keep our money in Thai bank accounts. Seriously, what has the finance minister been drinking or taking? Regardless of how long an account has stood idle, surely they can not just wade in and confiscate it as it is not their property and the bank that allows them will lose all iit's customers.
  14. Opening a bank account.

    Today I went to a local K bank expecting that it would be easy to open an account. I have my passport with the visa stamped inside and with my wife. I am on a non-o visa which I have had for the past 6 years. The customer service woman then starts asking for a work permit or the yellow house book. I thought as long as you have a valid visa this would be enough but supposedly not. I just thanked them and walked out. Has anyone else had this problem?
  15. Cabinet extends helping hand for pregnant students

    Finally, a smart move into the 21st century.