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  1. Feel better now do you? Regardless of the nature of his earnings, he used his wealth to spread a little happiness to a lot of people. He did not have to, but he did anyway, how many billionaires are so quick to embrace the common man in the way that this man seems to have done. So sad that you seem intent on trying to destroy the good that this man has done in order to pursue your negative agenda. One can only hope that in the days following your own passing that people refer to your memory in a more kindly and respectful fashion.
  2. Regarding what Fanjita has just posted, my wife is busy watching all sorts of Thai news outlets. She has seen that daughter is still in Thailand as she has a 2 month old baby to look after. Also wife is en-rout to Leicester FC who have (apparently) said they would make no comment regarding the passengers/victims until she arrived, that would seem quite respectful, some Thai Visa members would do well to take note!
  3. Thanks for the reply Ubonjoe, info already passed on. Great help.
  4. A friend has booked to come to CM next year, but seems to have been poorly advised by the travel agent. He intends staying in CM and the period of his stay which is for 35 days. So, if he arrives at BKK with a return dated 35 days in advance, will he be refused entry? How easy and at what cost would a 60 day visa from the UK be, and, assuming he will be allowed into the Kingdom, will he be able to do a "visa run" through Mai Sot in order to extend his legitimate stay? I am aware he can get a 30 day extension from Immigration, but (to return to the original question), will he have problems at arrivals in BKK. Many thanks for taking the time to view this request and look forward to the advice which I can pass onward.
  5. planemad

    Swede alternative in Thailand?

    I have been looking for a similar alternative. Turnips are not swede and the taste is quite different, so, after a session with Google, I discovered that Daikon radish is a possible substitute. I did try it in a stew and was pleasantly surprised with the resulting flavour. Give it a try, they are cheap and easily available.
  6. planemad

    Carbon steel wok

    Wow, the replies surprise me. I bought a good one from the local (in the sticks) market. Of course that is no help if you are in Bangkok, why not try Chattuchak market or JJ Mall next to it, I would be amazed if that failed to turn up what you want.
  7. planemad

    Fenugreek where ?

    Makro has a reasonable selection of Indian herbs and spices, I have got fenugreek leaves as well as seeds from there.
  8. Darksidedog replied - "Which shows quite clearly the Thai world history lessons are totally lacking. They know their own history inside out, or at least the version they are taught, but global events just pass them by. Many here are unaware that world war 2 even happened". You are quite correct, but I also wonder how many Western students know anything about, say, Chiang Kai-shek, Sun Yat-Sen or more recently, Pol-pot and what about Mao Tzedung? I might also suggest asking the same students what they know about WW l and WW ll, you might get a nasty surprise!
  9. planemad

    Non Toxic BBQ/Oven cleaner like Mr Muscle

    Many thanks, I will give it a go! Planemad
  10. planemad

    Non Toxic BBQ/Oven cleaner like Mr Muscle

    OK, so I should have checked with Google first! Sodium hydroxide chips are also known as Caustic soda or Lye, however, doesn't help with the Thai name, anyone help?
  11. planemad

    Non Toxic BBQ/Oven cleaner like Mr Muscle

    Hi attrayant, sounds like good advice, but can you help with Thai product name as I am sure that "Sodium hydroxide chips" will be met with blank stares! Many thanks. Planemad PS. "dump the waste down shower drains" - what if using PVC piping, will that cause a problem?