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  1. There are no Ace Hardware stores in Thailand There are True Value stores in Thailand, for a list see their web site: http://www.truevalue.co.th/location.php BTW. The transformers at True Value are sourced locally, so why pay the premium, for what you can easily get at any Thai store I stand corrected! Thanks for that, I had thought that they were "imported models".
  2. You can purchase the transformers at Ace Hardware stores, I saw them at the location in Pattaya. Likely to be better quality than local brands.......
  3. Great advce and feedback, thanks to all who have contributed their experience!
  4. Will it help my hair grow back? :-D
  5. tao40

    What should I buy while in the USA

    Even though you would need an electrical convertor, I would definitely purchase and bring a cordless impact driver (18volt),and make sure to pick up all the accessories that you use with it (nut drivers, drill bits, screwdriver bits). They are a real time saver, especially when you are building a house, or remodeling.
  6. Here in the U.S., I believe Ikea recycles them, so check with the Ikea in BKK, and see if they will accept them for recycling.