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  1. The croc that was caught was a "fresh water" croc.Perhaps the green water wasn't his fancy
  2. Wait until you get to vietnam.Need to go to airport? Better leave 6hrs early.The grab taxi's are complety lost when it comes to navigation,even when using google maps/Gps with the ear piece.
  3. dorchester

    Why Vietnam is such a magnet for baht

    I am living in HCMC.Been here for a month,the traffic was bad in 2005 now its full tard. Another point,they've got millions of little shops everywhere but no one in them.Security guards in every shop as well,strange place
  4. dorchester

    How unlikely hero helps stray dogs in Pattaya

    I saw another one in Jomtien beach around soi 9 ,the foreigner just dump a bag of food and the ground then left.
  5. Dongtan beach being what it is,lets hope they don't post "no Fags", as that would confuse some people
  6. The part that i disagree with is the slow death and the agony.
  7. dorchester

    Wife of Air Force ‘top gun’ falls to her death

    The Top Gun pilots must practice carrier landings,anybody ever witness them down by Sattahip?
  8. i bought my wallet from amazon using crypto to purchase a gift card,then using the gift card to redeem the wallet that was shipped to a friends house.It's not perfect but the trail is kinda foggy
  9. Always use a hardware wallet,i learned this the hard way.Not your wallet,not your keys?, then it's not your crypto.In Trezor,i trust
  10. We could nail up signs on every tree on the beach...oh KuKu already did that
  11. dorchester

    Phuket named second best beach in the world

    My vote for the #1 beach has got to be Pattaya Beach.the beautiful beach pictures , the clear water and the lovely sand.I hope there will be enough room,as i heard it was packed last weekend
  12. dorchester


    Does anybody where in thailand one can buy gold using bitcoin?
  13. That water is really nothing to joke about.I first made the move over here in 2005,even then ii knew there was something wrong.A little reading and talking to expats confirmed what i saw and smelled