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  1. DaddyWarbucks

    Is "Farang" Derogatory?

    That answers the OP's question in the most concise way possible.
  2. DaddyWarbucks

    Communist party denied registration by EC

    They tried once upon a time. So true. Then they grew up and tried once more and failed once more. Maybe they should have changed the color of their shirts.
  3. Excellent post. It sums up the whole thread and cuts through the fog of propaganda surrounding it.
  4. The German Foreign Minister has cause to be concerned. What will happen as Israel abandons the two-state solution remains a subject of much speculation. It is important for the world, and in particular for Jews, to understand what has occurred in Palestine in historical terms. After WWII, Zionism was allowed to become a colonialist project at a time when colonialism was being rejected by the civilized world because the creation of a Jewish state offered Europe, and West Germany in particular, an easy way out of the worst excesses of anti-Semitism ever seen. Israel was the first to declare its recognition of 'a new Germany' - in return it received a lot of money, but also, far more importantly a carte blanche to turn the whole of Palestine into Israel. Zionism offered itself as the solution to anti-Semitism, but ironically, has become the main reason for its continued existence.
  5. The US and Israel could be miscalculating badly. Anything involving Jerusalem itself, and above all its Muslim holy sites, has a much bigger impact than events taking place elsewhere. The immediate consequence of Trump's action is that the US becomes weaker because it has carried out another initiative of which the rest of the world disapproves overwhelmingly. A superpower at the height of its strength might get away with such a demarche, but not a politically divided US, its influence already ebbing because of failures in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. The move is so obviously against US foreign policy interests that it will further persuade other world leaders that Trump is an impossible ally. Look at the recent UNSC vote. The move could have other dangerous consequences. There is a myth that the Israeli-Palestinian struggle was not an issue that concerned Osama bin Laden or played a role in the rise of al-Qaeda. In fact, bin Laden's speeches and writings are full of references to the Palestinians - and his first public utterances in the 1980s were calls for a boycott of American goods because of its backing for Israel. The connection between the Palestinian question and 9/11 was played down at the time, particularly by pro-Zionist neocons and think tanks who claimed that the US could safely ignore the issue while pursuing an aggressive policy in Iraq while avoiding a backlash against the Israel lobby. But as the wars in Iraq and Syria come to an end, focus will shift back to Israel and the Palestinians. The declaration on Jerusalem throws al-Qaeda a lifeline just as they are facing complete defeat. It will make it easier for Tehran to call for all Muslims, Shia and Sunni, to stand together in defense of the Palestinians and the holy sites. This declaration is a farce. Trump, Kushner, and Friedman aren't even pretending to be "honest brokers". Instead, they're playing to their core constituencies and financial backers - the Christian Zionists with their "end times" apocalyptic obsession with Jews and Jerusalem, and the Jewish Zionist Right who have not the slightest intention of ever allowing Palestinian self-determination.
  6. There is a significant racial mix here in Thailand. To understand it, start reading up on the history of this part of the world. A comprehensive overview is provided by D.G.E. Hall's A History of South-East Asia [St. Martin's Press]. That would be a good place to begin.
  7. It would only seem like nonsense to someone who is totally ignorant of history - or is pushing an agenda.
  8. You didn't put any historical facts into the equation and you misquoted me to boot.
  9. And the Americas also had their native inhabitants thousands of years ago. Are we to give it back to them based on that claim?
  10. The absurd contention that Palestine never existed is the central lie at the heart of Zionism. That, along with the ridiculous claim that Judea was a gift of God to the Jews is the excuse and justification for the displacement of the indigenous population and the ongoing expansion of Eretz Israel.
  11. Same here after 39 years. The few times I have been nailed the fine was just a tiny fraction of what I would have paid in Farangland.
  12. DaddyWarbucks

    Former foreign minister Surin Pitsuwan dies at 68

    Very good short summary. It could be added that he was an exchange student in the US during his senior year in high school. A highly intelligent man, he never drank the Kool-Aid, nor did he become a bigoted anti-American as a result of US involvement in Southeast Asian wars that left millions of people dead for no good reason. A decent and fair-minded public servant... it's a shame there's not more like him.
  13. Probably the Saudis and the Americans exaggerate the willingness of Netanyahu and Israel to go to war. Netanyahu has always been strong on bellicose rhetoric, but cautious about real military conflict - except in Gaza, which was more massacre than war. Israel's military strength tends to be exaggerated and its army has not won a war outright since 1973. Previous engagements with Hezbollah have gone badly. But even if the Israelis do not intend to fight Hezbollah or Iran, this does not mean that they would not like somebody else to do so for them. The wars in Iraq and Syria already have their winners and losers: President Assad stays in Damascus, as does a Shia-dominated government in Baghdad. An Iranian-backed substantially Shia axis in four countries - Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. This is the outcome of the wars since 2011. Nobody has much to gain from another war in the Middle East, with the sole exception of Israel. But wars are usually started by those who miscalculate their own strengths and interests. Both the US and Saudi Arabia have become "wild cards" in the regional pack. The sort of Neocon and right-wing think tankers who in 2003 were saying that a war with Iraq would be a "cakewalk", are back in business in Washington, pushing for war with Iran - and are stronger than ever.
  14. DaddyWarbucks

    Saudi Arabia says Lebanon declares war, deepening crisis

    Thanks for an excellent reply to that verbose, agenda-driven nonsense.
  15. Trump's dickering with the Iran nuclear deal is a sideshow and a diversion. What is really at issue is the rise of Iran as a regional power, the threat that it poses to Israel, and how to deal with that new reality. The Israelis see the outcome of the six-year Syrian civil war as a strategic disaster. Hezbollah, stronger than ever, is part of Assad's victorious coalition. Iran may have secured its land corridor from Tehran to Beirut. It's presence in Syria could now be permanent. Netanyahu knows that if he provokes further hostilities a clamor will arise in Congress to have the US rush to Israel's aid. Closing its Sunday editorial the Washington Post instructed the president: "A failure by the United States to defend its allies or promote new political arrangements for [Syria and Iraq] will lead only to more war, the rise of new terrorist threats, and ultimately, the necessity of more US intervention." The interventionist Post is saying: The situation is intolerable. Confront Assad and Iran now, or fight them later. Trump is being led to the Rubicon. If he crosses , he joins Bush II in the history books.