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  1. We could nail up signs on every tree on the beach...oh KuKu already did that
  2. dorchester

    Phuket named second best beach in the world

    My vote for the #1 beach has got to be Pattaya Beach.the beautiful beach pictures , the clear water and the lovely sand.I hope there will be enough room,as i heard it was packed last weekend
  3. dorchester


    Does anybody where in thailand one can buy gold using bitcoin?
  4. That water is really nothing to joke about.I first made the move over here in 2005,even then ii knew there was something wrong.A little reading and talking to expats confirmed what i saw and smelled
  5. dorchester

    Thousands to be hit by Kaeng Krachan overspill

    Maybe i should look into the purchase of one of those submarines
  6. dorchester

    Bit Mining

    You can try eobot,maybe to learn and make a couple baht.It's free so you start with nothing.I watch some video's on it and just mined GHS for a couple weeks,then started mining
  7. dorchester

    Good or bad experiences at bx.in.th

    the Thai exchanges are okay,i have been using coins.co.th no problems but i never leave any significant amount on the exchange.When i am done trading everything goes on my trezor
  8. dorchester

    Man killed by freight train in Chon Buri

    article mentions two trains arriving at midnight but i only saw one set of tracks
  9. Has this effected the math teachers as well?
  10. a trash can along side of a dirt road in Thailand? wont last the first driver who chances upon it
  11. where I live in Nakhon sawan,it's rural to say the least but when I follow the school bus home,the plastic cups and bags are jettisoned about every minute f the trip.the bus driver doesn't see it or doesn't care
  12. It's almost like saying,come back,we'll kill you for free this time
  13. I wonder if there might be a math teacher among the group?
  14. all was fine until he stepped out for a look and became the ground,for the current
  15. A interview with CNN,god what a joke of a news organization