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  1. DaddyWarbucks

    Russia completes delivery of S-300 system to Syria

    Whatever the "US wild weasels" did during the Vietnam War it wasn't enough to prevent an ignominious defeat in the end. The first of many lost causes, the latest being Syria, which is spot on topic here.
  2. DaddyWarbucks

    Russia completes delivery of S-300 system to Syria

    Agreed. The Israelis brought this on. Shot themselves in the foot again.
  3. That's it... Trump and Bibi's two-state solution. The USA and Israel joined at the hip.
  4. How does international law classify illegal settlers? Are they considered as enemy combatants vis-à-vis the people whose land they have occupied?
  5. DaddyWarbucks

    U.S. halts funding to U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees

    Agreed. UNRWA Director Pierre Krahenbuhl summed it up very well when he said: "We're talking about human beings. We cannot wish 5.3 million Palestinian refugees away... these are people who have rights and for many years now, for decades, have faced a plight and an injustice that is simply immense." The collective punishment of these impoverished people is going to backfire on the US and Israel.
  6. Spot on. The question famously posed by Cicero, cui bono, applies here as it does to most of the armed conflicts in the Middle East since 9/11.
  7. DaddyWarbucks

    Neighbors dogs

    That reply sums up the topic very well. Concise and to the point. You nailed it.
  8. Zionist groups with a history of uncritical support for Israel claim that Corbyn presents an existential threat to British Jews. This is disingenuous, hypocritical scaremongering. We've seen this pattern repeatedly. UK commentators take the morally defunct option of backing right wing mainstream Zionist organizations' outrageous cries of "anti-Semitism" the moment Corbyn's Labour get ahead in the polls, or the moment there is a risk of serious public condemnation of Israel's horrific crimes against the Palestinians. All of these organizations spend a disproportionate amount of time promoting Israel in the UK, and cynically covering up the State's crimes, be it Israel's sporadic mass murders, such as the 500 Gazan children in 50 days in 2014, or the gradual ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Arabs that has happened since Israel came into existence in 1948. If this public row was really about Jews, it would have the definition "Anti-Semitism is hostility to Jews as Jews". It would be all we would require. But it is not just about hostility to Jews for being Jews, it has always been about protecting and validating Israel, it has always been about getting Corbyn out at all costs to prevent the UK from electing a pro-Palestinian Prime Minister, and that is why the definition has become corrupted. While this Labour red herring of widespread anti-Semitism persists, the really dangerous anti-Semites are resurfacing. It will be too late to call out the real anti-Semitism of these people when the term's meaning will have been utterly compromised by those exploiting it to protect the Israeli state.
  9. DaddyWarbucks

    Expats who want to leave, if they could

    Quite so. People who take offence at the term alien are also likely to take offence at the term farang. The first - as you point out - is legal terminology. The second is a word that has been part of the Thai lexicon since the early 16th century. It means Europeans and people of European descent. When used alone it is not a racial slur. Many farangs here seem to be spoiling for a fight and will take any excuse to start one.
  10. DaddyWarbucks

    Palestinian teenager killed in Israel-Gaza border protests

    Nasty personal attacks put an end to civil debate. Maybe that's the reason the tactic is so often used.
  11. DaddyWarbucks

    Trump ally Giuliani says end is near for Iran's rulers

    So true... But why let obvious facts get in the way when regime change in Iran is on the agenda?
  12. DaddyWarbucks

    Is "Farang" Derogatory?

    That answers the OP's question in the most concise way possible.