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  1. Whoa Gonzo! You've gone too far by invoking Trump into this discussion. And i'd like to add that when the flea market was on its last legs and threatened with removal there were many theories floating about, on these pages, as to the REAL reasons why. Traffic disruption was the reason the cops gave in closing the market. Were there other reasons some even more powerful than traffic? We will never know coz this in not an open and transparent society nor do the cops always tell the whole and truthful story. Ask yourself why is Mr Boss RedBull not in the slammer for killing a cop? The reason given, by the police, is that the cops cannot locate him. Do you believe that? So maybe there was some traffic headaches for 1/2 days a week near Prince Royals, but in truth, maybe some bigger, unspoken, reasons also exist. Who among us, the farang, can tell the entire story when even the Thais are denied entrance to the 'facts'?
  2. Recall the Saturday flea market next to Prince Royal College? Now gone completely, of course since it disturbed the city fathers, or some rich elite who did not like the view. Cheap-o stalls, blankets on the road, also disturb the city bosses as it degrades THEIR image of prosperous Chiang Mai.
  3. Would T'land be a better place without so many drunk drivers?
  4. I never knew it. An amazing bean
  5. Sounds like 'sour grapes', Jchef. Maybe ur restaurant failed and now u r angry and lash out at other restaurant folk. In fact, few new restaurants make money and subsequently close up after 1 or 2 yrs. And from my point of view, some of these new owners know damn little about food, service or a welcoming atmosphere. They like to cook, they know everyone eats 3x per day and are usually highly restrained by local competition. And from a farang viewpoint many 'restaurants' are merely fronts for 'drink and smoke'.
  6. Yeah, all walkers over the bridge will be equipped with a bouyant life vest. Just in case.
  7. Living in a mobile home? Very southern USA. Suggest big shade trees and powerful air con. At least no hurricanes or tornados here, as far as i know.
  8. What's a 'gt rider map'? Some yrs back Pontiac offered a great muscle car called the GT, not seen one in ages. I doubt Johpa is talking about old cars.
  9. I presume, Chef, that you wear the special cycling pants with a crotch cushion. Just wearing normal underpants, or going commando, will not be enough even with a pint of vaseline rubbed in. I bought cushioned underpants in USA, a great help. But i still use the grease.
  10. A Korean visitor is arriving soon so if anyone here can offer recommendations for Korean dining, plz don't hesitate. Chiang Mai only plz. I tried the search function but it is useless.
  11. Look in the Boots drug store for A&D ointment. It too is lanolin/vaseline/other goodies. Mostly used on baby bottoms but will work on your bum too. Frankly, i use it prior to my bike ride to prevent saddle sores.
  12. I went to a body shop in MaeJo last week. I had a small job and he did well. Also in the shop was a recently painted car, looking like new, but the car 40 yrs old!! He's near the traffic light off the San Sai highway, the corner to MJ golf club. From his card he works on all foreign cars. No mechanics, only body/paint. His name and address i cannot say. He has no english, me no Thai. But here's his phone 081 021 8476
  13. When the crown doesn't fit, the problem lies in the head.
  14. Might be same-same tomorrow night too. Buddhist Lent goes till Monday morning. As a former pope put it, 'you can live without for 3 days'. Whether sex, alcohol or food.
  15. I stopped in the small shop last night and immediately noticed 2 prominent black curtains hanging above near the cash register. I knew well that behind the curtains lay packets of cigarettes. I had never before seen the curtain. I asked why? "New govt order to hide the cigarettes." Oh, ok. But what about the many bottles of rum, whiskey, gin, wine and Korean soju still openly displayed, even promoted? "Those remain perfectly fine on open display and would you like to buy one?" No thanks. Social evils? Alcohol far and away more socially damaging than cigarettes. But the Thai govt must have a different spin on evil. or tax revenue.