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    Sad to hear about Dennis Brown. Dennis was certainly a character; a good friend & honest to boot. He did many trips in his tiny Mazda Familia ute to Malaysia to see his wife & son then drive back loaded with merchandise for Kasems Store and others. He supplied the best baked beans & HP at that time amongst other things to many of us. That Mazda did over 450,000 kms when he finally decided time to retire it. Can’t remember but think it might have been confiscated on his last tour??? I told Dennis buy an Isuzu pickup which he did & was happy to have a bigger wagon for his walking stick runs up North with John Ball. His last trip the authorities threw the book at him on the border so his smuggling days ended yet it was a proud end of a chapter. I remember him telling me he was the only “Smuggler who got away with so much & lived to tell the tale”. Typical English style he was indeed a modern day smuggler who actually won the day----- true to his word. His last load was confiscated as by then the border customs finally woke up but by then he knew time to stop. He sold his nut crackers/squeezers etc with his UK daughter on his website named teaklimey.com [inactive] & had a small workshop with Thai workers making all sorts. He made some decorative boxes for me as a trial & was a perfectionist in whatever he set out to create with wood? Sadly missed I wondered how he was as never answered recent emails I sent? His favourite drink was soda from memory but guess due to his diabetes? Indeed a great guy.RIP-Dennis As for Eddie Greer he certainly had style to boot. So many partners in the Escape yet he could draw a crowd as small as it was. I was amazed when [Blinkey Bill] Ian got caught up in the web of partnerships & told me he got ripped off when running it but Eddie had a habit of getting partners with his bar talk; they doing most of the work & he still getting a sizeable cut until the partner woke up, had enough & left a little short!! But he was always up to his old tricks & offered me a partnership in Chiangmai which I politely turned down. Yes the spare ribs with corn? were the best back then on Thursday nights. He ended up running a Havana style resort in Pattaya for some characters which had bungalows/swimming pool last time I saw him & selling Tshirts back to NZ where he had a daughter in Hamilton? He never did change anywhere he went?????? so not surprising he headed back to Belfast? Been a few others pass away including Gino in August......... back again soon!!!